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Kate Bosworth: LA Lovely!

Kate Bosworth: LA Lovely!

Kate Bosworth laughs with her friends as she leaves a restaurant on Thursday (August 4) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old actress got into her car and checked herself in the mirror before heading on her way!

The night before, Kate attended a Coldplay concert in Los Angeles with Michael Polish, where she sported some new teal tips in her hair. Michael directed and wrote Kate‘s film Big Sur!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

Be sure to look out for Kate‘s movie Straw Dogs, which hits theatres this September. The film also stars Alexander Skarsgard and James Marsden.

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140 Responses to “Kate Bosworth: LA Lovely!”

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  1. 76
    @prefect blonde couple Says:

    @Camille Don’t worry about the troll it’s just KB trolling and switching names she is just bitter that Alex is getting more talk not only in HW US but world wide and as for reviews, he is getting good one for his work while she has to come up with pap tricks to get people to talk about her.

    Sad! This whole week people have been talking and praising and lusting over him in their post. They are not making fun of him but they are making fun of her. Go away KB and stop posting on your own thread. No one cares. Try something else to get us talking about you. LOSER!!

  2. 77
    don't bother Says:

    @Camille: Camille don’t bother reasoning. Clearly there is some troll here pounding away on their key board. Newsflash @go away – if the Alex fans weren’t posting here, KBos would have maybe two comments and gasp, JJ might drop her. She doesn’t have any followers. And it is equally hilarious that any of these losers who bother posting under 17 names keep baiting as if that’s going to change anyone’s mind.

  3. 78
    what? Says:

    I think it’s hilarious that after a wave of negative comments, posts by dlisted, lainley and others about her outfit and general look from the coldplay concert that JJ post this making it seem like she’s happy and gorgeous…if there wasn’t enough evidence before that JJ has its head up KB ass and hand in her pocket there definatly is now.

  4. 79

    Hi! Its really me, the one and only PERFECT BLOND COUPLE!! LOLOL I am entitled to my opinion and my opinion is that Kate and Alexander belong together. I love the way he bends down to kiss her. It is soooo sweet.( When she was sitting on his shoulders I thought I would faint from the hotness) Maybe they will hook up in the Hamptons!! I hope so. (I am so flattered that you think I am KB!! Thanks honey

  5. 80
    what? Says:

    @perfect blonde couple…you do realize you’ve said the same thing multiple times with nothing new, exciting, or interesting added.
    Your entitled to your opinion of course no matter how crazy it seems just please don’t try to shove this nonesense down peoples unless it’s Kate…anything going down her throat might improve her health.

  6. 81
    what? Says:

    *down other people’s throats…is what I meant to type. lol

  7. 82
    what? Says:

    *down other people’s throats…is what I meant to type. lol

  8. 83
    Go away Says:

    Dear dumb Alex lovers… Please note that in the last two weeks, JJ has had SEVEN posts on Shia la Beef, and his comments have garnered 20-30 at most. Do you really think that your movement is what makes JJ post on Alex or Kate or anyone? JJ keeps posting, and you guys make no difference to the popularity of Alex whatsoever. Kate’s profile was not raised or lowered because of Alex because he is a net nothing. In the end, the rest of us will continue to enjoy pictures and posts of Kate just as we always have.

  9. 84
    @Go away Says:

    Wow you have a lot to say… a lot of nothing! Why not try responding to Camille’s question @ 75?

  10. 85

    @what. Oh sorry I didn’t realize that I was boring you lol. This is a public forum and I will say it again whether anyone likes it or not – Kate and Alexander are an absolutely beautiful couple and I hope they get back together!!
    To all of you fellow posters – Stop hating. Don’t get SO UPSET when someone has a different opinion than you. Have tolerance for others, I show you tolerance. I wish you peace.

  11. 86
    Amy Says:

    She’s out smiling now trying to look happy and not at all upset about splitting with ASkars. Riiiight….. Fake, fake and fake. Honestly, not sure why she is relevant. ASkars is smiling for the first time in these most recent pap photos. All the pics w/ her had him looking bored to tears or pissed off. I’m sure he’s thrilled that that is OVAH!!!

  12. 87
    FameMonster Says:

    A good name for the crazy Skarsgard fans – Stalkgards – that’s my million dollar idea, enjoy…crazies

  13. 88
    Totem Says:

    She looks soooooo happy! I adore her.

  14. 89
    Truebie Says:

    @ perfect blonde couple
    The ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with is the definition of tolerance.
    I’d have to say that your continued posting and hate towards people of the opinion that Kate sucks and Alex is amazing and they won’t get back together is the complete opposite of tolerane. Hypocrite.
    Your right most people aren’t very tolerant on this board..epecially when it comes to immaturity or trolls.

  15. 90

    @ Truebie What “hate” are you talking about? When have I said anything negative about Kate or Alexander ? Please check what you think I said. I do not think either one of them suck! On the contrary, I think they are lovely people and very lovely together. Why does that make you so angry at me? I also think there are some people on this thread that agree with me.

    Truebie I am not a hypocrite. I wish you would go back and see there is no hate on any of my posts, only the wish that haters would be tolerant of everyone’s point of view. Peace to all

  16. 91
    I'm oh so cute Says:

    @Totem: Why are people click on the thumbs down button?

  17. 92
    I'm oh so cute Says:

    @FameMonster: Stalkgard I like that. That’s a great description of a Skarsgard who hates on Kate. Love it

  18. 93

    @Truebie I guess you were implying that I am immature or a troll. If I am wrong,sorry but if you are please don’t start name calling. That is just not nice!

  19. 94
    ladybug Says:

    So, the glue sniffing has begun in earnest this afternoon?

  20. 95
    Go away Says:

    @PERFECT BLONDE COUPLE: You were not spewing any hate at all Perfect. The problem is that the Stalkgards cannot READ!!

  21. 96
    Agree Says:

    @PERFECT BLONDE COUPLE: I do agree with you and I’m a fan of the Kate and Alex coupledom for sure. I look forward to seeing them together on the screen!!

  22. 97
    Camille Says:

    @Go away:
    *eyeroll* Actually it’s quite the opposite. Neither you nor Mrs. Perfect seems to know how to read because this is what Truebie wrote. I’ll break it down for you since neither of you seems to be able to get it. Here’s what she wrote, direct quote:

    “I’d have to say that your continued posting and hate towards people of the opinion that Kate sucks and Alex is amazing”

    Um, you do realize that means that you are posting hate towards PEOPLE who are of another opinion, and NOT toward KB or Alex, right? What she stated is that you are being the opposite of the tolerant person you claim to be by putting people who don’t want them together and don’t like KB down because they don’t agree with your opinion, which is that she’s great and they should get back together.

    Reading comprehension isn’t hard. You just have to slow down and take in the words. Really, try it. I will remind you, in case you try to argue this. The above is not MY opinion of you, I repeat I am not the ONE who is saying this about you. I’m merely quoting it and breaking it down because you don’t seem to understand what someone else is trying to say.

  23. 98
    Dani Says:

    Paltrow backstage with Bosworth? Haha the British mags are so full of ****!

    Also I assume Kate thinks having some guy on her arm again this soon will make Alex jealous? Doubt it, he seems happy content & totally thrilled to be single again!

    Maybe Kate has moved on, but she has a strange way of showing it.

  24. 99
    AB Negative Says:


    Kate, will you please stop posting here. It ain’t gonna happen, girl.

  25. 100
    AB Negative Says:

    Why are she and MP wearing what looks like wedding bands? You are on her payroll, JJ, so what’s up with that?

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