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Miranda Kerr: I Feel Like A Milk Maid!

Miranda Kerr: I Feel Like A Milk Maid!

Miranda Kerr is red hot in a floral printed maxi dress while out with her adorable son Flynn on Tuesday (August 9) in Sydney, Australia.

The day before, the 28-year-old Aussie model arrived at Sun Studios – the same building where she was spotted over the weekend.

Miranda recently shared that juggling motherhood and work hasn’t been easy.

“I am breast feeding and pumping. When I am at work I am pumping. I feel like a milk maid, but it is worth it,” she said.

“I definitely did not realize how challenging it is being a mother and working. My priority is to be with [my son Flynn] so I am very selective with what I do,” she added.

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145 Responses to “Miranda Kerr: I Feel Like A Milk Maid!”

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  1. 76
    @73 Says:

    I’m not saying haters are right for attacking you fans or even the innocent baby. Again, you OVERREACT. You get pissed off so easily once others’ viewpoints do not match yours.

  2. 77
    Erin Says:

    Where’s your proof that they’re “always” together? I’m not a hater, but I’m not a shipper either. I think he flew to NZ because it was a convenient excuse about the filming. It obviously hasn’t started yet, and he’s just hanging around taking pics with fans and going out to eat with friends. I guess what really surprises he is that he seems to spend so little time with his son, maybe 2 weeks out of a month at most.

  3. 78
    kelli Says:

    this dress is gorgeous.

  4. 79
    @77 Says:

    It’s not me the one who insults, impersonates, goes totally berserk and dedicates the whole day to think of crazy theories. I’m here, talking to you, completely calm, without insulting, what makes you think I’m pissed off? I just think it’s VERY, extremely weird that you find something censorable about liking a celebrity and think that all the mad stuff the ‘delphites’ do is normal.

  5. 80
    Alice Says:

    Ever notice how she goes on and on all the time in interviews about the baby…he’s the best thing she’s ever done, the light of her life, etc… She mentions OB as an afterthought if at all. I guess now that he’s given her the ultimate accessory that she can manipulate as she pleases for publicity purposes, she no longer needs him.

  6. 81
    @Erin Says:

    Because we know that he always goes where she goes even if he has no business there, and viceversa. Most celeb couples spend a lot of time apart due to work and don’t even bother to visit each other.
    You think that they’re never together because you see them, occasionally, separated for one second of the day? What makes you think they’re not together the remaining 23 hours and 59 seconds?

    You’re saying you’re not a hater, but at the same time state that he went to NZ for no reason in particular? Hmm, allow me to have my doubts

  7. 82
    @80 Says:

    Well I never say they are normal for hating a stranger, and I didn’t say anything wrong about liking a celebrity either. Who are you talking to I’m sorry?

  8. 83
    @Alice Says:

    When a baby arrives the partner always adopts a second priority place temporarily. It’s perfectly normal.
    It’s very twisted to think she’s using her baby for publicity and the reasons you’ve given to state so are close to unbelievable.

  9. 84
    @Alice Says:

    Of course this happened eventually. Orlando is now useless to her. That’s why she treats him like trash. It’s simple to understand.

  10. 85
    @83 Says:

    Ok, now I really got lost. You said that I “over react” and I’m “pissed off” when it’s the haters the only ones who do that, and with a passion.

  11. 86
    Erin Says:

    Please use the same logic with your own thoughts. You assume they’re always together with no proof either. I think he had a reason to go to NZ, he wasn’t very happy in Australia. She was probably working all the time, seemed totally disinterested in him for anything other than pap shoots, and he got tired of it pretty quickly. I have to wonder if he has seen those pics of her obviously posing for photographers with the baby in the Kerr-Bloom shirt. Can you imagine him doing something similar?

    And not that I need to prove anything, but I think most of the haters’ ideas are absurd. The baby is obviously his. It’s beyond stupid to think she had cosmetic surgery , etc. At the same time, I’m not going to blindly think they’re the love story of the century, when their actions and words indicate otherwise.

  12. 87
    Dramatic Kitten Says:

    @@Dramatic Kitten: I do indeed find it odd to see there are such dedicated fans of Miranda Kerr because there’s absolutely nothing special about her. I don’t mean that as an insult merely as a comparative statement. I do in fact understand why people support/fan/defend celebrities, but only when those celebrities represent something that’s personal for the fans.
    So I understand celeb crushes, obsessions and hates, or even plain regular support – but Miranda Kerr just doesn’t stand out among celebrities in any way that would justify anything other than guys having her posters on their walls. She doesn’t do charity, she’s not the top fashionista or trendsetter, doesn’t have political or social opinions, not an actress, not Lady Gaga, doesn’t create anything at all, really. In fact, the only thing she does is look pretty (in the opinion of some, at the very least).
    So what gives? Why are there such dedicated female fans of hers?
    Also, sorry for the rant, but I’m seriously just curious here.

  13. 88
    Alice Says:

    I’m twisted to think she uses the baby for publicity? Where have you been the past 7 months? She actually stops and poses with him now for the paps, while she’s strutting about with her stiletto heels and designer dress, just to make sure they don’t miss his cute little promotional t-shirt.

  14. 89
    @86 Says:

    Honestly I don’t even know who I’m talking to right now or if I’m talking to the same person. I said overreact, because you tends to view people like us (who are not fans) as haters, and take out own opinion as bias.

  15. 90
    @Erin Says:

    Seeing her at his movie sets and him at the MET gala IS proof that they try to spend time together even if she had nothing to do in the countries where his movies are made and he had nothing to do in NYC.
    I don’t understand the whole “KerrBloom shirt” scandal. A store that is NOT DJs made that shirt especially for him. She went to DJs, where she works, and paps were there because they knew she would go. They took pictures. I don’t see anything bad about it. Do you expect the baby to be naked so he doesn’t unintentionally advertise something? Do you expect her to get into the building where she works through teleportation so she avoids photographers?
    I don’t think they’re living a Disney love story, they obviously must have their share of problems like most couples, but to say he went to another country, with no reason other than escaping from his own wife? Oh come on

  16. 91
    @Dramatic Kitten Says:

    I can’t talk for all the people who like her, but I’ve personally always felt inclined to defend people who are attacked out of jealousy or other low feelings, especially when the attacked person isn’t given the right to defend herself. I hate cowardice, and don’t like people who attack others knowing there will be no consequences. A good friend of mine was a victim of extremely jealous girls who made up nasty rumours about her, only because she is very beautiful, and she suffered so much that I can’t stand this kind of hyaena low behaviour.
    I don’t think Miranda is special either, there are other celebrities that I admire 1 million times more, but it bothers me to see that she hasn’t done anything bad except dating a male celebrity that fuels passions, and is getting all that undeserved filth. I think that if haters weren’t so poisonous I wouldn’t feel that way.

  17. 92
    Erin Says:

    Seeing him at the Met gala and her at his move shoots proves that publicity appearances and pictures are a necessary part of their life. Look at the red carpet video at the Good Doctor premiere in NY. His agent (their agent?) tells him to pose with her and then tells him to go back and pose some more when he rushes through it.

    Are you seriously trying to say the only thing the baby had to wear was that particular t-shirt? Why couldn’t it be worn privately for friends and family, unless, of course, you had a reason to show it off for the paps. Furthermore, why did the baby even need to be with her? Surely the nanny or her mother or grandmother could have kept him (frozen breast milk anyone?) while she was obviously in a professional work environment and not modeling.

    I’ll be glad to say he went to NZ for another reason as soon as I see him working. For the time being, I’ll think he’s trying to escape his wife and her using him and the baby for pap setups.

  18. 93
    @Dramatic Kitten Says:

    BTW I know that Miranda in all likeliness has never heard of the haters, but it’s not her feelings that I try to defend as I doubt she gives a shite. It’s the behaviour of these people that I hate.

  19. 94
    @Erin Says:

    I didn’t mean the Good Doctor premiere. A premiere is a premiere, and of course premieres are pure publicity. I mean pictures of them on set, and all the fans that said they’d seen them there and were fantastic.
    As for the shirt, why should he only wear it at home? It’s a gift and it’s not even for sale, so why hide it?
    And why can’t the baby be with her? If she’s allowed to take him to work, why keep him with a nanny when he can be with his mum? Most mothers would love to be able to have their baby with them all the time, but they’re not allowed to do it.
    I don’t believe for a second that OB went to NZ and it’s just a coincidence that he’s about to start working there. If he wanted to be with a friend for a while, he could have called Eric Bana and stay in Australia.

  20. 95
    @94 Says:

    I think Miranda may actually be very aware of the haters. A couple of people have pointed out comments and websites to her on her FB page. She claims she just ignores them.

  21. 96
    Dramatic Kitten Says:

    @@Dramatic Kitten: So basically you support her because she’s disliked? Sort of like rooting for the underdog? Ok, I can understand that.

    She is getting some major overexposure, though. Not saying it’s necessarily on purpose but… oh, who am I kidding. I totally think she’s doing it on purpose ;-)

  22. 97
    @Dramatic Kitten Says:

    98 comments? I think that JJ is happy to overexpose her.

  23. 98
    Kate Says:

    @cierra: She has had Frankie out with her a ton. She even had Frankie at brunch with her family.

  24. 99
    Kate Says:

    @Alice: You are wack.

  25. 100
    @Dramatic Kitten Says:

    I find it awfully strange that you seem able to justify any and all posts from haters, yet seem puzzled by posts from fans.
    That points to a certain bias, if you ask me.
    You’ve also been at this for hours, including posts on several threads, yet you claim not to care.
    You sure seem invested in the life of this model that you claim is so un-newsworthy.

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