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Alexander Skarsgard: Regis & Kelly Visit!

Alexander Skarsgard: Regis & Kelly Visit!

Alexander Skarsgard smiles as he steps out of ABC Studios on Wednesday (August 3) in New York City.

The 34-year-old True Blood hunk made an appearance on Live with Regis and Kelly.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Earlier in the week, Alexander was spotted making a phone call as he walked around New York City’s Soho neighborhood.

Be sure to check out the teaser trailer for Alex‘s upcoming movie Battleship, which also stars Brooklyn Decker, Rihanna, and Friday Night Lights alum Taylor Kitsch!

Alexander Skarsgard on “Regis & Kelly”

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Credit: Three Kings; Photos: WENN
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  • Lauren

    Is he going to be on any other talk shows while he’s in NYC? Does anyone know?

  • Oprah

    I like ASkars a lot, thanks for posting the interview! He seems pretty cool. :)

  • Debbie

    Nothing new, but yay for jeans that fit.

  • Camille

    Loving the new jeans, and yay the anchors made an appearance!

  • ann

    im a fan of him on true blood but this interview was awkward

  • sheila

    Don’t get the appeal of him.He has such an extra-long neck, very giraffe-looking.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …um, quiet interview? …a little odd, awkward even? LOL …maybe alex is a bit shy, quiet.
    …he seems like a normal guy who isn’t a big hollywood personality who pretends (lie) to be some super cool guy.

  • ck

    Was amazing when he walked out how he towered over Regis & Kelly. I know Alexander is tall, but my God, they must be midgets.

  • seeshay

    He seemed a little nervous right at first but then seemed fine. Cute exchange about the Dr. thing. Other than that, wish they had asked him some newer questions, like about new projects he has coming up this fall but maybe this was supposed to be promoting TB not other stuff.

  • Holic


  • Cutie

    how much does he pay the paps to follow him?

  • kelsey

    nice, didnt know he knew how to smile. nice to see it.

  • torrance

    whoa, he is huge. like super tall it seems like.

  • mason

    i thought he’s foreign. why does he have an american accent?

  • jessa

    the scandinavians are all tall.

  • clinton

    sookie is a stupid name.

  • tyler

    he looks about 8 feet tall.

  • chelle

    He is just a beautiful creature!!

    He has said he had a voice coach or whatever they are called to help with the accent.

  • sara

    good looking guy. why would anna paquin choose the other dude (IRL)?

  • rice

    @chelle: yah but is he doing a christian bale, like keeps it to stay in character? why doesnt he just do american when he’s acting?

  • shailene

    @seeshay: this is the first time ive ever heard him speak as i dont watch the show, but yah id get real sick of answering the same questions over and over. tho if i were paid millions id hold back from complaining outloud.

  • sunbears1

    aw he seemed a little nervous

  • Yum

    He looks ridiculously hot.

  • mikaloca

    Prime male specimen..please procreate!!!

  • thora

    i think the nervousness is cute!

  • katie-elle

    why on Earth would he sign up for a movie with Rihanna and Brookyln Decker?? He’s better than that!!

  • mikaloca

    Regis and Kelly are both short…He is only 6’4 same as JOe Magianello or the werewolf guy…

  • Tina

    LOVE Alex. He was great, even though he seemed kinda shy. But I like that :)

    I’d like to see him on Jimmy Fallon or something. Think he’d be a bit more relaxed as those kinda shows have more humour, is less serious and more relaxed.

  • greenlee

    6’4 is still huge. the average american male is 5’10 and the average swede male is 5’11.

  • mforman

    I think him being so nervous was just adorable. He is a regular, humble man, who doesn’t fall into any catergory in HW, he is making his own catergory.
    It would have been nice if they asked him about his upcoming projects, but this might have just been about TB. Still they could have said something about what he has coming up.
    The best part of the interview was how embrassed he got when they brought up his degree. He was just soooo cute.
    This man doesn’t have a fake bone in his body.
    I live in NY and with him filming for the next couple of months, it might be worth taking the train in with the small hope of seeing him.
    His smile in that picture was just so geniue, whenver I think he can’t look any better, he surprises me again and looks absolutely gorgeous.

  • DTFU

    STFU Bill Lover.

  • kendall

    @mforman: he’s embarrassed because it’s not a real degree and he knows that.

  • Oh those Bill Lovers

    STFU Bill Lover….U MAD?

  • when beargrylls says ‘glacier’

    honorary doctorates are stupid and shouldn’t be handed out.
    people work so hard for years and years to earn the real thing.
    it’s seriously insulting and this guy knows that.
    if a university wants to honor someone u can just give them an award or plaque, it doesnt have to be a frickin degree.

  • mikaloca

    I guess with Americans its a lot of talk countinously..most other people think, talk , think not think and talk at the same time..thats a special talent in the US..Always admire how they can do both at the same time….Obama usually pauses in between as well, and you can hear the wheels turning…its just how some cultures are….

    He is not your typical actor who wants the fame and bright lights…he has money , he is comfortable, thats a challenge to th JHOs of this world who can’t get enough of the lights..can you imagine him dating JHO..that will be hilarious… the best thing on TV…!!!!!!!!!

  • Gina

    Button fly jeans that fit, Love! Alex is always shy in interviews. Since he sounds so American people forget English is not his native language. It takes him a little time to formulate his thoughts. I thought it was a cute interview.

  • Ria

    right on mforman

  • Ria

    right on mforman

  • dana

    @Gina: i dont think it’s a language problem, as if he is slower to come up with what he wants to say in english. he’s just taking time to think about his answer.

  • Camille

    People are still going on about the degree? LOL! Geez! Who cares? The univeristy folks sure didn’t think it was a big deal. He’s not the only celeb in the world who has one, and at least he actually went to that school unlike some of the others who haven’t gone and gotten one. Really, it’s not like he can actually use the term Dr. or put PhD on his cards or anything. He’s plainly aware of that. It’s for the honour of the school, it’s not academic. It’s not the same type of degree and people need to get that. There is a latin phrase that actually describes this type of degree, which is handed out to recipients every single year by tons of institutions and that phrase is, Doctor Honoris Causa ‘for the sake of the honour’. They stated this as they gave it to him. I don’t get what the big fuss is. I went to univserity and worked and paid for my degrees and it doesn’t offend me in any capacity because I get that it’s not for academics.

  • shannon

    @Camille: i think the posters are complimenting him for knowing that and being embarrassed. if you watch the interview, he references his relatives that actually worked for their degrees. so he himself is in a way criticizing the handing them out for nothing. we get that it’s in honor. so just call it an award or honor but not a doctorate degree.

  • baylor

    re:degree: plus it’s a little premature to hand him such a thing anyway.
    he’s not anthony hopkins. or even christian bale!
    he doesnt have a logn history or body of work to honor – yet!

  • I’m Cute

    @Cutie: LOL

  • I’m Cute

    “My brother went to med school for 6 years and I went to Leeds for a weekend.” funny

  • Camille

    I was commenting on the one person who said it was stupid and shouldn’t be handed out and that they are insulting. I have read lots of posts that were like that, right after he got it. I know that most people are aware that it’s not an important thing but some people really bashed him for it, and he’s not even the only person who has even received one.

    That’s the Leeds selection committee’s choice. They felt like he was a good candidate so they chose him. I wouldn’t think he’d be so asinine as to say no when they offer it to him. That would be stupid of him to do.

  • I’m Cute

    @I’m Cute: Oh come on Cutie’s comment is funny b/c it’s not true.

  • Jordana

    @Camille: It wouldnt be asinine to turn it down. People turn shizz down all the time, like those who get nominated for awards mutiple years, they will withdraw their name when they’re nominated again.

  • Kelly

    @Camille: Im not sure it’s really better that he accepts it and then says on national tv that he’s embarrassed about it LOL kinda looks bad for the university. It’s funny tho.

  • I’m Cute

    Kelly “I’ll hold your jacket”
    Regis “I’ll hold your pants” :D

  • SkarsFan

    @Camille: Nobody said it was his fault. Clearly it’s the university. But the university is kinda dumb.