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Ryan Reynolds & Charlize Theron Split After Two Months?

Ryan Reynolds & Charlize Theron Split After Two Months?

Ryan Reynolds and Charlize Theron have ended their short-lived relationship after just two months, according to Us Weekly.

“He only wanted something casual, but she’s in a rush to settle down, have kids and start a family since she’s getting older,” a source told the magazine.

The source added that Charlize, 36, “didn’t take it very well when he broke it off. She knows deep down that it wouldn’t have worked, but she is pretty bummed out about it all.”

Ryan, 34, and Charlize reportedly began dating at the beginning of the summer.

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  • Galianne

    well what else is new

  • Mari

    Huh? I didn’t even know they were together.

  • jk

    Always the sam story, you break up with someone, suddenly life seems short and you want to have everything at once. I know that all too well.

  • jk

    Always the sam story, you break up with someone, suddenly life seems short and you want to have everything at once. I know that all too well.

  • jk

    I hate this site, my comments are never displayed. And if they are it’s when I’m grumpy at Jared.

  • Mellifera

    I don’t even like Ryan Reynolds but he can do better than this embittered old hag.

  • badmove

    Ryan’s loss. You can’t find a more beautiful woman than Charlize. Why wouldn’t you want to settle down with that beauty? It’s not like you will find anyone better or more attractive. Dumb dumb. Well he did marry the ugly Scarlett Johanson, he must not be that bright.

  • Delilah

    You mean there’s people out here who actually believed In Touch magazine or which ever one it was, that said they were dating? LOLOLOLOL!

    As if!

    If I was a betting person I would bet Charlize and Ryan never dated. And if they did date, Charlize would be the one to dump him, not vice versa. I love how suddenly the tabloids have started these new rumors that Ryan and Scarlett might be getting back together. More B.$.

  • Mayle

    He’s morphing into Dennis Quaid.

  • nicky

    how can you dump the gorgeous charlize theron when you married scarlett before??

  • WhatATool


    IA Charlize does come off as bitter in alot of interviews. Reynolds I can take or leave he needs another hit.

  • kà simply amazing

    go gooo

  • Jude

    Summer love

  • wtf

    That whole story is a lie. This is Charlize who is far from conventional. I’ve never ever heard or read about her wanting kids and settlling down.

    In fact I don’t think there was a relationship. The magazine made up the relationship. That’s how come it’s “over” so quickly. How long can you keep printing lies before a cease letter arrives in your mail?

  • mailey

    oh please. ryan reynolds is a douche.
    i seriously doubt charlize was ‘bummed’ for more than 5 seconds, if that.

  • Lola

    How do they know this information? How do you know how she feels?
    It’s a little bit absurd and crazy how they know this crap. Who cares?

  • wtf

    I’m surprised the tabs haven’t tried to hook up Ryan with Sandy Bullock.

    Charlize Theron is gorgeous. Ryan is good looking also with another fking movie coming out in a few months. Tabs wanted another “golden couple” to keep their profits afloat so they tried to create one.

  • OK

    Who believes US Weekly? Total fake gossip rag, they make stuff up every day.

  • Mellifera

    @WhatATool: thank you, now I know its not just me who thinks she needs to lighten up a little. I was a little mean before, she is gorgeous and certainly a step up from Scarlett.

  • http://ja slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    charlize cut

  • Toni

    Where is this rubbish coming from… they were never ‘together’ – they’re just friends

  • Purple

    I hope he ends up with Sandra Bullock. They’re too cute together!

  • anonymous

    These inside sources, friends and informants say they were dating and now broken up so what is actually missing here is Charlize and Ryan have never said a word about anything and based on these two very private people we will never know.

  • anonymous

    Ryan never address a tabloid rumor. he said if you do not answer these articles, they die out.

  • i hate charlize

    i hate charlize

  • yep

    like them both – never saw them together…

  • Jr

    Never actually believed they were a couple in the first place

  • tired

    Ryan is too ugly for her. Look at that alien forehead ..his skull wants to come out lol

  • Purple Poet

    Don’t believe it. Charlize is not the type to want to settle down. The tabloid just create that reason because they are sexist and think all women over 30 are dying to have kids and be married.

    And there’s no proof they were even together. “Sources” also said Charlize and Keanu Reeves were going to come out as this huge public couple, when Charlize says they never even dated. The tabloids are struggling to create some Ryan Reynolds/Scar Jo/Charlize love triangle.

  • sweetness

    Ryan Reynolds is a douche. He probably wants to be Sandra Bullocks main squeeze for more clout. His lame movie was a joke and Bullocks prestige and being loved in Hollywood is a better move. Charlize what were you thinking?

  • AVA

    They always make the women seem desperate in these ‘ insider stories’… all of a sudden Charlize is the one who wants to settle down, if she was so desperate for kids and a husband she won’t have dumped her previous boyfriend of 6 years , she’s 36 they make is sound as if she wear 49….

  • kim

    She has been pretty vocal about never wanting to get married so I cannot figure out how this is true. If you do not ever want to get married then use a sperm donor if you want a baby.

  • Amy

    Who knew they were even together. If it’s true she wants to settle down, why pick a guy who just got out of a divorce??? Not a good choicel

  • http://twitter nicole

    l never like this couple,the reason,charlize

  • denis

    yeah and these are the same people who reported that Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves were coming out publically as the new superstar couple of hollywood.

    I find it offensive these gossip creaters always make a woman over 30 seem desperate in their fabrications. She’s not the settle down type. She’s the smoke weed and hang out type.

  • Tazlena

    They seem totally wrong for each other. I”m surprised it lasted two months.

  • Who Cares

    This story is weird because she’s repeatedly talked about not wanting to get married and be tied down.

  • Lydia

    This is the most ridiclous thing i’ve ever heard, seriously tabloid US Weekly must be so desperated lol or maybe whene they realised that there fake romance bs is not working that they are no romance to begin with they created that other BS, since after they speard that bs rumour the day after another magazine says he is back with his ex wife lol, other tab put that guy with at least 30 different ladies lol from sandra bullok and go, and himself says in a mag that he get to tell his mother those dating things are rumours , and this tripel head is not even in Charlize theron league to began with, he could dream maybe.

  • TheRealMe

    Were they even together? If they were, I doubt he’d dump her over babies, since that supposedly was the reason he split with Scarlett. The tabs need to make up their mind about what they think Ryan wants from his women.

  • natalie

    I’ll believe it when I see it in People.