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Nicole Kidman & Zac Efron: Back to Work on 'Paperboy'

Nicole Kidman & Zac Efron: Back to Work on 'Paperboy'

Nicole Kidman wears a pink and purple blouse on the set of her latest movie, The Paperboy, on Friday (August 5) in New Orleans, La.

The 44-year-old Aussie actress, along with co-star Zac Efron, got to work shooting some more scenes.

Nicole and Zac, 23, who were spotted on the film’s set earlier in the week, star opposite Matthew McConaughey in the thriller.

The flick, based on the 1995 Pete Dexter novel, centers around a Miami Times reporter as he returns to his Florida hometown to investigate the imprisonment of a death row inmate.

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141 Responses to “Nicole Kidman & Zac Efron: Back to Work on 'Paperboy'”

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  1. 101
    Rabid Says:

    @Amber: Goodnight my dear! To all the haters, thrrrsspp may you have fun with your negativity!! Only time will tell if either of them will have a long and successful career. Regardless of people hating on him, a hell of a lot of people enjoy his work. And a lot of those are not fickle people. I support Zac Efron, not any of the characters he has played. Goodnight All!

  2. 102
    juddy Says:

    (Rabid) is (Merlin’s mum)

  3. 103
    Rabid Says:

    @mariathesecond: So what is it they told you then? The girl from the Drama Journal claimed her source was Ramsey Krull but then she was lying too! I could say I was currently in bed with his brother, don’t mean it’s true and I have no way of proving it from behind the anonymosity of a computer screen but there you go!!This is my point, just because you make a claim on here, does not mean it is true, with no physical proof. You may not be lying, but I cannot believe you without proof. Anyone can say anything. Just a shame it is so often negative.

  4. 104
    Rabid Says:

    @juddy: lol! And how do you know that then? No I am not

  5. 105
    juddy Says:!/MumOfMerlin
    Really?? :)!/MumOfMerlin
    ( i go on under a different name and ask sensible things and get accused of all kinds of things!!lol)
    31 Jul Favorite Retweet Reply
    (It amused me to here the V fans using almost word for word some of my complaints from previous about way they dis Zac!)
    finally :)
    to your friend Amber (
    Oh no! you mustn’t say that! Just cos he was shooting at them they shouldn’t have shot back!) 51 minutes ago bye

  6. 106
    Rabid Says:

    @juddy: :( Not me!! Do you stalk this person’s twitter then?

  7. 107
    juddy Says:

    NO but she’s always bi*tches at my friends and she’s stalk at them .so sorry dude.

  8. 108
    Teddi Says:

    @juddy: I haven’t been on today! Come on and find you are claiming someone else is me!! I am Merlin’s Mum, I admit it, I changed my name on here cos I got fed up with people finding me on twitter and then insulting me about things I said on there on here. If I wanted to have a go at people I would be polite and not say the things this other person is. Oh and ‘Amber’ is not my friend, just someone who’s tweet I commented on.

  9. 109
    Teddi Says:

    Cannot believe how much has been going on that has nothing to do with the post!! Really looking forward to this. I like Nicole Kidman and the film sounds interesting, I have the book on order from Amazon.

  10. 110
    juddy Says:

    Rabid sorry again ;)

  11. 111
    Brainy box Says:


  12. 112
    peggy Says:





  13. 113
    peggy Says:


    THere were no drug scandal stop making things up the pictures took care of that. And DUMMIE the FBI is on the pic case and GOD HELP you has been paying the hacker to do this to VAnssa. Oh and Beastly made money and lead to her newest role in Gmme Shelter. So Wrong Again.

    And I guess you are as ignorant about Karma wanted Zac to do badly has nothin to do with Vanessa as long as she is not wishing it and I doubt she is she’s not that insecure or jealous but the same can not be said of him

    No I have to rum waiting for Zac’s next move is both boring and tiring.

  14. 114
    meme Says:

    so and the people who doen’st like zac and they are not vanessa’s fans can they stay here ??????????

  15. 115
    zac-is-wack Says:

    congrats to zac for getting the part as double of nicole kidman.

  16. 116
    Fran Says:

    I am sorry, but wtf is your problem? I read your comment and I was shocked. Who do you think you are to talk about other people that way? Absolutely pathetic. I bet you are like eating ice cream on your bed waiting for your ex’s call. Why all that hate to Zac?

  17. 117
    Steven Says:

    Lots of hate’n on Zac here…BUT, I think he’s done quite well for himself. Watching his other movies, my opinion is there’s talent behind that handsome face. In Charle St. Cloud he did fantastic as a rather heroic lead. And he did most of his stunts (dangerous underwater)! Watch the bonus behind the scenes material on the St. Cloud dvd and I think you’ll gain respect for Zac. You people quit hate’n and give the guy a fair shake.

  18. 118
    camilla Says:

    if zac wasn’t hot no one will defend him.this is so sad vanessa was just a vectim of zac ; ashley ‘s fans and zac’s fans.i am very happy for her now she move on.i used to love zac and ashley to dead but now actions tell everyting they used her (ashley used her to be more famous and zac well he really loved her but he’s big wominazer).zac must cheat on her because she really loves him to just watch video of them kissing in hawaii at charlie st cloud premier ;she been ther for him and u can see the love in her eyes.i don’t hate zac but let’s be honst it’s his fault. i wish them luck and love.

  19. 119
    always Says:

    whoa why all this hate i mean ofcourse not all zac haters are vanessas fans . zac has others haters too and the same with vanessa we like it or not but we have people out there who are fans of both of them like me this two are not together anymore. amber , rabid you are doing the same thing that zac haters are doing you are trying to put down one person you dont know its hollywood guys you dont know this person ofcourse vanessas fans dont know her either . all i got to say is that time is going to tell who is more successfull because to me they are tie the only successfull film that zac has is 17 again and vanessa beastly after hsm so for me they are tie yes for me they are both taleneted gorgeous handsome and everything but just accept it zac is a guy and a gorgeous guy when girls see him they are not thinking how talented he is but how hot he is and everything just admit it and the same go with vanessa they are not together so why to compare their career just wait and in the future we can see who is more successfull now about the stupid things they had done the two have done stupid things like zac when he was with ashley at the beach i dont care what you think when you have your boyfriend around your bestfriend is not kissing your neck it was discusting for me .yes i have bestfriend and he is a boy and i know him more than 15 years yes piggieback but not a kiss in the neck especially when your boyfriend is there it was like they were flirting sorry but for me yes they were flirting vanessa the most stupid thing she has done was when she attack the paparazzi but we dont know what exactly happened so i dont judge the smoking? the two of them smoke its not the worst thing in the world but not the best either i dont care about the smoking i smoke too when i have stress but they are normal people they make mistake and they are young all your life you learn they were together five years the become famous together so maybe now for them its more difficult to be alone as they said they could understand what the other want only with one look at eochother and believe me its the most beautiful thing to understand what the other want with one look. i believe actually i want to believe that they loved eotchother and they still do maybe not as a lover anymore but they were eothcothers first love and you cant forget your first love . your first love its very rare to be your last love. so about zacs movie i cant wait i will support them no matter what she is my rolemodel she is so positive in everything that what i love about her the most . and zac at first because he was hot but now i respect him so much

  20. 120
    Teddi Says:

    @peggy: What has the colour of the director got to do with anything? If he’s good, he’s good!

  21. 121
    baby Says:

    and amber really they are not zac fans in vanesas article really you made me laugh so you want people to belive that zac haters are only vanessas fans and he has no others haters exept of vanessas fans i know millions guys who hate zac zac the only fans who have are girls and gays you like it or not

  22. 122
    Teddi Says:

    @camilla: Please explain how anything is ‘Zac’s fault’ ? This has always been my problem with this. No one has yet explained to me what terrible thing it is he has done. And I mean with proof, not just rumours and hearsay. And to be quite honest, what the f**k does anyones private lives has to do with anyone else! He is an actor. What happened between him and his girlfriend, if this is what your dislike is over, is none of anyone elses business

  23. 123
    camilla Says:

    well making out with his costar *nikki* i am sur it hurts .being touchi with her bff going to streep club.and going clubs with teaser ;rumer willis an……. .you guys are blind he cheats on her .would u mind your boyfriend do all this.***teen

  24. 124
    Teddi Says:

    @camilla: I assume you mean kissing Nikki on a TV show co they asked him to? And TP and Rumer was after they split! Therefore, not cheating! And the strip club? He told her before he went! Even when they were dating, she did not own him!!

  25. 125
    maria Says:

    @Fran: There are TWO marias here, so please clarify which post you mean. And FYI, I’ve been with the same guy since I was 17 and don’t eat ice cream in bed.
    @Teddi: And sorry, “technically” what you say is true. BUT, and this is a big but, he didn’t have to go “deep throat” with Nikki……a peck on the lips would have been just fine. And the Rumer rumors were going on while he and Vanessa were “working on things”, since they were together after the supposed frolic in T +C, and TP happened a mere week after he was WITH Vanessa in NC. You just don’t seem to get, that when you have a girlfriend, you just don’t do the things he did. Vanessa never owned him, nor tried to. She was VERY chill about strip clubs, naked model pics, him practicing love scenes with actresses in his trailer, gushing about how amazing his costars were, AND all the questionable comments he made to interviewers while with her. Having a great guy in my life for a long time means I’m very secure in my relationship, but let me tell you, he would NEVER have done or said any of the things Zac did while we were dating. THere is basic decency when you are in a relationship, and I don’t care if he’s an actor or not. Other actors in relationships don’t act like that. So if anyone wants to understand WHY we don’t like the guy, there you go.

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