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Miranda Kerr: Guest Editor for The Sunday Telegraph!

Miranda Kerr: Guest Editor for The Sunday Telegraph!

Miranda Kerr is white hot in a sexy dress while leaving Sun Studios on Monday (August 8) in Sydney, Australia.

The 28-year-old Aussie model carried out a garment bag with some Collette Dinnigan clothes inside!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Miranda will be guest editing The Sunday Telegraph‘s Body+Soul section for the September 18th issue.

“If you have love, first of all love and appreciation for yourself, then you are going to eat healthily and you are going to take care of yourself and exercise,” Miranda said. “When you do that, you can give so much love to other people because you have the energy to give. That’s what gives me a healthy body and a healthy soul.”

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Credit: Grey Wasp/Blue Wasp; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • ke$haluv

    get a vacuum cleaner, clean the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, do the laundry, and the dishes and cook a good diner, when your done with that, use that time to do this crap, otherwise your a horrible mother and just another famewhore who had a child to boost her fame. Child services anyone?

  • wow

    Bitter, party of ONE, your table is ready.
    Just because she is rich and doesn’t HAVE to do household chores doesn’t mean that she isn’t a good mother. I don’t understand your reasoning (if we can use the word ‘reason’ in relation to anything that you said) with that one at all. If you’re right, then the vast majority of upper middle class working moms are bad mothers too.
    Are you just bitter that you can’t afford a maid? Or are you just bitter because she is rich, successful, gorgeous AND a good mother and you can’t find anything else to complain about?
    You haters are really getting more and more desperate.
    Desperate and pathetic, I should say.

  • sam

    She looks absolutely radiant! And so gorgeous!

  • YES!

    She looks incredible. Her skin is glowing.

  • IllWill

    she must really want to be famous

  • Tracy

    Hideous Hag!

  • Amy

    That’s all good and I have nothing personal against Miranda Kerr. But all this visualising and ‘love yourself’ and manifest your destiny stuff makes very passive good little consumers. Which is what brands like Prada (yes, that red bag we’ve seen in nearly every pic is a Prada), David Jones, etc want from us. Good little consumers who buy lots of stuff they don’t need.

  • @8

    How can loving yourself and using positive affirmations make you into a passive consumer of high end luxury products?
    I don’t get that at all.

  • @6

    she is already famous. that’s why you are commenting on her

  • @7

    Gee, if that is what a hideous hag looks like, then sign me up for that beauty regime
    She sure looks gorgeous to me!

  • @1

    YEAH! I AGREE!!!
    Any woman that wants to work outside the home or have a career is a poor excuse for a mother!
    Good mothers stay at home, cooking and cleaning for her man and her child. And she better have his dinner on the table when he gets home or there will be h*ll to pay!
    A woman’s place is in the home. Preferably barefoot and pregnant.
    You see, women like her is what happens when you let women vote and go to school.
    She should be ashamed of herself for not putting her man first!

  • stannie

    She gets more beautiful every day. Orlando is one lucky S O B.

  • cierra

    i don’t like her shoes. the dress is pretty but she needs to get a better pair of shoes. just sayin.

  • @13

    I think she’s ugly as always. Poor Orlando!

  • Yo-Landi

    She’s a very pretty girl but the red lipstick looks HORRIBLE on her. Doesn’t suit her face at all.

  • stash

    So typical of the haters.
    They give the idiot at #1 ‘pluses’ to get her out of the negative ratings. But give the post at #12, ‘minuses’ when they are saying the EXACT same thing that poster #1 said.
    Hypocrisy? Or did they actually recognize that someone was calling them on their B S?

  • YAY

    I love her! She looks gorgeous!

  • Ayjamal B

    OMG she’s beautifullllllllllllllllll !!!

  • @1

    Ok, you already got the attention that you probably don’t get in real life. Happy? Can we go back to not saying stupid, absurd things?

  • Again


  • kà simply amazing

    beautiful mama flynn #21 i think yo

  • Lisa

    Kerr looks so young like other models but All celebs in the world looks so older for me

  • http://Justjared NO


  • Fami

    Pretty girl ever <3

  • http://Justjared NO

    AND SHE LIVES IN ANOTHER WORLD. Tell us what we should do why dont she just live her own life.

  • Fami

    Cute mum

  • Jute call me


  • hmmm

    Miranda has some super lucky genes, going by the pictures she does not look 28 at all, i think its cause she has the baby face

  • sara

    Wow, she looks amazing!

  • rapita


  • Gorgeous!

    She looks more beautiful than ever, no doubt about it.

    When Miranda was at home with Flynn haters said “poor Miranda can’t get a job”, etc. Now that she’s working she is a terrible mother leaving Flynn with a nanny. Some people love to work, some people love to stay at home. No one has the right to tell another mother that she has to stay at home. It is a personal choice and sometimes a necessity depending on your situation whether you stay at home or work. Miranda is very lucky that she has the means to stay at home when she wants and work when she wants. Many of us mothers would give anything to be able to be there for our children while also doing things that we love to do and make us feel fulfilled outside of being a wife and mother.

    And I personally would love to be greeted by Orlando at the end of every day…

  • An Open Letter to Miranda Kerr

    Salutations Ms. Kerr,
    It is our duty and deepest regret to inform you that you are, in fact, not the only woman in history to have ever given birth. The truth is, I’m sorry to say, that BILLIONS of woman have also done so since the dawn of time. Also, unfortunately for you, the act of giving birth does NOT make you a better woman or more than a woman in comparison to women who have never given birth, it simply means that you have completed a biological process. A monkey is capable of doing this as well. It simply means that all you have accomplished is proving that you are able to spread your legs so that a man may deposit his sperm into your birth canal, one of said sperm was able to fertilize a ripened egg that your body produced and that egg then became a growth that attached itself to your uterine wall where it fed off your body for nine months as it grew. Sort of like cancer. When the time came your doctor cut the growth out of your womb, slapped it and it cried, thusly it was declared a baby. By the way, monkeys know how to nurse their young as well. Not that you actually nursed your cancer, excuse me, baby. You were too busy recovering from your breast augmentation surgery. What you did was have your mother take a photograph of you pressing your augmented breast to a sleeping baby’s face while your supposed husband was off celebrating his birthday with his mates so that you could post the photo to your cosmetic company’s website in order to drive traffic. In short, we are on to you and ask you to kindly shut your pie hole. You are not an uber-woman. You are merely a woman.
    No love,
    P.S. Naming a man’s first born child after your dead f**kbuddy is bad form. You are a failure as a woman and as a wife. Allowing a department store to use your cancer…sorry, baby…as a billboard for its brands is simply disgusting. You are a failure as a mother and the kid needs to be taken away from you and given to a family that will love and cherish it.

  • HA!

    “If you have love, first of all love and appreciation for yourself…”

    Well, we all know that she loves no one in the whole world more than she loves herself so she’s all set.

  • suz

    That dress is not flattering. Looks like her right tit is down by her waist and the other one is also escaping. Kinda like that photo of Britney Spears earlier this year – remember that one?!

  • @HA!

    None of us know her so no, we don´t.

  • Bee

    I don’t think that dress is very flattering on her. It swallows up what little figure she has, and the right side is so pouchy that it makes her chest disappear.

    As to her advice on loving yourself- that’s actually true, though whether she knows what she’s actually saying or not is anyone’s guess. It’s the psychological aspect of how you see yourself. It’s why people in denial about their body image will never lose weight. Though Miranda makes it sound like she practically invented it.

  • Amour

    She’s getting too skinny.

  • @33

    So much hatred, ignorance and stupidity in one post.
    Where to start?
    I guess we will start with the obvious. Where exactly did Miranda EVER claim to be the only woman to give birth? Or the only one to nurse? Or to be better than any other mother? Please post a link, because I sure have never seen her say any such thing.
    Relating a personal experience is NOT the same thing as believeing yourself unique. People ask her about her delivery, she answered. And as a lot of people across the web have stated, it was great to hear a celebrity actually be honest about childbirth. Much more refreshing than Gisele’s story of dancing unicorns and rainbows during a pain free, blissful delivery.
    And comparing a baby to a cancer? Really? That is a new low, even for a delphite. And that says a ton!
    And you have also revealed yourself to be as stubborn as an @ss. How many times, exactly do we have to show you ‘boob job boobs’ medical evidence that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that she did NOT, could NOT, and has NOT had a bood job. Your stubborness is laughable.
    But go ahead, and keep on posting. The more often that you reveal your ignorance, the more people will see how ridiculous you delphites are.
    BTW, you just gave us more evidence that you are a delphi hag.
    NO ONE calls a boyfriend of a 14-16 year old girl a “f**k buddy” but a delphite.
    Your hatred, jealousy and insecurities really need to be treated professionally. It’s not healthy to wallow in darkness the way that you do.
    You need help.

  • bess

    does anyone know where the white dress is from?

  • meowley

    one word “PERFECT”