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Katie Holmes: NYC with Suri!

Katie Holmes: NYC with Suri!

Katie Holmes carries her daughter, Suri, across the street as they head to their apartment on Monday (August 8) in New York City.

The 32-year-old Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark actress and her husband, Tom Cruise, were spotted going to a Katy Perry concert together on Sunday night!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Suri Cruise

Earlier in the weekend, Katie and Suri went out for a walk – and Suri, 5, pushed one of her dolls in a baby carriage!

Katie currently covers Vogue Spain – be sure to check out her fashion spread if you missed it!

FYI: Katie is wearing Current/Elliott‘s “The Stiletto” jeans in leopard print and accessorized with Burberry 4088 sunglasses.

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  • lame

    I dont even have words to describe how pathetic this family is… especially the 5 year old drama queen who apparently cannot walk !!!!

  • Alexis

    Is she wearing the same outfit from the night before?! Ewwww! These people are so incredibly weird.

  • coupon lady

    Here we go again with JJ posting every little scrap he can find about Robo-Bride and her spawn.

    The kid can walk you know.

  • boston61

    The little crippled girl.

  • pigbearman

    nice pics of the robot and her brat jj!

  • ck

    As @Alexis mentioned, same outfit she wore at Katy Perry concert on Sunday. I know they have a private jet and helicopter, but that is kinda ewww. Suri probably threw a fit when she tried to change.

  • miri

    Suri is hiding in shame because she’s such a bad fashion stylist. Her latest choices have made mommy look really awful and trapped in the 80s.
    Now, if only Katie owned her bad style… or maybe terrible taste in clothes runs in the family.

  • commonsense

    Is Suri too old to be attached to a blankie? This is a serious question, in my culture kids are not attached to things like that so I’m just curious.

  • Slig o lambert ^_____^cute

    I dont like

  • Bebe

    Maybe she flew out of l.a. after the concert arrived in ny early in the morning. That would explain why Katie is wearing the same outfit and suri has her blanket.

  • jmo

    This is how a 5 month old gets across the street, not a 5 year old.

  • tori

    She can barely carry her. Pretty soon, Suri will be carrying Little Tom.

  • toria


    If she flew on one of Tom’s private jets, I’m sure there is a bedroom and/or a bathroom she could have changed in.

  • j

    Good God woman your child is fricking 5 yrs olD let her butt walk …STUPID

  • Roxy

    WTH…It’s 90 degrees here in NYC, what’s with the blankie, long sleeves and boots on Katie. Rediculous, sorry if I spell that word wrong.:)

  • Miss Jane

    She’s still carrying this big old girl. Like a baby.

  • trish

    Uh-oh. Looks like the “strong woman” had another meltdown and “needs” to be carrried or she’ll do it in public.

  • Diana

    A 5 1/2 year old rapped in an infant blanket. Being carrying like an infant. Pathetic.

  • lame

    @tori: hahahahahaha

  • No

    Suri having her daily hissy fit I see, the more I see of her dumb mother the more I know she is crazy…let the brat walk , she does have hands that you can hold on too if you feel that unsure of yourself Katie..You used to have a life till you had that kid and married Tommy Boy what a shame..

  • mrkonja fra brne


  • Eman

    @trish: LOL, so true


    Let the girl do what she wants ! But she was dressing better when she was hanging out with The Beckhams !

  • Roxy

    I’m trying to think of rational explanation as to why this child is being carried around like a baby, and sadly I cannot think of any. I was thinking maybe the kid is sleeping, but why the blanket. Maybe she’s scared of the papzzz, but she’s been exposed to them her entire life she should have gotten used to them.
    They look like they are in the upper east side of Manhattan, theres hardly any people roaming around in that area, as you can clearly see. I guess someone (Katie, Tom or their people) called the papzzz. And there’s way more famous, and interesting celebs who are more hounded by the papzz every day, and their kids are not clinging on to them, and being carried just to get from a car into a building…..

  • Tards

    No excuses for carrying this little brat all over the place. Spoiled rotten… she needs to get a grip and GROW UP. The mother has to stop indulging her … she can’t carry her around forever. BRAT> ugh.

  • S Kaye

    OMG – Is Suri ever going to learn to walk? She if FIVE years old! You always see her being carried by Katie (not Tom). When you do see her walk, she has on high heels.

    Would like to hear a psych’s thoughts on this. Very strange IMO.

  • S Kaye

    And another thing. Did you see Katie on Leno last week? She NEEDS to start wearing a bra! Yikes. Flopping all over the place.

  • anonyMOUSE

    So creepy. I dont understand why Katie needs indulge Suri and bring her whole bedroom set outdoors. Spoiled rotten.

  • jackie

    oh is Her Preciousness to freaking precious to touch the soil?

  • camillus

    Isn’t that frigging child an adult by now, they constantly carrry her, she must be disable with those two for parents. How come we never see his other kids with this brat. Put the frigging child down and teach her to walk. Bet she still breast feeds.

  • ClearPerspective

    Seems like everyone has the pitchforks & axes out, slowly making their way up to the Cruise castle with blind hate in their hearts. *ugh*

  • Ugh!

    OMG, what wrong with this child?

  • as we know

    where there’s a suri blankie, there is a baby bottle and/or diapers. nyc is where she usually regresses back into diapers. sad.

  • Oh, she’s a mess alright!!!
  • Scarrr

    She’s such a cute child. But WTF, why is it like every picture she has to be carried? I get some of it, i mean Paparazzi are following them yes, but Katie needs to grow a backbone and stop babying her.

    If she really is a little “brat” as people say here than he really needs to be stop. Would you imagine her when she is say 9 or 15?

  • dawnrogers

    WHY is Katie dressed as if its cold outside??????? Why is Suri in a blanket in NYC in August? Why is she being held as if she is a toddler? Why is this family so odd and bizarre?

  • Bandolino


    These are some of the great mysteries of decade.

  • Pooter

    oh goodness grief! The brat is over 5 years old! What can you expect when the airhead of a mother is a lousy non-talented dancer, actress,
    singer…can’t speak intelligently….can’t smile without a smirk……her fashion sense is down the toliet……how can one expect her do do normal mothering?

    Poor brat still needs a blankie at over age 5….has to be carried quite a lot…….brat still uses a bottle……who knows….she may not even be toliet trained yet. She seems to eat sugar laden stuff all the time….and even her behavior is not normal for a 5 year old!

    It’s best they not have any more brats.

  • JennG

    With all the money she has katie holmes can’t afford a change of clothes on their private jet?if I was suri I’d be embarrassed to be seen with her too with that outfit on.I thought her new movie was called “Don’t be afraid of the dark” not “I dressed in the dark!”

  • Romeo

    She likes her blanket and her mother wants to carry her, #24. Simple as that. What’s it to you?

    Why are you attacking a little girl, #25?

    In most picture she’s walking, #35.

  • gugo

    hahahahaha Katie and her daughter Suri Cruise Blanket!!!!

  • irene olson

    Good lord, that child is old enough to go to kindergarten. Can you imagine having Suri in your class. She cannot walk, still carries her blanket, and acts like a brat. Hopefully she will always be home schooled so the rest of the world does not have to be exposed to her. Oh, I forgot her family is into Scientology and they do not associate much with people who are not of that denomination. Why do we support the movies of the Scientology people? They should only be viewed by people of the Scientology belief.

  • omeeo


    ha! and if the brat “likes her bottle” at her age…’s ok for her to use a bottle just because she likes it and her airhead mother gives it to her?

    crapola nonsense

  • Green Eyes

    Good gawd, Suri is five YEARS old, not five months old. They’re still carrying her around in a blanket as if she’s an infant or toddler!!

  • ali

    carrying a 5 years old is NOT normal .