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Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz Jet Out of JFK

Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz Jet Out of JFK

Daniel Craig and wife Rachel Weisz catch a flight out of JFK airport on Thursday (August 4) in New York City.

The 43-year-old English actor and his 41-year-old sweetheart were joined by Rachel‘s son, Henry.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Daniel Craig

Late last month, Daniel was spotted holding hands with Rachel at the after party for the premiere of her latest movie, The Whistleblower.

You can currently catch Daniel on the big screen in his most recent film, Cowboys & Aliens, which tied with The Smurfs for first place at the weekend’s box office!

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  • Kate

    Henry is cute as usual!!

  • PR

    Daniel needs some PR candids after Cow Boy and Aliens Bombs at box office…

  • Fio

    Rachel looks SO happy, but Daniel looks a bit tired. Keep your chin up, ok? :)

  • PR

    Daniel needs some PR after Cow Boy and Aliens Bombs at box office…

  • chacha

    Etta james died sooooo sad.

  • Jime

    Very cute kid. And she’s gorgeous, always looks so fresh :)

  • Fio

    Daniel will attend to the Festival del film Locarno 2011 with Harrison Ford. So maybe they are flying to Switzerland!

  • Tina

    Great couple and great actors.

  • Tina


    I think they are going to Detroit because Rachel is filming OZ.

  • to chacha

    Gina, go away to craigisnotbond site. I knew you have come from there.

  • Fio

    to Tina
    Well… but Daniel will attend to the Locarno Film Festival, huh?

    Elena Züblin: Hello everyone! Ready for the Locarno Film Festival… waiting for Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig … & Lalli, Pi, Tonton, Nick…

  • Tina


    Ok, maybe i was wrong:)

  • Diana

    They are a gorgeous married couple!! Henry is adorable.

  • susan

    this is very good. these photos are further proof that Rachel and Daniel are together. Further proof that their relationship is real and not a fake like someone we all know wants us to believe. i just love Rachel’s smile; i wonder if it’s telling us all that she has a very happy secret.

  • Tina

    What i don’t get is why Daniel is stone face.

  • Kate

    Daniel Craig: I have to protect Weisz – Daniel Craig refuses to talk about his relationship with Rachel Weisz because it would be like “shooting [her] in the back”.

  • To Tina

    Maybe Daniel is stone faced because a story just broke about Satsuki spending 1 million dollars on Daniel’s credit card when she found out about Daniel and Rachel. Wether it is true or not it doesn’t paint a verry pretty picture about Daniel and Rachel.

  • Tina

    No offense but it does not paint a good picture of Satsuki if she needs to live off Daniel and use him for his money. Especially if she’s that controlling of him that she needs to punish him for not returning a call.

    Rachel seems like she is making a positive influence on Daniel and his family judging by the pictures at her premire.

  • Biel

    I am sure SOMEONE is shooting Rachel in THE BACK!! Daniel and Rachel know who it is!!

  • Tina


    What do you mean?

  • Biel

    To 17
    That’s so crappy made up story. According to DM, her dad claimed Satsuki never knew their relations while shooting DH. Satsuki even blamed Rachel – Though I thought you to be a friend….. Her people suddenly claimed now that Satsuki took revenge on him!!

  • Elle

    Sats just is a bad loser if she sold the made-up story to In Touch. But who cares?

  • susan

    To Tina @ 08/04/2011 at 10:49 am

    Maybe Daniel is stone faced because a story just broke about Satsuki spending 1 million dollars on Daniel’s credit card when she found out about Daniel and Rachel. Wether it is true or not it doesn’t paint a verry pretty picture about Daniel and Rachel.
    really! i never heard any of this. can you provide the link for this story

  • Jeann

    He is not a happy man. Never smiles. He has turned a tough but fun James Bond portrayed by Sean Connery into this killer machine Bond. So boring. Like Times magazine said, he is not a movie star, just an actor who got a lucky break playing the famous Bond.

  • Biel

    To 24
    LA/NY TIMES said, Daniel Craig is undeniably a movie star!!!

  • Elle

    Daniel wants to always protect Rachel. Somebody blackmailed them?

  • bissgirl

    Love them both, what a handsome couple. Hope they have a long and happy future

  • lala
  • Lucy

    Daniel looks like a wife beater. Plus he does not have the decency to smile or dressed up for Rachel’s premier shows that he does not respect women.

  • sonia

    His eyes are so blue! Amazing!

  • to 29

    Darren is a wife beater so Rachel did not marry him.

  • Biel

    To 29
    You have a mind of limited scope. If Daniel is arrogant toward Rachel, he never carry her/son’s bag. Look, he looks like a porter! LOL
    Though there is a bodyguard there.

  • susan

    Elle @ 08/04/2011 at 11:58 am

    somebody blackmailed them?

  • Gab


    He does problems I think and judging by what I have seen of Daniel, he does not respect or think much of Rachel. He ‘s a tool

  • susan

    Daniel Craig refuses to talk about his relationship with Rachel Weisz because it would be like “shooting [her] in the back”.
    The Hollywood hunk began dating the British actress last Christmas and they married secretly in June. The couple have kept tight-lipped about their whirlwind romance, and Daniel insists he doesn’t like discussing his new wife because he wants to look after her.
    “I have a responsibility to protect the people around me. And I can’t protect them if I just give them up.
    You know, ‘Let me tell you something about them…’ That’s shooting them in the back, because how can they defend themselves?” he told Esquire. “That goes for my family, my friends – and I expect that of the people I have around me. I say, ‘OK, we’ll look after each other, protect one another.’”
    Daniel and Rachel can soon be seen together on the big screen in Dream House, which is released later this year. The 43-year-old accepts the couple will be bombarded with questions about their private life when they are promoting the thriller.
    “We will, yeah,” he replied when it was suggested he will have to talk about Rachel ahead of Dream House being released. “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. It’s no biggy.”
    Daniel is best known for playing James Bond in the popular spy franchise and has also landed the role of journalist Mikael Blomkvist in a movie adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s gritty Millennium trilogy. The star is happy playing tough roles and admits he has no plan to soften his image anytime soon.
    “I’m not about to do a romcom,” he added. “That would be a disaster.”

  • to Lucy

    So what? You are a mania restricted to one thing or idea. Rachel didn’t dress up for Daniel’s premiere at SDCC. Paps won’t miss it if she dresses up there. It means she wore everyday wear. They decided that together. So it’s none of your business!!

  • Dina

    @to Lucy:

    So if Daniel is a wife batterer, then so what? Oh my god…..

  • Sonia0404


    Thank you for sharing!!
    I particularly love the last line:

    “I’m not about to do a romcom,” he added. “That would be a disaster.”

    No, I cannot imagine DC doing silly Romcom! Never!!

  • to 34

    Omg!! Rachel is not a fool, and is quite a adult woman. She chose Daniel her husband with her deliberate intention. Put away your silly idea.

  • Elise

    He is hot in his baggy jeans, Rachel looks happy and the kid is so cute. Dan looks like he seen a Smurf with that scowl, poor man hates those paps!

    His body guard kinda creeps me out though, he is everywhere with them.

  • to Dina

    WHAT??? I didn’t say Daniel is a wife beater!! Read it well!! I mentioned Rachel’s clothes. Daniel didn’t dress up at her premiere. So what? Rachel didn’t dress up at his premiere. So what?
    They decided that TOGETHR!! Get it?

  • Karen

    @to 34:

    Deliberate intention? What kind of stupid response is that?

    I work as a domestic violence mediator in city shelters all around the city and while I don’t think Daniel Craig is a man who hits women, It’s sad to see most of you blame Rachel and turn on her if someone thinks Daniel was a beater. That’s a sad mentality some of you have.




  • to 45

    What kind of stupid response is that?
    Why? Rachel is very wise. She would not choose him if he is like a wife beater!!

  • Biel

    I wonder why JJ doesn’t delete the Em-size-mad post. LOL

  • Keet

    In Touch – Satsuki Mitchell lived with Daniel Craig for seven years, and then he started filming Dream House with his old friend Rachel Weisz.

    According to a source, “One morning, Daniel left for the set, as usual. Only that night, he didn’t come home. Satsuki was frantically calling, texting and emailing him, but he was probably with Rachel and not answering.”

    Satsuki “hit back, the only way she knew how.” She racked up about $1 million in charges on Daniel Craig’s credit cards, which she had permission to use.’

    Hell hath no fury…

  • Tabloid IS Tabloid

    ”Satsuki Mitchell lived with Daniel Craig for seven years”
    They cannot write even basic information correctly……..

  • Biel

    I wonder why Satsuki or her people sold such a made up story to the tabloid now. How many times did she sell a made up story to tabloids so far? You know, she and Daniel were hanging out in NY with Ella last April! If Satsuki spent his money without leave, why was he hanging out with her/Ella in NY. They were even hugging each other hand in hand. LOL
    Satsuki doesn’t want people to think that she’s a loser, however, she’s such a loser!!!!!

  • mikaloca

    $1milloin…you go girl..wish it had been $10. I never heard of that part. I only heard she was depressed because she had visited Daniel on set and struck up a friendship with Rachel, so she was totally blown out of the water that they were going together…

    OKay..Hollywierd husbands and wifes and partners…please just be aware that there is always risk of being left in the dust when your partner goes shooting with a woman…if boundaries are weak and your relationship is not do great, you will be you go Satsuki!! spend some more girl!

  • mikaloca


    The girl was not living off Daniel. She is a film producer in her own right…please..just because the story broke that she got dumped so daniel could do the dirty with rachel, then they have to paint her in a bad light…enough already..why do people insit on painting the dumped woman bad ..pls…she is lucky, still young, rich in her own right and can go out and find the man of her dreams…