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Alex O'Loughlin: 'Hawaii Five-0' Set with Son Saxon!

Alex O'Loughlin: 'Hawaii Five-0' Set with Son Saxon!

Alex O’Loughlin wraps his arm around his son Saxon on the set of Hawaii Five-0 on Sunday (July 31) in Oahu, Hawaii.

The 34-year-old actor enjoyed some downtime with Saxon, who lives with his mom in Australia, and co-star Scott Caan.

Alex‘s character on the hit CBS show may be getting a new love interest for the upcoming season.

Happy Town actress Lauren German is joining the cast to play a “smart and beautiful former Homeland Security officer who has been hand-picked by the new governor to join the Five-0 task force,” TV Line reports.

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75 Responses to “Alex O'Loughlin: 'Hawaii Five-0' Set with Son Saxon!”

  1. 1
    Jools Says:

    Alex O’Loughlin is super protective of his son. He is OFF LIMITS> It’s already bad that you keep posting pics of him on his time off but his son??? How low are you ready to go???
    Take them down!!!

  2. 2
    Lindsay Says:

    TAKE THIS DOWN NOW!!!!!! Alex is a VERY private person, most especially about his son, and this is WRONG!!!!!! TAKE IT DOWN NOW!

  3. 3
    ha ha Says:

    Wow son doesnt look like Alex

  4. 4
    Lynn Says:

    Sad that you’d so blatantly disrespect Mr. O’Loughlin by posting these photos. He covets his privacy and has never been anything but respectful to the press and the paps when they’ve wanted photos. In turn that trust is violated by pictures like this coming out. Shame on you, Just Jared, for posting them.

  5. 5
    joe Says:

    That’s really not cool at all. He doesn’t want his kid in the media so what do you do? You post pics of him not cool

  6. 6
    ha ha Says:

    Nobody here looks upset and they see pics are being taken. They seem cool with it so what is big deal?

  7. 7
    jk Says:

    Not cool. He doesn’t want his kid in the media. Not cool at all. Anything for a quick buck,huh?

  8. 8
    claire belle Says:

    if alex doesn’t want his son photographed he should leave him in school in australia…all celebs sign an invisible contract that says their life becomes open to the public and the media…some celebs say they don’t want it, but its a lie…they crave the media and the public…if alex doesn’t want pics of his son posted, he and his lawyers can contact jared and ask them to be taken down and i am sure jared will comply.

  9. 9
    Cole Says:

    Hmm, thought he liked the dudes?

  10. 10
    teena Says:

    If you don’t like it, don’t search for pics

  11. 11
    m.j micheal Says:

    @claire belle:


  12. 12
    OMG Says:

    Come down you-all dissembler. It doesn`t destroy the soul of the boy because of a picture. He lives in Australia. He is tomorrow forgotten. I wonder again what all this privacy protectors are doing here. Dissembler – desperate eye roll -

  13. 13
    Lexuslilly Says:

    FYI Daniel Dae Kim and Hawaii Five-0 Producer Peter Lenkov have been informed by the fans via twitter to pass this bullshit to Alex O’Loughlin. I wouldn’t be surprised if he sues your ass for everything you own. That’s what you get for disrespecting the man’s privacy and the parental need to protect his son from leaches like you!

  14. 14
    pfffttt Says:

    @OMG: LOL

  15. 15
    pj Says:

    @Lexuslilly: I’m sure JJ is terrified that Daniel Dae Kim knows – LOL

  16. 16
    teresa Says:

    DDK has never had his kids visit the set- they live in HI and we have never seen them- I’m just sayin’. AOL had to know Saxon would be photographed.

  17. 17
    lala Says:

    maybe if alex wasnt such a d-bag, people would respect him more. but he is and we dont. so suck it.

  18. 18
    nana Says:


    d-bag? what the f&^%k?
    what makes you say that?

  19. 19
    TW Says:

    A person should be able to have his child with him without fear of being stalked with a long-distanced lens. This is low.

  20. 20
    nana Says:


    d-bag? what the f&*%k?
    what makes you say that?

  21. 21
    commonsense Says:

    Clearly there’s a crazy person lurking on this board. There’s nothing in this JJ post that’s grounds for a lawsuit.

  22. 22
    joe Says:

    Then were crazy but this bs is wrong and u people are scum. Alex is not a dousche bag u don’t even know him. Trailer trash

  23. 23
    lala Says:

    unfortunately, i do and have seen his douchebaggery on set with my own eyes. ask anyone who has worked with him and they can attest to it. if they don’t, they’re on alex’s personal payroll and are lying!

  24. 24
    OMG Says:


    Stalked ? rofl, go to have a blubber.

    I am so bugged by this privacy protectionists, who are like a pandemic disease. They spread into every thread. They are always there to stare at the latest pictures, but pretend to worry about the privacy of the actor. How ridiculous is that ?

  25. 25
    nana Says:


    how can we ask anyone else; you’re the only one who I’ve ever heard saying something bad about him. All fans who have met him and took pictures with him say he is a very nice person. I don’t understand. Maybe you caught him in a bad mood/day.

  26. 26
    tereasa Says:


    seriously- if alex did not want saxon photographed at all, he would not let him visit a public set. in the middle of hi. where he knows photogs are waiting for the latest bts pics. which are good for the show, because it promotes it. which alex must like, because it makes the show more popular and successful. they didn’t jump over a fence to take these pics or invade his home or a personal vacation. please think people. the boy isn’t wearing a hoodie or hiding under a tent. maybe you took something alex said years ago about not flaunting his son in the media and blew it out of proportion. for real.

  27. 27
    joe Says:

    Were only here because class sites and blogs are posting up messages that they wont post these pics and that they respect his privacy. If you really know the guy as many of us do you’d know he’s not a d bag at all. He probably just wouldn’t give u the time of day cause ur a stalked or wanted a piece of him

  28. 28
    katy Says:

    a lot of people say that Alex o’loughlin is not so nice like he pretend to be!
    he is an actor and he can lie very well infront the camera in a interview !
    only who work with him know the true!

  29. 29
    Rebecca Says:

    This is ridiculous. As much as I understand him wanting his privacy respected. If Alex didn’t want his kid to be photographed, he shouldn’t have brought him to a set where there are lots of photogs around trying to get H50 pics! It’s not like they’re in his backyard or something. End of story.

  30. 30
    katy Says:

    a lot of people say that Alex is not so nice like he pretend to be…but he is an actor and he can lie during interview and stuff like this!
    he is hot but this doesn’t mean is a good person….is only a human like all us but he is famous and he needs to pubblicity!

  31. 31
    CF Says:

    Actually, there is a legitimate reason to potentially request the removal of these shots legally. As these photos are focused on a 14 year old young man who is not famous. They don’t focus on either Alex or Scott, the two actors/famous people. They focus on a young man, who should, by the laws of this country, have the right and freedom to go where he wants without HIS privacy being broached. That should include being onsite with his dad at work on a Sunday. If these were taken without knowledge or consent, than there is an issue.

    @lala Regardless of the type of man AOL is or isn’t – seriously, who of us haven’t had co-workers we disliked – his son should not be a target. I don’t know, nor do I care, if you really know him and/or have worked with him. The fact that you’d evidently take your dislike out on someone’s child speaks volumes about the type of person you are.

  32. 32
    kiki Says:

    @katy who said he was a not so nice guy? @lala I’ve never heard anything bad about him at all from anyone except you and what exactly is douchebaggery? Why should we believe you?

  33. 33
    Toni Says:


    #23, what happened. Maybe fame went to his head. It happens you know. Nice one minute, then the **** the next. ???

  34. 34
    hmmm Says:

    contact if you have a problem with these pics…they sold them…maybe alex said ok

  35. 35
    Tiziana Says:

    it is nice to see some moments of affection between him and his son, but also between Saxon and Scott Caan…

  36. 36
    two-faced Says:

    There is a person here who runs a twitter site that worships a girl they call their INSIDER who has stalked Alex with his ex at a PRIVATE cast party and put those pics up on twitter. Their INSIDER took pics of Alex at a Starbucks when he was alone and proceeded to brag about those and post them all over twitter. These are just a few examples. Yet she posts here as soon as these pics are put up and says how dare they invade Alex’s privacy. That is so rich.Jared got those pics off of the very public set of Hawaii Five 0 and Alex knows pics will be taken. He obviously wasn’t worried about it. MAYBE the twitter owner of the site that proudly stalks Alex should look in the mirror before attacking others

  37. 37
    dorey23 Says:


    Totally agree. If he doesn’t want his son photographed, Alex should not take him to the set, where BTW, hundreds of cameras and photographs are all around. Price of celebrity, get over it! Besides, he is so full of it! Such a fuss over a “D-listed actor” and I’m being kind!

  38. 38
    Don't blame Alex Says:

    You all shouldn’t blame Alex because of a few ridiculous fans who think they know that Alex is upset. Alex hasn’t been complaining at all. Don’t judge him by their comments. He is a very smart man and it isn’t his first time around the block. PLEASE! He knows pics were going to be taken folks. You mothering fans should let him handle things if he wishes to. I doubt he expected anything else when he brought his son to the set. Hawaii is a cestpool of tourists staring at the set 24/7. He brought him last year and pics were taken and even video,and none of you complained then.

  39. 39
    Taylor Says:

    Is he embarrassed he fathered a child out of wedlock? Afraid it may ruin “Oh! he’s so HOT!” image? He is such a light weight as an actor, just “eye candy” on H50 anyway. The true star of the show is Scott Caan!

  40. 40
    kimber Says:

    I don’t understand the arguing. I’ve heard and read interviews with Alex about his son. He adores him and calls the boy “the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” I do believe he’s very protective. However, Saxon has been photographed numerous times, including when Alex was promoting “The Backup Plan.” Alex hasn’t sued yet. While I do think Alex would get angry if he thought his child was being stalked, I believe he understands that pics will be taken in public places.

  41. 41
    Don't blame Alex Says:

    Exactly! So clear. He knows what he is doing. Doesn’t need all the mommies here. He was where Alex knew there would be pics of him and he has not kept his son a secret. He is proud of the boy and has said so. He won’t let people interview him but see him with Alex? On a set in a public place like Hawaii? Where the filming is on display like some kind of special Hawaiian attraction? LOL How do they know he doesn’t want to show his son off? How many dads want to take pics with their kids? All of them.

  42. 42
    nana Says:

    I agree with those who say that he knows what he is doing and that he is not naive; he knows that his son is going to be photographed when he is on set.
    What makes me confused is that someone here says that Alex is not what he pretends to be; a nice and down to earth guy.
    We all have our down days, women and men alike. I still refuse to think that Alex only pretends to be nice, but isn’t. I think if that were true there would be many more rumors like these; more people would have looked through the facade.

  43. 43
    Val Says:

    I am disgusted and appalled by some of the comments here. We have a young boy who is trying to spend some PRIVATE time with his father who lives far away.

    If you can’t even have an ounce of respect for the father have the deceny to respect a young boy’s wishes not to have his photo in the public domain.

    People who profit from people’s right to privacy make me sick to the stomach!!

  44. 44
    Lynn Says:

    I don’t know what the fuss is all about. From the photos, nobody looks upset. Besides, they are close-up shots, so obviously Alex knew pics were being taken. Also, there are also many tourists and fans hanging around this very PUBLIC set, yes with cameras! The way some people are sounding off is ridiculous. A year ago, there were photos taken of his son on the set. I don’t recall anyone complaining then. Totally ridiculous! I think all these mother hens need to get a life!

  45. 45
    Toby Says:

    @Val: What makes me sick is people like you who act so high and mighty when it comes to Alex. I bet if this was DDK’s kids, or Scott’s (I know he doesn’t have children), you would not be sick to your stomach! TWO-FACED!

    Also, to all of you FACEBOOK owners sounding off how you are taking the high road of not posting pics, you are also TWO-FACED! I have seen many times of you all posting pics of the actors in their private lives! People are not stupid. GET REAL!

  46. 46
    learn the law Says:

    Being a celebrity does not give you special privileges. We are all being filmed by outside cameras every day. There is a hotel in Hawaii that has a standing camera facing the beaches and films continuously. You BREAK the law when you take pics in PRIVATE places, like a bathroom. No law is being broken. I bet people take pics of you outside with your families when they take pics of the beach and then put them on FB. It is OK to do that. Just not pics in a private place.
    Alex has not complained. He is fine. And yes, there are pics that were taken of Alex with Amber at a private party; not illegal, but not very ethical. That group thinks labeling their stalker somehow legitimizes her stalking.No one from that group should be here calling foul, that is for sure!

  47. 47
    Linda Says:

    Toby: There is a difference between posting pictures of actors taken while they are out and about in public and those taken in what should be, if not private, at least a secure place. I have it from a reliable photography expert that these pictures were taken from a distance with a high powered lens. They were then photoshopped to make them clearer and more marketable. That is the paparazzi at their worst, stealing photos for profit. If Alex chose to take his son to an official function, say some red carpet event, than it would be understood that there would be pictures of the event and of the boy. This is not the case here. They are on set in what should be a secure location. Alex is not parading him around in pubic. Alex is spending some quality time with his son and some paparazzi on a roof some where with a long lens chose to spy on them.

    And, please contain yourself when speaking to others. There is no reason to be rude or abusive. I happen to know @Val very well. High and mighty could NEVER be used in the same sentence when it comes to Val. And for your information the fact that Saxon is Alex’s son makes no difference whatsoever. We would feel the same no matter whose kid it is.

    This conversation can go on and on and the disagreement will continue. You do not have to agree with how we feel about this. Children should be off limits PERIOD no matter who’s kids they are unless the parents choose to expose them. You may think Alex did chose it because he took Saxon onto the set. I think he did not. We need to agree to disagree. There is no need for name calling!

  48. 48
    learn the law Says:

    Alex knows what happens. He isn’t new to any of this. He knew very well pics would be taken, just like last year. And to call the Hawaii Five 0 set a secure place is the biggest laugh of all. Lenkov and the Hawaiian governor want the world to come and spend their money and promote Hawaii and Hawaii Five 0. When a set is secure, they film in studio. Please. We act as though some mortal sin was committed because Alex was taken in pics with his son. Wow! Call in the Marines! Everybody quick! Run to your kid’s FB accounts and make sure no teenagers are in pics there without their consent. Saxon IS a teen after all. If I remember my teens’ FBs there are a whole TON of pics of other teens being passed around and they didn’t know they were in those pics. Parties, dances, etc.
    My guess is the people raising the biggest ruckus here have Saxon’s pics saved on PB or their comps. Just no one ELSE can see them. Hypocrites.

  49. 49
    Toby Says:

    @learn the law: Well said!

    @Linda, your whole comment is BS!

  50. 50
    Jo Says:

    @learn the law: I agree 100% with your comment. I know you met it as a joke about calling in the Marines, but believe me when I say Linda and Val already have a call into the White House! I’m familiar with these on FB and these two know-it-all’s are beyond obsessed with Alex! It is ridiculous!

  51. 51
    learn the law Says:

    You do not need permission from someone to take their picture if they are in public view. However if they in an area where they have a reasonable expectation of privacy, you are not allowed to invade that privacy by photographing them. So for example you can’t use a telephoto lens to peer into someone’s bedroom. Neither can you photograph someone in a private changing room or a public restroom even if, for some reason, you can see into it. (cont. in next post)

  52. 52
    learn the law Says:

    You do not need permission from someone to take their picture if they are in public view. However if they in an area where they have a reasonable expectation of privacy, you are not allowed to invade that privacy by photographing them. So for example you can’t use a telephoto lens to peer into someone’s bedroom. Neither can you photograph someone in a private changing room or a public restroom even if, for some reason, you can see into it. (cont. in next post)

  53. 53
    learn the law Says:

    You are within your rights to photograph children in a playground, even if they are not your own children. However it’s very likely that in most parts of the USA this will be regarded as a suspicious activity and it’s very likely people (including parents and the police) will question your motivation. Despite this, the act of photography under these circumstances is not illegal – but it probably is unwise.

    Everything Jared did was legal and again, Alex is not the complainer here. He is a great guy. It’s a few fringe fans that get defensive. They are so corny.

  54. 54
    SJC Says:

    To the people who are saying that AOL is an ass.. You’re the only people/person to have said that so why should we believe you? People have bad days but it doesn’t make them a douche bag. It just makes them human. From everything I’ve seen and heard about him, he’s a nice guy and until he does something to state otherwise, I will not believe the negativity.

  55. 55
    Jen Says:

    I don’t think Alex is an ass. However, if he does not want his son photographed, he should not bring him to obviously a very PUBLIC environment such as the H50 set, which is NOT A SECURED set as someone suggested. There are dozens of photographers, not to mention tourists and fans, all with cameras snapping photos. Common sense tells you these photos will make it to the internet – that is the world we live in now, like it or not!!
    I also think it is somewhat hypocritical of some FB pages refusing to post pics,as there is one in particular that had photos of Saxon posted in their photo section that were taken a couple of years ago, but yet they appeared to be the most offended by the recent postings of him. Unbelievable! I have “UNLIKE” all of this hypocrites!

  56. 56
    Madysun kishbaugh Says:

    He should not just leave his son in school he need to dpend time with him

  57. 57
    Madysun kishbaugh Says:

    He should not just leave his son in school he need to dpend time with him

  58. 58
    mary s Says:

    The studio knows how Alex feels and should of made sure there was no one there taking pictures. Alex works long hours so having his son there on his down time he has every right to.

  59. 59
    learn the law Says:

    His down time? He was on the set. FYI, the actors are on the set a long time but more than half of that they sit and wait for set changes and make up, etc.. Let’s not act like the poor boy is slaving away for 15 hours. But again, Alex is not the one complaining and all of you mommies are making people think he wants you to protect him.Come on folks.He probably has had him with him for a while now and knew that when he brought him to the set, there would be pictures. This wasn’t a sneak attack!
    Mary, seriously? The STUDIO has to watch out for that? Alex brought his son over on his own accord. There are tourists all over that place; it is a frickin’ circus there. Actually that whole set should be closed off from those tourists so they can film in peace. But Lenkov wants Hawaii to get noticed (ridiculously so) and so everyone suffers those consequences.

  60. 60
    cjwills Says:

    Alex and his son, Saxon, are private individuals. Both are fair game for photographers when in the public eye. That is the nature of the beast of “celebrity;” the public WANTS to know about you in every aspect of your life, not just in your latest character in a TV series or film role. The upside: fame, fortune and a big bank account; the downside: an invasion of privacy most of us say we would not tolerate. I find it amusing that some Web sites will not post photos that they deem are invasions of Alex’s privacy, i.e. Amber Clayton and Alex hugging when Alex is leaving for Hawaii at LAX; photos of Alex’s son Saxon on set in Hawaii, etc. These sites cease to be worth any value at all because in trying to “protect” Alex’s privacy, they determine what we should see and not see. This editorializing of events is, at best, ridiculous. If you bring your son to set, if you bring your girlfriend to a public event or venue (i.e. the airport) own it….and for some semblance of order in the universe, We sites dedicated to Alex should cover it and show the photos… OMG, do not leave the hot photos we want to see to Perez Hilton and other sites. If you are a Web site dedicate to an actor’s appeal, to do less is negligence on your part. You have a duty to your followers, in my opinion.

  61. 61
    s. bentley Says:

    I like star pics like the next person, but I also believe. In their private space.

    I love Alex. He should be able to shield his son when ever he wants. But, seeing that he is on set, it seems he was just being free and allowing his son to hang with no fuss.

  62. 62
    ngaww Says:

    The picture of scott cuddling Saxon is so adorable!!! >.<

  63. 63
    kolzeva Says:

    I’ve noticed that when Saxon was younger, Alex was much more protective. Now that he’s older and beginning to be more accessible and active as teenagers are, Alex seems a little more relaxed (or resigned) about letting him be seen and talking openly about him. You can’t keep a healthy teenage boy hidden away for long, as I’m sure he knows all too well.

  64. 64
    tess Says:

    @claire belle:

    i absolutely agree.

    it is alex’s decision to take action on this matter. if he doesnt like it then he can ask his lawyer to do something about it.

  65. 65
    learn the law Says:

    Jared is within his legal rights and no lawyer can change that. Please refer to posts #51 and #52 for the law in these matters.

  66. 66
    learn the law Says:

    and #53.

  67. 67
    Kauri Says:

    I’m so supprised seeing those pictures.. seeing it by chance, expecting a note, not pics.. but..
    Alex O’Loughlin has the right to take his son on the set, and he’s got the right to believe nobody takes pictures of his son..
    the Boy has the right to see his father’s places, the set etc..
    so it is ethic of those, who take such photos and earn the money on someone’s privacy..
    that’s all..

  68. 68
    asa Says:

    Ilove alex o’loughlin<3<3

  69. 69
    adel Says:

    nice shots

  70. 70
    Sharon Says:

    Awww how father like son! Saxon looks just like him

  71. 71
    jade Says:

    i think it is so stupid how alex has his son out in public just to be stalked by others with camras.if alex didnt care about his son being exposed by public poblisity, he would have pictures all over the internet,so camra people_STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  72. 72
    Carol Schubert Says:

    Alex has a good looking son. Of course Alex himself is good looking and sexy.

  73. 73
    Airwnd Cloud DeadArt Says:

    “I” believe in Alex and thee all in all that he represents. My feelings for him are real as “I” am.

    Red Nose

  74. 74
    Airwnd Cloud DeadArt Says:

    For the rest of …………..(all those that have)…..”Forgotten”!

    ChLoe! (my boy)

    Red Nose

  75. 75
    lovergirl Says:

    why can’t the no good idiot press keep there nose out of other peoples lives!!!!! these photos should be taken down if Alex and Saxon O’loughlin want them down. people even celebs have the right to some privacy!!!!

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