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Jason Momoa: No Cell Phone, Computer, or Email!

Jason Momoa: No Cell Phone, Computer, or Email!

Jason Momoa makes an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday (August 4), where he shares with the host that he does not have a cell phone, computer, or email account!

“I don’t have a cell phone. I don’t [have a computer]. My wife does. I don’t have email,” Jason said. “I read books. I play music. I have two small, beautiful children. I don’t have time.”

Jason said that cell phones don’t work at his house, but he does have a landline phone. So what does he do when he is out and needs to use a phone?

“Everyone’s got one so I just go ‘Can I borrow your phone for a second?’ I mean, children these days have two [cell phones],” Jason said.

WOULD YOU EVER go without a cell phone, computer, or email account?

Jason Momoa Appears on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
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  • ck_always

    And here I thought he just looked like a caveman.

  • Dina

    now that’s living! I swear if I had the guts I would’ve done exactly the same. Right on Jason!

  • Erika

    NICE WIG!!!!!!!!!! He’s concealing his big EGGHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marina

    beauiful man. Lucky wife.

  • Slig o lambert ^_____^cute

    He like wrestler

  • kà simply amazing

    hahahaha he like toy doll

  • nicole

    his wife is the pretty one from the cosby show i cant think of her name at the moment

  • nicole

    lisa bonet is his wife

  • emily

    thats good he doesnt need technology to make a living

  • Maysbury

    Computer or email, that’s fine. But what if he had an emergency and no one was around? That’s just ridiculous.

  • Alexis

    Hahaha, he’s weird.

  • Cookie


    I wonder what did the people do 30 years ago when there were no cell phones around and there were an emergency… *sigh*

  • i love this man!

    he’s amazing man!!! and lisa bonet is really lucky to have him!
    i want a man like jason <3….or drogo! lol

  • karlie

    @Maysbury: the world is full off humans with cell phones.

  • Mari

    I envy him. I wish I could live/ work without these things

  • Lori

    I am cell-free and love it!
    Go Jason.

  • Jones

    I’m land line free and love it. And I can turn my iPhone off anytime I want. Love Jason and his wife Lisa.

  • SeeFSee

    He’s smart

  • OK

    He must have more peace of mind. I feel scatterbrained when I have all these things on. I should try this on weekends…

  • Maysbury

    @Cookie: Er, but there were probably deaths/accidents that could’ve been prevented.

    @karlie: The middle of nowhere? A desert?

  • Maysbury

    …or even better, what if his wife or children had an accident and he was out shopping. How would he know?

  • Jessica

    I feel like a school-girl again! I’m giggling

  • mrkonja fra brne

    @Alexis: In a good way.

  • Just somepoints

    email,computer,cell phones are ok. They are modern inventions we have and are good to use .They are a neccessity. Sort of like lights, cars, and running water are good to use.
    NOW<everything needs to beused properly. DOn’t leave lights on just because or water running just because or water lawns during adrought. Cell phones, great, but not testing or dialing when driving. You might want onewhen you are starnded or in trouble.


    @nicole: Lisa Bonet , ex of Lenny Kravitz and mother of Zoe Kravitz !


    I bet he is 100% liying to be cool … Like it was cool to live like somone in Tibet -_-’

  • Who Cares about his PHONE ?

    THIS is one smokin’ hot hunk of man!!
    Hollywood needs more REAL MEN like Jason, men that aren’t fake and men who play by their own rules, not more of the same pansy-ass fashionably correct androgynous boys!

  • Maysbury

    @Cookie: Don’t be patronising. I am not a teenager. I am just saying that it’s not bad to take the technology we have for granted.

    Despite the cell phone being ubiquitous, it does have its perks. Sorry if I’m sounding melodramatic, but deaths, murders, rapes…they could be prevented if someone had a cell phone with them, and if they were presented during the middle ages, stuff could have been prevented.I am not someone who is completely attached to their phone. I use it for emergencies or to contact someone really. Stop trying to ASSUME.

  • Maysbury

    Sorry, that’s supposed to say “present uring the middle ages”.

  • Tracy

    Wow, lisa is soooo lucky!

  • Me

    I think a good description for his looks is scary-hot. However, his personality is so not scary, its sweet :)

  • Denise

    The more I see this man, is the more I like him. Good solid family man.

  • Amanda

    oh my god i love this man for that.

  • Love Jason!!!

    Thanks for making a post for Jason. He is hot and sweet. I love the way he loves his wife and kids. You can tell by the way he talks about them. I loved his story about meeting Lisa for the first time. SO cute!! Thanks, JJ…keep the Jason posts coming!

  • omg

    he is sooo hot.lisa bonet is lucky!!

  • oozie


  • Lalalove

    Oh, God, he’s gorgeous. And, that’s the kinda life we ought to aim to live. Limit technology usage.

  • Liz

    I admire him for that. At one time I had a total of 5 phone lines. Got rid of the landline and OnStar calling. About to get rid of my husband’s cell as he never turns it on or takes it with him.

  • njomac

    Cellphones DO NOT PREVENT an accident or tragedy from happening…all it does is lets you know alot sooner if an accident or tragedy is happening. I grew up without a cell phone (in a suburban/urban area) and I was fine. Its not like you cant use a payphone, flag for help, or find a neighbor…I don’t believe that having a cell phone is bad, its the mindset of having one thats awful. It seems that we have created a society based on “What IFs” and as a result its causing more stress and paranoia in people. I myself have a prepaid phone that has been sitting in my car for the past 5 weeks, turned off-the last time I had to use it. I also don’t have cable-I find the News and commercials too depressing…I do have internet because my roomate pays for it, I do like that I have more control with the internet- but even that feels like its going away…so I might cut that out too eventually.

    Sorry for the long rant ;) My 5 cents

  • njomac

    @Maysbury: I dont think rape/murders can/would be prevented…Think about this, someone is about to pull out a knife and stab you to death-Do you really think that you are going to say “Excuse me, sir/ma’am while I pull out my phone and dial 911″ Or do you think that you will be dialing a cellphone WHILE they are stabbing you-probably not…Even if you do get a chance to call 911, the police are not going to show up in a blink of an eye-not trying to be depressing here, but if someone is going to kill, rape, whatever a person- Its going to happen because you owning a cell phone will not scare them off-These are crazy sick people we are talking about here that will stop at nothing to get what they want-To me, the BEST way to prevent a murder, rape, etc-Self-defense training/fighting (not having a cell phone). Its pointless to FULLY rely on a cellphone, when you can have the advantage of kicking someone’s ass or gauging their eyes out ;)

  • Madhatter

    He’s HOT +
    I love that he seems a little shy.

  • Jasmine

    That’s an awesome way to live! As convenient as emails (and social networking), computers and cellphones are, they’re a hassle, they make you anxious and they suck up your time. I’d love to go the route he’s going–like someone else said, he must feel more at peace without all these things. I try to do it sometimes, go out without a phone attached to me and even though sometimes I wonder if someone’s trying to reach me, it feels SO freeing. I need to do that more often :)

  • Cookie

    I’m not trying to patronize anyone. But putting all your faith in having a cellphone is rather… childish. The reaction time for police, here where I live, is about 10 minutes and that if it’s a one of the worse case scenarios like murder, rape etc. Thinking about cities such as New York, LA… I don’t you’ll get help immediately, no matter how many cellphones you have. Secondly, a person can get help without a cellphone. Otherwise, people would have expired a long time ago.
    Thirdly, just look at the statistics over the past two, four years. People have cellphones, but yet there are worse and worse things going on, and none of those things were stiffled in a matter of seconds just by owning a cellphone, or making a call with one.

    Oh, and I’m not assuming anything either. All I wrote down was merely a general observation and not specified to your person, Maysbury.

  • anjie

    Jason, u’re ryt, being a faithful and loving husband, no need for that things. but you to create an e-mail account so that u will know that millions and billions of people loves u,. or can we have the account of ur wife.? i really love u and ur family. (sigh) hope, i can meet sum1 like u. love u jason!

  • anjie

    jason, i love u. hope i can have the account of ur wife coz i want to stay connected with ur family. god bless to ur career and family..