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Miranda Kerr: I Feel Like A Milk Maid!

Miranda Kerr: I Feel Like A Milk Maid!

Miranda Kerr is red hot in a floral printed maxi dress while out with her adorable son Flynn on Tuesday (August 9) in Sydney, Australia.

The day before, the 28-year-old Aussie model arrived at Sun Studios – the same building where she was spotted over the weekend.

Miranda recently shared that juggling motherhood and work hasn’t been easy.

“I am breast feeding and pumping. When I am at work I am pumping. I feel like a milk maid, but it is worth it,” she said.

“I definitely did not realize how challenging it is being a mother and working. My priority is to be with [my son Flynn] so I am very selective with what I do,” she added.

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  • @Dramatic Kitten

    I don’t think she’s disliked, in fact I see that she’s very well liked in general, but her few detractors don’t settle for saying she’s ugly, or stupid, or “fat faced”. They literally make up lies about her, and I hate that.

  • @Dramatic Kitten

    She is on a publicity tour for DJ’s which is being heavily covered by media due to her popularity in Australia…..of course it is on purpose.

  • sam

    Dramatic Kitten is a troll.
    She had a previous post deleted where she basically inferred that Americans were too stupid to understand her version of genetic law.
    She actually admitted later that she was wrong (finally) about genetics. But she did not apologize for her bigotry.
    Until she does, she is not worth a moment of your time.

  • Erin

    What set pics? Other than her well-publicized appearance at 3M for one day, and oh, that kiss on the set of Main Street, I can’t think of any others.

    Not hiding the t-shirt does not mean you have to draw attention to it and to the baby either. She chose that shirt by coincidence on the day she was parading the baby in front of the paps? I don’t think so. She was using him for the publicity, there’s no other reason, as in look how cute he is, and just in case you’ve forgotten look who his dad is. She didn’t feel the need to have with her the day before at a business lunch, but suddenly just when she’s walking into a newspaper headquarters she’s dragging him along. How much fun could that have been for Flynn anyway? If he absolutely had to be there, couldn’t the nanny have brought him to her through another entrance instead of where all the paps just happened to be? But then she would have missed out on the added publicity and media headlines.

    And why didn’t OB go and hang with Eric? Because he wanted out of Australia, imo. I agree that I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he went to NZ. Of course, he’s going to be filming there and it put the best spin on things for him to go there. But he’s not filming yet. He’s been there for a week, so what is he doing?

  • @105

    Eric is not in Australia either. Is he running away from his wife, too?
    And all of the required cast is back in NZ. There is a lot of preparation before the cameras start to roll. Battle choreography training, wardrobe fittings, wig fittings, script meetings, etc.

  • Dramatic Kitten

    I have idd been at it for hours, never hiding behind changing monikers or anonimity. I don’t particularly care about Miranda Kerr, but I do care about the motivations of her fans, for professional reasons, of sorts. And those motivations are a bit unusual, so I was curious. I’m starting to see though that the fan squibbles here are merely a spill over from some other site, no?

    @sam: If you felt offended, then I do apologize. I was joking, but perhaps it didn’t come across as such. I’m a fan of America, its culture and history and a tireless promoter of it in my backwater country.

  • Erin

    Since I’ve never even seen pics of Eric’s wife, must less of her showing their kids off for the paps, I doubt he is running away from her for that reason. Other than that, who knows?

    Whatever OB is doing in NZ, it is not having a “family vacation” with his wife and son, as Miranda claimed several times they would be doing right about now. We’ll see what happens.

  • @Erin

    I see there’s no point in talking about their time together. I remember that on an occasion someone tweeted they had seen them all cuddly going to an Australian beach (don’t remember its name) and a few days later OMG they were on that beach. Of course, haters didn’t believe the sighting as it suggested they love each other, and if they deny it, it didn’t happen. It doesn’t matter the amazing coincidence that days later they happened to show up on that precise beach.
    The same goes for that time they went to an event in Las Vegas (I believe) and someone who was supposed not to like them said they were sweet to each other. And a long etc.
    I still don’t get the problem with the shirt. It’s not on sale, it doesn’t belong to DJs, why must it be hidden like a secret? So what if it called attention?
    And they can’t be all the time hiding the baby either, not if they want to have a relatively normal life.
    What is OB doing in NZ? Something related to the movie, of course! A movie is not made just shooting scenes.

  • @108

    Then you haven’t been looking. That’s what happens when you aren’t stalking other celebs like you stalk Orlando and Miranda.
    And Miranda has always said that she would be working every day at first when she went to Oz. She mentioned the Melborne in-store meet and greets on her facebook. How could you think that she meant that the meet and greets would be a family vacation?

  • @Dramatic Kitten

    You don’t really expect fans to post nicks, right? The naive fans who do so get stalked by haters and impersonated, a fan in particular got “investigated” until her real name was published on JJ by a hater. Thanks but no thanks.

  • @109

    ‘The same goes for that time they went to an event in Las Vegas (I believe) and someone who was supposed not to like them said they were sweet to each other’
    I remember that post on delphi.
    They were so angry at her for posting a positive comment that didn’t match their party line that that she was forced to eventually delete her comment. They then went on to twist any and all reports that came from the party to infer that he wasn’t near her the entire night.

  • Erin

    I never said that I don’t think they have a relationship. Quite obviously they do since Flynn is proof. And I thought it was real long before the hater posted her little ever-changing story about the Global Green event in Vegas. I just don’t think their relationship is all the shippers claim it to be. I think her love of papfests annoys him. Why didn’t he fly into Sydney with them? Or was he busy going to Hobbit script meetings and wig fittings in LA too? He no doubt knew what that airport scene would be like and wanted no part of it. She, on the other hand, seemed to love every minute of it.

    The problem with the shirt is quite simple. Why do you want to call attention to your “precious sacred baby” to the paps? Nobody said they should be hiding the baby, but why is it necessary to deliberately parade him like he is another accessory? Wouldn’t you want to protect him from the craziness and media hype?

  • @Erin

    You believe they have a relationship strong enough to have a baby together but not strong enough to tolerate spending a few days together?that doesn’t make much sense to me, sorry.
    They’ve been papped together at airports thousands of times. She arrived and was papped, he arrived later and was papped. They know what happens at airports. Are you saying that he flew to Sydney days later to avoid being papped WITH HER? That doesn’t make sense to me either. If he hates being papped, he just hates it, with or without his wife.
    The baby would’ve called attention with that shirt or without it, he just looked extra cute with it. Period.
    And I don’t think she was “parading” him. She went from her car to her workplace, nothing else. If she had to hide her baby even for a 30
    second walk, she’d go crazy. That’s no way to live.

  • 114

    Why all these comments about someone so many people can’t seem to stand. I don’t get it.

  • Bee

    Her dress is super pretty, but it’s a little formal for just a “stroll” isn’t it? I really want her sunglasses.

    Flynn is the most adorable little chunk.

  • @113

    No, she posted her story immediately. She later said that she was sorry for posting it beacuse of all the abuse that was heaped upon her by her ‘sisters’ on delphi.
    Why apologize for posting the truth? because she posted it on delphi. A site that has no room for the truth.

  • Erin

    So you think people with only strong relationships have babies? Only those who are madly in love? I think to quote the man himself, they were “hanging out.” By accident(?), she got pregnant and because of his past daddy issues, he wanted to marry her and make sure his child had what he didn’t.

    I think he endures the papfests but tries to avoid them if he can. Look at the lengths he went to just recently in LA, where the paps themselves said he walked far behind her and Flynn, just to avoid being caught in the same photo shot with them.

    He knew she would want to show the baby off for the first time back in Oz, and wanted no part of it. To keep the peace, he stayed behind and let her go enjoy it. I think he generally tries to let her do what she wants, and he’ll try hard for the sake of the baby to make the marriage work, but I think he sometimes reaches a breaking point and that’s why they’re really not together all that much.

    And I’m sorry but stopping and posing with your baby while the paps are snapping away is not simply a 30 second walk from your car to your workplace.

  • @117

    That particular hater changed her mind often. Even after the Las Vegas event, she continued to hate Miranda. Later, she became her biggest cheerleader and couldn’t praise her enough. She had serious issues with a lot of fans and non-fans as well.

  • @115

    She was hosting a breakfast meeting to promote Kora.

  • @118

    Maybe she realized that feeling hate for someone due to lies being spread about her is ridiculous.
    A lot of early delphites have moved on because they realized the same thing.
    Me included.

  • LOL!

    You only need to look at the differences in the way they act with the baby to know that Orlando doesn’t like showing him off to the paps. In those pictures at the beach, Flynn was so covered you couldn’t even see his face. When he’s with Miranda, she’s holding him out so they can take pictures.

  • @120

    It’s great that you can admit you were wrong. I really don’t get their hatred of her since they claim not to like Orlando anymore either. Why waste so much of their time on either of them?

  • @Erin

    No, I don’t think that only couples madly in love have children, but OB doesn’t seem like an impulsive or insensible person to me, so I don’t believe he decided to have a baby with a lady he can’t spend a few days with. Especially if , according to your views, he’s the kind of person who thinks it’s necessary to marry and spend the rest of his life with the mother of his children.
    And I’m quite sure that if he didn’t want to have a baby, he would have used protection, as he’s not a crazy teenager either.
    They’re both obviously aware that paps come with fame, so it’d be unrealistic to think they’ll never be papped, especially if they live in LA. I think that your opinion that he can’t stand her supposed love for paps made him fly to another country is a bit of a stretch. Why wouldn’t he want to pose with Miranda for her publicity tour when she’s willing to pose at his premieres or events of any kind? Why is publicity for her job bad and annoying but publicity for his ok? I doubt he’s that selfish.

  • Erin

    Well he hasn’t spent the rest of his life with her yet. Who’s to say he didn’t use protection that failed, or even more likely, thought she was and it failed. Wasn’t she “surprised” to learn she was pregnant? We really don’t know, but we do know that he characterized their relationship less than 3 months before she was pregnant as “hanging out.” He obviously adores children, and was maybe even thrilled about the idea of a baby and would probably do pretty much anything for his child, even be impulsive. I think he can deal with the paps when it’s just the two of them, but when it comes to his son, then it’s a much different issue.

  • @Erin

    Well you can be surprised of being pregnant if you aren’t trying to have a baby but aren’t doing much to avoid it, you know what I mean. It’s pointless to discuss that as we don’t know what happened. I just think that a broken relationship is broken and that’s all there is to it. Being together but constantly fighting is even worse for a kid than having divorced parents, and I’m sure they’re aware of this.
    I don’t give much importance to the hanging out comment. Come on, they had been dating for years, and a couple of months later she was pregnant. I think that he just felt uneasy with the question and gave a, I admit it, strange answer.
    If he were so concerned about his baby being papped occasionally I doubt his solution would be just to disappear.

  • Erin

    I will agree with you about a broken relationship being bad for the baby. And I sincerely hope you’re right, that they love each other and are happy together. It’s been nice chatting with you in a civil manner at any rate.

  • Brandon

    Not this stuff again

  • Dramatic Kitten

    @@Dramatic Kitten: I’m old-fashioned, I guess, and used to seeing nicks instead of @number, but fair enough.

    When did the fan stalking happen, though?

  • @Erin

    Nice wasting a few hours with you :p

    @DramaticKitten: can’t tell, but recently

  • @128

    Not too long ago, a delphi girl started posting here under the real name of a well known fan. They even hinted at her place of employment. And if that’s not bad enough, the posts were filled with lies and vulgarity.
    They stopped using her real name only because she filed a complaint with JJ, but they still post under her known user name. And the posts have become even more vulgar than before.
    Other delphi members have even started blogs pretending to be Orlando himself, painting him as a drug user and a victim of an abusive mother.
    If you are investigating the behavior of any group, it should be the delphites. I’m sure that they are full of dark, twisted secrets.

  • @130

    Have you read their stuff? They claim he had blood tests run that proved Flynn isn’t his, is still seeing KB on the side, and is even suicidal. I’ll give them this much, they have very vivid imaginations, but some of their posts and blogs really should be considered libel.

  • @131

    Well, MCamp ( the one one claimed that he was an abused druggie)closed her fake Orlando blog rather suddenly. I still wonder if she was contacted by his lawyers.

  • @132

    I think at one point she claimed a fake lawyer for MK had tried to contact her and others about some of the things they wrote, so maybe it was real after all. Along with some of the other haters, she was really bitter after she got kicked off one of OB’s fan sites, so I wouldn’t be surprised by anything she said.

  • Dramatic Kitten

    Did all of that happen on the delphi site (which I’d finally located)?

    Also, a blanket thank you to all those who answered my questions :)

  • @Dramatic Kitten

    All of it is probably discussed on delphi, but I haven’t been to that board in years, so I don’t really know what goes on there anymore. Many of them have their own little personal blogs or sites or fake twitter accounts where they also post this stuff. I have stopped looking at them as well in the past few months, but their latest psycho babble leaks out to other places. Even people who claim to be OB fans subscribe to their nonsense, so it pops up everywhere.

  • @134

    There, and on their fake blogs and hater sites that they have formed. You see, one site just isn’t enough.
    They also continue to bring their insanity here. All of the vulgar posts are theirs (really just one person posting over and over). And anyone repeating the lies about her having plastic surgery.
    The worst, though, IMO, are the ones that think that it is hilarious to attack an innocent baby. That person is lower than low. Even lower than I ever thought that a delphite could go. And that’s saying a lot.
    You will notice also, that even though their site is called Orlando Bloom discussion forum, they don’t talk much about Orlando. The thousands and thousands of posts (by about 6-7 people) center completely around Miranda Kerr. A woman that they claim to be “sick of seeing”. Find the logic in that, and you will better understand the mind of the average delphite. Good luck with that.

  • jj22


  • Mary

    I used to find the haters’ theories pretty funny and the lengths they went to to twist their theories to fit the facts were mind boggling. But the things they say about that baby are truly sick. How could you possibly hate someone that much that you don’t even know, to attack their child. I wonder if they have children and how they justify their actions in their own minds if they do.

  • lisastar

    I have never cared about this woman or Orlando Bloom enough to bother commenting, but her non-top talking about her kid and parading around him around is really obnoxious.

    Does she care about his right to privacy AT ALL? The poor kid has no say in this.

    She needs to let him be a baby and do something on her own to get attention because her abuse of his privacy to use him to get attention for herself is really disgusting.

  • @139

    LOL! She knows she can get much more attention with him on her arm, just like she did with his father.

  • http://justjared t.s


    Ugly Gob? Righht….. Would Looooooooovveee to see what u look like if you think Miranda Kerr is ugy???
    Im guessing, your not that great and are just jelous!

  • http://justjared t.s


    Ugly Gob? Righht….. Would Looooooooovveee to see what u look like if you think Miranda Kerr is ugy???
    Im guessing, your not that great and are just jelous!

  • You just hate her

    because she is beautiful and she snagged Bloom. Admit it!

  • You just hate her

    And that baby Flynn is just DEVINE! SO beautiful with his little chubby legs and arms. She’s feeding him well. Nice to see a young beautiful mother who looks like she loves her kid. She’s obviously still in love with Bloom too. She absolutely glows. Why not just act normal with your child? She has a lot to be thrilled about.

  • dj

    Congrats Miranda! Australian models are always gorgeous! Even super-talented….look at what aussie fashion models the NERVO twins are making of themselves! :)