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Gerard Butler Books 'The Bricklayer' Role

Gerard Butler Books 'The Bricklayer' Role

Gerard Butler has reportedly signed on to star in the FBI thriller, The Bricklayer.

The 41-year-old actor is set to play “a rogue former agent who’s called in to help battle a criminal group that is demanding an escalating series of multi-million dollar ransom payments,” THR reports.

Gerard will also co-produce the film, which will be based off the best-selling novel by former FBI agent Noah Boyd.

The book’s plot also involves a female deputy director at the FBI who is assigned to work with the main character but that role has not yet been cast.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Gerard Butler in The Bricklayer?

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Credit: Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty
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  • Close the Barn Door

    This could be a very smart role – a good story, action, intrigue. It’s one I’ll keep an eye out for!

  • I’ll Bite

    Ditto. Looks like it has potential.

  • Action

    I am excited about this. Can’t wait….Good move for GB….

  • Raichill

    He is too thin now.

  • commie

    Yes! Yes! Yeeeees! Thank God Almighty!

  • sickly

    i hope he doesnt have you know what….

  • lolita

    Sounds great, he will do the role justice, producing again. The man is a working machine. Happy for you Gerry!!

  • angelsrock

    Whoopee!!! You’re on a roll, Gerry!! MGP, Coriolanus, PTF, Mavericks, and now The Bricklayer!! Sounds like a great plot!!

    Who said this man is finished??!!

  • lolita

    @angelsrock: Angel, we never doubt him for a minute. He is choosing much better roles that fit him better. So excited for him. Mr. HW Mogul. Yeah!!!!

  • kà simply amazing

    i heard some one cry b’coze love this man

  • Julie

    How exciting…a perfect drama for Gerry and he’s producing too. Great news! Congrats, Gerry.

  • KNJ

    Let’s hope The Bricklayer doesn’t get the LAC treatment. LAC also started out as a very promising script. It was a very smart crime thriller at the beginning of production. Then Gerry and Alan decided to “improve” it by dumbing it down, and getting so obsessed with cheap thrills and bad dialogue that they turned the whole scenario into a complete joke. If LAC is any indication of how Gerry and Co. handle crime thrillers, then The Bricklayer is headed for trouble.

  • The Noise In The Walls

    A crime drama…Alright!!!..Sounds like a great thriller!
    Way to Go Gerry!! ..and Good Luck tomorrow with the game :)..

    Go Hoops!!

  • lolita

    James Patterson gave a thumbs up on the Bricklayer, love his books. Maybe this can be a series of movies like the Alex Cross detective.
    (Along came a spider, Kiss the girls).

  • Canera

    So happy, good things are happening for Gerry. He is on a role. Can’t wait to see all the movies he is in for the end of 2011 and 2012.

  • NOTE TO BROOKE/Georgia*

    Your friend is old news. Move on. Get a job and some friends.
    Gerard has.
    ~ The entire JJ board

  • Eve

    I f*cked him ;) sigh – he’s amazing.

  • Cookie

    That’s one ugly mofo

  • GFW

    Why use his present only in the flesh photo? Oh, never mind, this is just what I asked for! There is a God! C’mon, I’ve said this here many times. This is terrific news! It is. Love this kind of thriller stuff. But then I live 4 miles from the Spy Museum in a city called spy central. *snickers*

  • Rejoicin’

    FINALLY something I can really look forward to. It’s been a while.

    @KNJ: I hear ya on that part. I thought LAC was a good enough movie overall, particularly because it was such a relief in that sea of WHAT WHAT WHAT ARE YOU DOING that he’s done post-300. But that ending… the ending was just so “….oh.” If they’ve learned anything at all, this one will be better.

  • Latesummer’s Eve

    LAC was just the first “pancake” for Gerry’s production company. They always come out a little uneven, too thick, but still tasty. He’ll be flipping ‘em out to perfection in no time, just like IHOP! LOL!

  • redOctober

    “Steve Vail is everything an FBI special agent should be, and more: diligent, hardworking, fast on his feet, a masterful tactical thinker, a warrior’s warrior and a perfect human specimen who can deflect the advances of a luscious assistant U.S. Attorney with poise and grace. He is a dogged investigator who understands that it’s important to have friends in low places …”

    Sounds good Mr Butler. Well done .

  • hmm

    Glad he lost a few pounds. He looks good a bit burly, but this look is much more sophisticated. If he plays anything like a James Bond type, he’s going to need that elegance. He looks like he is much better groomed, probably feeling really good with the weight gone.

  • gossiphound

    Pleasantly surprised to get a new film announcement and it is definitely the kind of film I’ve been waiting for him to do.,

    I do agree with KNJ I do hope if the script is good in the first place they & that includes Gerry don’t ruin a good or great script. LAC was a good film that could have been a great film if they had not dumbed down the script. Now I have seen the original but there was much discussion about changes being made to it.

    I wince everytime I see the bail hearing scene – the scene was good until we get Clyde telling the judge I bet you like to take it up the arse , pretty good guess who wrote that gem.

    A character who a man who is well educated, highly intelligent and does make other great statements or pearls of wisdom throughout the film does not make an embarrassingly stupid comment like that even if he is annoyed. It did not compute though yes all the adolescent males and immature males loved that line.

    Not happy with the script then bring in a good writer to fix it not producers and lead actors sorry unless your names are Matt Damon or Ben Affleck or a few other actors who are actually proven script writers.

  • angelsrock


    I thought that 95% of LAC was very good until the end. The ending ruined this movie for me.

  • Sadkaie

    Never read the book so don’t know about the female lead. Who should be cast for her?

  • vegas

    Sounds like my kind of film. Way to go GB!. He’s got a lot for us to see over the next year or so. Even HTTYD2 is ahead. He’s going to be a busy boy.

  • Fake

    the weight loss aged him..he looks like Michael Douglass now…

  • sockpuppet

    @KNJ: well, LAC is one of top rents for netflix, and for blockbuster; very popular for some. lots would not agree with you.

  • deke

    I didn’t realize he had lost weight til I saw this pic. How much has he lost?

  • hellotheregb

    i hope he does his Scottish accent. I don’t know anything about the character but you can be a spy with an accent!

    Yes GH that line in LAC was sooooo gman. Many lines in that movie where, i hope they don’t mess with script unless a writer does it.

  • UM….


  • Maggie P.U.

    Hey JJers;

    Thought I’d drop a line while I have a minute….

    Want to apologize for being so blabby. Totally not my norm. I am in finals for the next 2 weeks (3 classes) and my Legal Composition II Professor is unreal!!! I have sent my final rough through proof read 4 times and she still says it needs more added to it. The proofers say it is good… so have been very frustrated. And then my other 2 classes their final requirements have me under the gun so I am a bit on edge.

    Plus, the fact that Brook/Brooke/Georgia/Georgia* is being allowed to carry on as she has to include bring someone in that should not be (Freddy). I tried (and over did it…loosing train of thought) to give her hints certain posters should be adhered to and found out I was repeating myself…. ANYWAY!!! again my apologies.

    I hope the Celtics win, though I like Manchester as well…have some Manchester peeps I keep in contact with since I have been out of the service. So, it is going to be interesting. Niknoks….hope you and yours are safe from the riots….



  • sockpuppet

    @deke: at 6’2, he should weigh maybe 185 to 215 dependin on build, muscle mass probly. Not that I take measurements on good lookin tall men…ha. Looks like he has lost 20 or more? has thin bone structre.

  • she

    Nicknoks – I hope that you are O.K, I read today that their is a big riot going on in London and you said it’s close to you, take care.

    BTW – Am I the only one who feel that JJ chose a bad pic for such good news?

  • em

    He’s so not gay!

  • CorBlimey

    I agree – the picture was bad enough to look at the first time around. It might be just the angle, but it emphasizes just how much weight he’s lost, and it isn’t good. :(

  • bystander

    No, not excited. I prefer him to show a broader range of skills in more intelligent work, like some of his earlier British stuff. Hw action thrillers are dime a dozen. How about a return to the stage to hone his craft?

  • sockpuppet

    @bystander: Then hardly anyone gets to see Gerard, just a favored few. He shuld be good in Machine Gun Preacher and in Corolanus (sp?), both coming out soon.

    Also, the Italian director he had for Playng the Field has one good movie he did, Pursuit of Happyness, and that good director is probably how Gerard was able to get Quaid and Zeta-Jones to come to Playing the Field. He gets to do smaller films this year, Playing the Field and Mavericks, then a big action film, in the Bricklayer. Could be good.

  • sockpuppet

    @UM….: you seem kind of strange; 41 is not all that old; Brad pitt and Clooney are older. Gerard’s fans know all about his life and his loves. No surprises, we have seen everything and everyone in his life for ten years, maybe more.

    not a fan i guess, just one of those posters they call trolls probly.

  • Trina

    I’m looking forward to MGP and Coriolanus, but I think PTF is going to be another rom-com mess. jmo

  • Bennie

    WOW, wonderful that Gerry has managed to drop extra weight, congratulations!!! Otherwise he looks great, but the haircut is not good, it makes his face look way too long

  • @NikNoks

    Good thoughts sent Mr NikNoks way to stay safe. If you feel brave enough to leave him in London why don’t you join my friends and I.

  • niknoks


    Awww thanks, but I have a friend coming over, she was stuck on her own last night in Clapham, one of worst areas, she is coming to stay with me tonight just in case.

  • @NikNoks

    No worries.

  • angelsrock


    Good thoughts for your hubby and you!!!!! Hope all that rioting comes to an end soon!!!

    Will the match be televised over there?

  • niknoks


    The match is televised on ITV4 so it will be a night in watching that…

  • lolita

    @niknoks: Sorry to hear that Nik. Be safe you and your Mr. It seems the rats are coming out at night to start up. I just don’t know what people think this kind of behavior settles any problems, just makes them worse and the innocent usually pay the price. God Bless and keep you all safe♥♥

  • paisley

    Congratulations to Gerry! This film sounds like it has the potential to be really big, and also as though it could evolve into a series if it does well. (oh, I hope I hope I hope…move over James Bond?). Gerry is a highly intelligent guy and I think he now has carefully thought out reasons for taking the roles he does. Over the past couple of years he’s been fleshing out his resume a bit (like it needed it). Some choices were good & others not so much, but it served to bring him into sharp focus as an actor who posesses incredible range. Now the planning is beginning to really pay off in the form of heavy dramatic roles he can really sink his acting chops into. Good for him.
    Peace, everybody…

  • gossiphound

    @sockpuppet: Yes it was popular so are the Jack*** movies but it could have been just as good if not better if the script had been more consistent – the concept itself as thought up by Kurt Wimmer was the original brilliant idea and Gerry and Jamie switching leads was the other, but a smarter script might have brought some award nominations and the same level of box office if not more IMO.

    Hopefully the script has been skillfully adapted from the novel in this case and they will leave the script alone. I never understand why producers and directors would mess with a bestselling novel, it was bestselling for a reason and the great part is the great dialogue has probably already been written for you.