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Miranda Kerr: Glamour Gal in Sydney!

Miranda Kerr: Glamour Gal in Sydney!

Miranda Kerr glams it up as she arrives at Sun Studios on Monday (August 8) in Sydney, Australia.

The 28-year old Aussie model wore a black trench coat, high heeled shoes, and carried a bright red bag as she walked briskly into the studio.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Miranda recently spoke about returning to Sydney to hit the runway in a revealing swimsuit for the first time since giving birth to her son, Flynn.

“I am a little nervous about getting back on the runway after just having a baby seven months ago in a swimsuit,” Miranda said.

“But you know, I have been doing my squats and I started Pilates as well as my usual yoga routine,” she continued.

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82 Responses to “Miranda Kerr: Glamour Gal in Sydney!”

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  1. 26
    @27 Says:

    Did you forget your helmet on the short bus today?

  2. 27
    um... Says:


    Made up shipper medical facts don’t count as real medical facts. You people don’t know basic genetics so how can you be trusted with any other scientiffical stuff?

  3. 28
    @31 Says:

    Defensive much?
    Must have hit a nerve.

  4. 29
    @32 Says:

    LOL! You delphidiots are the morons who think that two blue eyed people can make a brown eyed baby.
    Come back to debate science when you get that BASIC rule through your extra thick skulls.

  5. 30
    @32 Says:

    Wow. Who would have thought that a board certified plastic surgeon would throw out medical facts just to back up shippers?
    Here’s the article.

    But for those haters with limited vocabulary skills, here is the important part…
    “Once you stop breastfeeding your child, you should wait a minimum of six months before undergoing elective breast surgery (i.e. augmentation, reduction or mastopexy).”
    Now is Dr. Brenner a shipper? Or will you delphites just ignore these FACTS like you do the rest of them?

  6. 31
    youpsycho Says:

    @@18: what proof?

  7. 32
    $.02 Says:

    Double chin alert!!! She’s a strange one. Body is underweight, and yet her head is fat..and sporting a double chin. Not model material, sorry.

  8. 33
    @32 Says:

    Please see post at number 31.
    We have proof that she could not have had plastic surgery. Please post your *cough* proof *cough* that she did.
    We’ll be waiting.

  9. 34
    ta Says:

    She looks gorgeous!
    I love her coat!

  10. 35
    @um.. Says:

    LOL! You would question the law of gravity if it were necessary to make up a rumour about Miranda, huh?
    Elective surgery is NEVER performed on a pregnant woman, and you can’t place foreign material (implants) on an organ that is actively producing fluids. Breasts already have an increased risk of infection (mastitis) at the beginning of lactancy because occasionaly the milk ducts get obstructed. In fact, the risk of mastitis can be even of a 30%. No doctor in his right mind would do that surgery and face an even greater risk of provoking a mastitis, thus damaging the breast, stopping the production of milk and obviously, having to remove the implants.

  11. 36
    @22-25-28-32 Says:

    Let’s see if now you don’t hide as every time you’re proven wrong, which is always. We gave you the proof, so make a glorious comeback. Come on, make our day

  12. 37
    37 here Says:

    Oh, so you came back to give a negative vote to my comment, but you won’t say why we’re wrong? Epic fail. Thanks for admitting that you’re wrong, that you don’t dare to reply and the best of all, that YOU KNOW you’re wrong.
    It’s been fun, now please say that the Earth is flat and that makes Miranda evil and us “blind shippers with a tinhat”, it should be fun.

  13. 38
    um... Says:

    Two blue eyed parents are perfectly capable of making a brown eyes baby if one or both of the blue eyed parents have a brown eyed genetic relation. You carry both dominant AND recessive traits in your gentetic material. If your mother has brown eyes and your father has blue eyes and you have blue eyes (ie: Miranda) you carry BOTH traits and have the chance to pass EITHER on to your off spring. All Christopher Kerr needed to have brown eyes was one grand parent with brown eyes. Which he has. I have no idea where you idiot shippers think that a blue eyed woman carries ONLY the genetic material for blue eyes and nothing else. Go back to school, you freaks. She carried b(blue)B(brown) with brown being a dominant gene and blue the recessive and if she mates with a man with bB the baby has an over 50% chance of having brown eyes (since brown is the dominant gene). She doesn’t have to mate with with a man with brown eyes to have a brown eyed child. Seriously, but down the Twilight books and pick up a text book and you’ll read all about it.

  14. 39
    37 here Says:

    Since brown is the dominant gene, if she has both genes (B brown) and (b Blue) Miranda COULDN’T POSSIBLY have blue eyes, and she does. The dominant gene is the one that expresses phenotypically.
    Try again? Or are you done embarrassing yourself?

    P.S. Twilight sucks!

  15. 40
    37 here Says:

    Oh, and still waiting for the boob job *****

  16. 41
    @39 Says:

    My goodness you people just love proving that you failed biology.
    Two brown eyed parents can have a blue eyed baby, but two blue eyed parents CANNOT have a brown eyed baby. Every one of Miranda’s ancestors could have brown eyes, but SHE DOES NOT CARRY THE GENE because she has BLUE EYES.
    If a concept as simple as dominant and recessive genes is beyond your understanding, no wonder you guys fail at life.

  17. 42
    @39 Says:

    You said it yourself. Brown is dominant. So if she carried the brown eyed gene, she woul dhave brown eyes.
    Why is this so hard for you delphidiots?

  18. 43
    Bee Says:

    I’m not sure what’s funnier-the people who shout “Plastic surgery!” just to stir up trouble, or the loyal followers who run foaming at the mouth to protect Mother Miranda every time. Sorry, but your no excuse worship over her is just as bad as the people who hate her. You don’t know her enough to hate her, but you can’t say you know her enough to love her as much as you do, either.

    I do find her new nickname the “Flash Nazi” very fitting. She can smile as sweetly as she wants, but at the end of the day, she’s still a model through and through.

  19. 44
    @44 Says:

    What’s wrong with defending her against lies?
    Just because we are fans, doesn’t mean that we “worship” her. We probably spend less time on her than the haters. It’s just that I hate bullies of any kind. And people who spread lies and sling mud are nothing but bullies.

  20. 45
    @Bee Says:

    I don’t worship Miranda at all. I like Rosie Huntington better as a model, and I’m sure that she’s not Teresa of Calcutta. It’s just that when I see a lie as big as a temple, I point it out. And I do it every time I hear an obvious lie, no matter if it’s about Miranda or about any other topic.
    Saying that she’s ugly is an opinion, wrong I think, but an opinion anyway.
    Lying about genetics, plastic surgery and other well established facts is another different matter, not to mention it’s irresponsible to give wrong medical information on a public forum, don’t you agree?
    As for lies about Miranda’s life, I think it’s inmoral to make up lies about people’s life with no other goal than hurting them. If I knew you and heard a false rumour about you, I would defend you too. And I think that there’s something terribly wrong about the morals of a person who thinks it’s ok to lie about other people.

  21. 46
    dude Says:

    nah she didn’t have plastic surgery because if she did why wouldn’t she fix that wonk nose and get some face liposuction,cheekbone/chin implants help her out in the double chin department first? Because that’s what needs the obvious fixin, not her bod.

  22. 47
    fred Says:

    Glamour gal? There is nothing glamorous about this cow.

  23. 48
    natalie Says:

    lordie, look at that double chin..yuck!

  24. 49
    Dieter Says:


  25. 50
    Dieter Says:


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