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Lady Gaga: 'You and I' Single Cover!

Lady Gaga: 'You and I' Single Cover!

Check out Lady Gaga in drag on the cover artwork for her new single “You and I”!

“You will never find what you are looking for in love, if you don’t love yourself,” the 25-year-old pop star tweeted along with the cover artwork.

Gaga also shared on her Twitter account that the music video for “You and I” will be her 1,000th tweet. She is currently at 992 tweets so we can definitely expect the video soon!

Earlier this week, Gaga performed the song during an appearance on The View, where she also sat down with the show’s hosts for hot topics and talked about Amy Winehouse‘s death.

Check out the alternate cover below…

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Lady Gaga’s single artwork for “You and I”?

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lady gaga you and i single cover 01
lady gaga you and i single cover 02

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  • Evan

    It’s not drag! It’s her alter ego, Jo Calderone, like Katy Perry’s Kathy-Beth Terry or Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce!

  •!/timby95 timby

    this is my favorite cover!! :D

  • Susan

    Sorry but I don’t like it.

  • alan

    I thought michael jackson was dead

  •!/timby95 timby

    @Evan: so she has 2 alter ego ? Jo and Yuyi ?

  • jackie

    Oh wow. So edgy and fierce. Not at all grasping in desperation for more attention as her hype begins to dwindle.

  • Charlotte Gainsbourg


  • covert operations

    for once can gaga not go for the shock value and the “love yourself message.” WE GET IT! I love this single though!!!

  • Jazz

    Uhm. Okay. NO.
    is there any way she could get POSITIVE attention without
    Having to try so hard without these desperate looks?
    No one is naturally this weird.
    Or “unique” as shed like to think of herself.
    You have to go out of your way to do this crap

  • WatevaBitch

    This prove that she was a man.

  • Sam

    She doesn’t make for a pretty girl
    Or for a pretty guy
    looks like a rise of the planet of the apes movie poster

  • blah

    for next album she should just change $ex completley… she already looks like a man…

  • http://ja slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    hahahaha not good looking

  • Adri

    I can’t decide which is uglier! Gaga as a tranny or a man. :l

  • Nils

    I am utterly speechless. And not in a good way.

  • NewsToYou

    @covert operations:

    Shocking? Why is this shocking? You need to get out more. And to the extent that it may be “shocking” to some folks, the more she does it the less shocking it will be. And maybe that’s worth something.

  • Jasmin

    Looks like Serge Gainsbourg!!!!!!!!

  • NewsToYou

    And to those taking pot shots at Lady Gaga and her art, go listen to your Miley Cyrus albums. No need for your breadth of wisdom here.

  • lizz

    Yeah, she can sing and all but man, those “artworks” are just…it’s like looking at an ugly man.
    Why can’t she just take the makeup and the costumes off?
    She can still get her point across through music without all that stuff.

  • elle

    I would just like to see her in jeans and a T shirt for once, looking like a normal person. I feel like i don’t know what she actually looks like

  • mikeijames

    well this will just re-ignite those rumors that she’s actually a man.

  • SAB


  • Ana

    Her desperation to be quirky and ‘artsy’ is extremely tedious now.

  • lafamepoma

    Uau she can be a man and a a woman at the same time!

  • squaraus

    Question: is there a way for this “woman” to show talent without these “shocking” (for whom?) exhibitions or these are the proves her “talent” is over? Markets are confirming her that if you sell music, first of all you have to make that and not copying others’ (crappy) songs, plus spending the remaining time in total appearance. Her latest album has been defined a colossal flop and we’re seeing it, so how much time should we wait before this silly and ugly “girl” gets conscious of it and stops with this pain in the butt that is her “music” and herself? Maybe someone should seriously talk to her! … ihihih

  • Brendan

    @elle: There are many pictures of Gaga in jeans, and pics of her before she was famous. Its your fault you havent seen them.

  • öööö

    Is it just me or does she look just like Adam Goldberg?

  • omg

    a pretty Jewish girl.

  • try again

    nothing Madonna hasn’t done in 1991 she had an alter ego named Dita & she dressed like a man surrounded by men wearing just fishnet w/ heels shot by steven meisel. Notice how Gag also copied Madonna in this photo as well as the guys around her for Alejandro.

  • Angelina Jolie is a fake WH@RE

    don´t like gaga and her “art”.
    but this is cool and creative..

    she looks like young dustin hoffman here..but the ugly version of him.

  • Angelina Jolie is a fake WH@RE

    a crossing between dustin hoffam and al pacino

  • SeeFSee

    That’s her best look yet, I really like it !

  • moonlight

    Is that GAGA?????
    really……….Are you kidding me?

  • Love the shoes

    I always feel like it’s mandatory that I find her just the best darn thing since sliced white bread, when really, the only thing I can think when I see something she’s done is “it’s been done before and more interestingly so.”

    She’s talented, very much so, but she’s not amazing or new in my eyes.

  • Love the shoes

    @try again: Thank you! please read my post a bit above. Anyway, I totally agree with you.

  • poppy

    Can we get past the whole Gaga faze? It’s like uggs w sweats. I’m over it fast.

  • cindy

    Please she’s not the first to have an alter-ego or dress like a dude. She so copys looks from AnnieLennox,Madonna, Cher,Christina Aguilera,& Kylie Minogue. She sure doesn’t look fierce, shocking, or girl did it’s more like look oh who she is coping now?lolol

  • karentheloser

    once she doesnt copy anyone vowwwwwwwgaga lots respect your hard work

  • burnt bacon

    Is it just me, or does she look like a younger Adam Goldberg when she’s in drag?

  • alberto

    @squaraus: Born This Way is a flop in which way? it is the biggest/fastest selling album WW with 4 million copies sold in 2 months, while “normal” artists like Katy Perry only have sold 3 million in a year and 3 months. Katy Perry may sell singles, but Lady Gaga is selling albums like nobody from this era. You can talk all you want, but you can’t deny she is doing something new and progressive other than those generic popstars. Lady Gaga has talent, even Beyoncé said that in an interview and she is what’s considered “normal”. Maybe someone should talk with you.

  • öööö

    @burnt bacon: Dude, I just said that. Post 27. And she does.

  • Wonder

    oh, no! Jo Calderone came sooner than Kathy-Beth Terry!! Bye katy fans !!
    Lady Gaga FOrEVER!!

  • Delia

    Um, why does Gaga always play off the gay community when we all know she is straight as an arrow! Her using them is getting old really fast and annoying, not sure why she is able to suck them in! She is so full of HERself, I don’t think for one minute she really cares about us in the LGBT except for our $sss!!!

  • j

    She’s hot and you know it!

  • Anthony

    @jackie: So it’s desperate when she does it, but not when Katy, Beyonce, and others do it?

    @squaraus: She’s a performance artist. She has performed several stripped-down versions of her songs and has showcased her talents several times. You’re on the Internet, check it all out on Youtube.

  • http://none MARIE


  • G

    Every “new” look or schtick is just a rip off of what some other artist did first, back when it was controversial and shocking. Her songs and videos too are just rip offs of others.

  • Namea

    I thought she was Prince at first lol! Gaga sweetie the one thing that will shock us all is if you actually dress normal for once. I’m tired of her get ups there over done sorry :/

  • Wilde

    What does an artist need to do to become recognized nowadays? Adele is recognized by her voice, but if you go around asking people who she is, the majority of them say “who?” Ask for 30 Seconds to Mars. The majority here are thinking it’s a link to Mars. Best Rock Band I have heard in a long a*s time. However, when it comes to Lady Gaga, EVERYONE knows who she is. You can’t leave your house without someone listening to one of her songs, or talking about a concert, interview, radio, or anything that she did. Should there have to be a reason for Gaga to be the way she wants to be? Must people automatically put her down when she decides to do something for her art. You try selling albums with just your voice. Norah Jones did it, and where is she now?
    In Hollywood, you need a “Wow” factor. Nobody will open doors for you if you come in with your guitar and say “I wanna sing a song.” Michelle Branch is proof that you need a little more. Lady Gaga came in, she decided she was going to change it around. You all put her down when she first came out. You put her down now that she is an international star, making almost $100 million. Put her down when she decides to behead someone, or kill someone. Lady Gaga came out of nowhere, wanted to become the biggest star in music, and she is. Just because you all can’t stand the fact that she “copied” off of some artists. Where the f*ck are you going to get your inspiration from? Drag queens always get their inspiration from Cher, Madonna, Barbra Streisand, Elizabeth Taylor, among others. Another thing, she appeals to the gay community because of what she is, what she sings of. When the gay community began to follow her, immediately, she became an advocate for Gay and Lesbian rights. She epitomizes a true star, and the majority of you condemn her for that. If you’re so tired of her, ignore posts like these of Lady Gaga. Ignore the television, the radio, people, concerts, interviews, magazines, newspapers, everything that has to do with her, ignore it! If you don’t like her, then fine, but don’t put someone down that you have no respect for. I have respect for many people in Hollywood, she is one of the people I do respect. We all are entitled to our opinions, but when they become defamatory, they really are not welcome. Next time, move on when you see something of Lady Gaga.

    -Little Monster.

  • Jackie

    Smoking will kill you