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Miranda Kerr: David Jones Fashion Show!

Miranda Kerr: David Jones Fashion Show!

Hot mama!!

Miranda Kerr rocks the runway at the David Jones Spring/Summer 2011 launch, held at the Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park on Wednesday (August 3) in Sydney, Australia.

The 28-year-old Aussie model showed off a bathing suit, a flowy printed dress, and a few mini dresses perfect for summertime.

Miranda recently told the Sydney Morning Herald that since becoming a mom, she’s decided not to go back to modeling full time.

“My priorities are to be with [my son, Flynn] and just do select things, the things I love,” Miranda explained.

FYI: Miranda wore a Citrus Green Siren Sequin Kaftan from the Spring 2012 collection by Aussie designer Camilla Franks.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr on the runway for David Jones

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Credit: Lisa Maree Williams; Photos: Getty
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  • Weber from Brazil

    she still has a teenage face
    and a really HOT³ body!
    Orlando surely is a lucky man

  • gogogadgetgirl

    Bored of Miranda Kerr

  • blair

    She’s so gorgeous, they are a beautiful family.

  • Estella

    The woman just had a baby and she has THAT BODY??!!!! Oh boy… She looks perfect that’s ridiculous

  • Estella

    The woman just had a baby and she has THAT BODY??!!!! Oh boy… She looks perfect that’s ridiculous

  • SAB

    Soooo prettyyyyy!!

  • Kuna

    oh look its a chipmunk head on a womanly goddess body! such a weird combo!

  • myweb

    hmm never realized it before but she looks quite short in the legs. Must be 5’8 tops.

  • evan

    she is pretty but too skinny !

  • Tigger

    @evan: only a fat chick would think she looks 2 skinny. Her body he looks so good after baby!

  • Effy

    I hate thinking about the impact this woman has on young girls being so skinny. I know it’s the industries fault but you would think she would care since she is a mother now.

  • Butterface

    Yeah, thats what she is folks.

  • celebrities

    Miranda Kerr is such a teenage face. Orlando is a lucky guy. She is so beautiful.

  • PukeA$$

    OMG!! She is married to a beefcake hottie. She had this beautiful baby that was near 10 pounds and her figure just snapped back and in fact looks better then ever! I hate her!! I’m so jealous!! Hahahaha. Gnaw…Good for her and she looks great.

  • Halaluul

    If she were thick and curvy I don’t want to even picture how big her face would also be, its big enough already for a skinny chick. She HAS to stay skinny or her face would be too huge to be a model.

  • Me

    @Effy: Why are you making it an issue about weight??

  • @7,8,12,15…..

    Oh please Miranda is stunningly beautiful……by saying she’s ugly just makes it obvious how jealous and envious you are of her beauty…..posting nasty comments over and over again will change the fact she’s drop dead gorgeous….lol.

  • sara

    She looks amazing! So beautiful, and her figure is perfect.
    She looks right at home on the runway!
    Simply stunning!

  • wow

    she looks even better than she did before the baby!

  • @effy

    She is actually very healthy looking for a model. Models have to be thin, but she glows with good health. She looks FANTASTIC!

  • @wow

    Disagree. These days she is always posing with her hands on her hips or thrusting her bum out to make it look like she’s got more waist than she really has. Look in the side view how her waist is fairly thick from front to back. And her face is round so it looked better when she was younger; it will gradually look incongruous as she gets older.

    I still think she looks beautiful and has an extremely good figure, but not quite what she was when she first did the VS catwalk.

    The second baby is often the killer. If I were her I’d hold off on the second for a few years – which is what she’s been saying in interviews.

  • huh?

    First people claim that she is too skinny. Next people are saying that she looks “thick”.
    Make uo your minds, people!

  • wow

    Fine, you have a right to disagree with me. But I stand by my opinions. IMO, she looks amazing!

  • steph

    She looks fantastic! I love to see her wearing color, and that bright yellow is fabulous!

  • edzctor

    watch this video vote positive :)

    thanks …i love you :)

  • MangerBouger

    SHe’s bubbly + cute and I would love to look like that after being pregnant, or without being pregnant ! LOL

  • lola

    She’s so beautiful!

  • alien

    Ahh Mars Attacks!

  • shadows

    Lol isn’t it funny that when a model gets more recognition/fame/success her haters RISE? I observed this same trend with Rosie Huntington,Candice Swanepoel,Irina Shayk,etc..I’m not even a Kerr fan its just funny that some can’t accept the success of others. (sad actually).

  • @29

    It’s called the ‘tall poppy syndrome’. In a bed of poppies, the tallest ones will be cut down to comply with the norm. People who rise too high will be attacked by the weak in the same manner.
    It happens in every industry, public or not, but it is most evident in actors, models and musicians.

  • Bee

    Miranda’s got some bird legs! I’m not sure how people find that attractive. It just looks painful to be that skinny, but maybe that’s just me :(

  • Judgemental much?


    She’ a model. It’s what she does for a living. I wouldn’t expect her to gain weight or stop modeling just because she’s a mother. Besides, Flynn will probably never have to worry about his weight based on Orlando’s build.

    People will always idolize beauty for good or bad and it’s not going away any time soon. As a parent you are the one who must teach your children to be healthy and find beauty in life and in themselves. Also, just as it is here, it’s the bullies you have to worry about who are only interested in tearing people down to build themselves up. They are the ones that do the most damage to a person’s self esteem, not some model. Just because MK and OB are famous does not excuse the cowardly, insulting things people post here and other places. That kind of behavior is what people should be condemning.

  • @32

    I love you!
    But common sense on JJ? This may just crash the site.

  • Anne

    Aishwarya boooring

  • neely

    complain about her all you want folks but celebs who get alot of comments WILL ALWAYS BE POSTED about (and in a more frequent manner too). I’ve seen some celebs who get around 4 comments and then I never see them again on jj, lol. SO if you are sick of her, just dont click or comment!

  • Dieter


  • hmmm

    if she had a little more fat on her booty then she would have an awesome body

  • josephine

    nice bod but I’ll never get used to the moonface

  • @38…..josephine

    “moonface”……you need your eyes checked, a moonface means a round shaped face…….Miranda has a triangle shaped faced, widest across the forehead and cheekbones narrowing to the chin, perfect for a model. And the dimples make her extra special as they give her that unique sweet angelic look.

  • josephine


    nope, still looks pretty moony to me

  • Dramatic kitten

    What exactly has she done to deserve such cult following?

  • Mike

    Fugly chick.

  • @41

    I know! She has done nothing to warrant such attention.
    “Cult” is a good term for her following. After all, they have been brainwashed into thinking that they must live through Miranda.
    These people stalk her across the internet looking for every detail that they can find. Instead of focusing on their own lives, they hang on every word like she is some spiritual leader instead of just a model. They spend every minute of every day thinking about her. And now their stalking has spread to her friends and extended family, and not just her son and husband. The husband that brought her this cult folowing in the first place. Even his family is not safe, and they stay out of the limelight as much as possible.
    It’s a shame that these people who stalk her don’t get lives of their own. They live through her, and only her.
    It’s really sad that these Delphites, and other haters can’t just move on.