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Kate Gosselin: The Kids Want Me to Get Married Again

Kate Gosselin: The Kids Want Me to Get Married Again

Kate Gosselin smiles for photographers as she arrives at NBC Studios on Monday (August 8) to make an appearance on Today in New York City.

The 36-year-old reality mama told Today‘s Ann Curry that she’s ready to date again but knows that the combination of having eight kids and a reality show makes it tough to find the right person.

“The kids are just begging on a daily basis for me to get married again,” Kate said. “They bring it up all the time.”

FYI: Kate Plus 8 returns TONIGHT (August 8) on TLC.

Kate Gosselin on Today

15+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin heading to NBC Studios…

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Credit: Three Kings; Photos: WENN
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  • Meghan

    We really don’t care about your love life or lack of. Did you read the paper today idiot???

  • IllWill

    Cool, but the WORLD wants you to get off television & radio & magazines & the internet & be a mother to your children

  • Scarrr

    Why is she still on TV?

  • sarah

    how come she has 8 kids AND is only 36??? weird!!

  • Meghan

    She has twins and sextuplets.

  • Kendra

    Irrelevancy personified. Good luck finding that second husband. Maybe someone who doesn’t own a tv would be a candidate. Most men don’t like harpy’s. Oh, and yes Kate, you look great but you have no talent and have done nothing to maintain any kind of long term success in the entertainment industry. Time to soul search and plan for your long lonely future.

  • sheena

    She makes $250,000.00 an episode that means she makes 1 million after four episodes, the kids paycheque is extra. Which she controls. She gets all sorts of freebee’s designer clothes, mansion,trips,veneers, cosmetic surgery, cars etc… It always makes me laugh when she says she’s just like other single mothers out there. Really, tell that to the woman who lives on the streets and can’t even afford to feed her kids. This woman bullies her children and uses them to make money. I stopped watching the show when I found out she even staged a christmas episode. She uses the kids and that disgusts me.

  • reality check


    Bingo. You took the words right out of my mouth. Harpy indeed:))

  • Maysbury

    Why would someone like Ann Curry interview this irrelevant broad?

  • lexy hates bilson

    I was just coming to ask why on earth this nut job is on the Today show. I’m sure the kids want her to get married – they hope she’ll go spend time with the unlucky sap and let her cameras follow her around!

  • bellisima

    Gotta Love Kate .She makes People sooooo Jealous.

  • Kendra

    @bellisima: Kate doesn’t make anyone with functioning brain cells jealous. She looks great but her personality is going to detract from her social life in a BIG way. She has alienated most of her family and old friends and for the most part people think she exploits her children and is a bad mother which is probably the worst thing you can say about a woman. Just because people don’t like you, doesn’t mean they are jealous. Occasionally you need to take a step back and see if you need to work on yourself in ways other than the outside appearance. it would be convenient if anytime someone wasn’t a fan they were “jealous” but it certainly wouldn’t be the truth.

  • Amory

    I don’t believe a word this horrid woman has to say. She uses those kids and should lose custody. She’s self-absorbed and useless.

  • Lisa

    …..hopefully to an axe murderer

  • yikes!

    That’s the Devil’s smile.

  • jmo

    I think she is pitching an idea for a reality show for herself. No one cares though. The public is done with her.

  • butterflier

    Kate, you are so over.
    You will pay down the road for exploiting your children and ruining their childhoods so you could buy fake boobs, fake hair, fake nails, plastic surgery and liposuction.
    And don’t blame the kids and the show for your inability to find a man. You’re a selfish, stupid bitch. No healthy man would come within 10 miles of you.

  • new target

    The kids grew up watching their mom spend much of her time berating her spouse and now they’re hoping for a new daddy so their mother will give them a break.

  • @jmo

    I think you hit the nail on the head – she wants to be paid to date some poor, pathetic men and fill the airwaves with more of her screaming and ranting.

  • kk

    does anyone believe for a second that her children really say this?
    this could be this nut’s way of either begging for (famous or rich) male attention or continuing the hiding of the fact that she and her bodyguard Steve are a couple

  • Cookie

    Oh really bitch? No one gives a crap about your stupid love life & why the hell yu wanna get married again? Besides, don’t you already have enough kids to take care of ??! Who knows this could be the next new octomom!

  • anon2

    I saw this segment this morning and as soon as she started to talk about asking her friend to find a man for her…I knew what she was doing. She is so manipulative and she thinks she is being smart and a good business woman. When Kate said she works hard or is good at her job, I wish Ann asked what her job was. At least her ex husband has tried to work legitimate jobs and doesn’t want the kids on tv. Those poor kids will be so messed up as teens from having cameras around them from birth. They seem like sweet kids now but wait until the cameras are off and their mother is screaming at them because she has to think of a way to legitimately make a living to support her children and they all go through camera withdraw. Look how badly many child stars turn out and they are only playing characters!…Their every day lives are not being documented for all to see. I wish them all the best but do not have faith with that manipulative, conniving mother of theirs.

  • lisa

    I honestly believe kids always secretly hope their parents get back together. If Kate could make money and for bigger ratings I’d bet she would have a fake reconciliation with John. Good thing John has moved on as we have. I’m sure her kids are NOT saying they want her to marry.

  • boston61

    HaHaHa. No man will touch you ever again. You are clearly another man’s baby momma. Why lay in another man’s filth? As the saying goes. You should not have treated your husband like shit.

  • sheena

    @jmo: You are bang on correct. People are tired of “The Kate Show” now she and TLC are working on a new show. I haven’t watched TLC for a few years because of her.

  • Anna2

    She is so full of it I mean really her 7 and 11 year olds who parents just split what thier mom to married again so soon I think not, I agree with everyone that she wants a new show becasue she knows “Kate plus 8″ is ending no one whant’s to see her face, she needs to go away and take care of her kids.

  • Candice

    She overstayed her welcome 3 years ago. It’s way beyond, ‘go away’.

  • Linda C.

    Flicking through the channels tonight and I couldn’t believe this show was still on. God it’s wierder than ever with Kate’s insane comments and reactions sprinkled throughout. I just shook my head and laughed.
    Her ‘tuplets seem developmentally delayed to me.
    I lasted about 10 minutes before I started to feel ill and had to watch anything else. Or maybe I dozed, and just had a bad dream.

  • Kim

    What guy in their right mind would marry a woman with 8 kids and as bitchy as her?? Cannot stand her. Lost all respect for her on DWTS. She is really not good at anything.

  • jaye

    Who the h*ell is crazy enough to date this woman, let alone want to marry her. She has a video archive of what a horrible wife she was.
    Yeah, she’s working every angle she can to keep this gravy train going; what are her options? This woman knows that she won’t be marketable forever, no one is. Heck, I’m surprised that her 15 minutes has gone into overtime.

  • karen

    Please go away-TLC Take note-her fifteen minutes were over a long time ago. She should take a que from John-even if his absence is not by choice-GO AWAY!

  • neorules2112

    I think she is hot, I would marry her and lock the kids in the closet, while I have fun with her.

  • personwhoisanassholetoassholes

    @Meghan: obviously you care

  • assholetoassholes

    @IllWill: @IllWill: i think thats just your opinion not everyone elses. I think shes fine as a mother and probably looks 70x better than you do after 1 or 2 kids or even no kids. Stop being so pathetic and get a life of your own.

  • assholetoassholes

    @sheena: your stupid got a brain in there monkey?