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Brad Pitt: 'World War Z' in Cornwall!

Brad Pitt: 'World War Z' in Cornwall!

Brad Pitt wears a hoodie on the set of his latest movie, World War Z, on Thursday (August 4) in Falmouth, Cornwall, England.

The 47-year-old actor, along with several extras, shot a scene aboard a boat covered with fake snow.

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The action-horror flick centers around a U.N. representative who writes a report while interviewing survivors in the wake of a zombie war.

“The scale of the production is enormous,” Cornish resident Henry Davies, who’s playing a U.S. Navy pilot in the film, told the BBC.

10+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt filming World War Z in Cornwall…

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brad pitt world war cornwall 01
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Credit: Flynet Pictures; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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    Samlout – Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation, Cambodia

    The Global Master’s in Development Practice (MDP), an interdisciplinary graduate degree program, prepares students to better identify and address the challenges of sustainable development. MDP programs generally consist of two years of coursework in four intersecting disciplines—health, natural, social, and management sciences–combined with cross-sectoral field training

    Samlout – Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation, Cambodia

    In 2003, MJP became the first organization to implement a conservation programme for Samlout. The area, covering 60,000 hectares of land, is still home to endangered and threatened mammal species including the Asian elephant, Malayan sun bear, Asiatic black bear, Pileated gibbon and Asian gaur. It is also the last remaining forested park with primary canopy in Cambodia’s northwest. Working with the support of Cambodia’s Ministry of Environment, MJP provides law enforcement and wildlife monitoring to protect Samlout’s endangered animals and conserve its forests.

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    I have looked at all the photos I could find of Angie & Zahara in Hanleys but I cant be sure that is Shiloh lots of children have that colour hair and that was all that could be seen. If you are so sure of your facts you do it.

  • bdj

    Tour of New Orleans Lower Ninth Ward. We stopped by to check out both the totally damaged homes and some new ones that have been built, particularly the so called ‘Brad Pitt’ homes, which are the work of the Make it Right Foundation, established by Brad Pitt after Hurricane Katrina (see pictures)

  • bdj

    Angelina Jolie for Louis Vuitton

    Angelina Jolie was a great choice for the new promotional images for Louis Vuitton. I am a big fan of the whole look of the Louis Vuitton advertisements, and the models / celebrities they choose to represent their brand. I feel they often choose people who are very talented and skilled at what they do, with a real appreciation for classic style and taste. Previous faces of the brand include Kieth Richards (who I completely adore), Sean Connery and Bono.

    Angelina’s images take her on a journey around Cambodia, with the first image being released in early June. The photographs are shot by Annie Leibovitz, and feature Angelina sitting on boat in Cambodia’s Siem Reap province. She is wearing minimal make-up, and sitting beside her is her own years-old Louis Vuitton monogrammed Alto bag. I think this is a great personal touch, and goes back to Louis Vuitton’s brand ethos of quality and timeless design.

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    Happy Thursday to all the fans.

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    likewise,miss bdj.thank you for the news and links.

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    @ insipron

    I’m a foreigner, and English is not my native language.

    Therefore, would you compose a letter so that I can copy and paste?

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    Just want to say thanks to BDJ for the great posts and links!

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    Bdj as always thanks for your posts.


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  • Moneyball

    cr. jjb
    At the premiere of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Jennifer Tapiero talked to Casey Bond about his role in the upcoming film Moneyball — a submarine pitcher named Chad Bradford. Find out some of the tips he got from his co-star Brad Pitt!

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    oh brad,lookin delicious.dude!

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    Poor trolls are running out of things to whine about, they can’t find anything else to moan about Angie; they’re harping on last straw, fake concern about her health and her taking her kids out for toy shopping. What else is new? We can smell you’re fake concerns miles away. Go and channel your energy on your idol who is about to be duped and dumped again and you suckers can’t even see it coz you’re all so desperate for her to have any man. Can anyone see Anuston carrying two 3yr olds on each arm like Angie does or juggling a successful career with 6 boisterous kids without needing an oxygen chamber for energy by her side? She is the one you losers should focus your concerns on.

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    Oh, and big thanks to Aisha, if she ever visits here I would like to give her a pat on the back, as she will sometimes OFTEN beat out the saboteur & Huvane lackey JJB’s summer11, posting great pics of the JP family, and Angelina…before summer gets her Huvane email. Lmao!!

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    let’s use my post here as a poll.

    thumb-up this post if you think shiloh is with angelina and zahara
    thumb-down this post if you think shiloh WAS NOT there.

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    Something funny is going on here. My first post congratulating Maddox on his b’day tomorrow and talking about Maddy being Brad and Angie’s first child and son, how blessed both are and how lucky Brad is for dumping Anuston and meeting the love of his life Angie has disappeared — strange. The first time I have noticed something like this here.

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    Because these people are stalkers, they stalk this site and JP fans. They are desperate to get their rude comments in first because their lives are so empty. Not like us, we’re happy with our fav couple we get good pictures and posts about them regularly.

    They’re just bored and jealous. They must be so shamed their girl has let them down, they’re running fast as they can from her. Where else is there to go but the most happening two people in the world?

    Boy, do I love Brad Pitt! Seeing his face makes me smile always.

  • XIII

    Aug. 5 – Asia time

    Happy birthday big bro Maddox!!!

  • Jen

    Happy Birthday to Maddox! A BIG 10 years old tomorrow!
    No more single digits Mad. Two digits from now on.
    God bless you sweetheart. You are the coolest big brother to all your siblings.
    And God bless your beautiful family, keeping you all together in His Love forever.

  • Jen

    BDJ, thank you for all your wonderful posts. You Rock!!!!
    Looking forward to seeing my gorgeous Bradley in Moneyball, and can’t get enough pictures of him filming WWZ. He is soooo handsome with a BIG heart.
    He and Angelina deserve each other. Two loving beauties with great, big, kind, generous hearts. How can we not love them? They are both so lovable!

  • anustin

    am so happy for maniston..u know….doesnt care of looks as long as its a man,she’ll eat them.

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    Pls don’t talk about that fake user much. The dumb media is enough who yet again as if we are not almost living in daj vu for yet another promiton. I wish they have half as much flexeblity they have for Brad and Angie who has been loyal and real relationship for 7 years and has children.

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    It’s already the 5th of August in my country, so…….I would like to wish the cool Maddox Chivan Jolie-Pitt a very ‘HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY’……………
    Peace always…………………….

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    My one and only Hunk of a Spunk .. Braaaad oh how I Love you!!! lol and I love the JP’s more… Happy Bitrhday Mad for tomorrow.. Be Blessed little man;)))

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    It’s so sad with what happen to the refugees in Somalia especially the 29,000 young children who have died. Since Angie is a big supporter of helping refugees, please donate to help the famine in Somalia. Thanks JP fans. You guys are the best.

    There are other sites you can donate to help Somalia.

  • gracie

    —————- HAPPY B’DAY MADDOX JOLIE-PITT ———————-
    First child and first son of Brad and Angie. I hope you have a wondeful time with mommy and daddy, your brothers and sisters and all your extended family including your grandparents.

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    @anustin: why you tumb me down. I don’t like the threads to be dominated much about manny. I just want to read about jp more of the time here.

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    Oops! it is Jolie and not Jole. typing error.

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    what happened, sorry for the double post.

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    LOVE U BRAD!!!!!

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    There are reports once again that Brad’s terrible BO problem is back again, so say some nauseated extras on WW Z

  • gigi

    Ohhh Brad my man how i want to see this movie, can;t wait. I bet Maddox and Pax are loving watching the sets in advance.. I know my boys would love to see the real deal re: a film about the wake of a zombie war.
    We as a family will be the first ones in line to see you’re film.

    And too, A Happy Birthday to your eldest boy Mad. Ten years old already ( in a few hours in my town. ) He was only three when you and Angie met and such a huge part of why you and Angie got together . It’s such a beautiful story , i would have liked to be there to see the relationship bloom between Dad and Son . It was so sweet reading about it many yrs ago. So.. Best of luck for another Great Birthday and many more to come. Birthday hugs and kisses Maddox .xo

  • Kobe

    Happy Birthday to Maddox! A decade old!!

  • lylian

    I’m reading the book WWZ and it’s very enjoyable. Very well written. The movie from this book will be amazing.
    I also liked the look of Moneyball. I have to say, it’s good to see it being marketed as a underdog triumphs by being smarter/ thinking laterally movie. That’s what Moneyball was about. It’s just that the framing of the underdog’s triumph is in baseball, which of course, apart from Japan, most Asians don’t play.
    Because the movie was thought not to be able to find much of an audience as it’s a base ball movie, I’m guessing that Brad probably took a big hit on upfront acting fees to get the movie made in exchange for a chunk of change coming to him from the Box Office, if it is a hit.
    I think that Moneyball will do quite OK in Asia as an underdog triumphs by being smarter movie. Fingers cross, I’ll be right!

  • Jen

    I hope you are right, too, Lylian. :)

  • lurker

    happy birthday maddox

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    I swear to God, there is a Universal lack of “reading for comprehension” pervading the media. Or probably this phenomena is only in play in regards to theJolie-Pitts. Since when does “as Brad and I get older, we will make less films” translate into imminent retirement? Blogs and articles are being written about Angie’s “retirement”, and polls are being taken, all to make a couple more bucks by distorting what Angie said.

  • dianad1968

    I swear to God, there is a Universal lack of “reading for comprehension” pervading the media. Or probably this phenomena is only in play in regards to theJolie-Pitts. Since when does “as Brad and I get older, we will make less films” translate into imminent retirement? Blogs and articles are being written about Angie’s “retirement”, and polls are being taken, all to make a couple more bucks by distorting what Angie said.

  • dianad1968

    Ohoh sorry for the double post…don’t know how that happened.

  •!/natalie226653 natalya

    Happy birthday to Maddox. Wish him health and luck and stay big brother for other bros and sisters. He was the 1st who made Angie and Brad be mommy and daddy. Wonderful boy with so good and tender parents.