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Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively: Grocery Shopping!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively: Grocery Shopping!

Leonardo DiCaprio and his rumored girlfriend Blake Lively go for a stroll together in Los Angeles on Sunday (August 7).

The 36-year-old actor and the 23-year-old actress checked out a flier for an upcoming Bon Iver concert!

The day before, Blake and Leo stocked up on tons of groceries at a supermarket.

Later in the evening, Blake looked stunning as she walked the blue carpet at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards.

Blake has been on the west coast filming her show Gossip Girl.

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Credit: Premiere3/Rocstar3/RR3; Photos: Flynet Pictures
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259 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively: Grocery Shopping!”

  1. 1
    Claire Says:

    It’s love!

  2. 2
    creed Says:

    ughhh. ive lost some respect for Leo after he started dating Blake.
    What happened to always wanting to hide and lie low? Guess that all changed now, I mean its not like they’re gonna get married or anything.

  3. 3
    blue Says:

    so cute. i hope leo married her.

  4. 4
    Stephanie Says:

    Hot couple alert!

  5. 5
    kiss Says:

    more like love to screw.

  6. 6
    blue Says:

    it’s love alright. leo is very private and his open for a paps with blake is telling people how serious he is. i hope leo marry her.

  7. 7
    evie Says:

    Go Lively!

  8. 8
    loveit Says:

    they look really cute, hope it lasts :)

  9. 9
    Issy Says:


  10. 10
    lucyhalerox Says:

    im so happy 4 leo, blake is so lovely and amazing, something tells its their destiny to be together :33

  11. 11
    shimmy Says:

    I’m still on the fence whether I like this coupling or not but I admit it’s looking like this is his next long term relationship, I mean that’s his pattern right? He never willingly shows himself with flings or girls he’s not serious about, unless he gets caught

  12. 12
    Elena Says:

    yeah, this whole situation still seems quite odd. like i was reading a story like half an hour ago about how bl and ld were photographed at a grocery store, but abandoned their cart and left out the back to dodge them, and it showed pics of bl and fuzzy leo in the background. and now they’re just walking down the street, and he’s not even hiding his face which he does ALWAYS? just seems to get stranger and stranger.

  13. 13
    pinkfeva Says:

    id just like to say that its not fair to be as hott as blake, i wish she could give me half of her hottness, even with half id still look hott. xD

  14. 14
    Issy Says:

    if they are actually together then why dont they EVER hold hands in public?

  15. 15
    Allison Says:

    I have respect for Leo as an actor, but when it comes to his personal life it just seems that he doesn’t live up to those romantic characters that he has played so well over the years.

  16. 16
    anon Says:

    I still think they are kinda of an odd couple.. but whatever its their lives.. people need to stop hating so much on other peoples decisions.

  17. 17
    IKR! Says:

    yeah dont we all? lol i personally would love to have her legs, theyre heavenlyyyyyyy… too bad i have bad knees, she has one of the hottest legs ever .. well along with haley reinhart of course :D

  18. 18
    Issy Says:

    @Elena: what site you been going on? i now of zimbio and info plz hehe

  19. 19
    HI GUISE Says:

    I feel so bad for the pathetic people who thinks this is a real relationship.
    If it were Leo would be trying to hide it like he always does… this is hollywood, 2 PR agents rub their iphones together and promote their clients and Leo and Blake get paid to take those staged pictures to sell in tabloids.

  20. 20
    Casey Says:

    i love her casual style but hate her red carpet style

  21. 21
    Marie Says:

    I’m in love with them. sooooo cute !

  22. 22
    explain2meplz Says:

    i dont get ppl saying theyre an odd couple? i dont think they are.. maybe unexpected, but thats all to say the least. maybe theyre just mean to be together.

  23. 23
    Casey Says:


    because if they did people would say they are just looking for attention

  24. 24
    shimmy Says:


    Leo seems to have an aversion to hand holding. Pretty much never held Bar’s…

  25. 25
    enuff Says:

    @HI GUISE:
    enough with all this none sense, all this speculation. you dont know that, you are just jealous and trying to make your mind deny their relationship because you are in love with leo. all you are saying is conspiratorial. nobody is actually listening to your PR bullshit, hope you one day realize.

  26. 26
    Elena Says:

    @Issy: sorry my comment is awaiting moderation, possibly because i put in a link? but anyways it’s a link i found on bellazon, they have quite a few pictures there too.

  27. 27
    Roiy Says:

    @creed: He is still lying low. Remember WE are the ones on a gossip site looking at pictures taken of him without his permission.

  28. 28
    myview Says:

    perhaps this is one of those more serious relationships, and they are trying not to rush things. leo probably realizes she is a gem, and doesnt want to mess things up this time. so he is keeping it private, thus why you dont see any hand holding action. just my two cents. besides that, they are a wonderful couple. <3

  29. 29
    Jimmy Says:

    @HI GUISE:
    really though! how can people be this oblivious.

  30. 30
    L.O.V.E Says:


  31. 31
    HI GUISE Says:

    I havent seen a Dicaprio movie since catch me if you can.. hes overated if you need my opinion. And yes, you need to be an idiot to think this is real.. why the hell do you think PR reps exist anyways, Leo was getting all that bull for dumping Bar and his reputation was sinking and when Blake read for “Great Gatby” everyone freaked out and thought they were dating….
    1+1=2.. my friend

  32. 32
    Domino Says:

    She’s disgusting. Clearly the people saying she’s hot are either blind or stupid. If that’s hot then I could be a supermodel. It’s sad to see people who believe this is a real relationship. This is only PR. Leo DOES hold hands with girlfriends. In fact he was super sweet and affectionate with Gisele and even Bar when they were still doing fine. It’s clear how uncomfortable he is with this famew*ore, he cares so little he doesn’t even attempt to hide. It’s clearly a PR stunt, which really disappoints me coming from Leo, but ah well. It will end. I just hope he gets a real woman one day, or a model with a brain.

  33. 33
    April Says:

    @HI GUISE: If Leo wanted to promote himself, he would’ve found a much more classic and respected lady, trust me, nobody that has his status would want to be linked to Blake Lively for promotion. So I say it’s pretty real.

  34. 34
    WAlterBisho[ Says:

    I wonder if he already made love to her, cause he seems to be courting her for something (we all know for what) while she (surprisingly) plays a smart girl and seems to be intriguing him even more. May be that is the reason why they are not holding hands. Perhaps, it’s lust that turns into a genuine interet in the girl. However, I really liked blake during her penn badley period. Now I don’t seem to find her engaging anymore. Leo, well, Leo, Leo,Leo…I don’t think he’s the best actor ever – he shouts a lot and tries hard to make a serious face. Look at Keanu Reeves – he’s expression is although always the same it has some inner light to it whereas Yours is only about showing off. Working with famous directors doesn’t necessarily make you an outstanding actor. He has never played in indie movies or anything like that. He is all about big names and big movies. he is always the same. Even De Niro knows how to play comedy roles. Blake – go back to Penn, otherwise Your relationship with Leo bring You no good – even though he is not the greatest actor, he’s more talented which only shows how much less talented You are and You are indeed less talented. Leo go find Yourself a classier woman/actress – Kate fo instance. She is equal in talent to You if not more talented… The way he acts with Kate is always charming. Why then dating with a woman who says she is all shy and that and who brings out the cheapness from Yourself and a woman that You in turn make look cheaper than she is.

  35. 35
    Elena Says:

    look, these threads seem divided between bl lovers and haters. and i’ll admit it, i lean much more towards hater than lover, but it’s not because i’m jealous, believe me i’m not so delusional that i think if leo wasn’t dating her he would be dating me. i disliked her before she started dating leo. but let’s get real, these things seem incredibly photo-op-ish. and it is hella weird that one minute they are dodging cameras like crazy and the next they are letting themselves be photographed. obviously leo is helping her get a lot of exposure, and who knows whether it’s because of some pr agreement or he is just crazy about her. but seriously, a guy who goes so far out of his way to avoid pictures seems to be mighty camera friendly all of a sudden, and that is quite weird. and @Roiy, sorry but he is not trying to lie low. i have to say i live in la, and there are hardly any paparazzi around anywhere except for a few select places. and leo is famous enough to be followed by photographers sometimes, but honestly people are lying to themselves if they think celebrities don’t court this kind of attention. any of them could just as easily go to a supermarket outside of hollywood where they won’t be followed. what strikes me as so strange is that leo is that guy who goes out of his way to avoid being photographed, i mean seriously he is insanely famous and can go like 2 months without a post on jj, and all of a sudden he’s all over the place. this is obviously intentional, but the motive behind it is still a mystery.

  36. 36
    enuff Says:

    @HI GUISE:
    wtf did you just say? .. honestly if you hate him, answer me this.. WHY ARE YOU HERE? why are you on this thread, trying to BULLDIZE their relationship? .. uhm, i think youre the idoit here. my friend, 1+1=2 doesnt prove anything, dont know where you were trying to go with that one.. :S

  37. 37
    sarah Says:

    blake is beautiful

  38. 38
    isee Says:

    @HI GUISE:
    cool, you find leo overrated.. now go home. ;)

  39. 39
    Domino Says:

    @WAlterBisho[: Are you f*cking kidding me? I am sure this b*itch puts out before saying hello.

    @myview: She’s a gem? LMFAO Sorry that’s just too funny.

  40. 40
    uuhuh Says:

    id like to see a pic of you then.. a real woman? haha, like someone like you? jesus, this delusional dumb betches.. o.o

  41. 41
    HI GUISE Says:

    lmao.. “bulldize”
    I hardly doubt that BL and Leo are even on this site… they are out and about spending the money they sold their pics to sites like JJ, Perez, Us weekly and more… I dont hate leo… btw, I think hes cute just overrated as an actor. I actually love Blake, she is all over my tumblr.

  42. 42
    Domino Says:

    Unlike you I’m not 12. If I wished it was me then I would say it. But no, I respect Leo as an actor but judging by his personal life I don’t think he’s the best person to date. I have a brain, also unlike you. Now go play with your dolls.

  43. 43
    enuff Says:

    cl@HI GUISE:
    you need to set your mind straight. haha, leo is an amazing actor, you honestly think that he would “sell their pics to sites like JJ, Perez, US weekly and more” .. seriousness, just gonna go with that. youre pathetic.

  44. 44

    everyone is so effing crazy about all this.. calm the eff down. seriously, ALL the comments on here are so rude, either to the “couple” or to each other.

  45. 45
    uuhuh Says:

    hmm.. i think you just might be, if not then .. dang, you are one dumb delusional betch. :)

  46. 46
    Domino Says:

    @JESUS CHRIST: LOL, you’re so cute.

  47. 47
    BLLD Says:


  48. 48
    kooks Says:

    its just fun poking at people who oppose their relationship, we blake lovers just sticking up for her and leo.

  49. 49
    kooks Says:

    btw . HI EVERYONE! ,
    i like blake and leo a lot. but together, omg. i love them even more… need to take a cold shower now. excuse.

  50. 50
    .. Says:

    “now go with your dolls” .. >.< lol good one, yeah shes 12.

  51. 51
    Grace Says:

    Let’s just be honest. When Blake was dating Penn she seemed like a completely different person. She did charity work with him and went to events that actually mattered, they did public announcements for the Obama election. Now all she seems to do is famewhore. She used to care about her tv show, she used to do charity work, she used to stay low on the radar and now BOOM I see her everywhere. Nothing has changed but her relationship status. It doesn’t really help her case when it’s a well known fact Penn went to every premiere of hers since the sisterhood days and she hardly ever went to things if they were for him. It’s very clear who is NUMBER 1 in her eyes. If she’s using a high profile relationship to boost her fame status she’s lost my respect entirely. Bitter, because I used to love her…

  52. 52
    Domino Says:

    @kooks: LOL yes, all 5 if you Flakey fans. :’)

  53. 53
    Elena Says:

    okay, i get that there are obvs a lot of blake fans who are over the moon about this shiz. and i can be real, i don’t like her as an actress or the personality she presents in interviews, but she is definitely pretty and i would kill to have legs like that or to be able to tan like that. but don’t sit here and talk about what an amazing actress she is when she clearly is not, and then expect me to believe it. and yeah, she and leo are out and about a lot but seriously, they met like months ago and only started dating now, so i just can’t buy that he is so crazy in love with her all of a sudden. and it’s not because i don’t like her, it’s because IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE.

  54. 54
    ichi Says:

    Leo’s t-shirt is the same that he bouth in New york some dayz a go, this guy is amazing!
    and also he is verry thin!

  55. 55
    hiim Says:

    lol… are you a Leo superfan or something… calm down. I can totally imagine you all red and puffing taking every comment personally.

  56. 56
    .. Says:

    nobody said anything about her being an amazing actress, she hasnt done as many films as her boyfriend leo here. but even though you seem to disagree that she has any existent talent, i find it rather shocking at the amount of films shes been offered. and i disagree with you saying you have nothing against her, i mean anyone viewing her interviews would say otherwise. even someone who has never seen her work would say, she is a lovely, classy, sophisticated, articulate, down to earth young lady. hence, the reason why she is such a fresh face. she is not full of herself, she is rather ordinary. but that is what hollywood lacks these days. some real realness, which is what she evokes.

  57. 57
    yeaheyaheayh Says:

    @Grace Penn and Blake were so cute! when I look at the Bleo pics compared to old Plake pics…There’s a clear winner in the ‘HAPPY’ department.

  58. 58
    enuff Says:

    no actually im not :) and im not red and puffy, i just get annoyed cause i know most of the time the people commenting about all this PR crap are the same people, and theyre not really proving anything. its frustrating they even waste time writing paragraphs on some crazy speculations, which dont even mean anything.

  59. 59
    mary Says:


    you can’t buy that Leo is so crazy in love with her all of a sudden? stranger things have happened before. look at Daniel Craig and Rachel Wiesz. the two of them, all of a sudden, broke up with their former partners to be together. then in June it’s suddenly announced the two of them are married. so, when it comes to Leo and Blake anything is possible. i just hope that we don’t find out someday that they’ve secretly gotten married. not because i don’t like Blake but because she’s too young for him.

  60. 60
    Jaime Says:

    I’m 25 and i’m sorry,I don’t care how goodlooking or rich the guy is…I could never date a 36 yearold man. Our lives would be in different places…Not to mention bringing him home to meet my dad, yeah that would go over well…I hope Blake’s dad is more open to this than mine would be.

  61. 61
    blakeblake Says:

    yawn ..

  62. 62
    Elena Says:

    @..: i guess it just strikes me as odd that her pr machine is trying to portray her as a serious actress. like i’m sorry, but i watch gg and thought she pretty much sucked from day one. and plenty of crappy actors seem to continue to get work for whatever weird reason. that’s not to say she isn’t capable of doing anything, but i think of acting like singing. if you naturally have a voice or can carry a tune, you can get better, but if you can’t, then you just can’t. and i actually went on youtube to watch some of her interviews because i thought maybe i just wasn’t getting what was so great about her, but if i saw what she was really like maybe i would like her more. but honestly, she seemed very up on herself. she seemed like kind of a name dropper, and i don’t know just not very humble, kind of rattling on about all of the different crazy things she’d done like studying cooking in france and learning to speak french in like 3 weeks. she didn’t come off as incredibly genuine to me. and i get that being in front of an audience like that can make anybody nervous, so maybe it was just nerves getting to her, but she seemed very fake to me. and i don’t know she just does that whole bright bubbly excited thing, and people like that just irritate me to no end. that’s just my personal preference, i know a lot of people love personalities like that, but i just can’t deal with it. but really i’m not trying to dog her out, i’m just saying that from what i’ve seen of her what you said doesn’t really seem to be true.

  63. 63
    blakeblake Says:

    i think itd sound cooler if her name was blake lovely =]

  64. 64
    Elena Says:

    @mary: no, i don’t think it’s impossible, i just mean logically you would think he would either 1. fall in love with her as soon as he met her or 2. fall in love with her over time after he met her. but it does seem weird that he would all of a sudden fall in love with her months after he met her. honestly seeing her personality i could see why he would want to date her after what seemed like years of an unhappy relationship. she’s young and bubbly and fun and new. i just can’t imagine it being anything long term, although i could have said the same thing about bar and that lasted half a decade. maybe i’m way off but it seems like leo just sort of finds himself in the middle of a relationship that he can’t find his way out of. i really could give a crap, i think he just has his public gf and sees tons of women on the side, but it just seems like after the first few months of a relationship he looks totally miserable. i read an astro profile of him a few days ago (i’m a creeper, i know) and it said he is the type to dive into the deep end of a relationship, but once it goes sour he will turn on his gf and can even become quite vicious and vengeful. something about that really rang true to me, like especially with bar it seemed like he really jerked her around until she couldn’t take it any more. if blake is smart she won’t put up with any bull like that, but she is young and with her childhood crush, so he might end up doing the same thing to her.

  65. 65
    .. Says:

    ok well .. w.e you are not a fan, thats fine. this thread is not even about her though its about their relationship.

  66. 66
    k Says:

    down to earth nice young lady? her sleeping with affleck and sending all of hollywood her naked iphone pics say otherwise.

  67. 67
    k? Says:

    wanna prove that she slept with him?

  68. 68
    anways Says:

    umm, feel like im intriguing but id just like to say i love them together so much!! Blake + Leo = L.O.V.E , and no im not 14 haha, i just get really excited when i see new pics of them together. :P

  69. 69
    yeaheya Says:

    I’m actually confused by the Penn hate. That boy used to talk about her like she was a fallen angel…you’d think Blake fans would like that since they feel the same way about her.

  70. 70
    T Says:

    Blake started out seeming like such a genuine person. But as her fame grew she just became….like a blank, boring board where she had to tack things onto her board so she could be famous. If you look at older pictures of her, she has no fashion sense. The only reason she started to get into fashion is because she is a crap actress basically and needed something to keep her name in the game. I bet her people paid off Anna Wintour really well. Also the bitchy comments she made about her Gossip co-stars in some interview awhile back. And her acting like she’s the next great star. I truly think she’s a nice person but day by day she is making me root for her to have a complete downfall career wise. I keep hoping that every single movie she does gets completely blasted because she seems so fake, full of herself (and not even knowing who she is it seems), and only doing things to get her name out there.

  71. 71
    Jennifer Says:

    nice photos.

  72. 72
    Elena Says:

    @k?: lol well i’m pretty sure it wasn’t her acting skills that landed her a bit part in the town.

  73. 73
    k? Says:

    haha that doesnt prove anything.

  74. 74
    Jennifer Says:

    so wait, you are saying that after she got cast.. she slept with Affleck to be kept in the movie.. hmm that doesn’t sound right, in fact like K? mentioned, it’s you haters being delusional AGAIN.

  75. 75
    LOL Says:

    YAWN you keep putting me to sleep,

  76. 76
    lisa Says:

    Lots of jealous, fat shut-ins on this thread.

    If he’s happy with this girl, then he’s happy, he isn’t going to date you people so get over it.

  77. 77
    Elena Says:

    @k?: erm, actually it kinda does. why else would he have casted her when i’m sure there were dozens of other much more talented actresses who wanted the role. i can accept that i might be biased against her because i just have a very different personality type, but this is the one thing i will go to the mat on about. it might have been slightly more believable had ben affleck not said he thought she was from boston when she auditioned cause her accent was just that good. i’m originally from a town like 60 miles outside of boston, and her accent was one of the worst i’ve ever heard. i mean honestly you can’t really fake a boston accent, even ben affleck’s doesn’t sound quite right, so i don’t hate on people for not being able to nail it. but seriously there is no way on gods green earth that someone from boston would have thought she was also a native, so she must have done some extra credit work to get the job.

  78. 78
    LOL Says:

    lol exactly :D

  79. 79
    Elena Says:

    @Jennifer: no, i’m saying that she slept with him in order to be cast. i don’t know what i said that would make you think i meant otherwise.

  80. 80
    k? Says:

    a boston accent? lool no it doesn’t prove anything, its just your mind running wild again.

  81. 81
    T Says:

    also her character was supposedly like 35 which I did not realize whatsoever while watching the film. There were plenty of other actresses at that age who could have played the part better but I think she either slept with Ben to get the part (I mean? Who were those nudes for? Lol) or Harvey Weinstein had some control in it somehow.

  82. 82
    Issy Says:

    I find it, well, intriging that she researches things that happened in the 70′s to FORCE herself to have more in common with leo… stevie wonder, i was born same year as her and its not something my generation listens to.. she is convincing herself that what she has is real, well fakey blakey wake up girl… your just a poser!!! Ohhh and i am elena’s number 1 follower

  83. 83
    k Says:

    @T: exactly. haha but you have to love the short term memory of a blake fan.

  84. 84
    T Says:

    even if we are all wrong about blake in ways…you have to admit that if so many people feel so lackluster about her and feel like she’s just a pair of boobs and legs who has the right backing to push her to the top when she has done truly nothing to get there, her pr people need to take a good look at how they are handling her career. i find it so gross that women her age who are ten times better acting wise don’t get the role choices nor the media attention just because they don’t have fake boobs and their legs out at all times nor do they have insane pr and the backing of the Weinsteins. Basically: Blake is a mediocre actress who should be on a soap, not an A lister.

  85. 85
    Jennifer Says:

    ” lol well i’m pretty sure it wasn’t her acting skills that landed her a bit part in the town”
    you said it there,
    ” why else would he have casted her when i’m sure there were dozens of other much more talented actresses who wanted the role.”
    and here..

  86. 86
    Jennifer Says:

    lmaoo pathetic, :D

  87. 87
    Elena Says:

    @k?: wtf how does it not prove anything? it proves that the girl who wasn’t qualified for the job got it anyways, over plenty of girls who probably were very good. so one must conclude that she did something to get her name above everyone elses. there are rumors she is a casting couch actress. this is like kindergarten math here. lol and @Issy:, thanks, but i think you’re my only follower.

  88. 88
    Elena Says:

    @Jennifer: again, i don’t understand how you would read those statements to mean that she was hired, and then slept with him in order to keep her job.

  89. 89
    envy Says:

    all this envy, and argument of her being an A lister. isnt it a little to soon, to throw names at her.. her career just started boomping, GET OVER HER YALL MORE OBSESSED WITH HER THAN HER FANS, lol Blake<3 and Leo<3 for life.

  90. 90
    sweety Says:

    you keep twisting your pathetic words more and more to sell your record straight. you might as well give up. because like you said these are all JUST RUMORS. and you know what the truth is? she got cast because.. no come a little closer … a little closer sweety… she got cast.. shhh… because she is …. TALENTED :D <3

  91. 91
    Issy Says:

    @Jennifer: Blakes Pathetic
    @Elena: at least 1 is better than none, i mean, it’ll be egg on everyones face when the find out how blake REALLY got the A-Lister….. S K A N K Y, Flakey, Blake

  92. 92
    Elena Says:

    @sweety: look, the chick was supposed to sound like she was from charlestown, not like she was al capone. i get that you’re a fan, but believe it or not i can differentiate between someone who is good at something and is bad at something. soooo, yeah, she might be talented at something, but that something definitely isn’t acting.

  93. 93
    Jennifer Says:

    it just all sounds really dumb, and i cant actually believe you would waste your time thinking those things.. gotta find yourself a hobby. clearly you have something against blake lool, blake would never do that :3

  94. 94
    :D Says:

    yay! blake and leo fans <3 nice to see people stick up ;D

  95. 95
    :D Says:

    HAHAA her haters are so funny “S K A N K Y, Flakey, Blake” wtf? haha

  96. 96
    Elena Says:

    @Jennifer: lol, well really i only thought about it while i was watching the movie. i guess when she is next to ben affleck and jeremy renner she just seems like this acting pothole that you wish you could swerve and avoid, but you just can’t. and maybe you can’t understand cause you aren’t from the area, but hearing a bad boston accent is like hearing nails on a chalkboard. and the only thing i have against blake as an actress is that i don’t think she is very talented, and she is constantly being shoved down my throat.

  97. 97
    :D Says:


  98. 98
    Elena Says:

    @:D: eh just don’t read my posts if you don’t like them. it’s not like i put on those clockwork orange eye things on you so you can’t look away.

  99. 99
    LISTENUP Says:

    Blake keeps getting casted for movies because she is talented, ok? not because of all those fake rumors and scandals. all i realized from reading these posts is that, when people you dont know even know hate you, thats when you know your the best. so Blakey Babey youre the best.

  100. 100
    Andre Says:

    Haters Gonna Hate.

  101. 101
    Issy Says:

    who wears a dress whilst riding a bike? yea her popularity points DIDNT come from GG or movies… might as well put a sign on her head stating “take me, im free” Mind you it wasnt the only thing wedged up there

  102. 102
    :D Says:

    how long are you gonna keep replying?

  103. 103
    Elena Says:

    @:D: i only replied to your one post that was directed at me. and seriously, if you don’t like what i’m saying then don’t read it. it’s not like i’m personally offended by the fact that you are a bl fan, i don’t know why you would be personally offended by the fact that i’m not.

  104. 104
    Get over! Says:

    I’m so sick of hearing about all the PR theories for months now! Leo does not need to be with someone for publicity…he’s one of the biggest actors of our generation. He’s with blake because….wait for it…. BECAUSE HE ACTUALLY LIKES HER! Also about all the “rumors” she slept with affleck.. how in the heck would any of u know this? He obviously is still married to his wife… im pretty sure she’s heard these freaking rumors that you’ve people have spun and she would divorce his ass if there were any truth to it.

  105. 105
    Issy Says:

    at the teen choice awards she dressed as a carrot, all she has to do now is stick herself up her A R S E

  106. 106
    ALY Says:

    So much ignorance in this thread I don’t know where to begin.

    They hide out, people say they’re not together. They go about their lives like normal people, people say it’s a publicity stunt.

    They don’t hold hands, people say they’re not in love. The do hold hands, people say they’re posing for the paps.

    He made 77 mil last year, he’s the most in demand actor, and he’s selling pics to the paps for money, or wants the publicity? Give me a break.

    When they know they are being followed they split up so the paps can’t get more photos of them together. Why? Because photos of them together are worth more money.

    Sometimes he covers his face, sometimes he doesn’t. It doesn’t mean he wants his photo taken.

    Leo is a great actor and he can do comedy. Watch Catch Me if You Can if you don’t believe. Fact is most comedies these days are crapola. DeNiro is a great actor, but the comedies he’s done have hurt him because they’ve been crapola.

    I just saw Blake on Showtime in Pippa Lee and she was very good. Did she sleep with director Rebecca Miller too? Daniel Day-Lewis’s wife knows good acting.

    There are always going to be more talented actors who get the shaft in favor of more famous ones. I give Blake credit for working hard and challenging herself rather than cashing in doing the same kind of Gossip Girl roles. She’s still very young and there is lots of time for her to grow.

    Who’s hating on Penn B? Great guy, different relationship with much less scrutiny means they could be more carefree in public, but even that was only after they had been living together for awhile. She managed to keep their relationship quiet for a long time.

    If Leo exposed Blake to Stevie Wonder, more power to him. Most Wonder fans who grew up with that music are a decade older than Leo so someone exposed him to it too.

  107. 107
    ALY Says:

    So much ignorance in this thread I don’t know where to begin.

    They hide out, people say they’re not together. They go about their lives like normal people, people say it’s a publicity stunt.

    They don’t hold hands, people say they’re not in love. The do hold hands, people say they’re posing for the paps.

    He made 77 mil last year, he’s the most in demand actor, and he’s selling pics to the paps for money, or wants the publicity? Give me a break.

    When they know they are being followed they split up so the paps can’t get more photos of them together. Why? Because photos of them together are worth more money.

    Sometimes he covers his face, sometimes he doesn’t. It doesn’t mean he wants his photo taken.

    Leo is a great actor and he can do comedy. Watch Catch Me if You Can if you don’t believe. Fact is most comedies these days are crapola. DeNiro is a great actor, but the comedies he’s done have hurt him because they’ve been crapola.

    I just saw Blake on Showtime in Pippa Lee and she was very good. Did she sleep with director Rebecca Miller too? Daniel Day-Lewis’s wife knows good acting.

    There are always going to be more talented actors who get the shaft in favor of more famous ones. I give Blake credit for working hard and challenging herself rather than cashing in doing the same kind of Gossip Girl roles. She’s still very young and there is lots of time for her to grow.

    Who’s hating on Penn B? Great guy, different relationship with much less scrutiny means they could be more carefree in public, but even that was only after they had been living together for awhile. She managed to keep their relationship quiet for a long time.

    If Leo exposed Blake to Stevie Wonder, more power to him. Most Wonder fans who grew up with that music are a decade older than Leo so someone exposed him to it too.

  108. 108
    Elena Says:

    blech damn the blake fan invasion over here! seriously, i could have given a damn about bl before she started dating leo, i just avoided her. and i’m sure all the leo fans here would say the exact same thing. but you blake fans have got to realize that not only are she and leo everywhere, which is irritating, but that leo is acting very unlike his usual self, so that’s why the leo fans think something fishy is up. and hell, maybe he is crazy in love with her and that’s why he’s doing this. but just judging from his past behavior, that seems unlikely. i can’t stress enough, i don’t think this is some pr thing because i hate blake, but because it’s way out of character for leo. so i’m just saying the blake fans should maybe give the leo fans a break, because a lot of the so called hate towards her isn’t because of her specifically, but because it seems so showmancey for leo which is totally not his thing. and seriously i’m not trying to start beef online with people i don’t know about other famous people that i also do not know!

  109. 109
    chichi Says:

    Between the two who is lucky to have the other?

  110. 110
    Issy Says:

    @ALY: i just dont think they are together for there purpose. Blake was playin by a stupid date book therefore leo went out to sweep her off her feet. you stated yourself that he made 77 mil last year, how much did she make? no where near. she is using him as a stepping stone to make her way up the ladder. Leo is a producer, yea she already has a door open to her. Her parents were actors, so all her life she has had everything handed to her and now feeding off leo. Europe, capri, yacht, helicopter ride, $500 lunch and gits all in 1 months… she is out to take him for a ride and its gonna be an unpleasant one. Money talks bull **** walks, she got him in the bags but once leo figures out they are 2 different people, who is the to get hurt? leo of course

  111. 111
    Get over! Says:



  112. 112
    ALY Says:

    You obviously don’t get out much. LOTS of people wear dresses and skirts while riding a bike, especially on a scorching day. Ride around NYC someday and you will see what I mean.

  113. 113
    ALY Says:


    She makes lots of money, not to mention all the free stuff poured on her by the fashion houses, and the clothes she gets from her show. All that happened before Leo.

  114. 114
    ALY Says:

    P.S. I’m a Leo fan first. I’ve done my research and I like Blake. All the crap rumor, gossip, and innuendo thrown at her makes me like her more.

  115. 115
    ALY Says:

    P.S. I’m a Leo fan first. I’ve done my research and I like Blake. All the crap rumor, gossip, and innuendo thrown at her makes me like her more.

  116. 116
    blue Says:

    for everyone screaming PR. don’t you realize that we talking about The caprio here. most talented, a-list, very high profile and the most expensive actors in age. he is also very private person.

    Do you think how much leo to be paid for this rubbish. like, he really need the money anyway. don’t think he will do it for hundreds thousan dollars tough, he can easily work in a movie for 50 millions. just think

    they do look cute.

  117. 117
    YAYA Says:

    I like them together…that’s all.

  118. 118
    Issy Says:

    @ALY: 1st im in Australia and 2ndly why would you wear something that not only gets sucked up your A S S but opens a window of judgement? we do sell shorts. yea i get obviouslly its hot but to reviel more than you have to is wrong…. why is she wearing shorts whilst walking and a dress whilst riding? youd think its the other way around, yea?

  119. 119
    G Says:

    Bar Refaeli is way better than Blake! What happened, Leo?

  120. 120
    marinés Says:


  121. 121
    marinés Says:


  122. 122
    ALY Says:


    I can’t deal with pants or shorts when it’s hot and humid, and it was incredibly hot and humid last weekend in NYC. Lots of us wear casual dresses and skirts when we ride because it’s comfy.

  123. 123
    ALY Says:


    I can’t deal with pants or shorts when it’s hot and humid, and it was incredibly hot and humid last weekend in NYC. Lots of us wear casual dresses and skirts when we ride because it’s comfy.

  124. 124
    Elena Says:

    ugh, and can i just add that one of the things i used to love about leo threads was that the barflies and crazies would get thumbs downed, and all the normal fans would get thumbs upped, so i could just skip the negative ones and read the good ones. now will all the blake fans i can’t do that anymore because some people i want to read get thumbs downed and ones i don’t get thumbs upped or vice versa. it’s complete thumbing anarchy people!!!

  125. 125
    larson Says:

    I have lived in NYC for the duration of my life which is 22 years. I have NEVER seen a woman wearing a dress riding a bike. It looks tacky as hell. Anyway. People, DON’T. FEED.THIS. POSTING.

  126. 126
    Elena Says:

    @Elena: sorry “now will” should read “now with”

  127. 127
    Issy Says:

    @larson: Thats because the WOMEN you see are the ones who have pride and dignity. leo’s mum wears everything BUT dresses…. Fake is just desperate and wants to out do leo with his looks… either way leos hot, blakes not!

  128. 128
    Issy Says:

    @Elena: hahaha

  129. 129
    mee Says:

    obviously you don’t read The Sartorialist, because even I that don’t live in NY see a lot of women riding with skirts or dresses. In NY and around the world

  130. 130
    he is ? Says:

    Dear # 12 & any one else who is clueless -the Word is PROMO– as promoting -after all it is SHOW bizz as in bizziness. So, there we have it an advert. Blank has no beauty of her own so she is selling a view up her whaaa who . Leo bought it . Ex-change rate for the on and off summer date? . When they say she dresses herself just like a big girl now , I believe it .All one has to do is see for your self she looks like a junk queen or is that a junkie queen ? Any way you dice or slice it she and from day one this whole affair is both absurd and obscene. I am really starting to feel incredibly sorry for DiCaprio.

  131. 131
    babs Says:

    Di Caprio can chose whoever he wants. And, for now, he has chosen Blake Lively. Deal with it

  132. 132
    kà simply amazing Says:

    im last :( . but he has great body LoL NOT FAT and he handsome in world

  133. 133
    slig o lambert^_______^ cute Says:

    wow leonardo lol like very young and cute ^^

  134. 134
    Issy Says:

    i said it once and i’ll say it again.. Leo’s HOT and Blake’s NOT!!!!!! to all the blake fans, get your eyes checked and see her for the Desperado person she is!!!!!

  135. 135
    larson Says:

    @mee: I don’t need to read anything. I see bike riders everyday out and about. I have ridden through the bike route on central park several times. Been past the bike route by prospect park. Again no dresses or skirts. It just looks silly and for novices. Most people when it gets hot wear biker shorts or thinner material shorts. I just noticed, NONE of the regulars are posting anymore. Anyway no more feeding this post for me.

  136. 136
    * Says:

    rachel and daniel knew each other fo YEARS! get ur facts straight- it was NOT all of a sudden!

  137. 137
    itra Says:

    she’d like to get ahead

  138. 138
    @Naomi Says:

    Why does always feel the need to look like a Christmas tree? Does she think she looks cool….. or stylish? Please.

    They look horrible together. Frankly. He looks dirty and neglected. He was never like that before.

  139. 139
    SashaT Says:

    Marries her? LOL. I think there are many high school girls posting here who live in a dream.

    Don’t forget even if she looks over 35 years old, Flakely is only 23. That I admit, I have a hard time to believe…..

  140. 140
    leigha Says:

    This relationship is weird. In some of the pictures it reminds me of a father taking his daughter shopping. They dont seem in love or even in a relationship. I just cant put my finger on whether this relationship is real or not

  141. 141
    who knows Says:

    I think leo is really lonely, beacuse I don’t see how he could spend time with someone just like that after splitting. I’d ask him
    if he’s ever felt love like he did after Gisele.
    if the passing of Oma hurt him & left him lonely.
    Why did he date Bar for so long and look so miserable.
    Are you really dating Blake? or why are you attracted to some one young, phyisically or is it personality?
    Can’t you be on your own, ever? are you dating on the side, with this as public? if so why do you care about pr if you have a successful career? and I have to agree with #70 and Elena, without judgement, something about Blake seems off, like she lives up to something, like she’s not her self…I don’t dislike her..she seems ok..but her vibe screams I don’t who I am..Her name has something to do with it, I think her parents named her from an ego state (sorry just a theory! ) therfore she’s attempting to live up to something, she didnt need to be an actress..let alonbe one who has changed her pysical appearnce to fit in, something is up with that….or maybe we’re all wrong and she just who she is…can’t really tell (don’t really care…just some fun musing!!!)

  142. 142
    so Says:

    @Issy: so, Leo should get his eyes tested too? it is only your opinion, An unattractive person would not have got the part in GG, She is with Leo, get over it, move on!!

  143. 143
    who knows Says:

    Just for the record I really she’s talented, by any stretch of the imagination. Not because of hating either, I don’t I appreciate! and I appreciate talented actresses like Chalize, Kate, Shirley, Liza, people who can act. I get a projection vibe from her, someone who ‘thinks’ they can, but really could be on days of lives, not on the big screen…she really is’nt that talented andthat’s why there’s so much heat round her..smoke and mirrors people…the proof will always be in the pudding, If she could I would be a fan of her work, but truly like bar she is mediocre at best, with the right hookups. If you are at the top of your game then its easy for all to see and enjoy. She’s young though, but she really ought to be playing it low key of she’s trying to build a real career.

  144. 144
    remember da truth Says:

    When are people going to realize that when you are as A-list as Leo and Blake, you don’t need publicity? Only Jennifer Aniston still lives for tabloid approval to keep her career going. You people seem to think that publicity is the end goal, and that shows that you think being on American Idol is as important as having sold 500 gold albums.

    It’s the D-list, Eddie Cibrian, reality stars, Lindsay Lohan, people making a comeback or trying to get up the list to get industry attention that need the paps and publicity to make them relevant and prove they are talked about. After that, it is just an annoyance. Leo DiCaprio is the LAST person on earth to need to call paps or get his face in a tabloid to improve his career.

  145. 145
    who knows Says:

    LOL @ #130

  146. 146
    who knows Says:

    aGAIN, #138 lol!! I’m ashamed to say he looks neglected and dirty too! & I love leo, he needs time out from all these shenanigans, he needs real love in his life, I think he must quite lost for some reason, only he knows what going on..or maybe he doesn’t,

  147. 147
    remember da truth Says:

    #31 Really? Are you serious? You think that Leo’s reputation was sinking because he ended a multi-year relationship?

    Maybe in YOUR tabloid-obsessed eyes his rep was falling, but among those in the industry who do the hiring, Leo’s work speaks for itself and he is still Scorsese’s go-to guy, loved by directors and writers like Chris Nolan, and makes money for studios. He is so A-list he is top 3 among sought-after actors.

    Who the hell cares if he breaks up with a girlfriend in real life? If you think the tabloids which lie and sensationalize stories for people like you who live and die by them are who decides what really goes on in business, you need to wake up and get a life of your own.

  148. 148
    lili Says:

    I hope it’s not PR cause I agree it was unexpected but I like to see them together! they’re cute and fit together! blake is a lucky *****, good for her! the bad side of this relationship is all the hate from jealous people, she has to deal with it now

  149. 149
    remember da truth Says:

    #107 well said. Finally someone who has a clue is on here! The idea that people at his level date or live for the paps is so ridiculous. It shows our culture where Snooki gets an E! True Hollywood Story as if she were a real star based on the fact that she goes to parties. People here think being on a red carpet is the equivalent of Oscar-nominated work and don’t get that paps are NOT sought after by anyone whose work is legit.

  150. 150
    Elena Says:

    @remember da truth: please, yeah obviously leo doesn’t need the publicity but blake seems to think she does. or her pr people, whoever. either way there are certainly people in the industry who really really want to make her happen. i mean, she certainly isn’t A list, she’s been in one blockbuster movie that underperformed quite a bit, one highbrow movie for like a 10 minute role, and gg, which is a low rated teen soap. and yet she’s on the cover of vogue, i think twice in two years (and seriously i think she may be the only person who can say that), and in every tabloid almost every week. she’s getting more exposure than almost every other actress out there, and for what exactly? maybe she isn’t the one calculating these moves, but this is quite obviously planned and intentional.

  151. 151
    Elena Says:

    oh and while i think this is one of the more obvious possibilities as to why leo is doing this perhaps it hasn’t occurred to the blake fans, but he just got out of a really long relationship that was always on and off. so maybe he wants to have a very public fling in order to demonstrate that he and bar are really and truly done.

  152. 152
    remember da truth Says:

    So you think Blake is using Leo as a stepping stone? You must date people for what they can give you to even think like that, let alone state it on the internet. Yes, he’s more accomplished, but few are as accomplished as he is and he’s also much older. Is she not supposed to date him so you don’t have to feel as jealous? Could it be she actually likes HIM and not the superficial things YOU have put so much importance on, especially when she is capable of buying whatever she wants anyway?

    Blake is only 23 and she’s accomplished a lot for such a young career, including the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies, Gossip Girl, The Town, etc. She is smart, and works with top directors and isn’t going for the blockbuster rom coms. Her career is going just fine for her age without Leo.

  153. 153
    Elena Says:

    i agree she has accomplished a lot for her age, but if you’re trying to say she doesn’t work her pr to the absolute max then you’re kidding yourself. and of course i think she could like him for him, he’s incredibly successful, good looking, older and wiser and probably smarter than her, and by all accounts he is really charming. but again let’s get real, she also has a whole lot to potentially gain by being the girlfriend of someone who is so well-known and respected in the industry. but what top directors has she worked with? and let’s be honest, the town is really the only “serious” movie she has been in, and she was in it for like 10 minutes, and every other actor in the movie outshone her even though she got an incredible amount of attention for it.

  154. 154
    Issy Says:

    @remember da truth: yes, i DO think she is using him as a steping stone… Savages will be her only REAL movie and as for GG, wow just a tv series…. MK and Ashley Olsen did more and got further that what fake blake will…. She says she became her own sylist, she doesnt even wear clothes….. She is only rebound and leo will be back with Bar by the end of the year….

  155. 155
    remember da truth Says:

    Elena why would Leo want to show celeb-obsessed fans that he’s over a relationship? Why would he care what some nobodies that he’s never met think of his private life?

    Usually when a relationship of many years dies, it doesn’t die overnight. It’s crumbling for a long time, over for a while and the participants are trying to think of a way out, not wanting to lose a friend or ancillary relationships that have been made through that person like other friends, move, start dating again, etc. But the feelings are long gone. That’s why most relationships end when someone finds someone else more compatible, and it jolts them into seeing how dead it is with the one they’re with and they can finally move on.

    When Leo broke it off for good with Bar, I’m sure she knew it, their friends knew it, their families knew it, and only an immature fool would need to go to some elaborate plan of dating someone else in a very public way to be able to say it. Leo has had relationships before — he knows how to handle his breakups in a more direct way. If he really wants Bar back, that will happen on its own, and Leo knows her phone number.

  156. 156
    Elena Says:

    actually yes, i do think that a lot of actors get jobs based on who they can charm, why else would there be so many crappy actors out there? and i’m sorry, but she isn’t exceptionally talented at all, that’s why she works her pr so hard. as for the town, i seriously cannot believe that of all the actors in that film anyone would point out her as exceptional, she was easily the worst and most miscast out of all of them. look, leo has been at this for like 20 years, and knows how to work the game better than almost anybody. when he was younger he kind of took a beating in the press, and since then he has been meticulous about his image. i’m sorry but some 23 year old is not going to change that overnight. and even look at when they’ve appeared together, they’re not outwardly affectionate, they’re never doing anything bad like going out to a club or bar, just doing normal stuff. but leo is a well known club kid, but is almost never photographed at clubs. i mean there have been like half a dozen reports of him out with women at clubs since this whole blake thing happened, but not a single picture. believe me this is all intentional. he is very adept at controlling his image so that is why this odd relationship just screams showmance. and those pictures of him with anna maria jagodinszka don’t make him seem as smitten as us weekly and blake fans would like him to be.

  157. 157
    barilace Says:

    @remember the truth: How stupid are you? Blake Lively A-list? You must be clearly out of your right mind to call her that!
    I just love it how the 6th grade GG fans are here drooling over her horse face. An unattractive person wouldn`t get on GG? Why being on that crappy show is such a big deal? Some comments are so stupid and ridiculous.
    Then we have the bellazon crowd who feel so superior just because they like this hideous couple. They think just because they love them they are above the ones ( the majority ) who thinks this setup is just weird and pathetic. They come here and act like they know it all and they are the awesome fans because they don`t `hate`. I just wonder what kind of people find this couple attractive or like them together. A grown man who should be with an intelligent and accomplished woman but he is still running after famewh*res because that`s what manchildren do who refuse to grow up. Leo seems to be just as shallow as the kiddie pool where he picks out his new girlfriends. And then of course we have her fakeness with that disgusting mole, fake nose, fake boobs, she is pretentious and as fake as she can be with no talent. So how are the bellafreaks so cool drooling over these two????

  158. 158
    Elena Says:

    @remember da truth: i don’t think he did it for the fans, i think he did it to show bar herself and her notoriously crazy mother that it was 100% done.

  159. 159
    remember da truth Says:

    Oh, and I’m sorry, she was also in Green Lantern, which nobody saw (myself included). I think that was more an attempt to break out big than dating Leo is intended to be.

    I think she just happens to be in a relationship with a big star, and the two like each other, and it’s as simple as that. Anything else is what outsiders looking at it project onto it, and as usual, their comments reveal an awful lot about themselves and their shortcomings; not about these two.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they break up a year from now, or five years from now or five months from now. Or they could stay together for 20 years. But for now, they obviously are having a good time together, and I wish them well.

  160. 160
    really Says:

    lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee THEM!

  161. 161
    barilace Says:

    Sometimes I just wanna scream reading comments on this site. Leo shows love by not hiding Lively. Only people who accomplished something are sought after by the paparazzi. Right, that`s why we have LiLo or Kim K. on the gossip sites all the time. Some people just sound stupid and seems like they live in fairy land. It`s Hollywood. Things don`t work the way some 14 years old GG fans think. Leo grew up in this business and he knows how much PR counts in his career no matter how accomplished of an actor he is. I believe he really wants an Oscar but the public sees him as a 37 years old Peter Pan who can`t commit, likes to party and has the typical airhead type. Now he is up for a nomination again and found himself someone who continuously keeps him in the tabloids ( I think she cheapens him big time ) and gives you the image that he has moved on from his typical models. Good PR for him in the Oscar race. Anyone noticed the continuous Brangelina marriage talk recently? Pitt has a nomination-worthy performance as well. Leo needs PR and even he needs this kind of PR. Lively using him as a stepping stone? Duh! Of course she is. It will backfire in her ugly face just like her `accidentally` leaked photos. If she wants to be taken seriously as an actress she should focus on her acting and prove herself. This way she is going to be a media fixture and together with the already widespread casting couch rumors she will remain a GG actress. That`s exactly where she belongs. She is the new Jessica Alba / Jennifer Aniston in the making. Daniel Ray-Lewis` wife noticed her? Like that`s how Hollywood works. Someone above the director put her in the movie. You think that`s how it works in Hollywood? Someone with her talent gets a role just like that? Come on!
    I said it before Leo is way overestimated by some of his fans. He is selling an image just like the environmentalist one. Too bad he contradicts himself way too often. I don`t buy the cool and down-to-earth guy image because those guys don`t go after women like Refaeli or Lively. I think he is a huge hypocrite and recently it started to show big time. Fishing in the kiddie pool for girlfriends indeed give him the creep vibe that so many people pointed out in comments recently.

  162. 162
    Cleo Says:

    They make an unusually hot couple!

  163. 163
    Elena Says:

    @barilace: agreed with most of what you said. especially the part where this is just another pr play that backfired on her. and i do agree that going after these young women makes leo look like kind of a creeper, but i think it’s moreso that he wants women who he can have fun with, who have low expectations of him, and basically who he can boss around in the relationship. younger women will tolerate basically being used as a bedwarmer a lot more than someone 25+ years old will. and i’m sorry but daniel day lewis’ wife doesn’t know good acting just because she is married to a good actor. i don’t know if anyone has seen the ballad of jack and rose, but that was also directed by rebecca miller and she cast camilla belle as the female lead, and no offense to camilla belle fans but she is a talentless actress and a complete vacuum of charisma.

  164. 164
    Issy Says:

    ok so i cant help noticing that age is now the topic.. before you start critizing leon as a “creeper” what about gorge cloony, what about hugh hefner…. come on half the chics hugh has in the mansion are HIDIOUS, thats where blake should be, he has 1) money 2) not a home but a MANSION 3) she is little miss barbie like the housebunnies and 4) shes believes in plastic surgery to “look hot” sooo hugh’s type of little miss THING

  165. 165
    rippo Says:

    Never watched Gossip Girl but I love Leo & I actually like these 2 together, they just seem sweet together to me. But then again this is Leo, it’ll probably last a few months/years & then they’ll split. He’s not the marrying type I think ;)

  166. 166
    barilace Says:

    @165: Who cares about Clooney and Hefner? And most importantly who said that it`s OK with them? They are the same bunch, Nicholson, Dicaprio, Clooney and Hefner. You have a point and Leo fits into that group perfectly well.
    @Elena: You are right about why he is going after these kind of women. And that shows the lack of his maturity and that is noticed by the public. Leo is the typical guy who matured as an actor but as a private person he hasn`t. It`s enough to look at his girlfriends and the way he acts. One day he is smiling at the photographers to give his new sk*nk and her crappy movie some publicity and the next day he is `oh-so-private` Leo again who wants to keep his private life private. Does he know how to spell hypocrite? For a while – while he was younger – he could get away with it but now his immaturity and shallowness are showing big time. He couldn`t have proved it in a better way than hooking up with Fake Blake.
    He think he can separate his private and professional lives but in his case he can`t. They affect each other. I lost respect for him, he lost major points by hooking up with cheap Lively and takes away from him as an actor. I have no desire to see Hoover even though I was excited about it because I just can`t take him seriously anymore. I can`t wait for the promo and him selling his cool Leo image meanwhile people know he is so much more different. Lively managed to ruin a Leo movie for me even though she is not even in it. What a talent!

  167. 167
    sesame Says:

    Shut up Barilace…disguised as a Bar fan. Take a hike! You need a psychiatrist seriously with so much hate on someone you don’t even know personally. Sick, sick!

  168. 168
    barilace Says:

    Oh, an intelligent Flake fan. I’m so gonna take you seriously! LOL! Bar fan? That’s the best you have?

  169. 169
    linz Says:

    Does this girl ever wear pants? Still not buying this. To me they look like two friends going shopping. They clearly don’t see the paps and there’s still no affection being shown. Idk its just so odd to me.

  170. 170
    Why are you taking my username Says:

    I’m Barilace from the Bellazon message board and why are you using my screename for your own purposes here? I know it’s not something you also found because it’s a combination of my last name and my mother’s maiden name.

    I’m not a gigantic Blake fan but I am not one to sit around and make up insane theories about their relationship.

    Wtf, dude?

  171. 171
    hmm.. Says:

    I just noticed how they are walking side by side but once the paps are seen they are walking behind eachother. Maybe its just me but its almost like he doesn’t want to be seen next to her. Idk but thats what it looks like to me

  172. 172
    sesame Says:

    @Why are you taking my username, because that @Barilace IMPOSTER on this Jared site is a nut. Raving and ranting on her stupid theories. Its laughable and pathetic at the same time.

  173. 173
    ace11 Says:

    Its a summer fling folks….just having fun

    we have all had them

    Leo and Blake are having sex…with no strings attached

    it is good for her image…and it doesn’t hurt his credibility

    will be done as soon as the season hits fall..

  174. 174
    Me Says:

    @Elena: Your right there is no need to over complicate things its clearly PR thats what Hollywood is about IMAGE, ILLUSIONS. Also look up what the word Hollywood meand everyone else.

  175. 175
    pigbearman Says:

    they’re both immature so they deserve eachother.

  176. 176
    sos Says:

    Hey@linz,Elena,Larson and other Leo fans…I was expecting to see those grocery shopping pics,so this is a surprise I guess.Anyone else who saw the grocery store pics,feel like someone might have called the paps?I don’t know something seems off.Here’s hoping for another Leo only thread soon.Although,we will probably get sighting and pics of them at the Bon Iver concert that jj is

  177. 177
    Frenchy Says:

    LOL Leo did you fire Ken Sunshine? Cuz there’s no way in h e ** he would allow all of this high schooly stuff to be happening around you Leo. It’s inconsistent with how his pr has been in the past. Notice how all the cheesy pr stories are almost always from her perspective. I mean excuse me, who is the bigger star here? She has to earn her dues just like Leo did. Everything is gushing Blake this Blake that like some it’s some demented Disney forum board containing many words like eww and aww. You watch, soon their names will be combined by some tweens who just saw Titanic last night for the first time.

    Waving to all JJ fans!!!!!!

  178. 178
    mila Says:

    leo always looks great <3<3

  179. 179
    sm Says:

    @Elena: i’m def. with u at this point leo is with blake just for saying br he is done with her forever!
    as i looked at this relationship from the first,leo came in front of cameras and look at them clearly in europ then we didn’t had nothing till leo was seen aith anna in ny at 2 am, he went with bl the next day in carmel; again nothing till br was with her new boyfriend then exactly at the same time leo was out with bl in the concert accompany with leo and br friend couple and the week we had a lot photos of br and her beau, leo immediatly was with bl even their ny’s cycling was at that time but after a few days came out in media and now br is single again as i know so he is with bl again and look at the cameras again with a naughty smile!
    in articles, we always have a lot of various things,moving togather but it changed to bl rent a house near to leo’s house;bl is chasing leo and was cring for him when he was in italy,leo never invited her for wedding of his friend in italy and said he wants free space and bl was clearly so unhappy at that time when she was in brit’s gala, before that leo didn’t accept to go with bl to ammerica fer.’s wedding ; as leo’s close friends in articles, leo said to bl at the first of their relationship what he didn’t want to marry with bl at all and he broke up with br because he did’t want to marry her at all and leo had twice break up with bl at the first month of thier hook up/date and obviously leo did broke up with bl when bl met his mom; etc….
    put all these together u will find out what i’m saying! even in a lot of articles and sites like jj they r not exacty a couple, they say rumor gf/rumor beau/ they r not official yet/ or even they say maybe they will last september too it’s not clear or even ted.c said they will break up and it’s Unavoidable and leo will break upwith bl /and …..! u got to know these what i am saying too!
    i belive leo is with bl for showing br it’s done exactly as he did with ciana for gisele, do u remember?! but gis was so smarter than br and immediatly replace the current man with leo!by love i hope br will find his real man so soon and leo will do break up with bl so so sooner that we even expect it and bl will be with her real man whom maybe he is penn badg.!(by the way i’ve heard in a non englisg article there is a cemistry between bl and her co star in gg chace, it was just a little bit mention, i hope it comes true and bl go out of leo’s life foreveeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr!

  180. 180
    Lily Says:

    bla bla bla. such a lot of psycho theories.
    first of all, they’re people like us, so please think do you will walk up and down with someone you dislike? I do not think so.
    They are together, get over it.
    If it will last or not time will tell us.

  181. 181
    sm Says:

    in an astro i’ve read leo will be in september with a lot of girls and ofcourse that time he is single again! i love this point just i hope it comes to true!
    even in articles nobody belives they will last even more than this summer! so what we want to say?!
    and larson and other leo’s fans i love u come back ! i love to read comments of leo’s fans and i never saw any sites as jj that leo’s fans paying attantion to leo’s treads so good and reallll as i see! it was proved in bar and a lot of things thats why i always come to see jj’s comments and blafreak or others r not so mentionable at all in my mind!
    i hope astra.s, future tellers and other leo’s fans like showmance/madamcouger/tinkerbell/…….. come back so soon because leo will go to break up with bl so soon as we see even his face comes to misereable with bl in 2/3 monthes as his was with br after 3/4 years relationship!

  182. 182
    sm Says:

    i got to go ! have a nice time all leo’s fans and u leo please make us proud !

  183. 183
    barilace Says:

    @ace11: I love your comment except for one thing. ‘it doesn’t hurt his credibility’ Are you sure about that? Because I definitely think it does hurt it. Even just a rumor about being involved with Lively would hurt anyone’s credibility. That’s exactly what bugs me about this so bad. That he is associated with her and even if it ends soon they are always going to be associated with each other. Only delusional peole ( so called ‘fans’ ) like the ones on bellazon would think it’s awesome for these two to be together or find them a ‘lovely’ couple.

  184. 184
    barilace Says:

    Lily = snoozefest

  185. 185
    omg Says:


    I’m no Disney tween but this came to mind: Di Lively ? ROTFLMAO

  186. 186
    sos Says:

    Popsugar calling it a hand-holding date,and with their arms linked?Are they talking about that one really blurry pic?lol

  187. 187
    ali Says:

    they look great together
    BL is very pretty and just got an award the other night .
    obviously LD likes her …

  188. 188
    Beast Says:

    Its not just paps that take photos of celebs.
    Everyone and their mother has a camera phone.
    Do you honestly think these blurry and poor quality photos were taken by paps?

    Lets be serious boys and girls

    I can take pictures of you without your even knowing it,
    I’m doing it right now

    Fukc yaws

  189. 189
    Mari Says:

    I know she is somehow responsible for those blue socks Leo’s been wearing. Leo, go back to the white slouchy socks, don’t let her control your sock choices!

  190. 190
    Tamsyn Says:

    I like it when she’s dressed all casual and natural, so much better than the red carpet. They look cute, I wonder if it’s real.

  191. 191
    lafamepoma Says:

    Leo is like George Clooney they spend all his life dating different women but they never want to have something serious with them. Anyway he’s a very talented actor, better than her.

  192. 192
    dust in the wind Says:

    you know what guys? Larson is right..if you don’t want to see anymore threads about them, than don’t feed the thread. Just stick to the Leo only threads.
    and this is just my personal hunch, but I think some of the posters here are right. If this was just for PR than Leo would have most likely ended it by now, because I don’t think anyone in their right mind who just stepped out of a 6 year PR ordeal (Bar) would want to step into yet another one and keep it going for this long if there wasn’t something there… I think it started out as PR, but now he’s developed feelings for her. Something has been telling me it’s not just PR anymore. It’s weird, but I’ve been getting that feeling for the last couple of days now and I guess the universe is showing me proof by the pics we got today.. It’s really weird cos over the weekend, I got this weird feeling that Leo had died, and then it turned out to be that hoax on the internet… Not sure what it means, but it scared me when I saw that :S
    I don’t think Blake is pretty either, I think she has a great body, great legs, but her face is just not pretty. I can understand her fans wanting to defend her, but it is what it is…. I think he’s probably attracted to her personality because she’s warm, she cooks for him, yada yada… ..
    For me, if Leo is happy with Blake and she is opening up his heart and making him feel SOMETHING (for a change), than I would say that’s a good thing. I think that’s what he’s been needing anyways, so better her than someone who is a total b*tch. And guys, Blake is not that bad…I’m not saying she’s not loving all this attention, but I don’t think she’s a “bad person” so it’s not fair to take it ALL out on her either…. he’s the one who wants to be with her, so I don’t think it’s fair to make her out to be the villain while he’s the hero… that’s not fair to her either.

  193. 193
    LondonCalling Says:

    192 comments WTF!!

  194. 194
    larson Says:

    @dust in the wind: No dust, don’t fall for the nonsense! LOL. IDK about this ordeal, I really don’t. I for one think he and Bar broke up way before it was reported so he might have been single for about 4 or 5 months before he got with Blake. Still don’t think this a relationship. There’s no feeling or touching whatsoever coming across in the phots. It’s coming across friendly like. I mean I can shop with male friends. I can stand close to them in the street or go somewhere where it’s just me and him and that isn’t a relationship. It might be that they don’t wanna give us those shots, but in the 6 give or take a couple months years that he was with Bar I only saw one pic of them kissing and it looked awkward and phony. I looking towards the bright side. Aussie land for 4 months without seeing her because let’s be foreal. Who the hell would have time to take a 25 hour flight every other week? I don’t think even God would do that. Back to the pics, Leo’s got his indifferent face back on. There are more pics on popsugar. I really don’t wanna click on it, cause like I said I don’t wanna feed this monstrosity, but I read on another board that eventually he just walks off and leaves her. No lie I seriously think someone is calling the paps. We could go WEEKS AND WEEKS without seeing him, even when he was with Bar and now there’s constant streams of pics. I’m not from L.A. but do paps really hide out at supermarkets? How would they know which ones to go to? This is another fake, trying hard to be high publicity couple, like bennifer or bradgelina, but blake isn’t popular or pretty enough so it is crashing and burning.

  195. 195
    wow Says:

    They’re so cute & cool.
    Cool couple, I can see them together. Totally.
    And it’s evident they are having a good time, even doing otherwise boring things

  196. 196
    checle Says:

    @larson: You have mind f ucked brain. LOL. shut the hell up…
    You are going to cry for the NEXT 5-6 years in this relationship. First, you gave him a week, than a month, than a three month, now 6 month and in a year, another six month, follow after that next summer, winter spring and the music continue on LOL….
    Save yourself now or else you will end up in mental institute shutter island. I am starting to think that he made that movie just for you and for the insane people here. LOL

  197. 197
    FrG Says:

    Positive thing about that romance: Leo lost a lot of weight.

    Now waiting the next girlfriend for the next step: DO NOT WEAR SOCKS WITH A SHORT !!!!!!!!!!! OR WEAR SHORT SOCKS… !!!!!!!!!!!

  198. 198
    larson Says:

    @checle: Oh shut up. I have my opinion. You weirdos have invaded the board to the point where it feels like the twilight zone. I think this relationship is FAKE, FAKE, FAKE. Faker than a 8 dollar bill. If he stays with her 5, 6 years I could care less. 5 more years of him looking miserable as always. You guys keep rooting for this barely touching, no kissing or hugging, Leo’s indifferent faces, WALKING 10 FT IN FRONT OF HER, “couple”. I will continue to believe what I want. Here’s to hoping seeing him in more pics flirting with other models and partying with other models like he’s been doing since he started “dating” Blake.

  199. 199
    WOndering Says:

    I just saw pics of Blake before the nosejob and I wonder..if he would of dated her without the plastic surgery or if he would dated if she didn’t pursue him..?

    This seems too Tom Cruise a girl who wanted to marry you as a kid…

  200. 200
    @wondering Says:

    Without the nose, chin and boob jobs, Flakely would never be in front of the cameras. And not dating DiCaprio.

    BTW, how tall is she? With flat shoes, she seems to be at least 6 feet, no?

  201. 201
    laura Says:

    Geez, These are some harsh comment. I don’t understand why people are hating on Blake and Leo.. someone explain…

  202. 202
    It's envy? Says:


  203. 203
    Scarrr Says:

    WTF. Everyone needs to take a chill pill. She is 23. I doubt this would be “love.” Let her explore her options. Remember she was the rebound girl. I kinda like them together. Don’t think they will last to marriage. Could also be idk a fling? Causal dating? Unless one of them are saying something THAN worry.

  204. 204
    Scarrr Says:

    Did anyone else see that new post disappear

  205. 205
    Elena Says:

    @Scarrr: yeah there’s something dodgy up with some pictures of them inside of the grocery store. they’re like tagged to this post but aren’t actually showing up on it or something.

  206. 206
    peter Says:

    leo’s contract clause = you must always appear to have a girlfriend which we provide for you ,in order to appear you are straight to main audiance , behide the scenes you can be yourself = as gay as you wanna be . . you need to appear to mainstream audiance as straight , you do this and we give u long carrier in our hollywood studio . .

  207. 207
    Scarrr Says:

    @Elena: Okay just thought it was me. If the y are posted tomorrow than something is much definitely up. That or it was against that grocery store rules with cameras.

  208. 208
    mila Says:

    hey jared,,,,,,,,,,where is the new post????????

  209. 209
    barilace Says:

    @202: No, it`s not envy. Come on, we know you can do better! You know the usual `jealous of her`, `no life`, `fat living in a basement` or `wants Leo for herself` titles. Be creative! Don`t think about things like she is ugly, she has no talent, she couldn`t be further from natural or she is pretentious. No, it`s not that. It can only be jealousy and envy!
    Interesting how that new post disappear. Not that I mind. The less I see these two together the better for my stomach. Seems like this PR thing went a little overboard and someone is trying to take it back a notch…

  210. 210
    Stephanie Says:

    I think the photos in the grocery store might have been bought by a magazine exclusively?US Weekly? thats why they had to be taken down?

  211. 211
    barilace Says:

    @210: Would it be surprising? Us Weekly is the official sponsor of this tragicomedy. Exclusive photos, exclusive ( Lively ) sources…etc. from day 1. But the post is back on so here comes nausea!

  212. 212
    WAlterBisho[ Says:

    I am actually surprised that he’s dating a woman who is condsidered a fashionista by some and being a fashionista requires to wear whatever is in trend at the moment including leather, crocodile bags and etc. – how can he call avid environmentalist after that…That girl woudl kill for a pair of fur coats like her back holder Anna Wintour.

  213. 213
    WAlterBisho[ Says:

    I meant “How can he call himself an avid environmentalist” after all that non sense. flying all the way to Russia just to listen about poor tigers while that girl is among those who destroys animals for their fur. Fashionistas are among most prominent killers

  214. 214
    Love the shoes Says:

    I LOVE them. They are my fav new couple. I think they’re gonna be seriously long term; even marriage and babies. I feel the ease between them. I think she makes him laugh; she lightens him up. Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!

  215. 215
    Flakely who Says:

    Didn’t we read that she actually possesses hundreds of pairs of shoes…??? when did she say that?

  216. 216
    @@@ Says:

    Sure, I bet he is already shopping for a ring. Babies! I bet he has already booked the plastic surgeon to work on the nose and the boobs. And of course her PR team is already working hard on the babies movie career. With a mommy like that it doesn`t matter whether the kid has talent or not. Mommy will teach the baby how to be successful without having any talent!

  217. 217
    LC Says:


    Not to mention that orange leather dress. How many cows had to die for that one but yet he and Blake are all about shark fins. Hypocrites.

  218. 218
    LC Says:

    @Love the shoes:

    I’ve never seen him give a natural looking laugh or smile in any picture with Blake. If he’s such a good actor then why is this romance so non-convincing? There’s no chemistry there, he looks as if he were an uncle or older brother to her.

    Only one person gets a true laugh and smile out of Leo in pics and that is Lukas Haas, oh and that model chick from the New York pictures, oh and when he hangs with Usher he smiles a lot or any of his friends. Actually the only time he looks tense and fake smiles was with Bar and now Blake.

  219. 219
    Nothing Says:

    I like him.. but not her. Why can’t he find someone better?!

  220. 220
    commonsense Says:

    This relationship makes me feel like I`m in Bizzaro World.

  221. 221
    bb Says:

    I know this is really old news but I prefer Penn Badgley over Leo.

  222. 222
    To @@@ Says:

    OMG no babies, please. With her natural face, the poor ones would look ugly. Imagine they inherit their mommy’s features:

  223. 223
    Blake the Fake Says:

    @To @@@:

    Here is a better one:

  224. 224
    Just so you know Says:

    The incog on LSA is none other than Peggy Dicaprio, Leonardo’s step-mother. Leo actually hired someone to beat Lukas Haas up, since he thought the incog was initially Lukas. That’s why she mentioned that she was not Lukas and was sorry for any ‘misfortune’ caused.

  225. 225
    to @@@ and Blake the Fake Says:

    Babies, please let’s hope she is infertile, ’cause it would be too shocking.

  226. 226
    yaya Says:

    Leo NEEDS to grow up already! he keeps gretting older while his girlfriends keep geeting younger.

  227. 227
    yaya Says:

    Leo NEEDS to grow up already! he keeps gretting older while his girlfriends keep getting younger.

  228. 228
    Me Says:

    @Just so you know: @Just so you know: Please tell, how you know??

  229. 229
    Tigershavefeelings2 Says:

    Wouldnt surprise me if sunshine is pushing this one. Think about it hoover is coming out and its going to incite the gay rumors again, because leo is hot and single and people really are that stupid. I dont think leos gay, I dont think leos much of anything since this vomit-in-my-mouth pairing, but there are alot of dickheads out there that do care about **** like that and pursuing with the flake show is going to make leo’s crew more comfortable. Its not just about him, people. His choices are not entirely his own, despite any protest these celebs might shout about. He knows which hands work the gears in hollywood, hot leo dating ditzy blondes works well for the market. But,hes made one mistake the mass market arent the ones who go see thought provoking films that leo so desparely wants to back. Hes stuck in between a rock and a hard place. Australia will be great recovery for him. I hope so, anyway

  230. 230
    Littlemissy Says:

    Let me get this straight. The people who are moaning about the relationship didn’t like him with Gisele, didn’t like him with Bar, so are not happy he’s with someone new. Get over yourselves.
    She is a sensible girl, not using him for publicity, she is doing well. I think this one is for keeps and I hope Leo realises that.
    I didn’t know much about her, but watched her interview on Jay Leno and I was really impressed.
    Marry her quickly Leo and start making those gorgeous babies, hopefully that would shut up the so called jealous fans.

  231. 231
    Littlemissy Says:

    I hope their names get combined. I’m going for Bleo. LOL!!!

  232. 232
    Tigershavefeelings2 Says:

    I was going say…………..nope, really not worth it.

  233. 233
    Tigershavefeelings2 Says:

    I was going say…………..nope, really not

  234. 234
    observer Says:


    Totally agree with you.

  235. 235
    @littlemissy Says:

    Of course its publicity, otherwise you’d date quietly & under the radar, & there won’t be babies or a reason to be together…poor leo, people should hope he meets a woman with herself in tact! not some young bit who wants to be seen all over town….. he must be down, he looks so disheveled, not dressed down but possibly borderline depressed, I hope he’s happy, but why would you be when you’ve got people trying to date you after seeing you in a movie! only his Sm will be right for him, hope she’s seen soon!! she’s the only one who’ll be with him FOR him, not for titanic..Blake is just living a fantasy! from her ‘acting’ ability to who she dates, she has no clue of who she is!!! If she was serious she would date him without press intrusion and she’d be in more than bad tv show for teens…its the truth y’all!!!!!!! I remeber one psychic said Leo had alot of people draining him in hollyweird, and yes he could move, but it’s all he knows, who would he move to be with??!! he has to meet his sm and i hope it happens within the the next year!!!he’s 37 not 27, he doesnot look like he’s having fun, he looks lonely…SOS SM!!!!

  236. 236
    @@@ Says:

    People sighting. Anyone wants to throw up? I do!

    “Blake Lively enjoyed some time away from Gossip Girl and the Upper East Side for a burger date with beau Leonardo DiCaprio in L.A. The couple tried to stay under the radar at Umami Burger in Los Feliz, Calif., as they quietly ate. “Blake looked very happy and kept smiling,” an onlooker tells us. DiCaprio appeared to enjoy himself, too. Says the onlooker: “He gently grabbed her hand at one point and he seemed very into Blake.”

  237. 237
    Strawberry Jam Says:

    After all, who on earth would have predicted Tom Cruise would end up with Dawson’s Creek Katie Holmes ? Everything is possible !!

  238. 238
    HONESTLY Says:

    If she simpers half as much in real life as she does in Gossip Girl and if he is remotely the 36 year-old grown-up man he’s supposed to be, he will quickly find her irritating and childish.

  239. 239
    remember da truth Says:

    Barilace doesn’t know how to read. I didn’t say that only accomplished actors are sought after by the paps — just the opposite. That if you haven’t accomplished anything, you CALL the paps, but true A-list stars who HAVE accomplished something don’t need to do that.

    As for how things work in Hollywood — getting PR in tabloids and on celeb sites has NOTHING to do with Oscars! LOL! In fact, it can work in the opposite way, putting you on the level of a Lohan. you are one of those fools who thinks PR is all about getting your picture taken, and PR is your whole career.

    Ask Meryl Streep how much she’s in the tabloids, or Colin Firth. Leo doesn’t need PR. And as for Brangelina marriage talk “lately” — it’s been going on for six years, not “lately”. DUH. You don’t get Oscar buzz by getting your picture on a celeb site going grocery shopping. What a fool you are!

  240. 240
    remember da truth Says:

    And if you think that dating beneath you will prevent you from getting an Oscar, why does Clooney get nominations? Why did Jack Nicholson get all his awards?

    What an idiot you are if you think this world of celeb following has anything to do with reality. You dont even know the difference between a made-up tabloid story and the truth.

  241. 241
    Tigershavefeelings2 Says:

    Dude…..wheres my post?, its totally gone! I was thanking @observer ….Wrote a whole big paragraph, now its gone! Weird!…….or convenient, wondering if this makes the thread? Come on jj be cool, my last post didnt offendanyone, if anything it simply reiterates the consenus of hollywood bullyimg actors into jumping hoops! Too controversial? Here I go…… Submit….

  242. 242
    Tigershavefeelings2 Says:

    So freaky, I know it was posted, blake flag my post? Sweetie you’re gonna have to brush up on your fibre optics tech 1O1 and delete the net if you dont want anything contradicting your fauxmance, maybe it was bellazons, I did reiterate how leo wasn’t exaxtly jumping for joy, and that if he were to start jumping on couches he’d be a write off like TC..damn those scientologists ARE everywhere…. Oh no…..ive dropped the ball in the low brow court, damn it really tried hard not to walk that path, too late!

  243. 243
    @235 Says:

    Totally agree with you! I hope the SM comes into his life soon, but I guess it will happen when it is meant to. I remember on another post some intuitive said the SM has self-worth issues that she has to work through. I hope she is working on them so that she can be with Leo soon!!

    To the SM if you are lurking these threads, I wish you the best and do not be discouraged you deserve the best! I hope you meet him soon. I’m rooting for you!!

  244. 244
    Strawberry Jam Says:

    My previous comment being red-thumbed (# 237) , people seem to forget that back in 2004, Tom Cruise dating Katie Holmes was seen as a PR stunt. Love it or hate it, Blakonardo could have the same fate.

  245. 245
    Strawberry Jam Says:

    I can’t believe how many fans of DiCaprio are red-thumbing all the comments :
    1) of people who are happy about Blakonardo
    AND / OR
    2) think it is likely to be a real couple

    Get over it deluded straight chicks or gay guys !!
    He wouldn’t b dating you anyway.

  246. 246
    barilace Says:

    @remember the truth: Your comments are gibberish and you never mean anything the way you wrote it. Why don`t you do us a favor and just stop posting already? I doubt anyone reads or likes your comments so why are you wating time?

  247. 247
    Hi Says:


    If is not a smile is it what??
    Actually he seems very light and happy around her
    I really think this go last

  248. 248
    barilace Says:

    Very `light` around her? What else can he be around an airhead? Being dumb is entertaining! After all he likes the Jersey Shore! LOL! This won`t last. Fake assets give you access to an A-list boyfriend only for a while. He can`t be this dumb!

  249. 249
    Ren Says:

    time for leo to settle down

  250. 250
    don Says:

    can somebody tell me why leo looks like a twelve y.o. boy here?

  251. 251
    larson Says:

    @Hi: For one he isn’t even looking at blake, she’s on her phone, he looks like he is as well. And he is also looking dead at the camera again.

  252. 252
    Wait, what?! Says:


    to me it looks like he’s just trying to talk.

  253. 253
    Wait, what?! Says:

    @ Hi

    Actually in that picture you linked it looks more like he was caught mid-sentence.

    What I don’t get is it also looks like he’s hiding in this pic yet when he and Blake where walking around Europe and several people were videorecording them while they were walking and holding hands, in the videos you could here cameras clicking as if lots of pictures were being taken. Why not hide then too?

    Leo is coming off looking like a fool and a tool. His behavior is so erratic and inconsistent. One moment he is running from the paps and almost running them over with is car, like those videos with Bar. The next he’s like look at me take my pic. He seems childish and temperamental.

  254. 254
    article Says:

    Presumptive awards favorite J. Edgar, Clint Eastwood’s biopic starring Leonardo DiCaprio as the FBI founder and legendary eccentric, will be skipping both the Toronto International Film Festival and the New York Film Festival, EW reports. The Toronto fest, which kicks off September 8, is traditionally considered the unofficial start of the annual awards season. The film is scheduled to open November 9 in limited release before going wide on November 11.

  255. 255
    article Says:

  256. 256
    Barfsdone Says:

    looks like hes actually aknowledging her presence unlike BARF…. hes not hiding from the paps….i think hes feeling her out to see who she really is ….hes totally use to IGNORE BARF…lol but only time will tell…. i do think Blake is smitten with him…she said it long time ago… an since she s doest live in a another country hes spending more time with her than Barf….who lived acrossed the sea…he doest have an excuse this time ….no controlling momager,no annoying ugly friends…lol….he looked like he wanted to shoot himself in the head in those pics with Barf…BORRRRRRRRRRRRedddd ….looks like Barf go dumped already …? guess david just hit n quit it…..lmaof

  257. 257
    ok Says:

    @Barfsdone: He looks bored with blake has well what are you talking about. In the grocery store picture he looked so bored. Give it time girlfriend he will dumb her too.

  258. 258
    @256 Says:

    Yeah, genius, he was so depressed and bored that he stayed with her for over 5 years. It makes so much sense! Plus you act like we have never seen photos like this about Leo with BR. Simply you just hate Bar no matter what ( I see why I have to admit ) but you talk way too much into this. Like it wasn`t mentioned that as soon as he saw that paps while grocery shopping he even abandoned their cart and ran. What`s your take on that?

  259. 259
    Table Linens Says:

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