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Taylor Lautner: The Next Leo DiCaprio & Mark Wahlberg?

Taylor Lautner: The Next Leo DiCaprio & Mark Wahlberg?

Taylor Lautner has some high profile fans – including Mark Wahlberg!

“I am sitting at a table with a gentleman who is better looking than you and is in better shape than me,” Mark told Leonardo DiCaprio on Thursday (August 4) at the HFPA’s annual luncheon (via E! Online). “So, we’re both out of a job, dude. Taylor Lautner! We’re screwed.”

“It’s over, dude,” Mark added. “Titanic and Boogie Nights were a long time ago. I accept it. I had a good run and on to the next.”

DO YOU THINK Taylor Lautner will have a successful post-Twilight career?

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  • Wendy

    The answer to your ending question is no.

  • kiki

    no one can come close to replicating dicaprio’s success. and certainly not taylor lautner. he’s average at best. only a commercial actor while dicaprio can do all types of roles. you compare leo’s roles at his age and there’s such a difference. taylor lautner could never do a “what’s eating gilbert grape”, “the aviator”, “this boy’s life” or “revolutionary road”

  • megan

    taylor lautner: the next LEO or MARKY-MARK?!

    No way in hell.

  • disney

    Next Orlando Bloom

  • Stephanie

    A successful post-Twilight career? Sure. Career success on par with that of DiCaprio and Wahlberg? In a word, no.

  • What

    Definitely NO

  • http://none Mia

    Hahahahahahahahaha, seriously?

  • Sounds like

    What a big JOKE!

  • Leo

    I doubt it.

  • laura


  • DK

    The difference between Mark Wahlberg & Leo Dicaprio and Taylor Lautner is that two are Oscar-nominated actors and one is famous for being shirtless. Sure Lautner will have a career, but only because girls like how he looks. He’s not that great of an actor and won’t ever land any serious roles.

  • mkelly

    Ummmm…. NO!

  • Laura

    NOT AT ALL! Please, he is just another teenage crush. Come on! hell will freeze first.

  • Betty

    @DK: Mark started off as a rapper. He is a racist who was violent. So yeah, you can be famous no matter what. Taylor will never have the critical acclaim Leo does.

  • Winter

    In my opinion, the answer is No. He just doesn’t have the range that Mark and Leo has. Also, the whole Twilight thing seems to be phasing out, at least that’s what I hope.

  • sourpatch575

    Leo has some ACTUAL talent and is actually SEXY! <3
    Mark is ALRIGHT I guess, but much better than that DOG!
    Taylor, your 15 minutes of fame and being naked are almost over! :D

  • MKelley

    Puh-lease! No Way Dude!

  • Kiley

    like everyone else has said, NO! Whether or not he is considered a heartthrob has nothing to do with the fact that Taylor’s acting skills are not even on par with Mark or Leo.

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Sarah

    yes he will be!!

  • No way!

    NO, NO, NO, NO AND NO. Definitely not! This can only be a joke. Or Mark told the best joke of the last years or he was drunk, because… this comparison was ridiculous. ABSURD.

  • WHAT?! NOPE!

    Definitely not. Beautiful, ok. But no way the talent of Taylor compares with DiCaprio. Mark is also a good actor, but Leo is already one of the greatest of all time, and this is reality. And don’t say that he was also questioned after the Titanic, because he had already made ​​great films, like Gilbert Grape, This Boy Life, The Basketball Diaries (with Mark, that was amazing too), Total Eclipse, so… what’s my point? Leo never studied to be an actor, he was born with all the talent and before all the success of Titanic he made ​​great films. What Mark said or was a joke, or he was misunderstood or was drunk… because this comparison was really stupid! I never laughed so hard in all my life.

  • Domino

    While Mark and Leo were adorable through the ceremony, there is no way, no. They were just joking and being nice JJ, don’t take it so literally. They are handsome and talented, they have always been. This guy on the other hand will be lucky if he gets a job once those stupid vampire movies finish.

  • True

    Who ever said Mark could act – omg?? Leo only made it big because he befriended Martin S. Be real folks. Taylor is no talent but Leo/Mark – right place right time….

  • anon

    It depends on two things, if he plays his cards right (so far so good) and if he tales the craft of acting seriously and improves with every project he does. Then maybe… I also will add staying humble is a good virtue.

    Playing the cards right meaning getting advance money for things he didn’t even do yet just because he’s Taylor Lautner (that has happend ) and getting people like dicaprio and Wahlberg on your side. Also staying away from the Disney princesses. No dating those girls or singers who end up writing about you after a breakup. Keep the personal life clean.

    Wahlberg and DiCaprio are good but they were not the next Nicholson, Brando, Pacino, etc…You don’t have to be the next anybody. You have to be the best you.

  • Just one question…

    Had drink in this lunch?

  • Ali

    no way. odd looking; can’t act; short; no charisma.

  • steve

    Not if he keeps on doing chick flick films like Twilight. Problem with Hollywood is about looks even if one can’t act. He’s got a lot to prove. Take mature rolls and do away with teen movies.

  • cute

    Depending on the projects he may be a box office draw like Leo but a critically acclaimed actor? **shrugs** Nope.

  • trala

    Well, you know, Mark kind of gets on his high horse sometimes. Sure, he may feel like it’s getting hard to keep up with the muscles anymore, and I think the DiCaprio thing was just a little stab. Mark is kind of a working-class type personality, whereas DiCaprio is a bit more refined and posh, and Mark doesn’t naturally like that as much. I think that part was just a bit of a stab. Obviously, the Lautner kid does not have the range either Mark or DiCaprio does, nor the intelligence. He’s just a pup compared to those two.

    DiCaprio is being hailed as a great actor, I have a difficult time with that. I usually see him in roles where he lets his arteries pop out of his forehead and neck, and looks really serious and whether his life depends on it. I personally don’t see an enormous range to him, and I find his acting a bit forced. I did like him a lot in Gilbert Grape, I thought that was actually fantastic. But further I can’t recall ever being impressed anymore.

  • tlfan

    Umm, why all the hate? Why all the no, no, no, no!!??

    If super big & super talented mega stars like Mark & Leo could praise him, whether joking or not, why cant you? If they’re that big & they could compliment him like that, why is it that readers of this board must argue so strongly against it.

    Sure, he may not have shown serious acting so far, because all he’s been in is Twilight. How do you know he wont surprise you in other movies?

  • Angela

    @Betty: You’re right. If Mark can make it after his past….anyone can. I also think this post is kind of cruel. Mark was being friendly, kidding around and trying to start a thread to bring the kid down is not cool.

  • VictoriaGirl

    The next dicaprio/mark wahlberg? Are you serious Jared? This little douche cant act his way out of a paperbag. Dicaprio and Wahlberg are clearly better actors. This kid is not going to have a huge career like these 2.

  • chantal

    @Laura: and whats wrong with teeange cruch???

  • What?

    @trala Are you drunk? Forced acting? Has each movie critic here. I think you drank in the same cup that Mark… because you two are delirious.

  • bryan

    I think he will have an excellent carreer

  • Elise


  • trala

    Lautner is young, it’s just speculation at this point. But I think it’s fair to say that right now he’s kind of riding that Twilight wave still and adjusting to stardom. He’s not in any place in his career of really focusing and getting down with the acting work. He right now belongs to the ‘celeb’ actors that made it big on the back of a big movie, not on their own merit and reputation. It doesn’t mean that’s impossible, but having been in Twilight doesn’t make that likely or anything. He’ll have to really get in serious roles and build his skills, etc. The celeb thing isn’t going to do that for you.

    Wahlberg knows this, he was just talking. Plus I don’t think DiCaprio flattered Lautner about anything, I’m sure he finds himself much more handsome than Lautner, because if you hadn’t noticed yet DiCaprio is quite the ego. Which is why I suspect Wahlberg made that comment in the first place.

  • fan

    Many people don’t think Wahlberg is all that. If you want to see how he made it in Hollywood just start from episode 1 of Entourage which is his biography and he produced it.

  • bibimandingo

    no chance in hell he will be the next big star

    he can’t act, he looks odd, he may be gay

    so not a chance

  • lynn

    Leo started out as a teenage crush also. Some still think he’s Jack Dawson from Titanic.

  • trala

    Yes, forced acting. I have never truly enjoyed movies with DiCaprio in the leadroles. I don’t think it has anything to do with critical acclaim. When people make music, act, or do anything really, you always feels it comes from some place. That’s why you like some artists and don’t like others. But with DiCaprio I don’t even consider him to be a great craftsman at acting. I just really don’t, because he never seems to lose himself in the role. He tries, but he tries too hard. It does not feel natural to me. I don’t think that qualifies for ‘delirious’, it’s just a personal opinion.

  • Alyssa

    I think Taylor Lautner is a great actor but no one can replace Mark Wahlberg and Leonardo DiCaprio.

  • lynn

    Taylor Lautner: The Next Leo DiCaprio & Mark Wahlberg?

    Doesn’t make sense. He’s Taylor Lautner. He has an identity/image already. The question is who’s gonna be the next Taylor Lautner? He’s come a long way.

  • Abbi

    Am I the only one who is not taking this too serious and just think that what Mark said was funny?

  • yes


    In a weird way, I think it was Mark’s way of “welcoming” Taylor into the “club”. He’s arrived!

  • Abbi

    @yes: Exactly! And I thought it was done in Mark’s funny of humor, but still being sincere.

  • Lilie

    Damn, so much hate for nothing ! If you really despise that kid, just don’t bother wasting your time commenting huh ?! ;-) Or else.. you don’t hate him that much, or at least, you’re interested !
    Plus, why don’t you wait a little bit and see how he does after Twilight before killing him ? Have you ever watched Twilight in the first place or are you just “He came from that Twilight shit, of course he can’t act” ?
    I’m sure everybody will be surprised and in a few years, when he’ll be everywhere, thanks to all the good movies he made and thanks to his talent.. we’ll talk about it again !!! ;-)
    Oh.. and you’ll be surprised too to see that a lot of people (and not only screaming teeenagers) are, actually, really liking him, and not only for his 6-pack !

  • sweetness

    Exactly what was Mark Wahlberg doing as an actor at the age of 19. As I recalled Mark Wahlberg was a rapper…OMG! That made him the next Al Pacino, no…but now he’s “respected” as an actor. Oh btw, wasn’t Markie Mark famous for his abs and being Calvin Klein’s poster boy. Some of you are too young and foolish and ignorant to do some research. Mark was no Oscar winner but bit by bit, went from rapper poster boy to serious actor.

    therefore why can’t Taylor Lautner. Get over it…his name is out there and TL is not going to disappear. Accolades from Mark Wahlberg and attending this prestigious luncheon means he’s in this business for the long run. The kid is young but is Leo the only guy on the planet who can succeed at acting..please!

  • agronnie

    Publicity is key to having your name in the media, but longevity in the acting field depends on your passion, talent, and CONNECTIONS. Mr. Lautner’s acting future depends on HIS DECISIONS. The days of having a private, personal life are over, unless you want to quit this business. His personal relationships/appearances are carefully scripted and guarded. Lily Collins is a Beverly Hills-moneyed connection he has known for years and her texts report this. She is proof that actors can be MADE. HFPA’s luncheon in BEVERLY HILLS was a planned publicity stunt & appearance- for -charity- tax break. Wahlberg was jokingly referring to how fickle and how “youth-oriented” the film industry is AND this has always been the case.

  • glue

    walhberg’s a crook. and a racist, but hollywood loves those types.