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Alexander Skarsgard: Cold Grey Light of Dawn!

Alexander Skarsgard: Cold Grey Light of Dawn!

Alexander Skarsgard wears a grey tee as he steps out on Monday (August 8) in New York City’s Soho neighborhood.

The 34-year-old True Blood actor wore a pair of Apple earbuds while out and about.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Over the weekend, Alex was spotted out in downtown NYC, where he was nice enough to take a photo with a fan who recognized him.

Alex also enjoyed lunch out on the town at Gemma (twice!) late last week.

“Cold Grey Light of Dawn,” the latest from True Blood, aired Sunday night – WHAT DID YOU THINK of the ep?

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# 1

Wow another Alex thread! After last nights ep I don’t blame you JJ! lol

# 2

Why can’t my boyfriend look like him

# 3

Last night’s episode was very very good. The writing and acting (all around) was kicked it up a notch these last few episodes. Alex looks flawless as usual. Keep the Alex posts coming!

# 5

Looking good as usual. :)

# 6

I love how the trolls come on the AS threads & try to imply him & KB will get back together lol what is their obession with that crap. People break up deal with it…..

# 7

Wonder if Kate will be visiting him on set. She loves New York.

# 8

Hey babe your so sexii

# 9

yeah he look good with sunglasess

Love him soo much I hope he is single.LoL *** love love love

Le sigh…after last night’s episode I am jealous of Anna Paquin. Man, it’s just not fair!. Someone perfect cloning, like now!! LOL


He is single.


See…. trolls…. lol

Just when you think this man can’t possibly get any hotter!!! I am so thrilled seeing all of these Alex threads and he has been looking so HAPPY. Amazing acting as usual on last night’s TB episode. So jealous of Anna Paquin – she is one lucky woman! :-)

Last nights episode was stellar. The love scenes were steamy…Alex has a geat bod but man…Anna Paquins body is sooo hot…too bad she is not single because I think her and Alex have great chemistry and would have actually made a hot couple.

I agree that Anna has an amazing body, I’m sure Alex enjoyed looking at her during those love scences lol

Last night’s episode was awesome!

Seriously @ 08/08/2011 at 4:34 pm

After last night ep I can see why KB was stalking him. Damn that was hot and he looks like this in real life. Someone must be crying in her vacuum suck meal which she would never digest.

He’s delicious. I think I’m addicted to see him in sex scenes after last night’s TB episode. He was amazing.

Was so, so hot and sexy and Alex OMG! Alex, OMG Alex body and plowing, I want.

last night TB. It was excellent; very exciting and very colorful and sexy and Alexander was superb. Can I have him in real life? Pretty please.

Alexander Skarsgard makes me want to be an actress . Then go to true blood for auditions has his dungeon sex slave.

Last night’s episode was amazing. I thought the ending was intense especially with Jessica really trying hard to go out into the sun.

Psyche101 @ 08/08/2011 at 5:46 pm

I love all the people going on about how happy he looks. He looks pretty pissed off to me, and I would be too if the paps followed my every move. I bet even his own mum doesn’t have as much insight into his life as JJ does. And before you start flaming me for feeding the fire, I was only here for the free booze…


He looks serious like most walking down the street alone, is he suppose to be smiling at everyone lol

He was friendly last week when a pap approached him & a male friend eating as they left a resturant, he even thanked him when he said he loves TB & laughed at him.
I think they mean he looks happier than he has in the past.


Phew. Still looking good; those arms…
Loved Sunday’s episode. Particularly enjoying not knowing where Alan Ball is taking the story, in particular the Jessica storyline. Glad to see Pam’s nose nearly back in place too. There’s some very fine acting this season, Marnie excepted – her accent(s) is/are diabolical. And of course, a little (but not enough) AE this week. I wonder will AE remember any of his time with Sookie when his memory comes back.
I think it’s been the most compelling and consistently good season so far. As an aside, I reckon Tommy’s going to shift into Maxine to rob the gas money, how funny is that going to be?

hottness is all i have to say

SKARGASMIC (and yes I would be shouting)

@Hot: Because then the universe would have to implode.

loved last night’s episode, would love it even more if we could get twenty minutes of Eric instead of 2. But no, not complaining. Today I am NOT complaining. But I am worried about Jessica. Anybody have spoilers there?

@seeshay: Remember, there are photos of Deborah Ann Woll on the set while they were filming the witch war, so I’m pretty sure she survives.
what, last night’s episode or the AS arm porn?

Whoever has the fashion/shopping option for these photos has it wrong. All the sunglasses that Alexander has been wearing in the photos are from Persol. These ones are the 714 – Fold Up Steve McQueen Limited edition sunglasses.
Seriously whoever does that for this site should do a little more research on the eye wear!

@ladybug: um that would be both …..rowr!!!

@seeshay: nobody will kill of Jessica but someone needs to put a bullet between Tara’s eyes …she’s sooooo irritating

Seriously? @ 08/08/2011 at 8:30 pm

Astute comment on the quality of last nights episode of True Blood. Expression of desire for Alex. Animal sound. Announce death wish for least favorite character on show. Describe Alex’ butt. Animal sound.

@chelle: I thought so!

@Tanja, I don’t think the ‘get this look’ is actually JJ’s. And yes they do get things plenty wrong, one of his gym shots where he was obviously head to toe Nike the ‘get this look/buy this’ had it as adidas.

@Tanja: Funny Alex reminds me very much of the late great Steve McQueen. Some of his photo shoots I can look at his face and feel Steve looking back. The same is true sometimes about James Dean. In his acting I can feel him almost chanelling these two at moments yet making the scenes his own in every way. And it takes a very rare and pure talent to do that.

And JJ I care not if he wears the same thing 2 days apart. That only tells me he is a savvy traveler and not hung up on the Hollywood fashion hoopla. He is still very down to earth and a simple man who happens to act for a living.

@ladybug: what is it about this man that makes people speak in incomplete sentences? BTW I’m still for Vin Disel…..don’t think AB can afford him though.

@chelle: It’s funny, because if you’d told me ten years ago that the goofy eurotrash model from Zoolander was going to turn out like this I’d would have gone, he’s cute but he’s not all that. He has certainly gotten better with age.
AB could afford Vin Diesel if Quinn were a special guest star, not a recurring character.

I’m trying so hard not to be a fan cliche, but this man makes me want to scream like those little girls at the Ed Sullivan show in the old Elvis footage!!!

GermanVamo @ 08/08/2011 at 9:38 pm

He is single. Lucky us. :)

I hope Alex’s next gf is a buxom brunette over 30 who rocks his world!!!

GermanVamp @ 08/08/2011 at 9:42 pm

I’ve watched him in his old movies. Mainly because I speak Swedish. And I have to say. The older he gets, the hotter he is. You just gotta love him.

@Joyce: too bad I’m already married!!! I’d definitely take blonde highlights out for him…lol

@Joyce: If I was only 20 something years younger! I am a Joyce too. In my 30′s I might have stood a chance. LOL 6′ 38DDD 26 38 Hair to my waist. To bad he was only a young teenager then.

He was born 20 years too late for me to lust after. But I can still enjoy his art.

hollybdc Holly Bailey
Vampire Eric from True Blood is at The Kills concert in NYC. Ladies all around me are losing it…

Wow I bet they are just throwing themselves at him after last night’s show lol

He looks awesome in these shots. His hair is good too, not slicked or puffy and soft looking. I’ve always loved him in a grey tee.

Re: the last episode… Couldn’t help but think back to the Eric /Yvetta dungeon scene, his thousand yard stare and complete detachment, and compare it to the Eric / Sookie scenes in ep. 7.

@Canuck: He looked a lot more interested this time around. Admittedly, it’s Amnesia Eric, but I think even non AE would be a lot more interested.
I’m wondering what happens when AE has the spell broken and he realizes how he’s been dressing the last few days.

Well, he was seen last night at the Kills gig. He was at the VIP balcony with Julianne Moore, Steve Coogan and Kirstin Dunst. Hope we re not seeing another mousy straw haired non-eater train wreck attached to him. One was bad enough.

@dora: Kirsten? Well she supposedly still has a boyfriend, and was his co-star in Melancholia, so I wouldn’t get overly worried here. And I like Kirsten a heck of a lot more than I liked KB. In that I actually like KD.


Lol, thats a given! Most everyone is better than KB. And I just realised I mispelled “Kirsten”. But still, the man should stay away from that type. Its bad for his zen – heh. ;)

@ladybug: He looked exactly the same (headspace wise) as in his “daydream” and the office kiss, I thought. bet that Bill is regretting giving her all that blood now, he had to sit through a night of awesome Eric Northman marathon sex as seen through what Sookie was feeling. Lol…

@Canuck: I don’t hate Bill, but I’m not feeling that much pity for him right now, as it appears he’s had plenty of non-Sookie nookie since she went to fairy land (and came back). What’s good for the goose…

@Mia: I’m thinking AS is responsible for global warming.


Yeah KD knows him from the movie they made together, & she has a BF I believe right?

I highly doubt Alex is going to get into another relationship so soon after ending a 2 year one. He is probably single & living it up.

And Julianne Moore and Steve Coogan are both costars with him in Maisie, right? I agree Dani– and I hope he stays single for while now, think he’s got enough on his plate and sounds like he’s enjoying being in NYC eating well and going to concerts. Like to see him just re;lax a while.

@Rachal :): I think he smells like pine needles, and has a face like sunshine!

@Dani: He looks like he was checking something out here (perhaps it was her boots):

@ladybug: I don’t feel sorry for him either.


Yeah I do not think he was actually looking at her as much as something in a window or on the street & the girl just happened to be in the same shot lol

@Canuck: I find it amusing that the die hard Billstans don’t seem to mind him having some but are thoroughly ticked at Sookie for being with Eric. I’m not sure if they’re mad at her for not being celibate while awaiting a reunion with Bill, or they’re mad at her for having sex with Eric, as opposed to some random stranger or Alcide.

@ladybug: Let’s see, we know he’s had sex with Lorena, sex with his security lady and sex with Portia. Not to mention the randoms that his “procurer” had been supplying him with for over a year.

Does anyone else think that Anna is looking much better this season?

Yep, but then I think she’s lovely in a ‘she is who she is without changing for her career’ way. She’s a healthy looking weight and she’s not mucked around with how she looks. It’s a brave, confident woman that wouldn’t have had that tooth gap fixed. She’s never going to look great crying her eyes out with her hair scraped back, but who would?

@Debbie: I rather admire those who don’t turn themselves into Barbies. But her hair is longer I think and that suits her, her makeup is better and she’s obviously bee dong something like yoga or pilates because she looks really toned without having the “I’ve been lifting weights” muscle definition.

Rachal :) @ 08/09/2011 at 1:35 pm

@I’m Cute: LOL love it!!!!!!

@Canuck: Been doing, not “bee dong” LOL. That was a little embarrassing…

So is there only 3 cast members in the new movie he starts filming this week in NYC?

The movie is called What Masie Knew & the IDMB board only has Alex with Julianne Moore & Stephan Coogan starring?
Wonder who is playing the young girl the book is centered on?


So who is Kirsten Dunst dating?

@I’m Cute: Alex should have been the cop in that movie.

@Dani: Rilo Kiley drummer Jason Boesel

Was the drummer for RK. Sorry. I know he drummed for Jenny and Johnny and they played at a lot of European festivals this summer. Kirsten went on tour with them if I’m not mistaken.

Rachal :) @ 08/09/2011 at 4:32 pm

@Chiquita: or the tree

Megan: I’m glad he’s single because I’m going to climb that like a tree.

@Rachal :): LOL! Yep, it’s all him :-)

@Canuck: Yes, she definitely looks better this season. The longer hair truly suits her and they are doing a better job with her make-up. I think Anna is a beautiful woman. She doesn’t have that cookie-cutter model pretty look and that’s what makes her stand out. Glad she never had that tooth gap fixed.

out of topic but i was just curious whether ted has revealed who his nelly fang is?
i’m not a fan of his so dont follow his column


WTH does that even mean? lol what is a nell fang?

as far as i get there is supposedto be one hot vampire actor that is *ahem* into opposite sex and the name of askars was on the top guesses on the readers comments so i wondered if ted finally revealed who this guy is

@huh?: Despite the fact that I think you’re trolling, I’ll answer you. Ted C has never answered the Nelly Fang question because Nelly Fang most likely doesn’t exist. Ted’s descriptions of NF have varied so much there’s it’s highly likely that Ted was fed a line of BS by a ‘source’ and /or is just making stuff up to send people into a tizzy.

@ladybug: thanks a lot! oh and i’m not trolling anyways. so looks like this ted guy is a douchebag and makes things up just to get people read his column? how needy is that? lol
didn’t miss a thing for not following him

So Ted has hinted Alex goes both ways?

What is Nelly Fang though? lol

@dani @ladybug he was probably looking at her and wondering how in the world she wasn’t dying of heat. I was also walking around soho that day and was melting, so I don’t know how someone could physically wear boots, jeans and a sweater!

Fan photo of Alex and some of the girls who work at Blue Parrot:

Favorite picture in the world!
It’s not JUST me in the pic though, it’s a bunch of my coworker girls and I who went screaming into the kitchen when we found out it was actually him haha.
Basically he came in to drink at the restaurant I work at and we all recognized him. My co-workers made me ask for the pic since they were all super nervous. I asked and he said sure :) After he was sitting at a table with some foreign girls and I asked for an autograph before I left, one of the girls goes “are you in a boy band or something?” and I responded “Yeah, a VERY popular boy band” and proceeded to make a joke about his boy band hair…. he laughed. I died.

I thought it was too funny he was in East Hampton sitting with some foreign girls who had no idea who he was & thought he was in some boy band lol
Guess Alex is enjoying his single life!

@Karon: Looking at the pic again, I think you’re correct, I noticed the boots initially but not the sweater. He was probably wondering ‘what the heck?!’

New pics of Alex! BTW I think Maisie starts filming today.


Hey Camille, thought you had left us! lol

Thanks for the pics, up further I posted what that girl said that got the group shot with him when he was in East Hampton.
I find it so odd cause she said before she left she asked for his autograph & he was sitting with a group of foreign girls.
It also seems they did not know who he was cause they asked him if he was in a boy band, seriously WTF lol
I assume they were on vacation from a country that does not get the show LMAO
Guess Alex is having fun being single!

Thank you for the pictures, Camille and thank you, Dani, for posting the girl’s experience with Alex at the restaurant. Just think if those foreign girls go back home and TB starts showing in their country, they’d be kicking themselves! Hope Alex enjoys every bit of his single life. And ladies, if you check out the promo for episode 8, it very much looks like we are finally getting the long-awaited SHOWER SCENE!!!!! Seriously, if I die today, I hope they show TB in heaven b/c I do not want to miss that! :-)

@Dani: So jealous of those New Yorkers! *sigh*

@Mia: Link to the promo please?


I know, I need to be in NYC like now!lol

You’re welcome guys. I was away for a couple days but I wanted to check in and see if there were any new pics.

Like I have said before, I have been a fan of his for years, but each time I read all of these wonderful things about him in NY and the Hamptons, you just cannot help but love the guy more.
He is humble and kind to his fans, never denying a fan a photo or autograph, in this day and age he is truly an exception.
Thanks to all of you guys for the constant links, they are always wonderful.

WillaWonka @ 08/12/2011 at 5:56 am

Does anyone wonder if this guy will ever really fall in love/be in a committed relationship. I’m curious as to what type of woman would really make Askars fall hard. If he was in love with or even deeply cared about KB that says alot but who knows? Thoughts anyone? I think his most serious relationship before this was with that model Sara Tun? She’s dumb as a box of rocks so what does that say? And people on other boards say most of the women he dates are super skinny and that he’s a bit of a manwhore. Can this wonderful, kind, amazing guy that people are always describing really be so superficial and sleazy when it comes to his relationships?

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