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Anne Hathaway as 'Dark Knight Rises' Catwoman - FIRST LOOK!

Anne Hathaway as 'Dark Knight Rises' Catwoman - FIRST LOOK!

Anne Hathaway gets into character as Catwoman in this first look from her new film, The Dark Knight Rises.

The Christopher Nolan-directed action flick features the return of Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne and Batman, as well as Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Caine.

The film will also feature new roles from Joseph Gordon Levitt as John Blake, Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate, and Tom Hardy as the villainous Bane.

The Dark Knight Rises will be released on July 20, 2012. We can’t wait!!

UPDATE: Check out the first look at a stunt double in the full Catwoman costume and riding the motorcycle on Friday morning (August 5) on set in Pittsburgh, Penn.

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anne hathaway as dark knight rises catwoman first look 01
anne hathaway as dark knight rises catwoman first look 02
anne hathaway as dark knight rises catwoman first look 03
anne hathaway as dark knight rises catwoman first look 04
anne hathaway as dark knight rises catwoman first look 05

Credit: Chris Watts; Photos: Warner Bros., INFdaily
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  • Terrible

    She’s not sexy or seductive … Not at all like Michelle Pfeiffer

  • Adriano

    she looks like crap …. just awful

  • toni

    See I thought of Rachel too and Marion a bit, but Anne is not giving me catwoman vibes at all. She just looks cute like what many have said and not sexy sultry.I’m sorry and I like Anne, but she just doesn’t do it for me.

  • ozzie

    Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are by far the best Batman movies made to date … The old Batman movie series was just campy and awful from the short Burton Batman to the terrible Mr. Freeze.

    I am willing to give Nolan a chance with this movie .. although Catwoman and Bain are unrelated villains and that is what killed the Batman series and the Spiderman series … pairing unrelated villains together.

  • Bernard

    why people keep pushing megan fox into this, do we have to dwelve that low? megan fox is no good for any movie… period! especially judging by her indifference comments toward Michael Bay. The director that made her famous in the first place.
    Also… she just can’t act!!

  • twistedsoul1020

    I don’t think that people should judge the choice of Anne Hathaway as catwomen. Honestly ask yourself when you heard Heath Ledger was going to be the joker who thought “WOW what a great choice” I know i didnt I was greatly disappointed untill I saw the movie. Anne Hathaway is an amazing actress I can not wait to see how she plays this role.

  • sb

    I don’t think Nolas is going for the femme fatale/dominatrix image for catwoman. I like his choice , unpredictable. We have already seen that with Michelle Pfeiffer, why would I want to see it again? Besides, I am not sure how Anne qualifies as ‘horseface’.

  • Lea

    sarah michelle gellar would be a wonderful catwoman


    Yes, I agree Sarah Michelle Gellar would have made a WONDERFUL Catwoman – her portrayel of Kathryn in Cruel Intentions and of course Buffy were both marvelous.

    Anne can act, but she does NOT have the look AT ALL. She looks like a goofball in leather.

    #TRAGIC casting choice.

  • sunbears1

    She looks awful. :\

  • Ellis

    Wow. You people make me sad. All your suggestions for alternate Catwomen quite frankly suck. I mean Megan Fox? She’s not even that attractive, I think Anne Hathaway is far more attractive. She is plenty “hot” for the role, not to mention a talented actress, unlike Ms. Fox. Mila Kunis just isn’t suited for the role, I’m sorry. This is also an older Batman, a much younger Catwoman just wouldn’t make sense.

    Besides, these are the same things people said about Heath Ledger’s Joker and look how that turned out. Quit being so damn judgmental until you actually see the movie. In conclusion quit making me rage with your comments. :P

  • stella

    i can see marion cotillard or even kate bekinsale as the part but anne hathaway? her acting is superb but her face DOES NOT suit catwoman. sorry. catwoman is supposed to looks super sexy and sultry. anne’s face is too cute and pretty. not to mention, she’s too paled skin. ughhh

  • laverdadduele

    Not feeling it. Catwoman is supposed to be this sexy villain/vixen (think Michelle Pfeiffer). I cannot think of anyone farther from being sexy than Anne Hathaway…well maybe Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe?

  • vox

    The same people who complained about Heath Ledger as the Joker are now complaining about Anne Hathaway as Catwoman (or better: as Selina Kyle). I have complete faith in Christopher Nolan’s decisions.

  • Molly Griffith

    Geez people, lets give the girl I chance before we go and start saying a bunch of crap about how she won’t do a good job. Obviously the director saw something in her and thought she could make a good cat women. Just because its not who you think should play cat women, doesn’t mean you need to go and be all negative towards Anne Hathaway. She’s a good actress and I’ve enjoyed every movie she’s been in, so I’m sure this will be a good one as well. Give the girl a break!

  • zephon


    Thats her STUNT double. She’s just posing in the first pic.

  • brenda

    Why the people hate Anne ?….I think she is a good actress and cute…,but not sexy and seductive for this role …,there is a difference..,and that people that want Angelina Jolie for cat woman are crazy?that woman is old and skinny to be cat woman..!..They want YOUNG GIRLS for this role…with a good body..not a skeleton.The girl for be catwoman should be ..the are lot of them..Megan fox,Rachel McAdams,Charlize theron,Jessica Biel..but the best for this ,..I think is Kate Beckinsole…a good choice.

  • Purple Poet

    The Batman films are terrible at casting the women parts. Maggie Gyllenhaal and Katie Holmes?

    Marion Cotillard would have rocked this part! But they give her another one.

  • tan

    remember what people were saying about heath ledger? Everyone was super skeptical and he nailed it. it will be the same way with catwoman

  • zephon

    This is no where near the doubt of ledger this is more serious. His acting ability was NEVER in question but rather how they could make somebody as good looking as Ledger into a hideous and scary Joker – that was all. He was a heartthrob thats why there was doubt. Ann is not even a sex symbol and couldnt be to save her life even in her most ‘hot’ poses – or anywhere near being one of a temptress and yet she’s taking on Michelle Phifer??? Pleeeeeeease, whether she is a femme fatal or not; there is a reason why people love Batman Returns. That Catwoman embodied the ultimate woman of every man and womans fantasy – and she could kick ass….lets not forget decapitate heads with her whip. Now going for realism is a different story but look at this costume and tell me you see Catwoman? Because I sure as hell don’t and IM not gonna pay good money to see yet ANOTHER leather clad female on screen – just about every year there is at least one movie of such women.

    This is catwoman we are talking about – Michelle’s catwoman is what has to be topped. NOT Hallie berrys catwoman. Nobody wants yet ANOTHER interpretation – when the latest catwoman suit in comics is about as real as it can get. This looks nothing like catwoman in the slightest of ANY comic rendition or movie and TV series. She looks like she belongs in an Aeon flux movie or underworld. I mean even the goggles are ridiculous they seriously do look like those toy spy cams you see at toy stores.

    Why should anybody pay to see this in a batman movie? The only good thing going for this movie was Catwoman after the Joker – so WHERE is she?!

    I have nothing against Anns acting ability at all – but this is more than an acting gig. She is taking on an ICON in both comic book and movie and thus far her costume is practically a slap in the face. I’m sorry but it’s unacceptable – Catwoman is what every woman wants to be and what every mans fantasy. Nolan cannot expect us to accept this because we wont – not after Halle Berrys rape. I love Nolan, but the man is human and he can make mistakes – this could be a major one.

  • Leipzig

    The first picture shows Anne, the others clearly show a stuntwoman with a wig and different lips. No movie insurance would alloc Anne to take a futuristic prototype motorcycle down some stairs.

  • ModestMouse

    LOL, look at you morons bashing her performance before you have even seen it.

  • Brad


    Meagan Fox?! Are you serious? She can’t act for crap. Nolan doesn’t hire pretty faces, he hires actors. Fox?! You lost all credibility with that ridiculous suggestion.

  • RandomPoster

    I’d like to remind everyone talking smack that everyone talked smack when Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker…and look what he pulled off. If you know anything about Nolan you should know that he knows what he is doing. So just wait for the movie to come out and be amazed.

  • V

    Eva Green would have been perfect for the role.

  • katie sucked

    @Brad: But but but he hired Katie Holmes for his first batman.

  • Jordan

    so basic it hurts

  • CJLOVE23

    Not for nothing but I remember around this time of filming The Dark Knight there were nothing but complaints of Heath as the joker. There were soooo many comments on blogs about just how wrong he was and he ended up not only being perfect for it, but won an Oscar.

    I’m NOT comparing Heath & Anne but I will wait to pass judgment until the movie. If she sucks I’ll be the first to admit it but Nolan has a way about him to bring the characters out. Just my opinion

  • Pretentious Anne

    Jessica Beil and even better how about Amy Adams.
    Anne Hathaway tries to pretend she is honored to be chosen for the role
    but really she has this attitude of entitlement.

  • lil

    yeah V I agree, eva green would have been great! she’s beautiful & sexy!

  • zephon

    Eva Greeeeeeeeeen would have made a BRILLIANT Catwoman….with those green eyes – oh momma…

  • Rachel()

    You shouldn’t take a role that you have no possibility of doing justice. Why in hell would they do this to us!?! F*ck you Anne Hathaway. F*ck you.

  • Katie

    In the original comics catwoman’s costumes ( or lack thereof ) changed many , many times. Nolan looks like he’s going for a different look. Not a pure slutty cat woman . I think she can pull it off. Again many people were mad about Heath as the JOker and he not only nailed that role but made it damn near impossible for us to remember anyone else ever playing that role. Give her a chance.

  • Lia

    She doesn’t look like catwoman at all. Remember Michelle Pfeiffer as a catwoman? That is it! She was so perfect as a catwoman!

  • ctwg

    Anne’s not my choice as Catwoman either but I trust Chris Nolan, he’s nailed all the characters he has cast so far in Batman, remember Joker? Dont think this is the full costume tho, probably will evolve in story like Batman’s did. Love the kick ass bike thing tho!

  • Dee

    Like a lot of other people are saying this is Christopher Nolan we’re talking about. He’s a genuis, one of the best directors out there so don’t judge until you see the finished product.

  • YouBetYa

    Man, would you imagine Kate Bosworth in some tight spandex playing catwoman, hot! This on the other hand, not so much. The suit is all wrong, if I didnt know better she was playing batgirl.

  • zephon

    I remember how Selena kyle never went by the name catwoman in the beginning but was referred to as The Cat burglar- and she didnt have a costume. But has on goggles and just wore black.

    So in other words Nolan will be having Hathaway play Selena Kyle – so why market her as catwoman? JJ and all the other sites arent saying ‘first look at Selena Kyle’ it’s First look at Catwoman – but she’s not playing Catwoman!

    Will she become Catwoman – I HOPE SO . I wanna see Catwoman thats that the only reason why I’m going.

  • Nima Nakhshab

    I would love to follow some of you guys!

    Here is mine!

  • jo

    I found even dark nigth official poster with Hathaway-Catwoman! Too cool!

  • Girl

    How many times must this be stressed? Nolan’s Catwoman is not supposed to be sexy and sultry! Just wait and watch the film.

  • Yona

    did batman sell his car and bike to the villains ?

    by the way: dress is underwhelming. and this is a stunt-double….

  • Effy

    Anne hathaway is the goofy and neurotic type, which worked for devil wears prada. But, Catwoman is supposed to be a sexy, vixen, bad ass chick. She also needs to have a hot female equivalent body to christian bale. Anne Hathaway just doesn’t fit this role at all. Although he is a brilliant film maker Nolan has made poor casting decisions before… *cough* Katie Holmes.

  • JamesD

    Zoe Saldana FTW. We already know she can move like a cat (Neytiri, anyone?) And she even has the sexy/fierce look combo. Have you seen her CK ads?

    But that’s not to say I’m dismissing Anne. I’m still intrigued to see how she pulls it off.

  • Ife

    @zephon: @zephon: lmao thats not true people didnt believe in ledger cuz they doubted his acting chops.What memorable roles did he do before the joker?

    I doubt a balding 27 yrold is very goodlooking

  • zephon


    Are you kidding me?? How old were you when Ledger died 12?? Broke Back mountain, the patriot, Im not there, 10 things I hate about you, the brothers grimm, monsters ball, the four feathers, Ned Kelly , TDK were all wonderful or brilliant performances.

    Hearthrobe roles as the main character

    a knight tale
    the patriot

    The man was stalked constantly by screaming fans and paps left and right. So much so that he he had to move a total of four times.

    He was a heart throb and just very damn good looking not to mention he had such a booming monotoned voice. He was doubted because of his statues as a a heart throb ‘pretty boy’ it was never his acting ability that was in question.

  • zephon


    forgot to add another heartthrob role : candy and two hands

  • apht

    Hathaway is ugly…costume comes next

  • mk73mhz

    1st pic is hathaway the rest of the 4 with snow looks like a stunt woman

  • J

    Very dissappointing to go from 2 brilliant films, with great talent, and NOT actors of the minute…to the final with an incompatable ‘talent’ I just don’t get the attraction to Anne H. to begin with, but now as Catwoman? It gives me butterflies that it will be as much as a disaster as the TALENTED Halle Berry as Catwoman.. doesn’t Hollywood ever learn? Putting someone who’s popular today doesn’t mean they should just stick them in a film that has had great success already without talent of the moment actors. It would be a sad way to end the ‘series’