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Zac Efron: R-Rated Comedy with Seth Rogen!

Zac Efron: R-Rated Comedy with Seth Rogen!

Zac Efron gets in a workout at a park playground on Tuesday (August 2) in Mandeville, La.

The 23-year-old is in town to film his new movie, The Paperboy. Co-star Nicole Kidman was spotted on the film’s set the day before with bleached blonde hair!

Zac has also reportedly signed on for a R-rated comedy opposite Seth Rogen.

The flick “has the tone of Old School,” Deadline reports. “Rogen plays a regular guy who lives near an alpha male fraternity house. Efron is a member of the fraternity, whose raucous behavior wreaks havoc on the other guy’s family life.”

FYI: Zac is wearing a Vans OTW Surf New Era Hat.

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron at the playground…

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zac efron playground workout  01
zac efron playground workout  02
zac efron playground workout  03
zac efron playground workout  04
zac efron playground workout  05
zac efron playground workout  06
zac efron playground workout  07
zac efron playground workout  08
zac efron playground workout  09
zac efron playground workout  10
zac efron playground workout  11
zac efron playground workout  12

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  • dalls

    Why the hell is he working out in a playground ?lol

  • Selena

    Hahah I HATE when a guy wears sweats and sandals but whatever. I’ll always love ya Zac.

    Also I’m pretty sure he was only working out like that because he then went and filmed a scene on the beach (which he most likely was shirtless for), so I think thats why hes doing this kinda odd workout.

  • http://deleted addie

    They Created this thing called a GYM Zac. haha just kidding hope the movie is good.

  • lily

    Little feet….

  • lauren

    why is he wearing sweatpants?

  • nene

    Is it still filming Heartland in IL. at all or did they wrap already?

  • Selena

    @nene: He was filming that then he went to NOLA and is filming the Paper Boy. I heard he’ll go back to filming Heartland sometime in Sept.

  • Miranda

    I spy a muscular Zac Efron on a playground. Not gonna lie, thats adorable. In these pictures, I can really picture Zac and Matthew playing brothers in The Paperboy.

    I give props to Zac. I live down near Louisiana and have yet to be brave enough to wear sweats in the summer.

  • http://j ivanka

    where is his tattoo?

  • edzctor

    wath this video thanks :)

    thanks :)

  • Hanna

    Looks like he’s 12

  • bla

    The things that come to my mind when I read Zac Efron: R Rated
    OMG can’t wait

  • Sara12

    This is almost cute, and I want to see how it works out with him and Matt playing brothers.

  • A


    He’s doing TRX training. The point of those suspension bands is that you can bring them around and workout anywhere, not just the gym. :-)

  • kelsey

    he looks too short for me.

  • beatriz

    He’s so hoot <3

  • Athenais

    Zac is so beautiful …

    I’m happy he’s filming ” the paperboy”, it’s a great movie.
    He has many interesting projects

  • florence

    @dalls: Because as always he likes to show off in public and what better way to do it then a playground, and also flash his underwear again as usual.

    As for the R rated movie that’s the only kind of films he’s now interested in doing anything that show’s off his body and not much else, certainly not true leading man acting skills.

  • Annie

    D list actor, okay sure, that’s why he has a million awesome projects in the works. He isn’t showing off either, he is working out, that’s it. Looking good whilst doing that isn’t harming anyone.

  • alex

    what the hell are u talking about what projects?all his films are sh@ #t

  • mani

    if u think zac efron is an a lister then there is somthing very wrong with u.he didnt do 1 movie worth watching.he is a d lister.

  • blah

    R rated comedy… wow he is a serious actor now +sarcasam+

  • kerri

    Yay!!! Finally new pics of Zac. My god he is gorgeous :)

  • Teddi

    @alex: @mani: Posting as two different people, just to increase the hate!! Ass!! Things getting on my nerves… 5ft10in is not short. So you people don’t like him, so damn what? Just go see a film that you do instead. And Robert deNiro? oh yeah, Zac’s in a film with him!!! Stop the hate. For your information there are a lot of A-list actors and actresses that I cannot stand. That doesn’t mean that EVERYONE has to like them! How boring would that be?

  • http://facebook cillia

    miley he is the looser are you sure atleast he is doing something just saying

  • Macchiato

    JR SITEEE !!!! you did that site for disney kids and hes the perfect example for it

  • sara

    looooooooser he doesn’t even mack the of most hollywood paid actors robert pattinsion made it so that the real actor

  • florence

    Of course he called the pap’s or his people did how else would they know what park he was going to the photo’s are clear so they were obviously very close to him so why the scowl Zac you love the pap’s maybe he needed Ashley there to make him smile.

  • kyle

    Yeah, Zac is on to bigger things, folks! He gets to co-star with the likes of Nicole Kidman, Matthew McConaughy, Robert de Niro, Michelle Pfeifer and other respected names in hollywood. Can’t say much about his other HSM co-actors & actresses. Sad to say their careers are in a doldrum, stuck in not so big budgeted movies no matter how talented they are. Tsk, tsk. It’s a pity, really, that they are not as fortunate as Zac to be given a variety of roles and be working with people that matters in hollywood….in due time, maybe, who knows? But for now, Zac is the busiest among them all, and i am rooting for his star to become even brighter in the years to come.

  • moni

    guys stop with all the hate, @kyle don’t diss his HSM co-stars they all doing their own things in which they will also excel. @florence,sara,alex and other haters check ur selves there is always reasons for hate, ur reason are very strong then you must feel something deeply for this guy( you will never admit but it is true) or he must be doing something right.

  • all zero

    he still is single?

  • Tammy


    Agreed. This film is so D listed overall, right? (sarcasm) Because he’s working with a crappy, d-listed oscar nominated director and crappy d-list actors like Matthew Mconoughey and Nicole kidman.

  • Tammy


    I know. right? These people who are going on about his film choices are so ignorant. Nicole kidman is one of the most famous actresses in the world!

  • Tammy

    Nicole kidman is one of the most famous actress in the world! How the hell is this movie crap? Why all the hate?

  • ole

    I bet you guys are going to love the promo for this movie, I bet that well be seeing bunch of shirtless beach pics of Zac and Matthew when we get closer to the premiere of the movie, I bet their publicist are jumping of joy over being over this opportunity and I bet Zac and Matthew wouldn’t mind getting paid to do something they (Zac now more then Matthew) do every opportunity they get anyway.

  • Zzz

    Aw he looks like a little girl. As for this comedy sounds like zac is playing a drunk douchebag frat boy, so he’s playing himself basically. And didn’t zac once insult Matthew and tell him to keep his shirt on and stop trying to bring attention to himself. Maybe he should take his own advice. Opps I think I may have upset the teenies

  • http://peggy sue

    I am so confused why do people hate Zac so bad. Is he really that bad of a person? Do you know him and he did something to you that he have to call him names and say such hateful things. I do not know him personally but all I have heard is that he is a nice down to earth guy. Is all this hate because of Vanessa? To me that is ridiculous and dumb and who says he is a drunk, remember Vanessa drinks also and he who is without sin cast the first stone.Please people grow up the guy is just living his like. Don’t get me wrong I don’t like that he parties like he does and I don’t like that he smokes but it is his life as long as he treats people respectfully like it seems he does why are you hating are you jealous? He has the right to make mistakes in his life and hopefully learn from them but he does not need the judgement of ignorant people who I am sure could not deal with the crap he and Vanessa has to deal with. Remember people they are human and young.

  • Rabid

    @florence: Yeah! he probably called the same ones that have been following his ex all week! She must have the paps on speed-dial with how many pics there have been of her this last week or so! Then again, she’s got nothing else to do has she?

  • jo

    what kind of training tool uses zac for his workout?

  • Teddi

    So have you seen the new pictures of Zac on the set of ‘The Paperboy’ ? Gorgeous!!

  • Teddi

    @jo: It’s called a TRX Suspension Trainer ( Apparently!!) Why go to the gym if you can do it yourself. It’s not his fault he got papped. ( Not that I’m complaining!)

  • Teddi

    So let me guess? The thumbs down are for my personal taste cos I didn’t say anything that you could complain about. If you object to Zac’s fans being positive about him on Zac’s threads may I suggest you go away! You’ll make you’re fingers sore and damage your karma being so negative all the time!!

  • http://facebook cillia

    sue zac and vanessa broke up like 9months why you bring her in his article i dont get it they are different people damm it and kyle you dont know anything the only successfull thing he has done after hsm is 17 again so he is not that successfull if you know what i mean actually everyone know that zac and vanessa are the only one who deserve to be something in hollywood and maybe lucas

  • Teddi

    Oh well! Haters out in force again! Well at least Zac’s posts lately are because he is WORKING!!!!

  • Zzz

    So if u don’t like zac are you automatically a Vanessa fan? I don’t like him cause I don’t think he’s a talanted actor, I can think of at least 10 young actors with more talent then him, he’s proven nothing in that regard. heck I don’t think most of his fans think much of his acting skills they just like drooling over him. And yes I think he’s kind of a douche too. Nothing to do with Vanessa or anything concerning that situation. But if that’s how it works i guess Vanessa picked up another fan, who knew?

  • Teddi

    @Zzz: Please explain this word douche? Cos what I know it as does not apply to a human being! So you hate Zac? Good for you! But why come on here just to hate? That I don’t get.

  • Zzz

    because if i don’t like something I’m going to say it, if I do like something I’m going to say it. do i need another reason? People can agree, disagree, insult, not insult me all they’d like makes no difference to me. Besides I’ve taken a look around this site, it seems like a pretty hateful site. I’ve seen people say 10x worse things then what I’ve said about others and it doesn’t seem uncommon.

  • Teddi

    @Zzz: That does not make it right though does it? Have you ever thought that if you don’t add to it it could decrease? I doubt it cos people with the internet seem to think that hate is the only thing that matters.If it’s not to your personal taste then it shouldn’t be allowed to exsist? Chill people.

  • Zzz

    excise me but in an earlier comment didn’t U say it would be boring if we all liked the same thing? Right or wrong, increase, decrease, doesn’t really make any difference to me. I’m a person that says what’s on their mind. If people hate me because of it that’s fine, if they don’t that is also ok. I don’t take these kinda things personally.

  • Boohoo

    @Zzz: I agree that the actor Zac is no more than a ho-hum…and he’s turned out to be like a douche after all.