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Kate Bosworth: LA Lovely!

Kate Bosworth: LA Lovely!

Kate Bosworth laughs with her friends as she leaves a restaurant on Thursday (August 4) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old actress got into her car and checked herself in the mirror before heading on her way!

The night before, Kate attended a Coldplay concert in Los Angeles with Michael Polish, where she sported some new teal tips in her hair. Michael directed and wrote Kate‘s film Big Sur!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

Be sure to look out for Kate‘s movie Straw Dogs, which hits theatres this September. The film also stars Alexander Skarsgard and James Marsden.

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Credit: Juan Sharma Bruja; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Alexa

    I don’t find her interesting at all. She’s very plain looking.

  • disney

    Not this fukcing loser again

  • hmmm

    lol had to read the comments again liking comment number 2

  • Won

    Of course she wants to be seen at Coldplay’s show. There was the rumour she made out with Chris a while back and she loved all the attention. Too bad Gwyneth’s friends weren’t too happy, and she was booted from Stella McCartney.

  • Let’s not pretend..

    that she ate. because all of this regards attention to her, her faking her “I’m ok, I HAVE A BOYFRIEND” and whatever it is post Skars. she is scrawny as hell and a mess. the poor guy who’s now dragged into it, good luck to him.

  • JB

    Well, now that she’s associated with a man again, I guess it’s time for her to go back to her normal pap routine.

  • Why

    is Alex Skarsgard relevant in this post? He’s all over JJ’s links. Nothing to do with this shameless fameho getting her paid pap attention done justice (because she calls them on a sched of course). They are way done and she’s sucked in another victim, please JJ, leave him out of this.

  • T

    Of course she has to be seen out in public everyday now that Alex is out and about looking happy as ever. This b*tch is a fake. No doubt some of her paid-for friends were the “sources” of the break-up so that she could get back to famewhoring with her new guy and not be seen as a cheating wh*re. This girl is a PR mess. From the pics of her topless in Mexico, to the story that she had to leave Coachella early for “work” on this Big Sur movie when in fact, it still had a few days until they started shotting, to the pics of the ring on her left hand, and the pics from the Coldplay concert. Everyone knows her routine. I’m surprised she can still bag men with her hair looking the way it does.

  • Erica

    I’m still so effin disturbed and shocked that thisbiznizzle is actually in a movie based on a Jack Kerouac book. Tragic in so very many ways.

  • from England

    it sure is gonna be awkward at the movie premiere

  • Shannon

    It’s sad that she’s so thin she has to wear a jacket in the middle of summer in LA. *smh*

    Funny that she wasn’t papped for a long time while Alex was, now all of a sudden she’s all over the place. Me thinks someone got dumped & was licking her wounds until she got a new “boyfriend” she could prance around in publc with. That’ll show Alex!

  • ouuu la la

    i won’t make fun of her body because it is so obvious she suffers from an eating disorder.

  • jamiehsu

    is that Alex’s demin shirt on her shoulder???

  • Funny


    No. It’s probably your father’s.

  • validated

    I guess because People and UsWeekly have listened to the begging of her PR people, they are making articles about her new “boyfriend”. Whatever. he’s going to get sucked into the pap nonsense she’s led forever. Thank goodness Orly and Skars escaped her pathetic clinging, this guy will too. But for now, he’s prisoner #1. Cue the PDA, it’s coming…

  • tami

    I’m guessing we will be seeing more posts of her because she is jealous of the attention that Alexander is getting. Blah.

  • Funny

    This chick needs more attention than a 3 year old.Until the break up news Alex probably had Robin Baum release she was hiding trying to pretend she hadn’t been dumped. Now she acting like she’s over it. Epic fail as always.

  • juls22

    You’re all so malicious! Will suffice to speak about it badly!

  • Tatanka

    Oh, not this ugly b*tch again! Hookah, please! Just go get lost somewhere!

  • PurpleSamantha

    Hate her boots, but love the gold gladiator sandals in the background of the first pic. Also sad how loose the skin on her neck looks in the last photo.

  • kitty

    THE BOOTS! arghhhhhhh

  • This nonsense

    So She’s back to regular schedule nonsense now that Alex called her out. She crawl out of her hole. She’s now going to pretend to being happy, smelling the scent of food and imagine what grapes taste like and pretend she is Meryl Streep and will win an 2012 oscar. Oh the dream!

    Her life is so grant. As Mr. T says I Pity the Fool, that ends up with KB

  • Mari

    I don’t like her all that much, but I am beginning to feel incredibly sorry for her. She obviosly has an eating disorder and probably an even larger problem with her self-esteem. But then again she seems to be using people in that process quite a lot, so I should probably feel more sorry for those guys.

  • http://justjared Mjkingforlife

    LOL @ her only fan site on the net being down even those two people had enough…

  • Tanter

    She looks scarily thin. LA Lovely – really?

  • Kit

    The real news here is that she has friends.

  • betty

    it is sad that whenever a boy disappears on her so many pounds do too.
    This is not healthy. This girl needs help.

  • JM

    Guess the boots demanded their routine photo op too.

  • Mike the Tike

    @betty: What’s sad is reading these comments. Women are so catty. MEOW OH NO pretty girl going to meet friends outside, going to a concert and eating food. Why is she not posting -’ve comments online.

  • Angelina Jolie is a fake WH@RE

    her hair always looks so dirty and oily.
    she needs to wash it more often–only a lot of volume could cover her forehead.
    tied hair is a no go for her, makes her look like a space alien

  • Mike the Tike

    I would do her. I wouldn’t touch the females that post to this thread. You girls have a bad case of jealousitis.

  • lafamepoma

    That shoes must be very incomfortable on Summer, her hair looks greasy, and her knees are out of her legs. Sorry if the last thing about knees you don’t understand but English is not my mother tongue.

  • Do broomstick

    @Mike the tike So Mike you like broom sticks go ahead dude, just make sure you lotion first if otherwise like two sticks you will catch a fire. Don’t forget to get the FireD on speed dial.

  • ugh

    She is not dating Michael Polish, and Skarsfans are going to be pissed. This is all one big publicity game. Before all of his fans planned to not watch Straw Dogs because of her, and now they are all on board to watch especially once he starts promoting. She is way too smiley, definitely has something up her sleeves.

  • Confused

    KBs fansites are still working not sure why a poster said otherwise. Pretty sure most of her fans did not think much of AS since they originated with OB, so pretty doubtful any of them would implode with this “break up”.

  • @ugh

    @ugh: why so many alex and kate posts right now? that’s what I’m wondering. one month before the movie so self-promoting has begun.

  • Mike the Tike

    @Do broomstick: Jeolous

  • @Mike

    @Mike the Tike: you called it, there are so many jealous crazyfangurlz here. those tpfers actually follow alex around. they go all the way to sweden when they think he might be there. they get all excited when they meet his sister instead of him. they are planning on stalking him in NYC. now they have been trying to increase alex comments to show how popular he is without kate. they are going to have a fit come September, since they have all decided that alex is not going to promote straw dogs.

  • well…

    I find it scary that this post gets the heading “lovely”.
    I will never understand why women starve themselves and then the media deems them lovely. It’s a reward for masochistic behaviours that impact young women everywhere. Shame on you JJ.

  • true

    She’s going to be in NYC filming this month along with Alex, should be interesting. Heard their both headed to the Hamptons this weekend.

  • Funny


    Really? There has been no news on that Kiefer Sutherland film after the initial announcement. If they were filming the Mayor’s office would have it listed.


    I think Kate and and Alex were/are a great couple!! Two beautiful blonds ! Why all the hate? Maybe they will hook up in the Hamptons and try again. She is perfect for him and he is perfect for her.

  • kim

    Its hard to believe she is 28. She looks much older.


    I loved those two (Kate and Alexander) at Coachella! So cute. I think they are adorable as a couple!

  • Me too

    @PERFECT BLOND COUPLE: I also love Alex and Kate!! Hope this whole supposed break up is to drum up publicity. They probably have to do it for the sake of the film. They become antagonists in the film, and so it makes it interesting if they are supposedly at odds in real life.

  • Eresyn


    she is really a true attention ho…i love that she makes sure she gets caught laughing and acting soooo happy so everybody knows she’s over Alex already and she’s soooooooo happy with her new man…

  • Eresyn

    and why JJ uses the term “lovely”???? are those painfully skiny legs lovely? her greasy-thin, need of retouching hair, lovely???? the creases on her neck are lovely??? those incredibly worn out stinky boots are lovely???(you know, the boots just kill me…seriously, i just can’t). Her emaciated and malnourished body is lovely???. I only see a pathetic creature, seeking attention all the time and starving her body to death…that’s not lovely at ALL.

  • Camille

    So obvious. She’s out again because Alex is getting attention. This girl has zero self esteem. She looks like sh*t again, but at least those stupid blue ends seem to be gone.

    A little note, in the last pic, she’s got the wedding band on again. LOL

  • @38

    What? did the Yuku ladies finally come out of their shame spiral since they were so sold on KB and Alex foreeever? And now they look lame because their dream couple didn’t get married? Aww. It’s ok – you can latch on to this ride, and start a new KB fan-shipping. Would rather be a fat jelouz fangurl forever if I didn’t have to pretend to think Bosworthless was the shizz.. And since y’all have cornered the market on stalking Skarsgard, I guess you could tell everyone here how to really do it. And thanks to the other posters here with the “perfect blond couple”, we all needed a laugh with our coffee this morning. @Do broomstick you are hilarious..

  • Eresyn


    i see it!!!! WTF???? i just can’t anymore with her…her whole self is sooo wrong in soo many ways…:/