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Katie Holmes: I'm Really Scared of Raccoons!

Katie Holmes: I'm Really Scared of Raccoons!

Katie Holmes stops by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday (August 2) in Burbank, Calif.

The 32-year-old actress, wearing a Madewell sweater and Isabel Marant pants, promoted her new thriller, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, but also revealed what she’s really scared of: raccoons!

“Well, you know everybody always says spiders … or a dog [and how] they’re more afraid of you than you are of them and I don’t find that [with raccoons],” she shared.

“I was recently sitting on a side and this raccoon comes right up and I’m expecting it to be more afraid of me and I’m staring at it and it’s staring right back like he’s going to kick my butt!” she said. “So I didn’t know what to do so I just stood up and I barked at him and he ran away!”

FYI: Katie finished her look with Prada heels.

Katie Holmes – Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Bigger pic inside

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Credit: Kevin Winter/Tonight Show; Photos: Getty
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  • rainy day

    Did anyone see Leno? There is a Serbian dance at the end which she was invited to dance in and for someone who professes to be a dancer, wow, Katie gave a cringe worthy performance.

  • /lo smellmywetspot

    Gorgeous Hollywood icon

  • http://none Mia

    What the hell is she wearing?

  • Marieme

    That’s one of the fugliest outfits ever!! What the hell is she thinking!

  • mary

    what’s with her hair. she looks weird.

  • annie

    she’s gorgeous in the video- love her hair in a ponytail

  • disney

    Wow she is hot….Tom is lucky….Kate is a prize

  • ClearPerspective

    Cutest animal on the earth… baby racoon.

  • Go Ask Alice

    WTF is she wearing? This outfit is circa 1984. and it looked bad then on a slendar, 20 yr. old..
    WTF is she not wearing is a good bra! One boob goes Easts and the other goes Southwest.
    Suri must have dressed herAGAIN.
    This poor super rich girl isso thrown off by Tom and theCrazyChurch ,she has no sense of herself . Well,she just doesn’t make sense.

  • Go Ask Alice

    and racoons are scared of her too.

  • rainy day

    @Go Ask Alice:

    You should have seen her boo-bs jiggling when she was dancing at the end of Leno. Outfit looked even worse on television.

  • Ghost

    WOW ! What a brainwashed moron this simpleton is. Tommy girl tried to recruit a few women before he found this stupid twit. He had been trying to get an A lister to join his satanic cult and they all turned him down. Homely is the only person who took the bate… If you don’t believe me go to and have a look for yourselves…

  • danielle

    Well I see Ann Taylor quickly replaced Holmes with Demi Moore for their fall campaign. Holmes has no charisma or modeling skills. Good move Ann Taylor.

  • Marieme

    Go Ask Alice @ 08/03/2011 at 1:12 am #10

    Haha! In that outfit? No doubt!

    That caca shirt looks like animal netting anyhow. It’s just the worst, and I bet it cost thousands! #celebsareidiots

  • Fake

    wow, she’s really looking exceptionally alien here……no soul..



  • Katlon

    She should be more afraid of her sagging breasts from not wearing a bra… And please dont jump around n dance w those things… Good god one was up when the other was down, they were doing their own jig.

  • notkidding

    Brainless twit. Always comes off as a 7th grader reciting “stuff” in class.

  • r

    Hahahah She’s scared of Racoons? She looks like she is wearing one on her head!

  • thumbs UP

    All the stupid jealous comments as usual, one poster (god forbid) says she’s looking great and you’ll see all the THUMBS DOWN!
    She’s a Beauty, a frigging beauty, tall, slender and wears fantastic clothes, her jewerly is to die for, she does remind one of Jackie O which is why she played her so well in the tv movie.
    I love her…and she has NO tattoos, no bony ewww legs, she doesn’t need a entourage of 10 to walk down the street…she’s the real deal.
    Love, LOVE her. Go ahead, with your stupid biased thumbs down. Everyone is ugly and ‘alien’ or ‘weird’ or fug, UNLESS your A Jolie on this board. ha ha ha. Well,being normal, Angie is a beauty…but so is Katie without the baggage.

  • Jealous One


    Jealousy knows no bounds huh? the haters on here would kill to look like Katie …………that’s what’s so funny!!!

  • sweet

    Love her laugh! She comes off as very sweet. not a ‘brainless twit’ like the M O R O N S on here stated. Her ponytail looks great on her. She looks fab! Haters go take a Hike! you wish you looked like KH!

  • HaHa

    One boobie North, one boobie very far South…Can u say BRA??????

  • NO

    Oh shut up Katie no ones cares what you have to say anymore because you say the most stupid things…because you have to run them by Miss Suri..or Tommy Boy…

  • NYC

    You are Katie Holmes and that’s what you talk about on the Tonight Show?
    Does anyone in Hollywood have an IQ over 50?

  • maddie

    These comments on her boobs crack me up! She look positively hideous (my Brit coming out in me..)

  • maddie

    These comments on her boobs crack me up! She look positively hideous (my Brit coming out in me..)

  • Jolessa

    Katie is beautiful. Not crazy about the outfit she’s wearing, but Katie still looks lovely.

  • danielle

    @thumbs UP:

    Why do you bring AJ to this thread. Not every one who dislikes Katie’s vapid ways and her hideous dress is an AJ or NK fan. Katie manages to alienate people all on her own.

    And she has absolutely horrible fashion sense. If you look at People, InStyle, Star fashion polls most (there are rare exceptions) of her outfits get a solid thumbs down. Her PR people are trying to foist her on as a fashion icon. However, fashion icons–and particularly Jackie O–don’t go out with dirty hair, messy hair, scrunchies and top knots, wrinkled clothes, mismatched clothes, too tight clothes, unflattering clothes, awful booties (those tan monstrosities), and more.

    And Katie does have an entourage–she is almost always out with at least one bodyguard, often two, and a nanny and an assistant. They often aren’t in the pictures that JJ posts, but can be seen in the photo agencies unretouched pictures.

    About the only statement most of us would agree with is that she has jewelry to die for. But then she doesn’t choose it does she? Tom has great taste in jewelry as you can see by what he gave NK as well as KH. If KH were left to her own devices she no doubt would pick the worst looking piece of jewelry in the display cabinet.

  • dholmas

    She looks horrible.

  • Creepy!

    What was up with her pinching and pulling up the skin on her arm?

  • A has been who never was.

    Before she came out, they showed clips of her greatest work. They were all from before she met Tom. No clips from Mad Money, The Romantics or The Decision.

  • Gigi

    I watched last night and notice her constant fidgeting, scratching everywhere and pinching of her arm. At one point right before going to commercial, I thought she was going to insert an IV. She has major issues!

  • pooter

    WTH? Someone, seriously should duct tape this silly mouth smacking bimbo’s mouth!
    She is beyond annoying.

    Her hand gestures are annoying as hell. Where did that raccoon go?
    Probably hiding in her hair!

    Are u sure she does not have an alien morphed into her body and brain?

    That outfit is hilarious! Now I am so nauseous after watching the most stupid video ever.

    Just judging Jay’s facial expressions…..he is thinking…wow…what a bimbo! no question!!!

  • Bwah ha ha ha

    Leno told her that her husband is manic!

  • sherri

    Saw the show last nite. Katie is the most ridiculously boring, braindead celeb I’ve seen in a long time. The greatest hits reel they showed at the beginning was really grating and essentially what it showed was that she has never really had a starring role and she can’t act to save her little pathetic life. Also her outfit was hideous. I don’t care who designed it, that outfit simply proved that money can’t buy style or taste (but it will buy you a really awful celebrity clothing line). The only reason anyone pays attention to her is for her she’s fake married to.

  • @ Thumbs UP

    Hello annie. Yes, we know its you. You’re the only one obsessed and delusional enough to keep bringing up AJ to defend your has-been idol. Get over it. Holmes is only getting roles because of her husband. She can’t act, sing, dance, design or speak like an intelligent woman. I swear she has an IQ of 50, if that. Musta cost Tom a fortune to keep her these past years but thats what happens when you need a beard. LOL

  • Lyn

    Two words: WHO CARES

  • Reality Check

    You do all realize that there was no raccoon, right? From the way she told it you could tell that it was one of those made up rehearsed stories from Tomkat PR. Just like there is no pasta carbonara and speed scrabble nights with Tom. They’re never in the same room.

  • dani

    OH NO, can you all believe it??? Katie Holmes was left off the Vanity Fair International Best Dressed List. Gee, how could this be. Doesn’t she dress as well as Kate Middleton (#1)? And Carey Mulligan and Carla Bruni made it. What happened to Katie the self proclaimed fashionista???? Suri fell down on the job big time!

  • coupon lady

    Poor Katie that outfit is getting a big thumbs down from us “normal” folk on People and other fashion sites.

  • Question

    Did hair and make up have the night off?

  • Idiot

    She told Leno that she is a winter. A winter would never wear dog poo brown!

  • Kris


    Did you see the first pic. One boob is north and the other is south. Damn woman! Buy yourself a bra!! Her boobs are awful wonky for such a young woman! I’m older than her and have 3 kids and mine aren’t saggy. She such a fail in every way. The interview is stupid, she sounds like an idiot, her clothes are terrible, she’s a bad mother, an even worse actress, and a terrible designer. Fail, fail, fail. Without being married to Cruise, she’d already be back in Ohio. Actually, that would be good. Go back to Ohio.

  • Booring Idiot

    I love the story about how she didn’t go zip lining but instead pigged out on burgers and fries. A story about nothing.

  • Joji

    I think the story was actually a story about Suri.

  • Cookie

    @Marieme: Guess Madewell will be devo’d to know you don’t approve of their sweater….not

  • Linda

    omg wear a bra

  • toria

    Wonder if she is a brainless bimbo off camera? You never see her mouthing anything intelligent in interviews in print or on shows like this.

  • Sandra

    @thumbs UP: THANK YOU! It seems like a cult anti-following has formed on this website, and it’s revolting.