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Miranda Kerr: I Feel Like A Milk Maid!

Miranda Kerr: I Feel Like A Milk Maid!

Miranda Kerr is red hot in a floral printed maxi dress while out with her adorable son Flynn on Tuesday (August 9) in Sydney, Australia.

The day before, the 28-year-old Aussie model arrived at Sun Studios – the same building where she was spotted over the weekend.

Miranda recently shared that juggling motherhood and work hasn’t been easy.

“I am breast feeding and pumping. When I am at work I am pumping. I feel like a milk maid, but it is worth it,” she said.

“I definitely did not realize how challenging it is being a mother and working. My priority is to be with [my son Flynn] so I am very selective with what I do,” she added.

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145 Responses to “Miranda Kerr: I Feel Like A Milk Maid!”

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  1. 51
    @49 Says:

    Bloom is constantly praising his wife. And don’t say that he “has to do it” because no, he doesn’t have to and he’s not the kind of person to talk much about anything. The question is, how do haters know she treats him like shite?

  2. 52
    @51 Says:

    Oh if you have seen pics of them and got that impression, let’s totally forget their 4 years together, their marriage, the baby they had together and the fact that they’re all the time together

  3. 53
    @53 Says:

    I think “All time together” doesn’t mean she loves him sweetie.

  4. 54
    @54 Says:

    Actually yes, when two people want to be all the time together it tends to be because their company makes them happy.
    Your biased interpretation of some pics taken at some random second of their day, however, doesn’t prove shite.

  5. 55
    @55 Says:

    “when two people want to be all the time together it tends to be because their company makes them happy”
    I’ll have to agree with you when it comes to ordiniry ones like us. In Hollywood, NO! Their company may make them happy, or more likely, make more advantage for either of them or maybe both. And I personally think the fact they stay together benefits Miranda’s career more.

  6. 56
    @56 Says:

    Miranda is very popular on her own, more and more each day. And don’t you always say that Orlando is washed up and none of the movies he makes counts? Stick to your stories.
    Besides, they don’t have to be together all the time, they could be “officially” together and spend a lot of time apart, like most Hwood couples. These two choose to be together and even travel together to support each other’s job.

  7. 57
    @57 Says:

    I’m not a Miranda fan but that doesn’t mean I’m a hater. And I never said anything about Orlando being a hasbeen or anything like that. Please don’t overreact. Sometimes I find Miranda’s fans are as aggressive as haters when people say something they don’t agree with. One more thing, she’s popular not ALL by herself. Without her husband, she would just be the other VS angels like Adriana Lima or Alessandra Ambrosio at best, even if she does work very hard.

  8. 58
    @56 Says:

    “the fact they stay together benefits Miranda’s career more” I’ll agree with you, and I would like to add one more sentence,
    The fact they stay together seriously damages Orlando’s career!!!

  9. 59
    kà simply amazing Says:

    candice and miranda like so young but i like candice alot

  10. 60
    Dramatic Kitten Says:

    @@57: Miranda’s fans are indeed unusually aggressive.

    I don’t particularly dislike her, or at least I didn’t used to as she’s now quickly rising on my shite-o-meter, but I do find it difficult to understand her fans’ unusual zeal.

    Seriously people, is it about Orlando or sth?

  11. 61
    @58 Says:

    Aggressive? I didn’t attack you at any moment. The haters, like #36 that insulted the person they were talking to about 3 times in one post, is aggressive. Comparing my disagreement with direct insults from the haters shows how biased you are.
    Don’t fool yourself, Vogue didn’t give her 3 covers for who her husband is. Vogue is not a tabloid but a serious magazine concerned about fashion and who they put on their covers. IMO saying that Miranda’s success is due to Orlando is nothing but sexism, and it’s sad how it’s often women the ones who refuse to accept another woman’s success.

  12. 62
    Amazed Says:

    Why is this woman getting so much attention???
    So she gave birth !!!
    welcome to the club of millions and millions of women

  13. 63
    @59 Says:

    If being with her damages his career and besides he doesn’t love her, then why is he with her?
    I think you’re wrong on both statements, but I really don’t understand your self contradicting logic.

  14. 64
    Jane Says:

    @@58: Of course Vogue didn’t give her 3 covers for who her husband is, but Vogue won’t give any nobody covers too. Without a famous husband, she would just be another VS model. She has to become famous first then she would get the chance to get a cover or even more. How did she become famous all of a sudden? Yes, dating HIM!

  15. 65
    @65 Says:

    Someone said Kerr damages his career and the other thought he don’t love her. Self contradicting logic? They are not even the same person you idiot!

  16. 66
    @Jane Says:

    Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio are as famous as her, and you can’t convince anyone that the people from Vogue never heard of them. It’s obvious that Vogue doesn’t choose the models based on stardom.

  17. 67
    @Dramatic Kitten Says:

    The speed of my responses? I think that haters are just as fast. In fact they’re often the first ones to reply to a thread, and flood it with all kind of vulgarity. They are zealous, and true, very rude as well. In fact the need to insult people who disagree with them speaks of a bigger passion to prove a point: your own definition of aggressive.
    Why am I doing it? I like both Orlando and Miranda, I hate lies and I hate people who try to hurt people who never did anything to them.
    What about you guys? Why the lies, why the insults at their fans, why search a celebrity you don’t like, why even get to lie about medical facts as long as you make up a rumour about a stranger?

  18. 68
    Dramatic Kitten Says:

    It’s the haters’ job to hate, so it’s hardly surprising they’re fast and offensive. Hatred is easy, it’s hardly surprising.

    You like Miranda and Orlando – but why? You don’t know them personally, do you? So what do they represent to make you defend them? I don’t really buy into the part about hating lies – if that were the case, you’d be equally active in threads on other celebrities.

  19. 69
    @Dramatic Kitten Says:

    Exactly, I don’t know them so I don’t understand why you think there’s something more about defending them than liking them and hating lies. I hate people who lie and try to hurt good people in real life too. I don’t know what’s so weird about it. Am I supposed to enjoy seeing people insult and lie about people I like? In that case then yes, I’m weird.
    True, it’s the haters’ job to hate, but they weren’t born haters, were they? And one thing is to dislike a celebrity which is completely normal and another is to create a site exclusively to spread lies, search the hated celebrity daily -even faster than fans-, attack and harrass that celebrity’s fans and family, change the laws of science and genetics to make some weird theory fit, etc. Do you honestly think that’s normal? In fact, do you think that defending a celebrity you like is creepier than that? Really?

  20. 70
    @64 Says:

    If you want any example for fans being aggressive, just look post.72! See, calling Dramatic Kitten’s curiosity idiotic…well such a classy fan.

  21. 71
    @Dramatic Kitten Says:

    BTW yes, there are other celebrities I like, but they’re not the kind to awake the interest of gossip sites, and their detractors are not completely mad and don’t make up crap about them LOL

  22. 72
    @74 Says:

    I don’t need to call Dramatic Kitten an idiot, but 72 is Bambi compared to the insults and over the top vulgarity that comes from the haters. It’s still funny how you get so scandalized about post 72 and think that jokes about being in love with corpses, attacking babies and calling fans dumb cows is the epitome of class.

  23. 73
    Erin Says:

    I actually don’t think that O&M spend that much time together. Didn’t she say they were going to have a family vacation in Australia at the end of July/August? He, for some reason, flew into Sydney 3 days after her, spent about 3 days with her, and then was gone again to NZ. Couldn’t even hang around a few more hours to see her big comeback on the catwalk. Has filming even started back for The Hobbit? Looks to me like he got bored with all her pap nonsense and left to go hang out with his friends.

  24. 74
    @77 Says:

    I so agree. Even when they’re in the same city, you almost never see them together. Maybe to trade the baby off somewhere. Otherwise, he’s always on his bike and she’s off to visit “friends.”

  25. 75
    @Erin Says:

    They’re always together. Pics of a second of their day mean nothing. He flying to NYC to attend fashion parties that only affect her, she flying to all the movie sets where he works, that counts.
    He probably had to fly to NZ so fast to arrange something for The Hobbit. Or is it a big coincidence that he flew precisely to NZ, where he has to start filming soon? I don’t think so.
    This whole thing that he went to NZ to avoid being with her is nothing but damage control for the haters, who were eager to say that OB only flew to Oz to earn an appearance fee from DJ. Since he didn’t attend, they had to rush to find an alternative explanation.

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