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Miranda Kerr: I Feel Like A Milk Maid!

Miranda Kerr: I Feel Like A Milk Maid!

Miranda Kerr is red hot in a floral printed maxi dress while out with her adorable son Flynn on Tuesday (August 9) in Sydney, Australia.

The day before, the 28-year-old Aussie model arrived at Sun Studios – the same building where she was spotted over the weekend.

Miranda recently shared that juggling motherhood and work hasn’t been easy.

“I am breast feeding and pumping. When I am at work I am pumping. I feel like a milk maid, but it is worth it,” she said.

“I definitely did not realize how challenging it is being a mother and working. My priority is to be with [my son Flynn] so I am very selective with what I do,” she added.

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145 Responses to “Miranda Kerr: I Feel Like A Milk Maid!”

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  1. 26
    sara Says:

    She looks gorgeous! And such a romantic dress.

  2. 27
    Laura Says:

    This woman has some serious ugly going on.

  3. 28
    Mike Says:

    Gorgeous chick.

  4. 29
    Laura Says:

    This woman has some serious beauty going on.

  5. 30
    cierra Says:

    the dress is cute. but quick question. what happened to her dog? does she have the cut lil thing or did she trade it in for something else? like oh i dont know, a baby? lol.

  6. 31
    Laura Says:


    The problem is the fact that she agreed to put them on him and parade him around in front of the paparazzi that DJ hired when she claims that she is a private person and wants to keep that kid “sacred.” The classy thing to do would have been to accept the shirt, take them home and wear them on him when no one is looking not let DJ use him for promotion. She’s a hypocrite and a liar and a poor excuse for a mother.

  7. 32
    @32 Says:

    But those shirts are not DJ’s shirts. They aren’t sold in any store as a matter of fact. They were custom made for Flynn, and Flynn alone. Please tell me how DJ’s is benefitting from him wearing something that they do not sell?

  8. 33
    sara Says:

    She looks like crap! And such a hideous dress.

  9. 34
    @31 Says:

    She still has Frankie. But she can’t bring a dog into Australia.

  10. 35
    @33 Says:

    The brand name is RIGHT ON THE SHIRT and Mambo is one of the brands that DJ sells so the kid is being used as advertising, you dumb cow. Someone who is an idiiot like you will say, “oh Mambo made those cute little shirts for Christopher Kerr! I wonder what other cute stuff they make? Lemme go down to David Jones and see!” And then the idiot buys crap at the store and David Jones profits form something it doesn’t sell. That is how marketing works, dumba$$. Are you really that thick? Wait, you’re a Miranda Kerr fan, you really are that thick.

  11. 36
    @31 Says:

    She made a coat for Flynn out of Frankie. Sidi, too. That’s why Ted C. calls her Cruella de Vil. She makes coats out of puppies and treats her husband like shite and throws temper tantrums when there isn’t a camera in her ugly mug.

  12. 37
    @36 Says:

    And the delphidiot reveals her true self.
    Such class, refinement and elegance can only come from a delphite.
    So you’re saying that if Flynn wears ANY brand he is acting as a shill? And is Mambo exclusive to DJ’s? I think not. But wait, not thinking is your realm of expertise, right. You see a thinking person would realize that people seeing a CUSTOM shirt from Mambo would go to the Mambo web site to see their other CUSTOM designs. Not to DJ’s where their selection is so limited. THAT is how marketing works, you “dumba$$”.
    Twisting genetic science and medical facts is not enough for you, eh? Now you are pretending to understand marketing and back to attacking a baby. Nice.

  13. 38
    @36 Says:

    *waves at bealzey-troll*

  14. 39
    Umm Says:

    She’s a hypocritical and severely self-centered woman. Firstly using Orlando and now using her baby only to satisfy her vanity, when it’s all done she treats her hubby like a dog.

  15. 40
    jk Says:

    Gorgeous girl.

  16. 41
    sash Says:

    She’s so beautiful!

  17. 42
    @40 Says:

    If she was as self centered and vain as you seem to think she is, she would not be breast feeding Flynn. She would not have wanted to risk ruining her breasts even if it meant having a healthier baby. The fact that she is putting the health of her beautiful baby boy in front of vanity and any worries that she has about her body, is proof that she is not self centered at all.

  18. 43
    @43 Says:

    No. Of course she’ll do breast feeding, since she wants to tell everyone how wonderful a mum she is. She’ll still keep blah blah blah about the same story like this “I feel like a milk maid” trash. And even if she’s really a devoted mum, she’s not a good wife. Using husband for fame first and then treats him like shite once he’s used up and valueless.

  19. 44
    @44 Says:

    Oh, so breast feeding has nothing to do with caring about the health of her first born child, it’s all about vanity?
    You have a really sick way of seeing the world.
    And since when has she treated Orlando “like shite”? Examples?
    From everything he says about her, he is obviously happy and in love. But I guess that as a total stranger, you know best, right?
    And you wonder why people mock you?

  20. 45
    dream baby Says:

    I am sure she is NOT breastfeeding Flynn any more. She was on the fitting for VS fantasy bra a month ago in NY. Do you think that VS would fit the bra for the breastfeeding woman? Who can stop breastfeeding every day for any reason, not necessarily on her wish (illness, loosing milk). When you stop breastfeeding your boobs change in shape and size. Do you really think that VS would risk with the fantasy bra- few million dollars worth bra which is the highlight of their annual show? Be serious. This is just Miranda’s usual topic in every conversation since birth- how superb and perfect mother she is.

  21. 46
    marinés Says:

    her baby is sooo cute!!

  22. 47
    Haha Says:

    Give me a break! Even I know that these days Miranda is going to DJ’s, how are the paps not supposed to know they can find her there?
    And what do you suggest? That the baby goes around completely naked so he never wears a brand?
    That shirt was made exclusively for him, so are you really saying Miranda is advertising something that nobody can buy? That’s so ridiculous that I don’t even believe you take your own words seriously.

  23. 48
    @45 Says:

    Oh yes he’s in love. How do you know? You are also a total stranger, don’t you?

  24. 49
    @37 Says:

    Ted C only talks about KerrBloom to say that they’re sweet and in love. And nobody knows that better than you as for a while you were constantly sending him questions expecting him to say otherwise.

  25. 50
    I guess Says:

    I’ve seen many pictures of O&M, and she appears to be indifferent to him. I don’t know maybe she’s just tired.

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