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George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: New Couple Alert?

George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: New Couple Alert?

Stacy Keibler smiles while landing at LAX Airport on Thursday (August 4) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old former DWTS contestant and WWE star is rumored to be dating George Clooney after they reportedly spent time together early July at his villa in Italy’s Lake Como.

A source confirmed to People that Stacy and George, 50, “have run into each other this summer.” But another source added the two are having “fun” and aren’t dating, though “it’s not just a friendship at this point.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about George Clooney and Stacy Keibler as a couple?

10+ pictures inside of Stacy Keibler landing at LAX…

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Photos: WENN, Bauergriffinonline
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  • http://ja slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    really how

  • faye

    If she’s already calling the paps to have her pics taken at the airport if they are in a relationship it wont last long. Clooney does not like this kind of attention.

  • Speak Now

    Slig, stop trolling.

  • laverdadduele

    Here we go again…useless posts about the s l u t in turn dating that POS Clooney. What happened to the italian coke-head? I don’t see her around anymore, oh yeah, she got dumped and her 15 minutes are over.

  • kà simply amazing

    he old frog no one love him

  • Sean

    What happened to her career?

  • ss

    George Clooney is an old hag. Who cares who he dates whom he will never married.

  • l

    Whether George Clooney can get over his ego–as in I can’t fail at marriage again or I love myself too much to be committed– Who gives a rat’s arse.

  • $.02

    who cares..Clooney is an old grandpa with yellow teeth who will die alongside some golddigger waiting for her payday in a nursing home. He’ll never feel genuine love from a real woman. You get what you ask for.

  • FlamingoNut

    Well then, I guess I’m into old grandpa’s with yellow teeth that’s committment shy and an old hag…

  • allie

    stacy keibler is like 7 feet tall tho lol he’s going to look real weird next to her.

  • Todd

    Well its fantastic!
    Looks like a super lady!
    And good for both…

  • bobbi

    She is outright gorgeous!

  • wow

    She’s so tall and beautiful like a glamazon!. IF they were to start a relationship, she would get all the attention. I don’t know if George ego can handle that plus he said he wouldn’t date actresses. Looking at her imdb page, um, she’s an actress.

  • offtheproperty

    George Clooney.
    That’s Italian
    The Axis Powers.
    How clever.

  • girl11

    Love George, but it’s time 4 him 2 get someone his age. He’s beginning 2 look desperate.

  • Who cares really??

    Just another gold digging slut wannabe actress in the long line and list that he has accumulated. I use to really like Cloonster. Now I cringe whenever he shows up because I know another gold digging slut will soon show up in the wings. D~ammn!!!!!

  • Who cares really??

    S…L….U…..T…. is what i wrote and what i meant. s..l.u..t…

  • silverscreen

    Just as I suspected, this entire thing is a marketing test courtesy of Stan the sleazeball, and Kneepads, a.k.a. People magazine, is not surprisingly a part of it. Notice Kneepads’ headline “George Clooney and Stacy Keibler a Good Match?”,,20516002,00.html
    Can they make it any more obvious? It’s disgusting. I hope that a paparazzo or anyone else manages to ask George directly on camera about this nonsense so that he can definitively shoot it down. As for Stan, I’ve never been more disgusted with him. He has absolutely no business working as a publicist for an A-list star.

    I don’t think that Stan and company told George about this marketing test ahead of time or what it actually was. I think they wanted to see how people would react to the idea that George is dating this woman, but also, by not telling George it was a test, they could manipulate and skew the results to be whatever they wanted them to be by posting whatever opinions/reactions they want posted as Joe and Jane Public. They could say hey, George, look how people reacted to this rumor of a new girlfriend, based on this we think you should do x, y, and z, never telling him that they set up the entire thing to try to manipulate him into doing whatever they want. They could have their peons do searches of information about the Keibler woman if they want the results to appear that people are interested in her.

    “…Stan Rosenfield tells us this is the first he is hearing about this rumor and notes that the actor is busy finishing a movie.” tacy-keibler-not-so-fast-says-rep
    Stan wants us to believe he hadn’t heard of this rumor before. Pretending that this wasn’t all a marketing test, why would anyone care whether Stan had heard of the rumor before? Just a very weird thing to say in a statement. Why give a statement at all if that’s all you’re going to say? Unless you really just want people to believe that you’d never heard this rumor before. The statement Stan gave was pathetic. Also, the wording of that statement is more evidence that the Keibler thing is a marketing test conducted by Stan and company with of course the blessing of Keibler’s publicist and Keibler herself.

    George was in Cancun promoting Ides of March at a Sony event the week in July that this woman was posting tweets about Italy. The woman’s twitter page doesn’t mention George at all, just Italy. This woman and her publicist happily agreed to participate in this marketing test conducted by Stan and company by implying that she is dating George. To do this, the woman went on a trip to Italy, posted ambiguous tweets about Italy, and her publicist sent a bogus press release, claiming that she is dating George, to Life & Style. It’s famewhore publicity at its lowest level.

    Also remember that right after Cancun, George was papped in L.A. catching a flight at LAX. Then right after L.A., he was papped in Paris. This woman was nowhere to be found. This story doesn’t add up because it’s false.

  • Susan

    @silverscreen: Oh yeah, silver screen is back and her conspiracy theories. Joy, rapture.

  • http://MatheusJBastos Matheus Bastos

    não sei como ficara os dois, mais Stacy Keibler é linda e eu amo ela!

  • Geostar

    YES , mais Stacy Keibler é linda
    Bravo George

  • MoneyMachine

    “I don’t think that Stan and company told George about this marketing test ahead of time or what it actually was”
    “Why give a statement at all if that’s all you’re going to say? Unless you really just want people to believe that you’d never heard this rumor before”
    First of all, these stories with hookers are always false from the beginning till the very end. Stan makes money on this and George is his billboard. And if George made it not to take her to Cancun to do photo-ops, so they successfully developed this story and without George, George is not required here actually.
    You see perfectly well how George categorical is geared up, because his real gal cannot take it anymore. In his interview he says that he dates Stan
    Stan&Co in panic and all they are trying to do now is to make his real gal leave him, then they think he will stop to fight them. But the thing is that George fights not even because of his gal, but because of Ides of March that can be no way connected to hookers. And those who interested in wh*ores do not watch such movies, it’s a marketing failure to enter a zero.

  • Silverscreen’s the Anti-Christ

    Since when are comments moderated here? You let that nutball post incessantly and I’m moderated???

  • MoneyMachine

    TV Movie: Mr. Clooney, you’ve just broken up with Elisabetta Canalis. Is there already a new woman in your life?
    George Clooney: Yes, Stan (Clooney shows his publicist in the background). He is not really a man
    TV movie: you can detract well.
    George Clooney: I am champion in this (laughs). Stan is currently the only person at my side. Long ago already I wanted to exchange him for a beautiful lady publicist.
    TV Movie: Why did not you do that?
    George Clooney: He has a few photos of me in a very compromising poses (laughs). That’s why I cannot do anything.
    TV Movie: You have just filmed “The Ides of March” (Germany Start: 22.12.). Why always political dramas?
    George Clooney: As currently in politics around the world very much manure is being built. Each country has its scandals, and there are many politicians who abuse their power and sell their soul.
    TV Movie: Would you not like to try political responsibility yourself?
    George Clooney: I enjoy to do movies about politics, but privately it does not excite me at all. I do not want responsibility for the people of an entire country, I still want to put them accountable. When I am directing, I am a dictator and can do whatever I want!
    TV Movie: Must always everything run as you want it?
    George Clooney: Yes! I must confess that I enjoy it, if it is made how I say. And if someone refuses, however, I manipulate him.
    TV Movie: Does it work?
    George Clooney: Believe me: I am very good at it.
    TV Movie: and in your private life?
    George Clooney: Well, there I am a little more accommodating.
    TV Movie: What qualities should possess your friends?
    George Clooney: First of all my friends must have a sense of humor. They should be socially committed and interested in the rest of the world. This community connects us all in a wonderful way.
    TV Movie: You have become recent 50th Who has influenced you most in your life?
    George Clooney: My father. From my early years he has placed in me high expectations. I shoot my films with only one goal: to make my father proud!

  • Hater Teeth

    You will not believe, but all these posts about ‘old George and yellow teeth’ write people from his PR team. They buy special people who write this stuff for only to make his real gal to dump him and to manipulate him, like he is old and nobody loves him and they will buy the most expensive hookers, only he should not be with his real girlfriend.

  • Maria

    @silverscreen: huh?

  • Super business

    @ss: Marrying huh? His real gal is not going to pass a bed-test by Stan&Co
    That’s one and the same picture. Hooker who everyone uses, they will ride again a few times on his bike, go to MrChow, and then she goes to bed to some big rich uncle.
    George does not sleep with them, it has no relation to George at all!

  • Oo

    Hmm seems like Stan’s taste got better! He also want to have a girlfriend who resembles George’s :-))

  • teddy

    @Super business: You are not right, Stan allows George to do good movies, and George allows Stan to sleep with good hookers. They have a very good alliance!

  • New hooker
  • Sulty

    @MoneyMachine: Oh, and have you noticed that George wants to replace Stan with a beautiful lady publicist?? :-)) He is tired from hooker management.

  • anon

    OMG! Here we go again about the “real girlfriend” and how George is gay! Money Machine you are either VERY naieve or just plain stupid! George was KIDDING in that interview. He does that all the time. Also, if there was a “real girlfriend”, then she must be a HUGE doormat to let all of this intrude on her life with him. I would have said “don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you” ALONG time ago! And Silverscreen, stop flooding EVERY board with your nonsense as well. Get a hobby, grow some pot (to help you with your delusions) or SOMETHING. Grow up people!

  • MoneyMachine

    @anon: Do not get things twisted! The whole thing is not even about gal, but that you working as hooker promo!! “But the thing is that George fights not even because of his gal, but because of Ides of March that can be no way connected to hookers.”
    And remember in each joke there is only a part of joke!

  • Top

    @MoneyMachine: Hey, I believe it! Because Oh I read about it soooo much there how they tried to persuade his gal to leave him

  • GayMachine

    @anon: Kirstie Alley, you got crazy! nobody wrote here about gays except you! Everybody knows that George has/had real girlfriend but not a hooker. Better tell us why you wore that flamingo dress, you are what Mad Flamingo?

  • moolie

    Why do young, gorgeous women want to date the old, wrinkled George Clooney? It can’t be for the money because there isn’t enough money in the world. Find a young, hot guy to get busy with. Money or no money.

  • lucy

    MoneyMachine@ 08/06/2011 at 11:45 am

    you’re really are not that bright, are you. but, i’ll try to help you. i work in a casting company in LA. as a result, we hear and know information that you obviously don’t. first off, George likes to have fun with the people who interview him. it’s what makes him happy.

    now, try to wrap your head around this; everyone, and i mean EVERYONE, in LA knows that George Clooney is straight and always has been. George loves women; they make his world go around. he just doesn’t want to get married again. can’t say as i blame him. now, i’ll be nice to you only this once. there IS an actor who his, as far as the world is concerned, a ladies man who is gay. but it is not, repeat, not George Clooney.

  • MoneyMachine

    @lucy: I am actuaaly not going to say that you are not bright enough. But you should reread my message a few times. If George makes fun of it, means this has opposite or some other sense…. If he would be a gay I doubt he would make jokes on this matter. And you are right, he likes when gals interview him. In Cancun there were a lot of interviews and he was very happy :-)
    Gay Machine is Kirstie Alley because she sleeps with gays but calls George a gay.

  • Casual Sex

    Oh it’s obvious, that one hooker was already ridden and just after the second has received a job. George and Stan is a ‘Lady of the Night’ shop. Canalis admitted that she has been rented for 1000$ per night.
    This is the next one for 2 years, they probably do not even change contract papers, because if you observe even terms are the same.

  • Casual Sex

    Oh it’s obvious, that one hooker was already ridden and just after the second has received a job. George and Stan is a ‘Lady of the Night’ shop. Canalis admitted that she has been rented for 1000$ per night.
    This is the next one for 2 years, they probably do not even change contract papers, because if you observe even terms are the same.

  • bully

    Woww! New showww! What for we need his movies! Better show us how he f…..!!!!

  • anon

    @lucy Thank you for trying to bring some sense back to a George Clooney board but you are wasting your time. The looney tunes (i.e. Silverscreen, MoneyMachine, etc) have been controlling almost all of the boards devoted to George with their B.S. They obviously have nothing better to do than make posting on George’s boards a full time job. And, MoneyMachine, this is NOT Kirstie Alley posting but I am flattered that you think it is.

  • anon

    My apologies MoneyMachine, I meant that last comment for GAYMACHINE.

  • Lolita

    @moolie: Well… but still, Love exists! :-)

  • MoneyMachine

    @anon: Nah It okay, I accept your apologies, not the first time already. But still you brought not very much sense, as well as lucy actually
    And please, do not write about George that he is gay anymore. If I will see it somewhere, you can consider that you are lost.

  • Mark

    these are not girls, here is where w.h.ore are for sale . I have not even a single thought about Ides of March. I am thinking how could I buy myself such a w.h.ore and just imagine what I would’ve done with her

  • anon

    @moneymachine I never said he was gay. Just the opposite actually.

  • George Clooney says it all

    Where are the pix of them together?

  • 127

    @George Clooney says it all: and what this will change.. a few photos on the bike, a few in MrChow…. the most important that al they will be without sense, deep emotions, superficial…