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Blake Lively: 'Gossip Girl' Cell Phone Break

Blake Lively: 'Gossip Girl' Cell Phone Break

Blake Lively chats on her phone while walking around the set of Gossip Girl on Thursday (August 4) in Los Angeles.

The day before, the 23-year-old actress shot some scenes with co-stars Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford in Long Beach.

DKNY recently announced a collaboration with Gossip Girl costume designer Eric Daman, who’ll be launching a legwear capsule collection for Fall.

“Hosiery is quite sexy. What we try to do in Gossip Girl is lots of texture. It makes the characters come alive … it gives a character like Blair [played by Leighton Meester] life when she’s wearing a pencil skirt with distressed rib tights. It gives her look something special,” Eric shared.

FYI: Blake is wearing a Topshop sleeveless twist front blouse.

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  • Stephanie

    Amazing body! Love her!

  • http://hungballs hungballs

    just another nasty wannabe actress that leaks her nudes for more exposure

  • Katchitup

    I bet it`s Harvey W. promising her more publicity that`s why Fakey is smiling… Wannabe without talent, success without merit.

  • Kevin

    She’s talking to Leo


  • harley

    Just like Bar before her, if you associate with Leo, you get on this site alot.

  • Drake

    Beautiful as always. It’s nice to see Blake so happy.

  • lol


    The entire public is onto this scheme. Her PR people are the last to get a clue.

  • ace11

    Leo is breaking that in big time

  • itsmejean

    She’s so beautiful!

  • Katchitup

    @lol: Well, she should enjoy it while it lasts. After Leo dumps her even Harvey won`t be able to help her and her career. I can`t wait for her to get lost for good.
    Dear Ted:
    How much longer are we going to experience the DeLively phenomenon? Do you think it will last? They (still) seem pretty fake to me.

    Dear Doomed DeLively:
    By my count, they should have been over a long time ago. And yet I totally understand why they’re still canoodling their way around the globe and delaying their inevitable breakup. It’s obvious. We can only hope Leo will see the light sooner than later (and you know it will be he who sees it).

  • Cleo

    She looks cute and happy! I spy her dog Penny in the back!

  • lili

    she looks fabulous as always!

  • ryme


  • Cherie

    What a cutie!

  • Cherie


    What’s obvious is Ted caters to the sad shrews who read his tripe and BELIEVE it.

  • Jasmin

    Wow. She really looks much better after her nose job. She had a very good surgeon.

  • Cherie


    Anyone who puts their faith in desperate hacks like Teddy boy is the definition of clueless.

  • reddy

    I’m not a fan of her but I dont get the hate. The kind of girl you would hate in real life really, haha. Tall,thin,blond, um we all say just another tall,thin blond but seriously what town do you live in where there are a bunch of tall,thin,blonds walking around???!!!!!! where I live there are more short average stumpy brunettes, lol. I would love to see a bunch of tall,thin,pretty blonds!

  • ERIC

    WOW Leo has a type! I think his girlfriend’s are all gorgeous! I think Blake looks more like Gisele and Bar than she does her own sisters, lol. stunning ladies. Leo is so lucky and the envy of any man.

  • Jolie

    We need more Blair and Serena scenes this summer.

  • sadie


    i totally understand why unhappy people need to obsessively hate on her and I totally understand why people who make a measly living writing cheesy gossip columns exploit and feed that need.

  • Katchitup

    Hahaha, team Fake Blake is out full force defending this sad wannabe. Of course Ted is unreliable and serves sad people! It was hard to predict that that stuff is coming! I bet if he said the opposite he would be OK! Just like Lainey. Fake fans ‘detest’ her but as soon as she reports how crazy Leo is about her Fake fans like her! Like a Gossip Girl episode!
    But my favorite is the ‘I’m not her fan but I don’t get the hate’ comments. How many mire of those are still to cone? lol
    She has no talent ( except on casting coaches ), she is plain ugly and as fake as she can get. Instead of going after roles way out of her league ( Daisy in Gatsby – what was she thinking ) she should go after the lead in the upcoming movie about Barbie and Ken. Fake, plastic and lifeless so perfect for her!

  • unknown

    I knew she gained weight.. wearing jeans really shows it. She looks like a size 6

  • Lainey


    Lainey is your girl hon, or she was until she started saying what you didn’t want to hear. You’re boring, predictable, and worse of all you think your sh!t doesn’t stink. That’s what happens when you’ve been stewing in your own bile for ten years.

  • Emmmm

    People who think that Shes a bad actress.. Watch her in the town and her other stuff apart from GG she’s so different in everything and they show off her acting more

    As for me… Can’t wait for GG!! hottest show ever!

  • Jo

    Love her !

  • commonsense

    The simple truth is Blake Lively’s a pretty girl with a beautiful body who has no acting talent, but apparently she’s got game. Does the fact that she’s using her ‘natural assets/talent’ to get where she needs to go make her a bad person? I don’t know.

  • Leah

    Lainey wrote about her plastic surgeries today, she isn’t natural, being tall, thin with implants, dyed blonde hair doesn’t make a person beautiful or striking, even with the plastic surgery she isn’t that good looking.Also ChecK La,NY, Miami, Russia, Poland, Sweden, you can find , tall, thin bottle blondes anywhere…

    Katie Cassidy is much prettier, without the plastic surgery..

    And NO even outside of Gossip Girl, she isn’t talented, I bet she will never get an Oscar nomination.

    Just another brown nosing, plastic girl, who lied about nude pics…

  • Nosejob Blake


    Plastic surgery is natural, if she was pretty why get plastic surgery, and her time is almost up..All the major roles are being giving to Carey Mulligan/Jennifer Lawerence..

    Her lying, casting Couch ways can only take her so far…

    Far as her being so pretty…compared to who …A horse..

    I just don’t find her face that goodlooking…bland mostly

  • Katchitup

    @Lainey: Lol. Lainey is your girl, hon. Too bad I don’t give a cr*p about Lainey I quoted a genius lively fan. Lol! Boring and predictable? No, hon, that’s what your comment is. Snoozefest over and over again just like flakey’s ‘acting’.
    @Emmmm ( rather ewwww ): She made The Townand other stuff completely unwatchable. If she was so great she wouldn’t still be onGossip Girl and wouldn’t get 10 min roles all the time. A piece of wood has more talent than she does.

  • commonsense

    People when I said ‘natural’ I was obviously being sarcastic.

  • Daisy

    So beautiful


    @hungballs: She was already famous you dummy !

  • @parisnyc

    Rather infamous for those casting coaches, plastic surgeries. Impressive! lol

  • joyce

    what is she eating?

  • nicky

    katie cassidy hotter than blake! I’m not a fan but you must be kidding! katie looks so plain and not sexy compared to blake! Concerning her acting, I can’t say, I haven’t seen enough of her but I think she’s stunning, And yes in scandinavia and eastern europe you can find tall blondes but that doesn’t mean they are as beautiful as blake

  • Katchitup

    Okay I wil admit it. I’m converted. I choose to watch The Town last night, and I will admit, she was incredible in it. She was actually very good, and I was shocked. Shes not as bad as I thought she was. Gossip Girl is not the best display of acting, but she did prove to me that she does have talent!

    I will admitt it, I was wrong about her acting.

  • Leah


    Umm Katie is natural, and what would Blake look like next to Katie Without the nose job….Katie is >>> plastic Face Lively

  • Leah


    Umm Katie is natural, and what would Blake look like next to Katie Without the nose job….Katie is >>> plastic Face Lively

  • Leah


    Umm Katie is natural, and what would Blake look like next to Katie Without the nose job….Katie is >>> plastic Face Lively