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Miranda Kerr: Sydney Salon Stop

Miranda Kerr: Sydney Salon Stop

Miranda Kerr smiles while leaving a salon on Wednesday (August 3) in Sydney, Australia.

The 28-year-old Aussie model paired a striped dress with a black blazer, matching ankle boots, and a bright red Prada bag.

The night before, Miranda and hubby Orlando Bloom enjoyed dinner with some of Miranda‘s family members.

Miranda recently updated her Kora Organics blog with three YouTube videos for a post titled, “What a Wonderful World we Live in!!!”

“I just wanted to share some videos and pictures with everyone to show you all how Amazing, Beautiful, Powerful and Unbelievable planet we live on. I hope you guys enjoy it. xxx,” she wrote.

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  • yes!

    Such a gorgeous girl! Love her and her beautiful little family!

  • sara

    She is probably getting pampered before the fashion show tonight.
    I can’t wait to see her on the runway!
    She looks adorable!

  • Ghost

    This Chic is an idiot !!! Not only did she name her kid after her X boyfriend,(I have never in my life ever herd of something so stupid). but her only claim to fame is trying on clothes for a living. What an absolute waste of space this dregs of society is. Don’t like like the truth… SMD.

  • ta

    You never “herd” of anything so stupid? What does a ‘herd’ have to do with stupidity? Do you use cows as your standard of intelligence?
    You even used “dregs of society” wrong.
    Maybe you should get off the net and go back to school.

  • sam

    Well, those delphites are a bunch of cows.

  • ok…

    It’s official, Jared is on the ugly broads payroll.

  • why?

    Not sure of the hate – she seems sweet and cute and while I have no interest in Orly, she’s cute. The baby is adorable.

  • Bee

    If her dress was any shorter, we’d be seeing Miranda’s Secret. It looks like a nightgown. I know you’re more used to wearing only underwear, but put on some real clothes, please, Ms. Kerr.

  • @8

    Well my thought is totally opposite to you. I just don’t get what people see in this woman. She seems to be very ordinary to me. But I do like Orlando and their cute baby.

  • No way

    She’s showing off her huge face to the public again.

  • steph

    She looks adorable, and her skin is amazing.
    She is such a beautiful girl.

  • steph

    She looks adorable, and her skin is amazing.
    She is such a beautiful girl.

  • steph

    She looks adorable, and her skin is amazing.
    She is such a beautiful girl.

  • Ghost

    What an incredibly ignorant piece of crap she is for naming her child after her x boyfriend. This idiot is only famous for trying on clothes, something we all do every day and don’t get paid for. Beauty is only skin deep and when her’s fades , she will fade into obscurity . I give this joke of a relationship about 2years at best…

  • Ghost

    @ ta. The spelling was correct. I think this idiot is a cow. The use of dregs was also correct. Every interpretation of of this can be substantiated on Google and the use of a Thesaurus.

  • @4,7,9,11..etc etc…

    You need to get a life and stop obessessing over Miranda Kerr.
    No matter how many nasty things you write about Miranda it will NOT change the fact she is beautiful, successful, happily married to gorgeous
    Orlando and now they sweet baby Flynn……while you’re pathetically sitting at your computer POSTING OVER AND OVER AGAIN because you’re so full of jealousy and envy that Orlando loves Miranda…….so creepy….lol.

  • Niks


    As a way to remember him! He died before they really even got a chance at their relationship. Just because you don’t like her doesn’t mean you have to be such a rude person towards someone you don’t even know. And if you don’t like her so much, why do you click on an article titled: “Miranda Kerr: Sydney Salon Stop.” Did you suddenly forget who she was?

    And really, going at a poor baby because of his MIDDLE name?

  • cheeseball

    hi miranda mooon head.

  • @ghost

    “Every interpretation of of this can be substantiated on Google and the use of a Thesaurus”
    Sorry, it just doesn’t work that way. That’s like relying on spell-check to correct your grammar mistakes. Just because a word is spelled correctly, doesn’t mean that it is the correct word.
    For example, ‘herd’, and ‘heard’ are both spelled correctly, but they have completely different meanings.
    And no, you weren’t trying to imply that she was a cow, you just used the wrong word. It was mistake. We all make them. Just own up to it and move on. Trying to defend yourself here just makes you look worse.
    BTW, if you really wanted to use the term “dregs of society”, you would have had to had said ‘she is the dregs……’, or ‘she is part of the dregs…’, not “this dregs…”.

  • @Ghost

    Posting the same garbage again? So soon? That really is ridiculous.
    Yes we all change clothes every day. But we don’t look like Miranda Kerr, so we don’t get paid millions a year to do it. And yes, beauty does fade. Miranda herself has said this. That’s why she is working on her skincare line, and her book, and being the best mom that she can be.
    You know, Miranda has a life. Maybe if you got one of your own you could stop obsessing and she wouldn’t bother you so much.

  • Reality Check

    What remarkable thing has she done to elicit daily attention from the press? Walking down the catwalk for a living? Give me a break! Or better yet give me a star who does something more interesting than her and who has not named her baby after an ex-boyfriend! This woman is absolutely shallow – she lacks the tact and respect to her husband to deserve to be married!

  • Me

    I’m not a big fan.. but holy cow does she ever look happy to be home in Australia!!

  • Me

    @Reality Check:

    A lot of models use their fame to bring recognition to worldy issues. Like I said in a previos post, I’m not a big fan of hers.. but you have to respect the fact that she is so environmeltaly concious and the KORA blog is very informative. Granted she doesnt write every submission, but being a part of something like that is worth people noticing.

  • ali

    very pretty lady she seems sweet
    i like the Ozi accent
    i like that she keeps in shape
    and she has an adorable cutest baby :)

  • Egotistic

    Without the makeup she looks GROSS!! Don’t know why she always acts as if she’s the queen of the world.

  • Mike

    Fugly chick.