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Jennifer Lopez: Excited to Move On From Split

Jennifer Lopez: Excited to Move On From Split

Jennifer Lopez shoots scenes for her new film, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, on Friday (August 5) at the Fulton County Airport in Atlanta, Ga.

The 42-year-old entertainer was back at work after filming scenes at the Georgia Aquarium the day before.

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Jennifer, who recently split from Marc Anthony, “is very relieved to be out of [the marriage], frankly,” a source told People.

“I don’t think she is sitting around crying or wondering if she made the wrong decision,” the source added. “For her, it’s back to business. She is all about her career. She’s excited to move on.”

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  • emmaa

    Wow, Jen. That’s……..cold.

  • huh?

    yeah very cold. i guess she will have another guy in a couple of months if not sooner.

  • Pikavippi

    “She is all about her career…” What about her kids?

  • Ikcin Janim

    When is she and her side going to STFU? She is milking this divorce for all it’s worth. Jennifer Lopez is doing a Jennifer Anniston here. How long have Brad and Angie been together? About 10 years it seems now. Get over it.
    You have to keep in mind, Jennifer L went from Sean Combs PDiddy and a few weeksafter to Chris Juddand married him and then whilemarried to ,on the tail end, found Ben Afleck, and after that ended, married Marc Anthony within 5 months.MarcAnthony treated Dayanara Torres like a cheap dishrag inorder toamrry JEnnifer Lopez. Now, Marc is the bad guy and Lopez and her side is talking it all up against him. Hehasn’t said anything against her. Of cpurse, he is reallyhurt, that Hispanic man pride that is.
    Lopez, hmmm, how long will it take for her to find her next man. Seems now, being 42, amother of two pre-school kids, she should lay low.

  • dee

    seriously?! ugh who says that !

  • ho

    Never liked her after she cheated on Chris with Ben Affleck. Chris seemed a really nice guy. Remember seeing a video of Jennifer and Chris on a red carpet, and Ben was seen having some guy present her with flowers from Ben. all the while Chris is looking around to see where they came from. Low, Jennifer, and also low Ben.

  • Ruth

    Her constant comments are unnecessary and unpleasant. At least her ex has kept quiet and I bet he could a LOT about her. NOT classy.

  • http://ja slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    she split with hows

  • George Clooney says it all

    Yeah like how Brad cheated on Jennifer Aniston on the set of Mr & Mrs
    Smith! Talk a out getting caught on the set!,,,He did the same thing.
    Penelope Cruz and Tom Cruise did the same thing cheated o. Vanilla
    Sky! So please her kids are going to be raised by her mom not her.
    Bennie Medina is the real reason for the breakup! Her manager…
    She is the most self centered woman! Notice how Marc is not around,
    Just like his other children sons with Dyanara.


    It’s not cold at all, this is just another one of those ‘inside sources’ who are made up. It’s the MEDIA people. Shit like this is what sells the TABLOIDS!

  • lily

    happy for her

  • haha

    it’s not the men. it’s her with the problems. after 3 failed marriages, i hope she knows that marriage isn’t for her. how many stepfathers is her children going to have? but then again, marc anthony has 5 children by 3 different women, so he’s no saint, either.

  • DAVID23

    Cannot stand Jno but you guys are so naive and a tad thick to believe every stories that come out of trash mags. She is getting back with her Diddy and Ben,. She is dating the co star on this movie. She is dating the guy from her music video. You would think you guys would be able to see a pattern emerging,. Trash mags make up the sh*t while the go along. Have some pride for yourselves and use your brain. The trash mags have been saying for years that Brad and Jennifer Aniston are getting back together. Do you want to know why that hasn’t happened – Because it is made up cr@p. For f*k sake stop being so naive.


  • fay

    LOVE U JEN!!!!!!

  • Heaven

    True the media makes up alot of stuff about her because she sells all around the world. The interest in anything JLo is big business.

  • Teresa

    Interesting how she sat around crying and wailing for Ben Affleck after he cheated on her with strippers and unceremoniously dumped her like trash. As late as 2009 she was giving interviews stating how much she loved him and he broke her heart but she never said an unkind word about him. Yet when she married a Puerto Rican man (her own kind) for once in her life, she can’t wait to get him out of her life. She criticizes him and calls him horrible names when she is the one responsible by breaking up his marriage to Dayanara Torres. Marc is Puerto Rican like her but obviously not good enough for her!

  • Ona

    @emmaa: She has always been cold and a user which is why she is a 3 times loser in love. She cheated on her second husband Chris with Ben Affleck hoping Ben would marry her and I laughed outloud when he didn’t. Now she is trying to turn the public against Marc when she is the looney tune who can’t keep a man longer than a few years. This movie will bomb just like her other ones.

  • bostonfan

    Ben was only slumming when he dated this trollop he was never serious about marrying her she’s the one who tried to force a wedding out of him. Now he is with Garner who is the perfect woman for him.

  • Horrible Woman

    Where are your children JLO? Being raised by nannies I’m sure. She only wanted twins for the publicity but when they didn’t look as cute as she wanted them to be she rejected them as well.

  • Miss Jane

    ”’She is all about her career. ”’

    This says all you need to know about this self-absorbed, it’s-all-about-me’, girl. This is why she will never keep a man.

  • Miss Jane

    @Teresa: #16

    Spot on, Teresa.

  • She Stinks!

    Again, JHO Bag shows what a self important b!tch she is – ‘all about the career’, who is she fooling? She has always been about her career, albeit a bad one. She had kids for the press. She’s getting a divorce for press, since American Idol is over and her name isn’ t in the press. She calculates these things, so she can always been in the press. She is a attention seeking no talent HO. She can never stop lying. I’m sure Marc is happy to be rid of this trash.

  • R

    haters f#ck off stupid bitches

  • Orchid

    Smart woman! Life goes on. Why look back.

  • Kitten Mittens

    David23 I agree. these idiots believe anything they read.F*cking ants!I only comment about what i see and know is facts.I dont read bullsh*t Magazines .The b*tch fu–)cked and sucked her way into the entertainment industry. Shes older than she claims to be. ask anyone in Castle hill. Jlo is over 45 years old. If it were not for those fake cheekbone implants her face would look gaunt and saggy. hollywood trick to make your face look fuller,and younger..