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Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively Go to Gelson's

Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively Go to Gelson's

Blake Lively goes shopping with Leonardo DiCaprio at Gelson’s on Saturday (August 6) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The duo stocked up on a cart full of groceries, including some fruit, a carton of half and half, and Greek yogurt.

The next day, the 23-year-old Gossip Girl star and Leo, 36, went for a stroll together in Los Angeles before Blake attended the Teen Choice Awards, where she picked up two surfboard awards!

Blake will be judging and Polyvore’s Fashion’s Night Out Style Setter competition.

Find out more info and how you can win a grand prize trip to NYC on!

FYI: Blake is wearing Jimmy Choo “Whirl” flats.

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  • Marinés

    they are just a normal couple, love them!

  • barilace

    There`s nothing `normal` about these two. There`s nothing normal about being associated with Fake Blake. JJ must needs the hits to keep posting about her fakeness and her stupid show not to mention this weird PR couple. I hope this show ends soon enough!

  • sexydillpickle

    Can’t believe she’s 23. She looks more like 43.

  • evie

    so cute!

  • Truth

    Is this a joke?

    Leo gets younger, but the famewhoring chicks remain the same age.

    Another pump n dump for Leo.

    That Blake will do anything and anyone for fame.

  • http://deleted Truth

    Is this a joke?

    Leo gets OLDER, but the famewhoring chicks remain the same age.

    Another pump n dump for Leo.

    That Blake will do anything and anyone for fame.

  • MaisyRL

    so isn’t it time to come up with a couple name? DeLively? Blake’s doing her cooking thing for him. (bc apparently she’s a great cook and baker). no more nights out clubbing w/ the guys for Leo…right? i actually think as a couple they’re cute. but individually, i dislike Blake Lively. if she doesn’t get any movie roles out of this relationship and isn’t able to tame Leo into staying home instead of going out all the time, i wonder how long this will last?

  • yuck

    I speak for myself but I`m sick to my stomach from these two. I lost tons of respect for Leo for being with this woman. This is like a bad joke that I keep reading about them together not to mention seeing them together. Is he lost in the twilight zone? Blake Lively? How much lower can he get?

  • T

    Not use to Leo dating someone older than he is

  • Scarrr

    I kinda like them. Seems very real and nice. I always liked Blake. Don’t know why people hate. This might be nothing since she is only 23 and exploring her options. Don’t know if it would head anywhere like it did with bar. But you gotta i admit she has one HELL of a PR team.

  • sourpatch575

    Blake is a damn rebound, she will soon feel Leo’s wrath!
    The back of Leo’s head looks RIDICULOUS! (I mean sexy) ;)

  • http://veryverysexy!! sharyllee

    so beautiful

  • Stephanie

    I don’t think we should be judging people we don’t personally know. Why are people saying she is using him? It is usually the man who decides whether to pursue the relationship or not. This might come as a shock but MAYBE HE ACUALLY LIKES HER!

  • harley

    Poor leo, can not do anything with out being hounded.

  • li

    fake couple…..nothing but a publicity stunt


    Oh god, Leo is sooooo gorgeous and yummy. I definitely want this man for me. He’s the kind of man who gets better and better with the time… how can this be bad? I prefer he now that in the days of Titanic. So much better! Leo… call me ;).

  • Scarrr

    People are harsh. Sadly she is a rebound girl but that doesn’t mean it wont go anywhere. He really could start to like her. I personally hated her at first. But she has grown to me. Her acting has gotten better too in the recent years.


    Blake has no self-respect.

    She sends naked photos of herself to Ben Affleck in order to get a movie role, slept with Harvey Weinstein and now Leo for fame.

    She’s desperate.

  • http://mikehla mike

    love Blake so hot !!!

  • Brittany

    Haters are jealous.
    This couple is so cute!


    @sourpatch575: Well maybe he is the rebound ! She broke up with Penn Badgley around the same time he did with Bar Rafaeli ! I don’t get why people hate her ? Okay you may hate Serena Van Der Woodsen because let’s face it she’s dumb as f*ck , but Blake is like the most smiling and nicest person from what i’ve seen . People keep talking about her as a fame whore ! If she wanted fame so bad she would have dumped Penn a long time ago and dated someone way bigger than him or Leo ! She is in #1 movies has a hit worldwide show , is a fashion it girl , one of Karl Lagerfeld’s muse , and looks like a goddess . You’re just jealous people !


    Leo is in a position in life now where he gets older, but his girlfriends don’t. He’s like George Clooney.

    Because of his success, he’ll attract many young girls, desperate for fame and attention. Lively, like the two girlfriends before her, are just examples of the fame chasers. They are numbers on a long and growing line of generic Leo girlfriends.

    Leo is a mental and emotional midget.


    @Lyra: I wonder who’s the most pathetic between the two of you though ?

  • Who Dat!?

    Blake seems really cool, I’m not going to hate on her. I mean come on, she loves to bake. Bakers are cool. She’s no Meryl Streep but…eh…at least she’s better than some of the broads out there.

  • barilace

    And the Gossip Girl fan base is back in action! LOL!
    @Lyra: You go, girl. Say it! I just love it that her silly fans can say the same old things over and over again. Haters, jealousy, envy…blah blah blah. Pretty boring!
    Leo needs to grow the h*ll up, dress like an adult and find a decent woman with substance. Time to lose the airhead famewh*res!

  • hana

    @yuck: You should loose a respect to your vagina as well because nobody wants to f uck you. LOL…

  • hana

    @yuck: You should loose a respect to your vagina as well because nobody wants to f uck you. LOL… yuck

  • mary


    don’t hate

  • Elena

    lol i’ll believe leo is in a serious relationship when he doesn’t walk away from his gf as soon as thing get dodgy.

  • yuck

    @hana: lol at you and your intelligent comment.

  • Erin

    I wonder if she washes her hair from time to time…? It always looks so dirty and tangled. As for Leo, to tell you the truth I’ve never seen him looking so neglected while dating someone.


    fake couple

  • barilace

    @Elena: True. Or ( as it was said in an earlier comment ) he starts dating an over 25-year-old brunette. When his girlfriend won`t show her assets whenever she has a chance ( applies to both Bar and Lively ), has some class or substance, won`t seek fame and won`t think of herself as something special even though she is mediocre at best. Then he is going to be serious about someone!

  • TheTruthIs

    Which Gelson’s is it, I wonder…
    (my cart has never been that full. they must be starting a family :)))

  • Gisele Fan

    I’ve observed Leo for the last past months, and I honestly think he is going through some sort of depression. These photos of him taken late at night with that beautiful model in NY and him dancing and flirting like crazy in Italy
    prove that he’s a little unbalanced. So when I watch him spending time with that starlet who has no substance, it really means that he is not well.

  • Elena

    @barilace: lol right? i get that people have types, but his gfs have just been slight variations of pretty much the same person. i mean, mint chocolate chip is my favorite ice cream, but i like to try some other flavors sometimes.

  • FrG

    For once Leo doesn’t wear a cap and sun glasses and you don’t have a pic of his face… !!!??? There is a pic where we can see him at the bottom of the picture but his face was blurred…!!
    D A M N is all that fake!!!!???? Are they complicit with the papparazzi???
    Guys!!! you have to admit this is strange…!!!!!!!!!

  • janie

    wow that’s a whole lot of CAKE shes baking. any girl that can bake is a plus in anybody’s book!




  • WTF?

    ENOUGH WITH THESE TWO. By the time Hoover will open, nobody will want to see Leo’s face because he would have been overexposed.

  • Issy

    if she really wants 1) money 2) fame and 3) a mansion not a home then maybe she should consider Hugh Hefner. I mean he fits all the spots Oh and the bunnies believe in plastic surgery on their noses haha

  • kà simply amazing

    i want to see his cute face

  • Sly

    For a guy who was supposed to despite the attention to his private life, he didn’t exactly choose the right chick to go out with. And yes WTF?, by the time Hoover opens, people will only associate him to that c-list actress. I’m beginning to think that this is what he wants after all.

  • LC

    I saw the full bash of pictures for this set and I have to wonder. How come you can see Blake and the old man clearly but Leo is either a blur or facing the other way. Can you honestly tell me that the photog made no attempt to get a clear shot of Leo at the supermarket? Really, all the photog could get was Blake in high def? Come on Leo must’ve walked from the front of the aisle where we see him as a blur over to Blake and the cart in order to take that pic facing the other direction or vice versa and still no clear shot?

  • smilexx

    so… who paid hahaha i hope leo was a gentleman :)

  • LC


    They didn’t pay, what Jared failed to include was that they saw the paps and abandoned their food cart, full of food for someone else to put away for them, because they supposedly “didn’t want their picture taken”. Which makes no sense since they were hamming it up all over Europe. Why hide now?

    More like, “Hey Blake the photogs got their shot so we can go now. Nah, just leave the cart. SAVE THE SHARK FINS!”

  • Cookie

    She is soo pretty & diggin her outfit..

  • dss

    @LC: If you saw a clear shot photo of him, you would call it a PR if is not you want to beg to see the photo. F uck, make up your mind you c u n t. LOL

  • LC


    Because it is a PR stunt! All of these pictures are perfectly timed.

    Don’t bash on me because you are stupid and can’t see what’s clearly in front of you.
    And just because you are c u n t and the b i t c h you are stanning for is a c u n t doesn’t make every other female one as well. I am entitled to my opinion just like all the Fake Blake stans are so go f u c k yourself you delusional h o o k e r. If you can’t defend her without personally insulting people then your argument obviously is INVALID!

  • Just so you know

    The incog on LSA is none other than Peggy Dicaprio, Leonardo’s step-mother. Leo actually hired someone to beat Lukas Haas up, since he thought the incog was initially Lukas. That’s why she mentioned that she was not Lukas and was sorry for any ‘misfortune’ caused.