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Nicole Kidman & Zac Efron: Back to Work on 'Paperboy'

Nicole Kidman & Zac Efron: Back to Work on 'Paperboy'

Nicole Kidman wears a pink and purple blouse on the set of her latest movie, The Paperboy, on Friday (August 5) in New Orleans, La.

The 44-year-old Aussie actress, along with co-star Zac Efron, got to work shooting some more scenes.

Nicole and Zac, 23, who were spotted on the film’s set earlier in the week, star opposite Matthew McConaughey in the thriller.

The flick, based on the 1995 Pete Dexter novel, centers around a Miami Times reporter as he returns to his Florida hometown to investigate the imprisonment of a death row inmate.

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  • kerri

    Can’t wait to go see the movie. Zac Efron :)

  • Miranda

    I spy a sexy Zac Efron and gorgeous Nicole Kidman.
    Plus Matthew and John Cusack, this movie will be awesome.

  • Zzz

    Nicoles looked better, I don’t like it when they over do it with the blonde hair and that’s what it looks like here. Zac, you look like a dork bro.

  • me

    i love nicole .i hate zac

  • Selena

    Haha Zac looks funny in those clothes but whatever still love him. <3

  • lol

    well i’m not vanessa’s fan but i really hate this gye he thinks just because he’s famous he can breaks a heart of a girl*vanessa*and play innocent.well i am happy that the girl move on

  • http://ja slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    nicole like funny in new movie hahah

  • http://ja slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    zac efron act always boring go cry

  • http://ja slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    lol zac just ok normal

  • mimi

    nicole look so beautiful love her to dead .and the other shite well is nothing just pretty boy with no talent

  • true

    ooo poor zac he must miss xxashley *famewhore*so much .he seems sad.well so happy that vanessa dumps them both

  • kami

    zac and nicole are in character they’re not supposed to look like themselves. so ppl need to stop complaining about not liking the way they look.

    they. are. making. a. movie.

  • Miranda

    You people are just jealous that Zac is successful and you’re not.

  • trz

    zac is a jerk he dump his best friend ryan rottman and his lover vanessa hudgens just to get more day he will find himself alone with no one .except who wants his money and fame but no one really love him like vanessa and ryan did and other ………..

  • hall

    hhhh zac’s fan are alot this days. i hatttte him .he’s going no where

  • Selena

    OMG WTF is wrong with you? Who said he’s the only who broke up with Vanessa? And even if he did whats wrong with that? I LOVED them together but if they were not happy together they should not have stayed with eachother. Its a simple as that. Stop hating on him or her for that matter. Both have gotten on with their lives and are doing their jobs. Stop trying to make one look like the bad guy.

  • taco

    Kidman needs someone to hold an umbrella for her? You couldn’t pay me enough to do that job.

  • Selena

    Why do people here feel all of a sudden becuase Zac & Vanessa aren’t together anymore you need to hate on them both. Their not bad people just because their not together anymore. I’ve NEVER seen soo much hate for these two since they broke up. Both are good people, just because their not a couple anymore doesn’t mean either of them are bad people.

  • all

    guess what i hate him

  • Teddi

    @lol: And how do you know that it was him doing the breaking up and breaking her heart? So looking forward to this film! Zac working with some good co-stars. Of course, now he is doing what the haters said he should, it’s still not right! Wait until the film is actually finished and you’ve seen it before dissing his performance people! Unless you are psychic you do not know what his performance is gonna be like!

  • Teddi

    @baby bo: I love the way you are all so sure that you know what happened in the relationship of two complete strangers who were known for keeping their private life, private.

  • Rabid
  • IllWill


    He was just hanging out with Ryan the other week when Ryan got the DUI

  • isf

    it seems like someone doesn’t have anything better to do…I don’t get why one would comment similar things with different names. Everyone knows it’s the same person over and over again.

  • love

    oh really ? so you are the same person you and the other who defend zac or you can’t bealive evrybody hate him that why his movie is a bumb ?

  • isf

    well, I didn’t refer directly to the haters, but if you got it like that, then I’m probably right

  • love

    so me too i’am sure you are the same two person who defend zac in his post

  • isf

    you can think what you want, but I don’t recall defending him lol

  • Frozoid

    Why do they still give work to this box office poison woman.. She must be jealous of Emma Stone, up and coming star who has real talent!!!!

  • carrie

    <3 ZAAAAC!

    Nicole looks like her character in To Die For, love the pink blouse with orange pants with the sign that says “no”, haha! Love her!

  • beatriz

    i can’t wait to this movie and watch Zac Efron (:

  • truthhurts

    You know what’s funny? Seeing the teens comment on Zac and Vanessa. You can understand it, but it puts the comments about Nicole/Keith in a new light. 20+ years should provide SOME maturity.

  • candleman

    @truthhurts: I saw the same similarity. It’s not refreshing to see hate spewed against someone else on a Kidman thread. It’s just sad that those are the future Frozoid’s of the world!

  • elena

    i’d like to think, Nicole won’t have too much botox. she was really pretty woman, donэt let her to make moomy from herself

  • Tammy

    Nicole is an oscar winning actress. All of these up and coming actresses like emma stone, jennifer lawrence etc. would love to work with her. This is a great opportunity for zac, plus, Lee daniels is an amazing director. I’m sorry, but seriously, this film has a quality director, Pedro almodover is producing and it has some of the world’s biggest stars attached. Why all the hate?? Plus, vanessa is completely irrelevent so why bring her up? I don’t know how vanessa is relevent to ‘The Paperboy’ or zac, or nicole, or matthew in any way. You can’t hate someone because he went to his best friend’s birthday party and had a good time, you can’t hate someone because him and his girlfriend broke up, just quit jumping to conclusions. Hell, even ashley confirmed over twitter that those dating rumors where/are false. Plus, these people sound so ignorent when they diss oscar winning actors just because they’re working with zac (or whatever reason) . These are RESPECTED actors. Seriously…..

  • nicole

    oh shit is zac efron still alive

  • nicole

    zac efron=so guy

  • nicole

    ops i mean = sissy

  • nicole

    ops i mean = sissy

  • lily

    ok stop hating on him

  • http://@StarSiteL Leila

    Sooooooo Prouddddddddd Of My Baby!!!!!!!!!!

  • michal

    hhhh .zac is over .now it’s all about shya ;robert pattinson ; justin beiber; taylor lautner .even justin timberlak is better and more famouse than him

  • Rabid

    @michal: So if he’s ‘so over’ why has he got so much in the works? Surely if he was ‘over’ he wouldn’t be getting ANY work and yet here he is doing two films at once! Was tempted to make remarks about the people you mentioned but thought better of it!

  • athena

    It looks more like a 70′s movie than a 90′s film….They’re dressed very dated…what year is the film taking place? Who’s in charge of doing the wardrobe? WARDROBE?-Cut….lol.

  • maria

    Well apparently Zac’s not getting on with the “ohsogreat” director Lee Daniels. From what I hear…..

    Maybe that’s why pretty boy looks like he’s about to burst into tears?

  • maria


    It’s set in the 1970′s

  • paula

    he look so lost since the break up.that so sad he’s focusing on his projects but u can tell he didn’t over vanessa yet he seem so sad because ryan and vanessa who seems moving on so fast (i don’t blame her) .sorry fo my english

  • CJLOVE23

    OMG she looks so hot! Is it weird that I think she looks so sexy with that hair?? LOL I usually like her red but she is rockin it!

  • maria too

    Just so the self-righteous Zac fans can see, the above posts are NOT the “maria” that debates his movie choices, his manager and PR team, lack of male audience, and two-faced personality. I actually have nothing to say about this movie, unless I see that his role is merely eye-candy or just sex scenes. The plot sounds interesting, he’s working with decent people, and it has potential. Still don’t think it’s going “out of his box” much.

  • Roadhouse

    From the rumors going around Ryan and Vanessa are getting on with each other. Zac, you are looking great.