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Daniel Craig: 'Cowboys & Aliens' Berlin Premiere!

Daniel Craig: 'Cowboys & Aliens' Berlin Premiere!

Daniel Craig looks dapper as he arrives at the German premiere of his latest movie, Cowboys & Aliens, on Monday (August 8) at Cinestar SonyCenter in Berlin, Germany.

Joining the 43-year-old English actor at the premiere were his co-stars, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Daniel Craig

Olivia, 27, wore a Tom Ford dress paired with Brian Atwood shoes and Carrera y Carrera jewelry.

20+ pictures inside of Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, and Olivia Wilde at the German premiere of Cowboys & Aliens

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daniel craig harrison ford olivia wilde cowboys aliens berlin premiere 01
daniel craig harrison ford olivia wilde cowboys aliens berlin premiere 02
daniel craig harrison ford olivia wilde cowboys aliens berlin premiere 03
daniel craig harrison ford olivia wilde cowboys aliens berlin premiere 04
daniel craig harrison ford olivia wilde cowboys aliens berlin premiere 05
daniel craig harrison ford olivia wilde cowboys aliens berlin premiere 06
daniel craig harrison ford olivia wilde cowboys aliens berlin premiere 07
daniel craig harrison ford olivia wilde cowboys aliens berlin premiere 08
daniel craig harrison ford olivia wilde cowboys aliens berlin premiere 09
daniel craig harrison ford olivia wilde cowboys aliens berlin premiere 10
daniel craig harrison ford olivia wilde cowboys aliens berlin premiere 11
daniel craig harrison ford olivia wilde cowboys aliens berlin premiere 12
daniel craig harrison ford olivia wilde cowboys aliens berlin premiere 13
daniel craig harrison ford olivia wilde cowboys aliens berlin premiere 14
daniel craig harrison ford olivia wilde cowboys aliens berlin premiere 15
daniel craig harrison ford olivia wilde cowboys aliens berlin premiere 16
daniel craig harrison ford olivia wilde cowboys aliens berlin premiere 17
daniel craig harrison ford olivia wilde cowboys aliens berlin premiere 18
daniel craig harrison ford olivia wilde cowboys aliens berlin premiere 19
daniel craig harrison ford olivia wilde cowboys aliens berlin premiere 20
daniel craig harrison ford olivia wilde cowboys aliens berlin premiere 21

Credit: Rick Sonnemann; Photos: WENN
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53 Responses to “Daniel Craig: 'Cowboys & Aliens' Berlin Premiere!”

  1. 1
    Daniel is Hot Says:

    Boy we get to see Daniel a lot these days. Great! Happy to see him smile.

  2. 2
    Lisa Says:

    Check out the weave on that chick.

  3. 3
    ha ha Says:


    lol looks like a piece from jessica simpson’s line. I think ow’s face is shaped like a rice krispie.

  4. 4
    Denise Says:

    Yawn……now they are flogging the crap movie in Europe. Good, now we can get a break over here from the incessant promotion and OW photo ops. Word to her PR, you are not doing her a favor by literally ramming her down our throats all year. Give us and the girl a break.

  5. 5
    MIA Says:

    And what is wrong with Olivia’s dresses nowadays.She’s a young lady, but dresses like a 50 years old woman? Hey, it is not a business meeting, but movie premier. Girl, hire a new stylist.

  6. 6
    43 Says:

    she look like carla bruni
    but bruni is better LOL

  7. 7
    Maysbury Says:

    Evidently no one told her that Julianne Moore just wore this dress.

  8. 8



  9. 9



  10. 10
    Judith Says:

    Craig has really aged since Casino Royale. Now he looks like an old man.

  11. 11



  12. 12



  13. 13



  14. 14
    Rie Says:

    Rachel looks like Olga Kurylenko.
    Daniel looks hot as ever!!

  15. 15
    elise Says:

    Daniel has such a sweet smile. I think John Favreau look like Liberace!!

  16. 16
    Mendel Says:

    to DiH

    “Boy we get to see Daniel a lot these days.”

    Yes, and I can’t get enough ;)

    to Rie

    “Rachel looks like Olga Kurylenko.”

    I was thinking that, too! Have they got the same stylist?

    Those lucky, luckeee Berliners. They get to see the film earlier than we (hrmph!).

  17. 17
    Amy Says:

    Where was he photographed? weird place..

  18. 18
    Launa Says:

    Why does everyone dislike Olivia so much? Olivia in Tom Ford is sexy!

  19. 19
    Biel Says:

    To Rie
    Daniel is absolutely gorgeous!! He has his own style anytime. However, he had better choose the brighter color if he wears a blue shirt. It matches his beautiful eyes more.

  20. 20
    bart Says:

    It will Flop overseas too

  21. 21
    Amy Says:

    Awwwww, lucky her! jealous.
    the_milky_way Dee
    Also.. OMG, Harrison Ford touched me ;)… Have to say Daniel Craig’s voice up close and personal is just awesome… so is Olivia Wilde
    2 hours ago
    the_milky_way Dee
    Told Daniel Craig I couldn’t sleep after Layer Cake.. he said he couldn’t either after he was done with it… LOL
    2 hours ago
    the_milky_way Dee
    @matalinolukaret OH YES! That man is gorgeous and has piercing eyes and he was funny and charming and called beautiful :)
    2 hours ago
    the_milky_way Dee
    @callmecayce Oh yes… and God, that voice and the accent… just.. *melts*
    2 hours ago
    the_milky_way Dee
    @callmecayce That surprised me, I was so calm and smiled at him and he was in a good mood… but to fast to sign my poster.. LOL
    2 hours ago

  22. 22
    Rie Says:

    Sry, I was miswriting; Olivia looks like Olga Kurylenko. I’ve been preoccupied with Rachel? LOL
    Mendel, you’re a perceptive girl!

  23. 23
    Joe Says:

    C&A was pretty solid and fan. Much respect for Daniel Craig now.

  24. 24
    Ana Says:

    Ana De La Reguera Smitten With Daniel Craig On ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ Set
    Mexican star Ana de la Reguera struggled to film scenes opposite Daniel Craig on the set of action film Cowboys & Aliens because she had a huge crush on the Brit.

    The sexy Nacho Libre star, who plays Sam Rockwell’s wife in the sci-fi western, admits she was smitten with Craig the minute she met him – and she spent much of the movie trying to avoid eye contact.

    She tells Angeleno magazine, “He was my one and only crush. I couldn’t even look at him on the set. The first time I saw him, I said, ‘Oh my god, I’m in love with you!’”

    But the actress just missed out on spending quality time with the James Bond star – he had already fallen for Rachel Weisz, his co-star in upcoming thriller Dream House. The two Brits wed in June.

  25. 25
    Ana Says:

    Shield Reviews: Cowboys and Aliens
    The Shield Reviews the western Sci-Fi blend-up.
    Please be aware that I do my best to not spoil films for readers that haven’t seen the specific film yet, but sometimes, I let too much slip out, so if you haven’t seen this yet, be alert of some spoilers I put in this review. You’ve been warned.
    Cowboys and Aliens is one of those films that isn’t made to be great although it was certainly hyped ever since it’s Super Bowl ad, but since the box office results and the critics’ ratings have been disappointing up to this point, as if it wasn’t what you call a “popcorn” movie already, it certainly is now. It’s one of those movies that you can’t take seriously – just expect it to be entertaining at most, but to be honest, it was more than entertaining for me. The critics were way too harsh on this. I didn’t even know what they are talking about. Now the critics weren’t terrible on it, but they certainly could’ve gave it a higher score since it deserved better in my opinion. The movie is flat-out enjoyable. The acting lead by Daniel Craig as Jake Lonergan and Harrison Ford as Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde are both rock solid in their roles – Craig who is more British, was not at all noticable as his cowboy accent isn’t exactly obvious in the film, but it wasn’t exactly obvious he’s a British man, either. Ford is amazing in every film I’ve seen it seems like. Whether it is Indiana Jones, Star Wars, or this, he never fails to amaze. Olivia Wilde is also good in the film as Ella Swenson, her character was a little odd where she almost seemed like a hitchhiker stalking Lonergan (his name is hilarious – lone-again) and her character’s development was a little shallow, but you can put the blame on the directors and producers of the film for her shallow character development, not Wilde. Wilde isn’t the best in the movie, but she still manages to deliver a very solid performance. Paul Dano is kooky as Ford’s son in the film, Percy – he is nothing special by any means, but he’s a goofy character that brings some humor to the mix. Sam Rockwell is great as Doc while Noah Ringer is excellent as the kid of the cowboys, Emmett Taggart, and Clancy Brown does good as Meacham. The cast is very well-rounded and the flaws aren’t too high other than Ella’s development, but that’s not Wilde’s wrongdoing.

    The action is pretty cool and the sci-fi special effects are awesome. Whether it’s the alien dock or the aliens themselves to Lonergan’s mysterious weapon on his arm’s technology-created blaster is also cool and kind of brings back memories of the Star Wars days. The movie can be pretty intense at times and the action is at times relentless including a epic final battle between the cowboys and the aliens for the battle of peace. The movie is directed by Jon Favreau who did the Iron Man films and executive producers/producers included Ron Howard and yes, Steven Spielberg. The movie seems to be a mix of three movies: any old western film, Star Wars, and Super 8 with a slight taste of Indiana Jones in it, as well.

    For me, I thought the movie was underrated considering the harsh box office results and critics ratings, and I think the movie deserves more than it was given. I loved it and think it receives a 4.5/5.

  26. 26
    Hotlips Says:

    Bwahahahahahaha, C&A was an utter BOMB! Jerkwad Craig just can’t cut it. Who up there said he had a cute smile? He doesn’t have a cute smile. He’s a sarcastic, ungrateful, full o’ **** a$$hole, if you ever met him in person.

  27. 27
    NYC Says:

    to hateres: He is so handsome in person. I swear it.

  28. 28
    NYC Says:

    And his eyes are incredibly blue. I swear it.

  29. 29
    Amy Says:

    CaroMotteCaroline Fuhr
    i can confirm that Daniel Craig’s eyes are not – i repeat – NOT
    photoshoppped. they burn the f***ing hell out of you.
    5 hours ago

    CaroMotteCaroline Fuhr
    @oliviawilde you’re welcome! thanks for giving so many autographs – your are GREAT in the movie!!
    5 hours ago

    CaroMotteCaroline Fuhr
    German premiere Cowboys & Aliens. A girl comes up to me and says: ‘D’you want this ticket for the premiere? Havn’t got time. Interested?’

    5 hours ago

  30. 30
    jiji Says:

    I saw C&A. Love it! I liked the storyline of Ford&Dano. Daniel in chaps was freaking AMAZING! He is the actor with the qualification to wear chaps, I admit only him!!

  31. 31
    to Amy Says:


    Weird place. I don’t think a stage decoratedt like a salon is a weird place for a movie calle Cowboys and aliens.

  32. 32
    Biel Says:

    To to Amy
    I’m with you. Look, it was the Western style set.

  33. 33
    Biel Says:

  34. 34
    Fio Says:

    (VIDEO) Neu Cowboys & Aliens Berlinpremiere 8.8.2011(Harrison Ford u. Daniel Craig)

  35. 35
    Fio Says:

    (VIDEO) 08.08.2011 – Berlin – Cowboys und Aliens

  36. 36
    Fio Says:

    Hi, DiH
    I have a h*ll of a time for seeing his hotness these days!!
    to Rie
    Thanks for the pic. Well, they both have sparkling cats’ eyes.
    Hi, Mendel
    Yeah, but you can see his a**less chaps this weekend!
    BTW I worry about the London premiere. I hope the riot is soon put down…
    to Ana
    “The first time I saw him, I said, ‘Oh my god, I’m in love with you!’””
    Wow, Ana is forthright and honest, she is surely a vigorously passionate woman. So I knew that she has “confessed” her love to Daniel. But I didn’t expect that she said such openly.

  37. 37
    idontcare Says:

    He’s ugly as *****.

  38. 38
    Fio Says:

    BBC Interview – Daniel Craig: ‘I wanted to be a cowboy’

  39. 39
    susan Says:


    you obviously do care; or you wouldn’t be here

  40. 40
    may Says:

    i think olivia fired her old stylist.

  41. 41
    Tim Says:


    Right, it takes so much talent to look good in chaps. All of Daniel’s serious training only to be known as a beefcake. Pity!

  42. 42
    to 41 Says:

    I think Daniel is not a beefcake as Jake in C&A.
    He was skinny, but sexy.

  43. 43
    London Tonight in Soho? Says:

    Koral Tilley
    tonight = Jude Law, Daniel Craig (JamesBond) and Rachel Weiz
    19 minutes agovia web

  44. 44
    Elle Says:

    London Tonight is a regional news programme broadcast on ITV London. Maybe she was watching it.

  45. 45
    Mendel Says:

    to Amy

    “CaroMotteCaroline Fuhr
    i can confirm that Daniel Craig’s eyes are not – i repeat – NOT
    photoshoppped. they burn the f***ing hell out of you”


    to Fio

    “I worry about the London premiere. I hope the riot is soon put down…”

    It has apparently quietened down, but they have a huge police presence in London now. I am guessing here, but they might cancel the premiere as a precaution…

  46. 46
    Fio Says:

    Sean Munsanje: Didn’t sleep grt and up since 4.30am! Someone get me coffee & wake me up for Daniel Craig. Any questions for Bond… James Bond?
    7 hours ago via TweetDeck

    Sean Munsanje: Was worried about interviewing Daniel Craig cause of rumours but have to say he’s a gent! Can’t believe I met James Bond! :)
    44 minutes ago via TweetDeck

    Sean Munsanje: @debbie_odonnell id heard he can be a tough one but he was really nice and friendly. Heading bk to airport now. Think red carpet is 2morow.
    28 seconds ago via Twitter for iPhone

  47. 47
    Fio Says:

    Hi, Mendel
    You know Sarah Cox is in soooo high!! lol

    sarah cox: Mornin,bleary-eyed cos dreamt about Daniel Craig all night,now on way to interview him!chatting to Harrison Ford too,any questions for them?
    4 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

    sarah cox: I honestly feel like Snow White with little blue birds on my shoulders and bunnies at my feet when I’ve been with Daniel Craig #DCeffect
    1 hour ago via Twitter for iPhone

    sarah cox: I got a kiss from Daniel. #nuffsaid #swoon #keepsmilingatstrangersinfenwicks
    1 hour ago via Twitter for iPhon

    Leigh Woods: @sarajcox are his eyes as blue as they look on screen? I assume you did look into them? #swoon
    54 minutes ago

    sarah cox: @Leigh_Woods yes. They are alarmingly blue.
    53 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

    sarah cox: “@grimmers: Do you think Daniel Craig’s eyes are real?” yes. So are his lips COS I FELT THEM ON MY FACE #didimentionthat?
    53 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

  48. 48
    Fio Says:

    Rachel talks about 3 big project, and her personal life a bit…

    Rachel Weisz whistles while she works with 3 big projects
    Rachel Weisz is doing some serious bonding. This summer she married Daniel Craig — a.k.a. James Bond — in New York with only Craig’s teenage daughter and Weisz’s 5-year-old son plus two family friends in attendance.

    Just don’t expect her to talk about her new life.

    Weisz (pronounced Vice) has decided to remain mum with Craig joining in on the no-talking rule. Yet, they held hands for a little bit of PDA last week after the premiere of her new film “The Whistleblower” (opening Friday in Chicago).

    “It’s a wonderful time,” she says of her life.
    In “Dream House,” Craig and Weisz play husband and wife. “I haven’t seen it yet, so I don’t know how scary it is,” she previews. “It’s a psychological thriller-slash-horror film about a couple who moves into a house and finds out that there were murders there.

    “It’s not horror. It was more like filming a drama. I can promise you that it wasn’t like ‘Hellraiser.’ ”
    Q: Is it true that you once said you would never live in Hollywood?

    R: I don’t know if I ever said that I don’t like to live in Hollywood. I just have no need to live there. I have nothing against Hollywood, there’s nothing wrong with it. I’m raising my son in New York City but go to wherever the film is being made. I’m lucky that my next film, “The Bourne Legacy,” is filming in New York. In fact, I will have to start working out for that one.

  49. 49
    Fio Says:

    Daniel Craig ‘giddy’ about Ford collaboration
    Daniel Craig was “giddy” when he realised he’d be starring alongside Harrison Ford in Cowboys & Aliens.
    Director Jon Favreau revealed that despite his cool exterior, Daniel was thrilled to be co-starring with veteran American actor Harrison.
    “The first guy we hired was Daniel. He seems like a stern fella, but he was giddy when he realised Harrison might be involved,” the film maker told BBC Breakfast.
    Jon added Daniel is a joy to work alongside. The 44-year-old insists the Bond star was the perfect choice for the role of the mysterious cowboy, despite not being an authentic American.
    “Let’s put it this way – I’m a fan of Daniel Craig. He always has this presence,” he explained. “The quiet power that Daniel has really lends itself to this part.”

  50. 50
    Fio Says:

    MAX: Daniel Craig is a lovely cheeky guy great interview
    2 hours ago via Mobile Web
    MAX: Great to interview Harrison Ford Daniel Craig and olivie Wilde today Cowboys Vs Aliens is a cool fun action film x
    1 hour ago via Mobile Web
    MAX: Daniel Craig was much nicer then I thought. Being married obviously suits him
    6 minutes ago via Mobile Web
    Natalie Jamieson: Yeah so chatting to Daniel Craig was ok I guess… It was ace! He’s on top form!! And he swore. He’s so cool… Bond meetings this week…
    40 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

  51. 51
    Fio Says:

    Charlie Girling: Waiting in a Claridges corridor to speak to Daniel Craig about #cowboysandaliens – what’s the betting he refuses to mention Bond?!
    2 hours ago via Echofon

    Charlie Girling: Daniel Craig is LOVELY. Very nice and funny man. Lucky Rachel Weisz. Crush on Bond now at epic levels. #cowboysandaliens
    1 hour ago via Echofon
    Eliza Berkery: just interviewed daniel craig. I think I kept staring at his chest. Awkward.
    1 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry
    Kate Walsh: Met Daniel Craig, today & embarassingly got the name of his film wrong oops, glad he had a sense of humour!
    1 hour ago via Twitter for iPhone
    budweiser13 bud: @KateWalsh5 are D craigs eyes as gorgeous as they seem on tv ??? X
    50 minutes ago
    Kate Walsh: @budweiser13 they’re very blue! X
    32 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone
    Nicky Green: @KateWalsh5 not surprised u forgot the name of film, Daniel Craig is hot, any girl would get tongue tied meeting him lol.
    54 minutes ago
    Kate Walsh: @nickyjane68 that was my excuse x
    34 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

  52. 52
    Fio Says:

    Daniel Craig says UK riots are “just devastating”
    London, UK (NTN24) – British actor Daniel Craig has said the riots and looting which have been sweeping London and other UK cities are “just devastating”.

    “I mean the fact that it’s not just — in one pocket of London, it’s all over London. It’s in Manchester and it’s in Birmingham now,” Craig said. “It’s not just looting, I mean it’s — that which is that part of it, which is awful and the fact that people are getting their livelihoods taken away from them — there’s a deeper issue here and I — it needs to be found out what it is.”

    Craig is in London to promote his latest movie “Cowboys and Aliens”, an unusual fusion of Western and sci-fi set in the late 19th century somewhere in New Mexico.

    His co-star, actor Harrison Ford also condemned the recent events.

    “I’m sad to see it,” Ford said. “Sad to see the victims of it, sad to see — that people are involved in this kind of behaviour.”

    Film director Jon Favreau said he was particularly shocked by the pictures he has seen.
    “It was very striking images as we landed here. I remember we were bouncing from city to city. We landed and of course Daniel is from here, so he was able to give us the context. This isn’t something that is a set of images you see often I think. It’s been decades since anything even close to this has happened here. But I have to say that I was impressed by the way that the public came together — and their indignation is what I think motivated the government,” Favreau said.

    Favreau and the film’s cast are expected to attend the UK premiere of “Cowboys and Aliens” at the O2 venue in Greenwich, London, on Thursday (August 11).
    A handful of talented people are behind the film: as well as Favreau behind the camera, Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard are producers.

    Daniel Craig plays a man who wakes up with a strange metallic wrist band, doesn’t know who he is, and then wanders into the nearest town where he quickly gets in trouble.
    Harrison Ford plays a local thug businessman whose son throws his weight around. His son, along with other townspeople, get snagged by aliens. Craig and Ford have to team up, along with Native Americans, to find them.

    “Cowboy and Aliens” debuted in the U.S. with 36.4 million U.S. dollars, those behind the sci-fi western were hoping that strong word of mouth would propel it to longer-term success. The film opens on August 17 in cinemas in the UK and Ireland.

  53. 53
    Mendel Says:

    to Fio,

    thanks for all the links. I’ve got one for you this time:

    I love the comment about ‘Aliens vs Creditor’, lol! And the one about the planet ‘Thatcheranus’!

    Hi Guinness,

    where art thou? Hope everything is fine with you – you’ll have a lot to catch up when you return!!!

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