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Vanessa Hudgens Walks the Walk with Hurley

Vanessa Hudgens Walks the Walk with Hurley

Vanessa Hudgens is pretty in pink as she hosts the 2011 Hurley Walk the Walk National Championship, held at the U.S. Open of Surfing on Thursday (August 4) in Huntington Beach, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress hosted the event, which is the world’s largest high school fashion competition!

Joining Vanessa was model Marisa Miller, who wore a Tori Praver bikini under a Rag & Bone tee and One Teaspoon shorts. She finished her look with a Rag & Bone hat, Love Heals necklaces, and AllSaints wedges.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens and Marisa Miller at Hurley’s Walk the Walk National Championship…

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# 1

she looks very pretty here!
like a doll very cute. The hair and style suit her

# 2

Bad hair style

# 3

looking Good vanessa!!!

# 4

she looks so cuuuute! i love love love her dress! the color suits her really great and i love her make up!

# 5

♥ vanessa is beautiful. love that color on her, cause it shows off her lovely skin. nice she got to co-host this event. yeah for vanessa. ♥

# 7

This girl is such a troll, I will never understand the following she has.

# 8

I’m sorry but she looks like ****.

# 9


And yet here you are using up your time posting in her thread.

Who’s the troll?

Rant Casey @ 08/05/2011 at 3:50 am

Is it just me, or are Vanessa Hudgens, Kate Bosworth, and Rachel Bilson photographed everyday … walking? It’s all I see in this site. I miss the days of Paris, Lindsay and Britney flashing their crotches and getting arrested.

mykamicks @ 08/05/2011 at 4:34 am

How the hell is the world being unfair always?
First, KAte & Rachel is not of her age.

2nd Vanessa has done : BEASTLY, SUCKER PUNCH and soon to release: A Journey to the Mysterious Island 2 & Gimme Shlelter 2.

Let say : Vanessa’s contemporaries are: Emma Watson, Emma Roberts, Leighton Meester, Blake Lively, Brittany Snow, Ashley Greene, Kristen Stewart etc ( aging 18 to 25) …. Do you think still Vanessa is just another Walking Display Young Female Hollywood Celebrity? Isnt that obvious that she has a handful of projects among her contemporaries?

I wish too, they have same projects like Vanessa has this year… Jealousy always kill ones pride…

Hey you, are IN or Out?

mykamicks @ 08/05/2011 at 4:34 am

How the hell is the world being unfair always?
First, KAte & Rachel is not of her age.

2nd Vanessa has done : BEASTLY, SUCKER PUNCH and soon to release: A Journey to the Mysterious Island 2 & Gimme Shlelter 2.

Let say : Vanessa’s contemporaries are: Emma Watson, Emma Roberts, Leighton Meester, Blake Lively, Brittany Snow, Ashley Greene, Kristen Stewart etc ( aging 18 to 25) …. Do you think still Vanessa is just another Walking Display Young Female Hollywood Celebrity? Isnt that obvious that she has a handful of projects among her contemporaries?

I wish too, they have same projects like Vanessa has this year… Jealousy always kill ones pride…

Hey you, are IN or Out?

She looks gorgeous! Loving her tan

Vanessa looks ultra cute here. Love the shocking pink, and her hair, it so suits her. She nails it, fashion wise.

It took me a minute to get used to, but now I love the new hair!! it suits her very nicely! she looks so fresh, young and bubbly:-)

V is such a beautiful girl! she always smiles, I like that about her:-)

freaking adorable and cute!!!!

she has really good skin I must say!

Pretty as a picture<3

I know there is a lot of Vanessa post on jj, but I Love that<3

I don’t get it! for just a month ago everybody was like “oh we miss Vanessa, where is she? and bla bla” and know that she is on just jared a lot more these days everybody thinks she is there too much!? You all did the same thing with Zac Efron.

I don’t think people shut be complaining about the fact that there is too many Vanessa hudgens post, when she is just enjoying her life after working on a movie for two months!!! What is she supposed to do? Stay home all day just so there won’t be as many post about her? Lol that’s stupid. Plus if you really wanna blame anybody then blame the paps for always taking pictures of her wherever she is!

oh my sorry but she looks dumb!

Just ignore the immature brats. lol. They can’t have their way because they hate Vanessa but guess what…she’s going no where! Love her and love her style.

majority of people who was at the festival tweets about how vanessa looks beautiful sexy and hot in person you can go to twitter and see that it crazy she stole the attention in every place she go VANESSA HUDGENS YOU ROCK

Madhatter @ 08/05/2011 at 9:02 am

Her hair looks better here!
Love the bangs and is the back shorter?

@mykamicks: Leighton messier had a movie out this year called Monte Carlo Emma watson was one the biggest movie in history harry potter has made over billion dollars Emma Roberts does indie movies and she had movie out in may and so these girls that you are calling out to defend Vanessa are fame ***** they have great career going for them and they are not just Jared every week like some of girls and Kristin Stewart is rather on this site too

Marisa Miller looks amazing. That’s what a gorgeous lady looks like. Vanessa must hate standing next to her. Vanessa is so overrated in the looks department, it’s more apparent standing next to a perfect 10.

Why is comment number 29 using my name?

Vanessa looks absolutley gorgeous, bet she had a great time at this event

She is not attractive and this hair style does her no good..her face is too round for this cut. Not cute and why is she famous again? Sorry kids.

omg vanessa is dating felix rodriguez frome bande the sounds .pleas god noooooo.she’s to beautiful for him

Still getting used to Vanessa with the short hair but she looks so dang pretty. And if u have to ask why a person is famous then you already know the answer or you wouldn’t have bothered.
I was able to catch some of this event online it was really good. I love Vanessa’s attitdude as she has such a positive outlook on life, something unfortuataley I see becoming less common now a days
WTH are ubtalking about?

yes there’s a rumor the vanessa is dating felix rodriguez guitar player in swidish band called the sounds

i love her i hope the rumor are fault .sorry for my english i am frensh

Who knows if it’s true, but it was written by Life & Style and well, they like to make things up, most gossip people does, who knows maybe she is a ‘The Sounds’ fan and went up to talk to them and things was blown out of proportion (nothing new there) however even if it’s true or at least partly true then so what and just because of it doesn’t mean that they are dating, could have been a one time thing, we’ll have to wait and see about that, it’s also worth to note that Felix is 32 and he is in a band that comes from a different country and who tour a lot. But like I said, we’ll have to wait and see, it’s strange that no one else saw this though if it was as obvious and Life & Style makes it out to be, well, BTT, Vanessa lokked great at tis event, I really like her style here, perfect for a day at the beach, her hair does also look great here.

Love her hair in that way too!!! but I think some comfortable heels would be better (like Marissa)

♥ omg, pic of vanessa with james earl jones. ♥


Im pointing out, Vanessa’s contemporaries.. that’s true those girls Ive mention has careers too in the business right now may not be equally or has same chops on the other but absolutely has her place where she belongs too in the Vanessa… She does own the real talent ( can sing dance & act) And not to compare with Rachel Bilson & Kate Bosworth.

I agreed Creed #1

Freaking adorable cut & style. It really does suit her. She needed a change and found a perfect one. Go girl.

i love her such strong women. i will always support her no matter what

ashley bit*** went to see hairspry with perez hilton to support corbin bleu .and last year she didn’t went to support v because she feel jalouse from her

no way .i feel sorry for v for having friend like ashley *famewhore*

@hello: You are so right. She is going nowhere but the way of Paris and the other people paid to show up for events. I do not know how she had the nerve to host a fashion competation dressed like a piece of trash.

@e: I agree with you, e. Life and Style is a tabloid, and is pure gossip. And how is she “dating” him, if she just met him? It’s a crock.

On the other hand, she is a stunning young woman, and has been single since January. I don’t believe she was ever “romantic” with Josh Hutcherson, much to the haters’ chagrin. I’m surprised it’s taken THIS long to link her with other men and I’m sure it won’t be the last time. She looked FABULOUS at this event……she was just glowing! Even the hair looked adorable and sexy, and I love that coral on her skin tone. The tweets from the event seemed like everyone was LOVING her. Bet she made a lot of new fans! And I love that she’s NOT hiding in the house with her short do and extra weight. Nope…..she’s workin’ the hair and the weight is disappearing fast. Gotta love her spirit.

looking great Vanessa…
the best accessory is your smile.

she’s so beautiful i love her

How ashley has the nerve to continue to say she’s vanessas best friend is unreal. That’s obviously not the case and I wish shed stop saying it.

Vanessa is simply stunning at this event. It is such an honor for her to be chosen by Hurley and Nike to co-host this event. It’s pretty clear they see her beauty, charm and ability to captivate the young surfer crowd. I’m so proud that Vanessa was chosen for this. Now, I’m hoping we hear that her next movie is a romantic comedy.

@Jr: It just makes me laugh how you people are so sure about other peoples relationships! You do not know these people, no matter how many tweets, or magazines or web articles you read!!

I don’t tell by tweets or magazines or web articles. I tell by actions, you know what they say, they speak louder then words

agree with u actions tell everting

@Rabid: That goes for you too, Ms. Zac Fan. You don’t really know Zac, and we don’t really know Vanessa. But like someone said, actions do speak louder than words sometimes.

As far as Vanessa, whether we know her or not, her actions tell us she was nothing but a perfect GF for 5 years to Zac, and a supportive GF to Ashley. Zac’s do not and I will not elaborate. It’s been said already. Ashley’s not shown up for any of Vanessa’s events, and that’s what we see. Other friends have. So yeah, we don’t know about these people’s relationships, but some things speak very loudly. And look bad, whether people want to admit that or not.

Haters Suck! @ 08/06/2011 at 6:16 pm

agree with you but its not just the fact that ashley has never shown to any of vanessa’s events and another inncident i won’t mention. But the fact that she continues to kiss up to someone like perez hilton who has talked more trash and created more lies about vanessa then anyone while ashley has just stood by and said nothing. So not only did she miss Vanessa’s performance at the hollywood bowl last year and then end up going this year but she also went perez. Yet she claims her and Vanessa are best friends and are like “sisters” i mean really? someone will need to explain that to me.

I adore Vanessa, she is such a sweetheart! And I really don’t like the fact that Ashley went with perez Hilton, the ultimate hater of Vanessa, even though he says he wants to be nicer to her, I don’t really care. He is still dumb!!

Bad move Ashley…..

hudgens - jolie @ 08/07/2011 at 2:29 am

as i said vanessa’s real bff is laura new

i really hope vanessa win tca2011.i wonder what she gonna weare if she went

Vanessa you are too good to be friends with ashley!

ashley is big b**** .she ‘s famewhore;always tweeting about where she’s to get papparazie attension .she will always be disney girl.i think vanessa is talking to ashley but not as she use to ;vanessa now find new real bff *laura*and that’s good for her(she’s positive person) such great inspirasin to all the girls around the world

omg what if Vanessa really is dating that Felix guy?haha he is so far from Zac efron!

and Josh hutcherson for that sake of matter!

I don’t think there dating! just goffing around for fun!!

no way they were “making out” in public out of no where! maybe somebody saw them talking and thought they were being flirty, which led them to start rumors about them!!

I don’t belive anything before I see them together! this is just like with Olivia Wilde, there have been these kind of rumers of her and variety of men in hollywood a lot lately, just beacuse she’s divorced! and all the rumors turned out to be false!!!

Agree with most of the points made about Ashley. And for the record, vanessas mother said on Twitter that the Vanessa dating/make out story is a lie and completley phony.

vanessa ‘s mother said on twitter that it’s rumor and vanessa is not dating anyone .so zac’s fans go to hell

vanessa is not dating , people are so obssesed with her just leave her alone it’s her lifeand just exsept that zanessa are done i loved them too but preaper yourselve she will date soone another guy that’s life.

@Haters Suck!: Have to agree with you, Haters. I have many thoughts on Ashley, and none of them are good. Out of all of the HSM crew, Vanessa has always unconditionally been their friend, and I’ll just say, they have not shown her the same. Except Monique. Ashley is a “fair weather friend”, and shows when it suits her. And I won’t touch on Zac.

i met vanessa at holywood she’s so nice to everyone

This post is not about Ashley so no need to bring her up. Ashley is an amazing person(i met her 3 times now) and a great friend. We are not in their life. we dont know their persoal relationships. So what she was unable to make Vanessas events? She had other things planned. Not her fault. She went to her birthday party and they are always hanging out, just b.c we dont get pics doesnt mean they aren. you people really need to stop with this unnessary hate on the girl. shes done nothing wrong.

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