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Jennifer Aniston: Barefoot in Hawaii with Justin Theroux!

Jennifer Aniston: Barefoot in Hawaii with Justin Theroux!

Jennifer Aniston goes barefoot as she goes for a stroll with her boyfriend Justin Theroux while vacationing in Hawaii on Thursday (August 4).

The 42-year-old actress and her 39-year-old beau both carried cups of coffee on their romantic walk.

Jennifer is in town with Justin to celebrate the 40th birthday of her pal Christine Taylor.

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Earlier in the week, Jen and Christine spent a relaxing day in the sun while lounging on the beach in their bikinis.

For more pics of Jen and Justin, check out X17!

Bigger pic inside…

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jennifer aniston barefoot in hawaii justin theroux

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  • FFer

    Anon, The two are in Hawaii right now for a big Horrible Bosses dentist joke. Reportedly, the court deadline to get Obama’s fake birth certificate over there is Monday, the 8th.

  • anon

    FFer : I have no idea what you are talking about. You are talking JUNK. He is an ACTOR in an ASSUMED relationship while promoting a film…………..SHE DOES THE SAME TRICK EVERY SINGLE TIME. I know FOR A FACT they are NOT a couple. IDIOT.


    @ 16
    Hey, chelsey
    It needed more than a year and a desperate for fame, gold digging dwarf guy to get Herpes Mayer urinated sloppy ends out of the singlehood market…Apparently nobody decent was available nor ready nor stupid enough to take that offer.
    It tells alot about Manastealin worth value in the dating market…

  • Jen’stea
  • howie

    Jen has some weird choice of friends lately. That creep, terry Richardson, that disgusting bigoted, Chelsea Handler. Is it any wonder that Courtney has distanced herself from Jen. I know Jen recently said Court was still her BFF, but they havent been seen together for a long time and Courtney told Howard Stern that her best friend was some woman named Teresa! Jen was just a friend, not BF. My mom always said people will judge you by your friends.

    Leads me to think Jen is not who she wants others to think she is. Clearly NOT the girl next door, unless you live next door to that other friend of hers, that creepy criminal, Joe Francis/

  • LoriLori

    @who #11
    Why’s he have a burned pancake on his head? 0_o
    Alright, who threw the pancake???? Good news is whoever did won’t need to butter it
    HAHAHAHAHAAHA thanks for the laugh, I hope this relationship works so crazyjen will leave the jp’s alone

  • Hermione

    Jeeezzzz, what is wrong with you guys? Writing about his height or hair blablabla. You must be so perfect in your shape and have the perfect clothes and be in your perfect age?!
    So, why arent you at the frontpage of the mags? Or getting million dollar paycheckes?
    All of you haters must have poor lifes in so many ways, since you do nothing else but badmouthing people you don´t now.

    I for one hope the best for JA and JT. May they be the luckies of people!
    (And no, I´m not prefect in anyway, but I have a heart)

  • JUST

    All hater’s comments are meaningless, crazy and almost insane to me. Jen and Justin are nice, and sweet persons. Some evil haters just so jealous and mean because they cannot stand Jen’s happiness. I do not care their look. But these two lovers do look beautiful and cute together. Everyone has different view and opinion. I love them.
    Wish them abundant happiness in their life.


    @ Hermione ?
    Why not ? You Maniston fans talk about her hair and body day in, day out when you don’t obsessed about Jolie’s thin body, Brad beard, ect.
    After the Kardashian fans, you are the most obsessed fan base when it comes to body and hair.
    Now that your idole has got herslef a dwarf bald guy, you expect us to forget about his physical flaws when you are always the firsts to brag about such things when it’s about Jen and her boytoy du jour, always compared to Brad’s.
    Now you can’t take your own play cause you’re ashamed of your idole fugly shorty, nasty dirty man.

  • http://justjarde tota

    love her

  • http://justjarde tota

    jen rocks

  • http://justjarde tota

    JEN GO

  • Eric Otter

    RATT n ROLL Baby……..Robin Crosby has less STDs then Jen.

  • Ghost

    Lets face it. With the number of men JenJen has dated in the last 6 or 7 years she needs to close her legs because I can smell her from here… If you think I’m looking for a way to sound ridiculous , you’re an idiot . All I’m doing is pointing out the truth about the pr, showmance , media manipulating , Hobag of Hollywood…


    They both look dirty and nasty. Her without her shoes walking on the ground, him without underwear since apparently he has no problem showing his rack in public letting his pants slipping showing his n*de biutt !

  • yep

    @Anonymous: why do you care? lol! jen and justin are hot! love them!

  • yep

    @Curious George: sad for some people who don’t understand if you are in your 20s, 30s , 40s etc… most likely the person is going to already been in a relationship! gee, you could put in right back on angelina and brad – after all jen kicked him out! notice how brad was wearing bagging jeans and then at the play wicked back to the slimmer fit! lol! copying justin because justin has style! brad lost his since of style long time ago! the more you post the more everyone sees you are in the past – still hating! jen fans are wonderful! just like others stars fans! however the exceptional is the hating of jolie fans that makes one stop no matter where you go hate, hate, hate, jealous, jealous, jealous – it is like you don’t know that you can like more than one person! love justifer!

  • yep

    @Isis Lara: most of the people talking about tight jeans are showing their real age! lol! justin looks hot!

  • yep

    @lilooo: you already did! u guys are so meannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • yep

    @Lucky Charm: they wouldn’t have a need to come on and still hate! lol! can’t let the past go! love jennifer! wish her happiness! justin is cool! they make a powerhouse couple that is what brangelina are afraid of now! lol! love them all!

  • yep

    @MJ: lol! why do you care? happy for justifer! love them! loved horrible bosses looking forward to wanderlust!

  • yep

    @Rose24: like jolie-pitt, garner, gerard butler, george clooney, ….. lol!

  • yep

    @Jen MANASTEALIN: what are you talking about? lol! remember for 6 years how you brangelinas have said you can’t steal a man and look at you name! lmao! either you have lied for 6 years or are lying now? justin and jen are both successful actors, directors and etc…. wish them happiness! don’t you guys ever get tired of hating to hate!

  • http://aol thrylr

    My opinion about their relationship, just a guess, he is loyal on his relationship with a partner-a one woman man. He is not a material boy. An intelligent committed guy on his work and on how he carries himself as a friend or lover.

    If he is not a vegan what do you think eating too much of protein more than 27.5 mg a day could shorten his life by what remaining years? 30 remaining years with a lover or a wife despite of who she is what could be happening in the next 30 years, it is certain he could not live all by himself, he needed somebody to lean on. She may isolate herself on her New York pad in her next 30 years of her life but he (is not a monk) could not live alone.

    If this relationship will end someday in the next several months he is on his way searching and being with another chum in monogamous focus.

    What she recognizes in dealing with this kind of experience is a cure answer for her mature view in life that indeed, the LORD said, “IT IS NOT A GOOD FOR A MAN TO LIVE ALONE.” Then the LORD created a woman, as a help meet.

    She may be acting like she is strong that she do not need a man but lo, she is not aware of her longings to be with somebody till death do as part thing, though it is not always a hand fit glove flow of romance.

    In our real world once upon a time there are admirable long standing togetherness between John Rockefeller Sr and his wife, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Adam and Eve, my father and my mother with no divorce involved, then a second marriage enduring examples like Ronald and Nancy Reagan, and a third marriage devoted couple like Charles Rodgers and Mary Pickford.

    The irony in life is, you may think you have it all and you got it figured out but lo again, no you did not and you will never will, without G-d in our minds we will still felt that void or emptiness, that only G-d our Creator, His presence could completely fill us with the ultimate joy in our hearts. Not because we are a product of evolution but because Jesus Christ created us with a design to be in a meaningful relationship with Him with the Holy Father and with Holy Spirit.

    I do not know how to say this, I hope I will make a point while I give examples of a true story. There was this very rich man who live a simple life, who had only one wife all his life, and who was so happy even until he died at old age because of his great loving relationship with the LORD G-d, his name is John Rockefeller Sr. He is real (so is Job in the Holy Bible).

    Sometimes you will know a person by their names, it is funny that Justin and Jennifer have a saint’s name, St Paul and St Joanna. I have no idea how could manifest into existence, that saints do fall in love and those images or pictures Justin and Jen shows it all.. lol lol he he he…(Im so happy too because of the presence of G-d)

  • hannah

    Jen is BEAU-TI-FuL =) isnt she? glad to see her enjoying life.

  • yep

    beautiful jen! love justifer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ghost

    PR stunt at best … It’s truly sad how stupid and gullible her minions are. This will last for another two or three months and that’s it. Ask yourself ,what’s left for JenJen when another pretend showmance ends and she looks like an even bigger fameho … Wanderwhatever is being touted as a crap-fest of a movie and this is damage control prior to its release. I have said it before and i’ll say it again, don’t like the truth…SMD.


    @ TAMI.
    Nobody but sad low standard people like yourself is jealous of this 42 years old smoker who can’t speak english, her only language, properly and had tostole a goldigging midget as a new beau.
    Only a manastealin fan would come up with the jealousy card realated to one of te ugliest, less accomplished celebrities of her generation. At 42, she is less than what she used to be and is now stealing worthless men cause she ‘s desperate.
    I just hope Justin will kick her to the curb and enjoy her money as much as he can.

  • yep

    need some jen news and some jenisten news! hottest couple in hollywood!

  • Ghost

    @yep. The only way I think you will see the Hobag of Hollywood for who she really is , will be a therapist and some pills you can only get with a prescription.

  • naomi

    jen haters at work!!!!!feel sad angie has SUCH fans!!!