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Nicole Kidman & Zac Efron: Back to Work on 'Paperboy'

Nicole Kidman & Zac Efron: Back to Work on 'Paperboy'

Nicole Kidman wears a pink and purple blouse on the set of her latest movie, The Paperboy, on Friday (August 5) in New Orleans, La.

The 44-year-old Aussie actress, along with co-star Zac Efron, got to work shooting some more scenes.

Nicole and Zac, 23, who were spotted on the film’s set earlier in the week, star opposite Matthew McConaughey in the thriller.

The flick, based on the 1995 Pete Dexter novel, centers around a Miami Times reporter as he returns to his Florida hometown to investigate the imprisonment of a death row inmate.

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141 Responses to “Nicole Kidman & Zac Efron: Back to Work on 'Paperboy'”

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  1. 51
    love Says:

    we don’t like him not because he brock up with vanessa beilive me and zac’s fan have to accepte the fact that zac’s has so many haters not because he brock up with his girlfriend

  2. 52
    paula Says:

    he’s jerk between i love nicole

  3. 53
    Amber Says:

    Pathetic Hudgens fans like you are getting crazier everyday. It’s unbelievable. What? He doesn’t get along well with the director? Can you provide the link if it’s from some legit new outlet not something made up by some crazy Hudgens fans?
    However you trash Zac here, Hudgens’ career won’t happen. It’s called KARMA. The more you want him to fail, the more Vanessa will fail. There’s reason why this year has turned out to be the worst year for her so far- the most damaging nudes, drugs scandal, smoking pictures, and last but not least, her last two movies failing to help her career- the total opposite to what her fans believed it to be. If you continue with the irrational hatred toward Zac or anyone for that matter, it’ll be Vanessa, your idol, who will be destroyed. Mark my words.

  4. 54
    its just me Says:

    you are right , so think about what you said , you are just like maria just that you are a zac fan , so your idol was caught smoking too ,sowhat ?
    your words `However you trash Zac here, Hudgens’ career won’t happen. It’s called KARMA`
    soo, `however you trash vanessa , efrons career won´t happen . its called KARMA `. its funny that you blame someone , but you are nothing better . vanessas new projects/movies were announced just 2 weeks before she starts to work on that movie(journey 2 / gimme shelter ) . i dont know why zac is always comparing to vanessa and vanessa to zac , they broke up, they have nothing jointly anymore (sorry for my english)

  5. 55
    voss Says:

    @athena: It’s set in 1969.

  6. 56
    moh123 Says:

    Cool to see Nicole kidman as blonde

  7. 57
    lamia Says:

    ok listen i hate zac and it’s my opinion. i am not vanessa’s fan but she seems so dawn to earth i did met her and she was so sweet to everyone ,why u guys so obssesed with her don’t bring her leave her alone b***
    guess what she deasn’t care about u haters.sorry for my english .
    just to let u know zac also smok honny and he’s big wominazer……..

  8. 58
    Rabid Says:

    @Amber: I think some people don’t realise the effect they are having on her popularity with their displays of devotion. I didn’t mind V, I went to see her films, but now, no matter how hard I try I find it difficult to separate her from her obsessive and hate-filled ‘fans’. I dread every post about either of them as I know that the hate will begin. Sorry to say that sometimes it gets too much and you end up giving some back. I just don’t get the hatred on display on here and other sites . I am now trying not to be lured into saying bad stuff back, but some of you are so over the top! He’s now doing what some said he should. Different genres with big stars and award winning directors, and he’s still not right! If he ever should win a big award no doubt the same people will still hate on him, regardless of success or critical aclaim.

  9. 59
    Amber Says:

    @its just me:
    “i dont know why zac is always comparing to vanessa and vanessa to zac , they broke up, they have nothing jointly anymore”
    I completely agree with this. That’s what I’ve been talking about all the time. It’s always Hudgens fans who keep comparing them. Efron doesn’t give s___ about her and don’t go to her posts to bash her. But her fans keep showing up at his threads and start fights with people. There are plenty of nice Hudgens fans out there, but crazy ones are out-of-this-world crazy. You’d already noticed this by reading comments on Zac’s posts.

  10. 60
    Rabid Says:

    @its just me: Difference is Zac is actually working! Not spending all his time shopping cos she is not that talented and none of her films, aside from HSM3, which Zac was in too, were that successful. Nah!The Karma is being caused by the negativity flowing from the stupid rumour believing children! If you want to believe that Zac is a womaniser, can I also believe that she scr***d Ashley Tisdale’s ex and was playing around with JH before they split? Cos it’s just the same unfounded crap!

  11. 61
    Amber Says:

    Oops, *Efron fans don’t
    Well said! It’s baffling how crazy some of her fans are.

  12. 62
    poa Says:

    vanessa is way good for him .he’s ninja jerk

  13. 63
    Amber Says:

    LOL See? That was quick. It’s always Hudgens fans who keep comparing them. I just went to her posts and you know what? Not a single Zac fan is there to trash her. Just grow up Hudgens fans.

  14. 64
    jolie Says:

    what make u sure that zac carrier is better than vanessa’s all his movie did flop excepte 17 again .(made just 25 $ in box office)no one take him seriously he’s just pretty face

  15. 65
    Rabid Says:

    @poa: Do you understand the ‘ninja’ thing? It’s his amusement at his ability to avoid the paps when he wants to. And as for the other remark, Some people agree with that the other way around!!

  16. 66
    love Says:

    yes of course we understand ninja thing going to bars drink mack out with gils i think zac’s friend ryan hes’ from ninja well hes’ a good example for them

  17. 67
    Rabid Says:

    @jolie: All his movies flopped except 17 again? Well that is one more successful film than her then!! And he has three possibly four films in the can, two more he’s working on now and several in the works, and before anyone says it, not just the ones his own production company are doing. Wait until they come out before dissing them! His private life has nothing to do with his work!

  18. 68
    Amber Says:

    His only legit flop was Charlie St. Cloud. Me and Orson Welles was a limited release.. no actor gets blamed for an underperforming indie. Other than that, everything else was a hit for him: Hairspray, HSM3, and 17 Again.
    And don’t even try to make me compare his career to hers. Let’s stop the fight OK? As for his career, let me just say he’s got a bunch of promising projects coming up: New Year’s Eve, The Lucky One, The Lorax, The Paperboy, and the untitled Ramin Bahrani film. The first three are more than likely to be box office successes(Heck, Nicholas Sparks movies always make money) and the last two have potential to be awards-worthy films. Let’s just wait and see.

  19. 69
    Rabid Says:

    @love: You mean behave like a single, adult guy? And she spends just as much time clubbing and drinkin as he does cos she’s a grown-up too. Difference is, he hasn’t been filmed drunk or stoned having a go at a pap has he?

  20. 70
    Rabid Says:

    @Amber: Don’t forget that it is beginning to look like he did do a cameo for ‘Liberal Arts’ too!! And how can anyone judge these films without having seen them? He could be the worst person in the world, but that still doesn’t mean he can’t act! Though as someone elsewhere pointed out the other day. He’s either a good actor or bad, he can’t be both! And some of you reckon that his public persona is just an act! So to do that he must be a bl**dy good actor then!! LOL

  21. 71
    Amber Says:

    Seriously. I’m sure she does drinking and clubbing just as much as him but she gets less tweeted about it ’cause she’s less famous. As for the womanizing rumors, do you know that most of them are bullshit lies created by bitter Hudgens fans? If you believe every rumor out there, Zac is gay and she was only acting as his girlfirend in order to further her career. I think all the womanizing rumors are made by his publicist to make him seem straight.*sarcasm*

  22. 72
    Tom Says:

    I’d watch the film even if it sucked. Looks promising though. Zac’s never looked hotter.

  23. 73
    its just me Says:

    @amber but to be honest , zac fans are nothing better , they bash her when she was dating him , and they bach her after the break up.
    @rabid yes , right now she has freetime but 2 weeks ago she was filming zac has also his freetime , and theres nothing wrong with that ?? is it wrong to go shopping when you have your freetime affter 2 months ? i don think so.
    the hardcore vanessa fans are really annoying, seriously ,why would i waste my time for a person that i dont like?
    but also the zac fans ^^

  24. 74
    Amber Says:

    @its just me:
    Some crazy Zac fans used to bash her, but they’ve grown up and stopped bothering her a long time ago. Vanessa fans should do the same. Yeah, I have no idea why some people would waste so much time and energy on hating someone they don’t even know..

  25. 75
    Rabid Says:

    @its just me: But she has rather too much freetime now! She has nothing else in the works, just the two she’s finished. And yeah Zac had freetime too earlier this year, when he was completely torn to pieces everytime he was seen out with his friends.

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