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Miranda Kerr & Flynn: KerrBloom!

Miranda Kerr & Flynn: KerrBloom!

Miranda Kerr carries her adorable son, Flynn, inside as she arrives at David Jones on Friday (August 5) in Sydney, Australia.

The 28-year-old Aussie model dressed Flynn, who’s almost 7 months old, in a tee reading “KerrBloom” – love it!!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Flynn Bloom

Earlier in the week, Miranda showed off her post-baby body on the runway at the David Jones Spring/Summer 2011 launch.

Miranda recently told the Sydney Morning Herald that she hopes Flynn doesn’t feel pressured to follow in his parents’ footsteps.

“I hope Flynn follows in his own footsteps and is his own person. I don’t mind what he does as long as he has a good heart and stays true to himself. I think that is the most important thing,” Miranda said.

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# 1

I think I just died…. That baby is SO cute!!! I just want to swish him!

# 2

Honestly the cutest celebrity baby out there. He is always smiling!!! He doesn’t look like a pain in the butt kind of baby lmao. A joy to be around type. Adorable!

# 3
cutie patootie @ 08/04/2011 at 11:27 pm

omg, he’s so chubby and cute…I wanna eat those cheeks. LOL

# 4

Omg too freakin’ cute!!!!

# 5

i have to agree.. he is just the cutest, happiest baby! *_*

# 6

omg such a happy baby! sooo cuteee

# 7

Her Baby is too cute, he is so adorable with his chubby cheeks. Cutest Celeb Baby , she is so blass to have such an angle.

# 8
Too cute for words @ 08/04/2011 at 11:40 pm

That baby is sooooooo cute. He is too adorable , with is chubby cheeks. MK is so blessed to have such a cute little boy. He is the cutetest celeb baby ever and oh so happy.

# 9

He is just the most adorable thing.

What an adorable baby, so happy and cute.

I agree with all of you. Flynn is a happy baby.

He is the happiest baby I’ve ever seen and he looks just like his papa. Too cute!

Absolutely the yummiest baby!!! He makes my heart melt and want another bambino!!! Kisses:)

He has got to be the happiest baby I’ve ever seen and he looks just like his papa. Too cute!

Heh. That baby always looks so happy. He is so cute. I want to pinch his cheeks. :)

Can she be any more full of herself to make a t-shirt like that?

Gotta love chubby babies. So cute.

the baby is cute…but did anyone else’s jaw drop at her gorgeous legs?

flynn is really cute. but, why miranda hold him like she’s okay with the paps shoots of her baby in the face. isn’t it little bit weird.

i thought their family has private life style.

the baby is seven months. he was born in january. when will you get that rite, jj?
cute baby though.
he looks like his dad. i only read the posts about her just to see her shoes and if she has the cuteset baby ever out and about.
other than that, i could care less about her.
p.s. i think the shirt is just for publicity. famedouche. lol

he turns 7 months old saturday to be exact, so jj is right

someone probably made that shirt and gave it to her as a gift, very cute.

♥ cutest baby ever. ♥

I think that my ovaries just exploded!
He is the smile-iest baby I have ever seen!
Just gorgeous!

Full of herself?
What? I think that it is hilarious!
It’s a cute play on their celeb couple name that they were branded with. Someone probably saw it in a store and got it for Flynn in good fun.
Don’t be such a hater.

Yeah, I don’t see anything thing wrong with the shirt. Seems Miranda and Orlando are having fun with their celeb status. I think it’s better than ignoring it exists.

OMG, The Most Beautiful Baby Boy i have everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr seen.

one celebs get pets, the others – babies, can’t really see a difference in that case…

their baby is SO CUTE. Love his chubby round cheeks and his bright eyed look. Cutest celeb baby this year by far!!

OMGSH!… Kerr-Bloom is brilliant i love little flynn

Miranda & Orlando make parenting look easy. I suppose it helps that Flynn seems to be a little angel!

Such a happy boy!
Makes me wish that there was video just to hear his squeals.

herbmania @ 08/05/2011 at 8:14 am

aww….so cute!!

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 08/05/2011 at 8:28 am

OMG!!! He is sooooo freaking adorable.

Shes not full of herself by having their names on his shirt…Its her kid she can dress him how she likes, plus they are his names too. He’s adorable!

ITA WITH EVERYONE! This is the most gorgeous little baby out there. I want to just squeeze him.

So the entire purpose of this trip is to use a seven month old child to promote a department store. This c**t can’t EVER claim to be a private person again. she has sold out her own freaking child to a department store. She’s dispicable. Absolutely disgusting.

An Open Letter to Miranda Kerr @ 08/05/2011 at 12:47 pm

Salutations Ms. Kerr,
It is our duty and deepest regret to inform you that you are, in fact, not the only woman in history to have ever given birth. The truth is, I’m sorry to say, that BILLIONS of woman have also done so since the dawn of time. Also, unfortunately for you, the act of giving birth does NOT make you a better woman or more than a woman in comparison to women who have never given birth, it simply means that you have completed a biological process. A monkey is capable of doing this as well. It simply means that all you have accomplished is proving that you are able to spread your legs so that a man may deposit his sperm into your birth canal, one of said sperm was able to fertilize a ripened egg that your body produced and that egg then became a growth that attached itself to your uterine wall where it fed off your body for nine months as it grew. Sort of like cancer. When the time came your doctor cut the growth out of your womb, slapped it and it cried, thusly it was declared a baby. By the way, monkeys know how to nurse their young as well. Not that you actually nursed your cancer, excuse me, baby. You were too busy recovering from your breast augmentation surgery. What you did was have your mother take a photograph of you pressing your augmented breast to a sleeping baby’s face while your supposed husband was off celebrating his birthday with his mates so that you could post the photo to your cosmetic company’s website in order to drive traffic. In short, we are on to you and ask you to kindly shut your pie hole. You are not an uber-woman. You are merely a woman.
No love,
P.S. Naming a man’s first born child after your dead f**kbuddy is bad form. You are a failure as a woman and as a wife. Using your baby as a billboard for the department store you shill ugly clothes for is disgusting. You have failed as a mother.


So you are saying you could care less. This would imply that you currently care to some degree. Or are you just stupid and got a basic english idiom wrong? I think what you meant to say is you couldn’t care less.

Sorry it bothers me when people TRY to be rude but can’t even get that right. Go back to school!

So much hatred, ignorance and stupidity in one post.
Where to start?
I guess we will start with the obvious. Where exactly did Miranda EVER claim to be the only woman to give birth? Or the only one to nurse? Or to be better than any other mother? Please post a link, because I sure have never seen her say any such thing.
Relating a personal experience is NOT the same thing as believeing yourself unique. People ask her about her delivery, she answered. And as a lot of people across the web have stated, it was great to hear a celebrity actually be honest about childbirth. Much more refreshing than Gisele’s story of dancing unicorns and rainbows during a pain free, blissful delivery.
And comparing a baby to a cancer? Really? That is a new low, even for a delphite. And that says a ton!
And you have also revealed yourself to be as stubborn as an @ss. How many times, exactly do we have to show you ‘boob job boobs’ medical evidence that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that she did NOT, could NOT, and has NOT had a bood job. Your stubborness is laughable.
But go ahead, and keep on posting. The more often that you reveal your ignorance, the more people will see how ridiculous you delphites are.
BTW, you just gave us more evidence that you are a delphi hag.
NO ONE calls a boyfriend of a 14-16 year old girl a “f**k buddy” but a delphite.
Your hatred, jealousy and insecurities really need to be treated professionally. It’s not healthy to wallow in darkness the way that you do.
You need help.

man im envious of her legs, they are amazing! she’s so gorgeous~ and he’s so adorable~ =)

he´s adorable!!! looks soooooooooooooo cute!

And you’re absolutely crazy. In what way, shape or form is she “using her baby to promote a store”? Because she has a job that allows her to bring her baby with her? Because you’re supposing that funny shirt belongs to DJ?
I don’t get it. If she can take her baby to her work place, she’s very lucky. And if that shirt Flynn is wearing, which is the main focus of attention, was a way to advertise DJs, wouldn’t it be wise to, you know, say that it belongs to DJs? For all we know, she could have made that shirt with her own hands.

The T-shirt was made by Mambo who seem to be a sort of Australian surfing/art business, and then sent to her and Orlando. I wonder what the deal is with these freebies; do they pay to have her show it off in photos, or does she do it because she thinks the product is cute and is happy to help promote the designer?

I think that it has more to do with the fact that it is adorable.
Celebs get sent freebies by designers all of the time in hopes that they will be seen wearing them. Unless they are appearing in the clothing officially, they are not otherwise compensated.
Getting freebies is just one of the perks of being famous. Even if you are just their absolutely adorable offspring.
I do wonder if since Miranda is such a well liked native daughter in Australia, if Flynn is what inspired the design. ‘Kerr-Bloom’, instead of ‘ka-bloom’, or ‘ka-boom’ seems a nod to their fame. Not to mention that they have also put out a shirt with the text ‘In like Flynn’, with the name ‘Flynn’ being dominant. Coincidence? Maybe. But I tend to believe otherwise.

I thought that I would add this for those who have never heard the old saying “in like Flynn”….to have accomplished a challenge easily
From The Phrase Finder:
The earliest recorded use of the phrase is in a December 1946 edition of American Speech:
“In like Flynn, everything is O.K. In other words, the pilot is having no more trouble than Errol Flynn (the famous movie star) has in his cinematic feats.”
That doesn’t have the sexual connotations that the phrase acquired later (due to his well known exploits with multiple women). There’s also an earlier, albeit oblique, reference from 1942 – in The San Francisco Examiner Sports section:
“Answer these questions correctly and your name is Flynn, meaning you’re in, provided you have two left feet and the written consent of your parents.”

I got the impression they designed the two T-shirts especially for Flynn and sent them to Miranda as a bit of promotion, and they aren’t actually on sale.

In other words, it’s just a cute gift from a store because its managers are fans of that adorable, chubby, happy baby, nothing else.

Yeah, they made the shirts especially for him.
They are really cute.

Congrats on your baby Miranda! You look great, Australian models are always gorgeous! Even super-talented….look at what aussie fashion models the NERVO twins are making of themselves! :)

omg, Flynn is just sooo adorable :*

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