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Katie Holmes: 'Suri is My Style Critic!'

Katie Holmes: 'Suri is My Style Critic!'

Katie Holmes takes a stroll with her daughter Suri on Saturday (August 6) in Los Angeles.

The 5-year-old cutie pushed one of her dolls in a baby carriage and carried a small purse. Late last month, Suri pushed another one of her dolls in a different carriage!

Katie recently told Marie Claire magazine that Suri is one of her fashion inspirations!

“My daughter has been choosing her own outfits since she was two. We go to fabric stores and sew together. Sometimes I take inspiration from Suri‘s fashion choices,” Katie said.

Suri is my style critic. I know I look good when Suri asks if she can have my outfit when she’s older. Suri is magical when it comes to clothes – she’s quite an artist,” she added.

FYI: Katie is wearing J Brand “Love Story” bell bottom jeans in Essex.

15+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes out and about with her daughter…

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  • Appletini

    Are “magical” and “amazing” the only two words she knows?! Suri must be using black magic on Katie’s outfits, because she certainly never looks “amazing”!

  • ????

    Is it magical how she coordinates her /pacifier/Binky/ dummy with her outfit?!!! AT 5???!!!!!

  • ????

    If one of my friends/family used the word MAGICAL to describe their child or child’s talents I would PERMANENTLY disown them!

  • Sonia0404

    What? Another stroller show? Isn’t it getting old now?
    And next time, the Zombie and her PR staff should pick a park as the background to stage, not a parking lot.

    What;s even better, this Magical Prop aka a Strong Woman at the age of 2, should wear a fake belly to push the stroller, sure to bring back some fond memory for her Zombie mom.

    Suri is such a good model to show people all over the world what’s the age limit for certain behaviors to look cute.
    She’s too big and too old to be carried, which makes her look like a Dummy for ventriloquist.
    She’s too old to suck on a baby bottle, which makes her look desperate.
    She’s too old to be wrapped in baby blanket, which really shows how insecure she is.
    Now she’s too tall and too old to push the stroller on outings. It was an OK show when she first started in NYC, now she looks behind and special with a stroller.

    That’s amazing!

  • NO

    Maybe Katie thinks its ok to brag about Suri compensate off the fact their is some sort of developmental disorder or “specialness” going on with her…

  • http://@ioomilonda zohrah

    so many young ladies are jealous with your life katie, look their comments here..

  • zohrah

    so many young ladies are jealous with your life katie, they’re admit it with their comments here.. LOL

  • @zohrah

    NO Zohrah… just made a nice comment about Gwyneth Paltrow and she live a DREAM life… and I would do the same for A. Jolie or Reese Witherspoon as well…great privileged ladies! this person is the most narcisistic -shallow braggart who has nothing going on imo… NO JEALOSY just setting it straight.

  • ha ha

    I wish someone who interviews would flat out ask her if she actually brags as much as the media implies she does… that would be classic.

  • zohrah

    @zohrah if i don’t like with someone, I’ll don’t care what they’re wearing or something,, i don’t want wasting my time just to wrote something negative to someone else

  • coupon lady

    In the InStyle interview Katie says she does not troll the Internet to see what is being said about her. But she does get briefed. So if her handlers are being honest, surely she knows her parenting is universally (and not just on JJ) criticized, her fashion sense is considered to be a zero. Her singing and dancing lukewarm to savage reviews by critics and the general population. And she must know her movies are tanking big time.

    Guess Suri isn’t telling her the truth!

  • zorhah

    ?? she’s taking up space in the entertainment ind.. she’s everywhere and it’s annoying BIG TIME

  • Jessica Simpleton

    Tired of hearing this brain-dead, simple-minded woman talk. Katie is as stupid as she sounds, and Suri looks slow. She must get it from her mom.

  • Jessica Simpleton

    Of course, Katie also looks slow.

  • sammy

    Why are there so many negative ratings on comments that compliment suri’s looks? What do you all have against this little angel? You all are MORONS!!!!!!!

  • Frida

    “Suri is magical when it comes to clothes – she’s quite an artist”
    Is she freaking kidding?! The girl is five yrs old!

  • JG

    I feel sorry for Suri,she looks so uncomfortable in these pics the whole thing looks staged right down to the dirty shirt she has on,is that katies lame attempt to make her look like a normal kid?Why is it that Tom & Nicole’s other children were very rarely photographed while poor Suri is shoved down evryone throat?Possibly because Tom & Katies carreers are on the down swing?I think they are selfish people who are not considering what’s best for her.If I was Katie I would take a few years off,move to Montana,be a stay at home mom so she doesn’t have to drag that little girl all over the place & then make a big come back.That being said I can’t wait till Suri releases her tell all book when she gets older!

  • Mandy

    Katie is narcissistic and Suri will grow to become a Histrionic and shallow person because she is getting too much support all the time from her parents. Too much of something is bad enough. It seems like they don’t keep her grounded. They are way too superficial and materialistic.

  • yeah

    I think Katie is telling Suri to look down and give a dead eye look like she always does…Katie is thinking she’s a great mother for teaching her this stuff. You can tell… unless Suri is really that lifeless and detached. Violet and all the other kids always react to the cameras… suri looks desensitized and zombie-ish.

  • Anna2

    Katie may not troll the Internet but someone from their camp does because every time the media/tabloids say something about them they react for example story about “Tom and Katie breaking up” the next thing you know their photograph together, “Suri has no friends “ next thing Katie taking about having Suri friends over for her b-day party, story saying “Tom and Katie never see each other” next thing Katie taking how they never apart more than 3 days when they’ve been photograph on the same day weeks at a time in different states and countries and a year ago Katie saying that their ok with both working at the same time and being apart for a long time and then the tabloids saying that they “spend millions on Suri clothes” the next thing you know Suri is in kid friendly play clothes. Everything is just a little too convent and if Katie wanted to take Suri for a walk why not do it in their gated neighborhood were the paparazzi would not bother Suri or at a park where she could play unless they wanted to be seen.

  • @anna2

    Agree totally with you. They pimp this child out for photo ops.

  • Raichill

    Wow, Suri’s doll looks exactly like she did as a baby. Did they make a Suri doll baby?

  • boston61

    What a shitty mother. Dress your kid. You are the adult.

  • Just somepoints

    Katie recently told Marie Claire magazine that Suri is one of her fashion inspirations!

    “My daughter has been choosing her own outfits since she was two. We go to fabric stores and sew together. Sometimes I take inspiration from Suri’s fashion choices,” Katie said.

    “Suri is my style critic. I know I look good when Suri asks if she can have my outfit when she’s older. Suri is magical when it comes to clothes – she’s quite an artist,” she added.

    That says it all.Have you ever heard of something so stupid? That says why Kaite looks so stupid all of the time.
    Kaite Holmes needs to see a head shrink.She hasTom ruling her.then she has the Sciencifiction church ruling her and per them,this 5 yr. old rules her. Sad.

  • tabletop

    So, that’s why Katie’s outfits look so bad all the time. Time to fire that little stylist.

  • Suri Queen

    SURI QUEEN~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Suri Queen

    SURI QUEEN~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Kathleen

    Sounds like mom is forgetting that Suri is just a child, a 5 year old child and should not be telling mom what to wear and being a critic to any clothes mom is wearing. Who is parenting who here? Seriously. She is 5 year old child.

  • A beauty


    She sure is beautiful, I see a stunning teen, look at her eyes and features, along with hair color. So much for everyone raving about other children being the most whatever. This is it. And she’s ALL Girl,dressed as a girl should be dressed!

  • love them

    Love, LOVE Katie and Suri….love Katie’s look,she’s a classic beauty.Who can wear jeans when the time calls for it. You don’t see her in a black dress and heels taking the kid out.
    Suri is a little doll, so pretty,looks adorable pushing her doll carriage.
    if only we could see a certain blonde little girl dressed like this pushing a doll , never happen, and wondering why. A girl should be a girl, end of story. This is normal! Not frigging boys pants and shirts carrying a sword!!!!!!!!!

  • 5 year olds deciding


    Exactly, 100% right.a 5 yr old should not. In Katie’s case I think she’s just being ‘cute’. I doubt Suri dresses her…maybe picks some stuff out..she’s a little fashionista…soo pretty too.
    The same then should be said for Shiloh no?? Why is a 5 yr old deciding she wants a boy hair cut and all boys clothing? Do you really think a 5 yr old should decide she will buy ALL BOYS clothes? Really? If anyone does, they are just not saying what they really think. Angie told VF last year “Shiloh wants to be a boy”. Really?
    This is why Chaz Bono brought this up on tv. I wasn’t surprised. Shiloh is not a BOY, and something is weird here. But, on JJ, it’s ok, she’s just 5. Yeah and so is Suri.But they forget that, they hate everyone but you know who.

  • AEP

    What a complete stupid, brainless twit.


    Everyone says my kid is a fashionista too… and everyone elses little girl is a fashionista as well… its not hard to make your little girl look stylish these days w/ inexpensive stylish specialty stores like Gap dressing 99.9 percent of the 4-5 yr olds out there… yada yada yada… people need to get out more if they think this kid is more unique or stylish then the next. I buy all those brands that suri wears for my 3 yr old too, I like shopping… I love fashion… but I don’t go around thinking she’s magical and better..I probably could save some $$$ a hit the gap b/c my kid gets the same complements as all the other little girls in Old Navy and Gap, its pretty funny.

  • yajaira

    suri’s so girly, love that


    and Suri is a very pretty kid… but I have to say, not at all stand-out wow like everyone claims… its kind of lame how adults are making comments about this kids looks… its pathetic actually.I think that’s why their is such a negative response to the Suri is beautiful comments….People. ALL KIDS are cute… especially when they are walking down the street w/ cute props… Suri is always made to do something cute for camera, thats KH’s thing… and the kid doing adult things pics always get the best responses in my world and pictures as well… add $$ clothes and a sheet of dark brown hair always in her face, she looks like a little “model” Its so sad its like Suri is on stage with PROPS constantly. KH is bat-shit crazy.

  • why do people like to worship?

    like everyone, certain angles are better… most kids are look great in photos… and certain angles of Suri are unfortunate.. I don’t like making these comments but the sad folks on here are celeb-child-worshiping… SAD!… you put people on pedestals, you will always get disappointed. Remember, these of PROFESSIONALS taking the photos, (remember your wedding pics ladies!)… of course w/ great cameras and equipment ppl look phenomenal. Stop the Suri WORSHIPING… its adding fuel to the craziness fire.

  • coupon lady

    @love them:

    Don’t be an idiot. A kid should be a kid. Suri is being raised as a little diva. Normal little girls don’t run around in heels, make up, with ten thousand dollar bags, and a closet full of designer clothes. They alternate between jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses and if they have brothers–often their brother’s t-shirts, shorts etc. The “other” child is gorgeous and she is a tom boy. Who cares. Suri is average looking and very girly. Who cares.

  • abie

    many girls at this age like clothes and care how do they look like but this obsession is kinda pathetic. Little Suri is a fashion guru for Katie, I ber when she gets older she will be like mother to Katie because probably what Suri says Katie does. Katie must be quite silly, everything what she says is and she has no idea about it.

  • beauty..

    Poor creature!!!No brain cells!!!!

  • beauty..

    @love them:
    at least that LITTLE BEAUTIFUL BLONDE GIRL is very happy and experiencing a real childhood (oops,,should i say MORE BEAUTIFUL LITTLE BLONDE GIRL) than this little robotic girl!!!!

    about their mom????this lady who wears black and heels is just an effortlessly beautiful and INTELLIGENT unlike your idol who looks awkward with the dresses she wears!!!!!hahaha


  • beauty..

    @love them:
    and i forgot,,,,this little beautiful blonde girl does not push a doll bcoz she is holding her siblings hands!!!!!!!so sweet right?????hahaha
    SJP ROCKS!!!!!!