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LeAnn Rimes: Nobu Night with Eddie Cibrian!

LeAnn Rimes: Nobu Night with Eddie Cibrian!

LeAnn Rimes heads to dinner at Nobu on Monday (August 1) in Malibu, Calif.

“Never thought I’d ever be caught dead in leopard print, but I’m rocking it tonight!” the 28-year-old singer tweeted about her alice + olivia shorts, which she paired with a V-neck top and wedges.

LeAnn‘s hubby, Eddie Cibrian, arrived separately at the Japanese restaurant with his two sons, Mason and Jake.

Earlier in the day, LeAnn took her stepsons toy shopping at the Malibu Country Mart.

FYI: LeAnn is wearing “Printed Butterfly” shorts in leopard from alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet.

15+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian going to Nobu for dinner…

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252 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes: Nobu Night with Eddie Cibrian!”

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  1. 51
    charity Says:

    Leann must not own a full length mirror. she needs someone on her staff to tell her the truth. That outfit is plain ugly, not rocking it at all. Now, she is busy trying to get a gig on Playboy show. Eddie has to be as nutty as she is to live with this crazy women.

  2. 52
    betty Says:

    @Athena The thing people despise about Leann is her phoniness.If she has sincerity it doesn’t show and that sperm donor father is no better he plays hide and seek with his kids lives now you see him now you don’t he’s only seen for their phony dog and pony shows. Real parents don’t put their kids on display or tweet about time spent with them ,they just do it. The public is not buying it. Two clowns that can’t separate private life from public life because their lives is nothing but a media circus. Give the kids a and break .If Eddie can so can Brandi have them on her show there is no difference if so they wouldn’t have their dog and pony shows so often.

  3. 53
    Athena Says:

    @Thx Athena…
    Not sure if I agree with you on all the names (haven’t looked that far into it, though). I did notice the Annie Bowl connection as easily as I noticed the abc, gretchen, why?, damage control?, or any other times I’ve seen “gwen’s” work.
    I didn’t say anything about LeAnn, Eddie, OR Brandi.

  4. 54
    Athena Says:

    I’ve got to go, but I’m sure you’ll respond, so I’ll reply now. Yes, I did mention LeAnn’s name & Brandi’s, but my comment was if the BB gals pride themselves on Brandi & themselves “owning their sh*t” -
    then “own the sh*t” that “AnnieBowl” does on gossip sites. Simple as that.

  5. 55
    jessica Says:

    i love the comment she psted yesturday about the the rat guy coming over, hahaha he probably opened the door and saw her face and figured this is easy the rats staring at me right now! the girls is so dilusional. she really things shes cute and that eddie and er have the love gag. she thinks she is a mom lol what loser

  6. 56
    betty Says:

    @Athena But I did. Just showing reasons why Leann&Eddie are disliked.since you brought that up.

  7. 57
    betty Says:

    @Athena But I did. Just showing reasons why Leann&Eddie are disliked.since you brought that up.

  8. 58
    Kylie Says:

    Eddie is so handsome and his kids are cute.

    I don’t like Leann’s outfit but I like the wedges, top and earrings. The shorts are awful.

  9. 59
    Gio Says:

    Honestly, she cannot dress herself. She looks like she doesn’t own a mirror. The proportions are all wrong. I have seem this mentioned before but what the heck is with the shoes? She is always teetering around in platform shoes regardless of what she is wearing.They look ridiculous with the shorts and don’t make her look taller. Just possibly insecure about her lack of height. Is she really short of something?

  10. 60
    betty Says:

    @Gio Leann is 5’5 and Brandi is 5’10 just another one of her insecurities.

  11. 61
    Speak Now Says:

    gwen will never lighten up, she’s got a permanent stick up her ass and refuses to realize her OWN mistakes. Obsessing over Leann is a mistake!

  12. 62
    Speak Now Says:

    I agree, gwen is being paid by somebody, that’s why she won’t focus on her own life, because she is paid to hate someone she doesn’t know.

  13. 63
    JL Says:

    Michael K’s take on this is hilarious. (Dlisted)

  14. 64
    betty Says:

    Speak Now You obsess over Brandi are you being paid or do you know Brandi ? The way you defend Leann actions we defend Brandi when she’s being attacked because you don’t like her. What did Brandi do to you.? When you make your life public by tweeting and photo opting every detail as they are doing you make you self a target for criticism. If you don’t want it critique keep it private.

  15. 65
    Guest Says:

    i luv how the leann fanatic assumes its one person writing these comments..HELLO.have you seen the music charts lately..ur idol isnt exactly selling any singles plus her concerts are in casinos and fairs..chick is so over and is only relevent because she had an affair and is obsessed with twitter..i wonder if the people on dlisted and ONTD are one person too..

  16. 66
    Josie Says:

    Someone needs to tell Lizard Face she needs to return Eddie Cibrian’s boxer shorts STAT!!!!

  17. 67
    Katie Says:

    Not liking those shorts at all !

  18. 68
    Mich Says:

    Why does she dress like such a *****? Sorry Leann the short-shorts and super high wedges will never make you as tall or as pretty as Brandi. LR has major second wife insecurities! I’m sure Eddie is already banging his furture third wife.

  19. 69
    jane Says:

    She looks like a scarecrow. Her legs look like sticks. So unattractive.

  20. 70
    jimmi Says:

    She looks like she just left a concentration camp. She is disgustingly emaciated.

  21. 71
    jane Says:

    @Mich: #69
    She does not have to look like her husbands ex. Grow-up.

  22. 72
    jane Says:

    @Mich: #69
    She does not have to look like her husbands ex. Grow-up.

  23. 73
    gwen Says:


    Hi Ginger

    Why are you STILL using so many different names?

    But BG isn’t pimping out another woman’s kids to JJ, Dailymail, x17, Radaronline, and celeb gossip site THREE times in just ONE DAY.

    People don’t like WEWE and EC. Of course you know that, hence why you continue to post under all these different names and use 10-15 different twitter names to stalk and harass BG on twitter.

  24. 74
    gwen Says:

    @Speak Now:

    Hi GINGER/3horses(aka KRISSI/CO/frannie plate/athena)

    So why are you STILL posting under all these different names?

    Strange, how come the Speak now persona shows up when the Athena persona shows up posting on JJ again? Because athena=speak now?

    1)” gwen will never lighten up, ”

    TRANSLATION: LeannInc is upset because as usual everyone is calling her out for pimping out those kids to benefit her and EC careers.

    2)”she’s got a permanent stick up her ass and refuses to realize her OWN mistakes.”

    Why does EC have a permanent stick up his a***?

    What mistakes? Are you seriously blaming me because WEWE was dumb enough to invite JJ out with her to Nobu?That is right, in your mind everything that happens to WEWE is always someone else’s fault right?

    So I take it that WEWE is getting some major backlash for this.

    3)”Obsessing over Leann is a mistake!”

    Is that a threat? Are you seriously making yet another threat against me?

    Seriously, how much time do you spend obsessing over me? You show up boo hooing about how people are being so mean to WEWE, but look at how many posts that you have made about me in just one thread.

    You are just mad because once again I was right. I predicted that WEWE was going to invite JJ to Nobu or K with her and EC and sure enough WEWE did just that.

    4) I agree, Eddie Cibrian is being paid by somebody, that’s why he won’t focus on his kid’s life, because he is paid to hate someone he doesn’t know.

    So is that what happened on ITUNES? Is ITUNES also being paid to hate on WEWE?

    Seriously, if WEWE doesn’t want the negative feedback, then she should have not invited JJ to Nobu with her and EC.

    5) So the backlash is so bad that you are desperately trying to save WEWE by arguing that the backlash isn’t REAL, but is caused by BG?

    You did this before and it didn’t work out for you did you?

  25. 75
    gwen Says:

    @Thx Athena for noticing:

    Hi ATHENA/frannie plate (aka GINGER/3horses/cbme/racy/kaylyn/co/krissi)

    1) “You are spot on! ”


    How does it go again, when you STILL can’t get people to agree you with you, you just change your name and post the support for yourself?

    2)”I’m watching the same thing w/gwen/annieb/missymac appearing and disappearing. ”


    Are you serious?

    Strange how come you appeared just min after ATHENA showed up?

    3)”Include Rita in that pile of names for one trol!”

    Wow, another post about TROLLS? Now who could that possibly be? CBME/RACY. Thanks for outting yourself.

    So why is EC verbally abusing WEWE and calling her a troll?

    4)”Now the troll will be more careful in order to evade detection.”

    Troll? Eddie Cibrian? So EC almost got caught by the media with his other mistress? When did this happen? Is that why WEWE wouldn’t let EC visit his kids alone?

    5)”Thank you Jared for coverage of Eddie, Leann, Jake & Mason.”

    Why does this sound so familiar? Because you make the very same statement when you show up posting as KAYLYN?

    Why are you thanking JJ, they are just doing what you pay them for.

    6) “Heya troll, how much does Brandi pay you for your services?”

    Damage Control

    LeannInc mission: To convince WEWE and EC handlers(ie-NBC/CMT) that the backlash against them isn’t REAL, but is caused by BG.

    So what this basically means is that EC and WEWE are getting slammed really bad for this staged photo-op.

    7) “Athena….99% of the hate Leann comments on this thread is the work on one person. Hired help fo sho”

    So how do you explain what is happening on ITUNES? Is that also the work of one person?

    Yeah, yeah, yeah we get it, WEWE and EC lastest pr stunt has resulted in major backlash for EC and WEWE and now WEWE and EC have to save themselves by convincing theor handlers that the backlash isn’t real.

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