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Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner Reunite at Teen Choice Awards

Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner Reunite at Teen Choice Awards

Taylor Swift and rumored ex Taylor Lautner catch up at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards on Sunday (August 7) at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, Calif.

“They sat next to each other during the ceremony,” an audience member tells “They were laughing and having non-stop fun with each other.”

Two years ago, Swift, 21, and Lautner, 19, reportedly dated for a few months. They even shot kissing scenes together for the romantic comedy Valentine’s Day.

Lautner won Choice Movie Actor: Sci-Fi/Fantasy at the TCAs for his work in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Swift picked up six surfboards of her own for Ultimate Choice Award, Choice Female Music Artist, Choice Female Country Artist, Choice Country Single for “Mean,” Choice Break-up Song for “Back to December,” and Choice Female Red Carpet Fashion Icon. Congrats Taylor and Taylor!

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57 Responses to “Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner Reunite at Teen Choice Awards”

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  1. 26
    babySTAR Says:

    Taylor Lautner is so handsome and cute, but I start to think that he has zero taste for girls. I mean Taylor Swift isn’t ugly or anything, but she’s so annoying and fake and I can’t stand her. I just hope that Lautner will stay away from girls like her.

  2. 27
    lola Says:

    I just realized if they ever got married… they could be Taylor Lautner and Taylor Lautner LOL

  3. 28
    sweetness Says:

    wow so many posts just because these two sat next to each other…I like them both and they were cute together BUT so what if two ex’s who are still civil say hello. Why make such a huge deal of it?

    You haters actually boost the media’s fixation on them.

  4. 29
    Boogey Says:

    Come on people it’s just for the show. Taylor L is not single and she needs to focus on her career and whatever they were polite to each other
    I don’t think they are “best friend” who call each other and hang out. They said hi talk a moment and that’s all. People who wants a Taylor squared reunion are Taylor Swift’s fans: they want her to write others love-break up songs that’s why but let’s face it Taylor Lautner is walking in the road of maturity a little bit every day and Taylor swift is going back to primary school she’s still a little 12 years old girl in her mind and manners. yes that’s true

  5. 30
    Seriously? Says:

    Geez some of the people on here go crazy because Swifty sits next to their precious Taylor Lautner. So they sat next to each other and talked. Who cares. I have an ex who I occasionally still talk to and it’s no big deal. Anyways like a commenter said previously, most people who go to these shows swap seats all the time. They even have hired seat fillers for when they are taping award segments. More than likely they had a little chit chat and swaped seats again and went on their own way.

  6. 31
    julie Says:

    she is so immature. jake g. almost committed career suicide by being linked to her.

  7. 32
    dany Says:


    Beverly, thanks for replying! :)

    I’m glad to know that nothing happened too!

  8. 33
    Fred Says:

    @julie: I don’t think Taylor is imature as people think. It has been said that Taylor is a very savy business woman behind the scenes. She knows what sales. She might get made fun of for writing silly love songs, but these silly love songs have allowed her to sell out concert arenas around the world and sell millions of albums. One thing is for sure, this girl is not stupid.

  9. 34
    43 Says:

    Her hair colour is stunning

  10. 35
    Red Lips Says:

    I wouldn’t beleive Just Jared. I remember when Just Jared treid to make it sould like Taylor was dating Chord Overstreet earlier this year and it turns out they were just friends.

  11. 36
    eduardo Says:

    taylor is awesome you are haters morons

    justin biber is gay

  12. 37
    aquarius64 Says:

    Wow. Even it it’s just saying hello, Lily Collins, the alleged current gf, is having a cow right now.

  13. 38
    Awkward Couple Says:

    Taylor swift would be an idiot if she got back together with the Lautner dude. They were they most awkward couple I have ever seen and probably my least favorite couple of all time. Swifty has since then dated older dudes and going back to a younger older boyfriend just makes her look stupid. In my own opinion Swift needs to stay away from dating and get to know herself. This girl has dated so much, I doubt she knows who she is. However, if she ever decided to get back together with Jakey G, I would totally support that.

  14. 39
    dinadana Says:

    So did taylor lautner come out of the closet yet??

  15. 40
    yosra Says:


  16. 41
    wow Says:

    my goodness i pray these two don’t end up together again. Why would ANY guy go out with taylor swift? Hasn’t it been made crystal clear that all she does is use them to write songs and make her career more successful. She won best break-up song that night because of taylor lautner. That’s all she does- write songs about men. He must be out of his mind if he starts seeing her again. she’ll play him like the strings on her accoustic guitar. “Back to December: 2nd Edition” would come soon enough. Please, Taylor Lautner, prove there are brains behind that handsome face and stay away from her.

  17. 42
    maximilian Says:

    he is so stupid, if one of my ex-girlfriends, wrote a song like back to December for me
    I definitely would back to December, November, or any other month she wanted, and even more if she were half beautiful, taylor swift is.
    but I do not know, I’m just a guy.

  18. 43
    maximilian Says:

    @wow: @wow
    I know it’s not my business, but I want to answer your question even if it is rhetoric, Why Would ANY guy go Out With Taylor Swift?.
    Well, turns out she is the sweetest girl funny and talented I have ever met and I have done in person, and also is smart, I mean that if for some reason she wanted to “use me” and then write a song for me that would be brilliant

  19. 44
    tori Says:

    Wow, people are so jealous of Taylor Swift and she laughs all the way to the bank.

  20. 45
    wow Says:

    i have nothing against taylor swift at all. and i never said she wasn’t “sweet” “funny” “talented” or “smart” . I’m just trying to point out a common chain of events. if that’s what she likes to do than fine but i don’t think it’s good to turn every man in your life into a song. that’s like using your relationship for your career. whatever.

  21. 46
    Nurain Says:

    oh my so many ts haters! come on they look cute together and still can be friends.

  22. 47
    agronnie Says:

    This is so ridiculous. This whole event was to showcase “stars” since no one follows them or publishes anything during Swift’s or Lautner’s
    non-awards event time. Where these 2 REALLY spend their time and
    WHO they spend their off-hours/non-celebrity time with is the REAL person fans/anyone want to know. No cameras/fans followed either of them after the show. Maybe celebrities want “private” time, but their pursuit of stardom’s MONEY means Privacy is OVER.

  23. 48
    Guest Says:

    @Beverly: and @dany:
    According to another person who work as seat fillers that night and sat 3 row right behind them, it was Taylor Lautner who went to Taylor Swift. They gave each other a hug and he sat down next to her. They chatted and laugh like old friends. At next commercial break, Lautner had to move back to his seat and that’s when Ashley Greene came to sit next to Swift.
    Either way, I’m glad that they are friends again.
    But I think they really should give it another try if not now, maybe later down the road cos I think they looked so sweet and adorable together.

  24. 49
    celestine Says:

    No no no Guest you are mistaken. Beverly is right Taylor Swift moved next to him.If really what you say is true , photographers there thath night would not have miss pictures of their hug and talk.3 members of one of taylor lautner’s fan club were there too and they said exactly the same as beverly. Sorry for Taylor swift’s fans who wants her to always date someone who’s on top.And thispicture is odd.

  25. 50
    dany Says:


    I think the seat next to Swift was the seat intended for people who would go on stage! so much that before Taylor sitting there, it was Ashton Kutcher who was sitting next to Swift, Taylor was there because it would go on stage to present an award.

    after he presented the award, he went away.
    I saw several comments that no one saw him more!

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