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Bar Refaeli: Workout Woman!

Bar Refaeli: Workout Woman!

Bar Refaeli works up a sweat in a series of photos posted to her Twitter account.

“Gooood morning! This is how I start my day… The smile doesn’t last for long…… ;)” the 26-year-old Israeli model wrote.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Bar Refaeli

Bar also shared that she was recently on a plane with tennis champs Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal!

“Was on a plane today with Roger Federer AND Rafael Nadal. Seriously… I’ve got nothing to look for in life anymore. LOL,” Bar wrote.

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  • kà simply amazing

    nice body

  • http://Ja Slig o lambert ^___^cute


  • kà simply amazing

    her face werid impedimen in pic #3

  • jaredonthetake

    and the reason she is on here again is………????

  • Green/Red

    Good bod, buttaface

  • hahhys

    with rafa AND roger?!!!! now what has she done in her life to deserve that!
    lmao no offence :L

  • sourpatch575

    Ya GREAT workout!
    Lying down, fooling around and doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

  • Mary

    She’s so beautiful !!

  • santa barbara dentist

    Wonderful body.

  • Air


  • I wish I had her bod

    It’s good to be reminded that DiCaprio once dated for a period of over 5 years a girl who didn’t have plastic surgeries.

  • Fan of Beauty

    How sweet to see her working out with the smile. She is such a “NATURAL BEAUTY”!


    Never been a Bar fan, but she’s much prettier than Blake and has a better body. And as far as I know, she hasn’t had anything “done”. Unlike Lively.

  • Elina

    She may not be smart and interesting woman but she is HOT and all of you who say otherwise are some stupid envious ugly b*tches

  • ‘ellie’

    Shes gorgeous..and some nice body!!!

  • Ara

    She’s had work done. She had the tip of her nose “refined.” That’s why it looks so weird.

  • gl


    Dumb is not hot, and her looks are barely are not enough to make up for. Gisele, Natalia, Freya, Karolina, et. et. are all hot supermodels. Bar, no. She’s the blonde Canalis. She gets attention cos she’s Leonardo’s ex and buddy with the gossips and photographers.

  • Sean

    I’d love to break that into 2 pieces

  • Jime

    best body! but she’s not famous, why is she here?


    Bar is a Jewish antisemite. She has no problem supporting Mel Gibson for the right $. Hmmmm…. I guess that makes her more than just a nazi sympathizer… Girl has got to make $, right Bar….

  • Naomi

    Thanks for this great breath of fresh air, JARED! Love Bar.

  • LC

    Although I find her duller than a bag of nails, and not very smart, I have to admit she’s very pretty. Especially if you are comparing her to horse-face Lively, Blake couldn’t even compete with Bar. In fact one mag did a side by side of Blake and Bar both wearing blue dresses and I actually felt bad for Blake.

  • stole

    @LC: She is recently got dumped by current boyfriend david fisher as well lol. This girl can’t catch a break. LOL
    SHE GOT DUMPED TWICE NOW IN LESS THAN 4 MONTH. She must be terrible on BED. Or, she could be less interest in person. Whatever reason is she is like Aniston, she can’t keep boyfriend because she is getting too old and needy.

  • Cammie

    Iam not a big fan of her personality, but She is better then Blake, because aleast she didn’t get obvious plastic surgery…I saw Blake before plastic surgery pics…and she looked a mess…Leo won’t of given her the time of day without plastic surgery.

    Also aleast Bar didn’t send out nude pics then lie about it to save her sugar girl image…

  • LondonCalling

    what about the bar private photos&stuff stolen from her computer? is it true?

  • Really


    How do you know She got dumped by any of those guys…Leo is walking around in trance over Fake Blake..and Blake run behind Leo is so hard for mths.Iam surprised she didn’t leave skid marks…

    I think Bar may have dumped Leo.

  • Gordon


    All the model you named are bland and manfaced without makeup..especially manface Gisele..

  • jelaa

    @Really: Bar dump Leo ha ha ha….that is the funnest thing that can happen only fare tale story. Who made Bar? Leo. Who pay her bill? Leo. Who get her on catalog cover? Leo. He dumped her at least 7-8 times during the last 6 years of their relationship. She could have find another guy but she knew she can’t get any job if she doesn’t have him by her side. LOL. I mean he literally treaded her like a trash as he break up with her countless time so he can bang different girl in between. She constantly call him and he give her another go after another go until he feels another break to screw a girl he saw the night before. That is why everybody thought they will go back together time as well because Leo do this break up when he feel the need to scre w couple of girl. That what he does normally with her. But this time he was scre wing Blake while he was still with bar, to make it a matter of worse, he did it in Canne publicly while bar was red carpeting. LOL Bar knew that but she was willing to play along with him except now he actually dating instead of scre wing.
    Too bad for her cause she got dumped by her current fling David as well.
    Who is going to her pay bill now, she better find someone old filthy rich, otherwise she will end up broke. lol
    For the first time actually i feel bad for her. I mean Leo tread her like trash and to make it worse this billionaire dumped her as well as soon as he got laid by her. WOW. Some women just have a bad luck like Anniston.

  • :/

    ugly..look at picture 3..yuck!
    Can we say attention ho? The paps no longer follow her around so she takes pics of herself and posts them on twitter lol

    Jared keep this NOBODY off this site. She’s ugly and not famous. She’s Leo’s ex fahk buddy, that’s the best she’s got on her resume.

  • Duh

    I still can’t believe DiCaprio dumped her for that talentless C-list starlet.

  • keke

    @Duh: What talent Bar has? lol Except giving the best blow job, she is ordinary that was made by Leo. She should cash in on tell all story on playboy. That will be interesting, and do some reality show with Jersey shore like she did that photo graph with them. LOL
    I feel bad for her as well, the career that she never has ended before it began. lol

  • @jelaa

    So you think Dicaprio treated her like trash? I don’t think so. Do you know many guys who in one year only traveled around the world with their girlfriends, family and best friends at the same time? Inside a short period of time, they went to Mexico, Italy, Germany, France, Japan, Slovania, Galapagos Islands, Italy again, Israel and ended the year in Mexico before going to Hawaii. I don’t consider this being treated like trash. Search a little bit, find pictures of the two with both their close friends and family and use your brain cells for a moment before posting stupid and ignorant comments on a forum.

  • Common Sense

    Umm, let me get this straight: Some of you ladies are trashing this SUPERMODEL and calling her ugly. Congratulations, you’ve shown how delusional and unintouch with reality some crazy women can be. I’ve flirted with some crazy ladies like you and as soon as I find out what MEAN, TRASHING and unintouch with real world you are then I run. If you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything at all. Especially when it’s is unrealistic. lol

    The ladies that are NOT b#tches are the ones I remain friends with for several years. They even call me and use me for a booty call to F#CK THE LIVING HELL OUT OF THEM. :) You dramaqueens out there are a turn off no matter how attractive you are. Keep that in mind and stop being so negative.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are also guys who are dramakings as well and they are IDIOTSSSSSS. lol In the end “people” who are like this are always losers. So, who cares what they think. :) So, try not to be like that. I once vanished from a drama-queen and two years later she called me, apologized and then she flew in and proceeded to suck my big juicy… Oh, excuse me I’m going off topic. ;)

  • jeje

    why moderation.

  • jeje

    @@jelaa: Of course he took all those places lol and he actually also gave her a gold neckless for her birthday too as well. She has been wearing it everywhere until recently. That is basically nothing compare to what he does when he break up with her every other 8 month. You want to see the evidence check out these photo of the girls he has been screw ing when he was dumping her in the past years. lol
    These are just a few pictures that i can pull out. This how he spend his time whenever he decides to dump her. lol And of course she keep begging him to take her back. He does until he does not. lol Too funny though.

  • mimi

    So she takes her own pictures, runs off to upload them and publish them via twitter?
    How can a person live their life this way?
    To take pictures of every small thing they do and run to tell the “world” she is doing something or to name drop.

  • Really


    Yeah, you wrote a nice long story, but You don’t know 100% that he dumped her…so stop pretending you…

  • Really


    Ummm most celebs are doing that….So why judge her for doing it

  • Oh -My, My

    @Common Sense:

    Talk about delusional. Your post is practically manic. She has never been a supermodel. She is a pin-up girl. She sells sex, and then uses sex to land her sugar dadies. Nice. Get a job, Bar.

  • Michele

    Como não falaram dela essa semana, só falaram do dicaprio e da Blake ela resolve mostrar que nem se importa, né Bar!!!! Patética essa garota afinal só ganhou fama por causa do dicaprio e agora tem que continuar na midia, entaõ….. vamos mostrar fotos rediculas e sem graças, certo!!!! Antes ela não mostra fotos no Twitter!

  • Michele

    Como não falaram dela essa semana, só falaram do dicaprio e da Blake ela resolve mostrar que nem se importa, né Bar!!!! Patética essa garota afinal só ganhou fama por causa do dicaprio e agora tem que continuar na midia, entaõ….. vamos mostrar fotos rediculas e sem graças, certo!!!!

  • Hahaha

    Totalmente de acordo @Michele. Ela está tão desesperada por atenção que agora está postando tudo que ela faz (exceto trabalhar, porque isso ela já não faz há muito tempo). Leo é a grande celebridade… juro que não entendo porque dão tanta atenção pra o que essa garota posta no twitter, ela é só a ex dele. Take me a break, please. Nice body, but none talent.

  • nananaw

    why is she famous because she dated leonardo dicaprio I’m sorry but there is a lot of model more beautifull and known for their work and not because they have date a famous guy

  • ali

    she is a fame w**re
    the most hated woman in Israel .
    air head nobody .

    without Leo she is NOTHING .

  • TALI

    I’m from Israel and I love Bar. A lot of people in Israel love Bar !!!!

  • biotch

    @jaredonthetake: and the reason you again are here is ?? go away

  • Anon

    @jelaa: You and your fairy tales, Bar gave Leo an ultimatum, to settle his ways and commit to her, he declined, so she called it quits, she still loves him but will never go back to him, the reason she and David called it quits is because she can’t commit fully to a new relationship just now, she’s still healing.

  • daan

    @Anon: Ha ha she quit on him lol. She always will be his booty call girl like she always has been. She doesn’t have the leverage to call the shot on the relationship. she wanted commitment of course, and every time she open her mouth, what happen? she get the axe. lol she is hopping now to get back to his booty call. The only problem for her now is that he found someone who is doing her job for him on permanent bases. lol Too bad for her cause she get the axe by both men like she trash. I hope leo send her some cash in order to pay some of her bill. lol
    That is something at least he should for his long time beckon call girl. lol Still no high profile job for her after all this years. Even Brooklyn got a movie and another one coming while Bar who was on the cover SI in previous year thanks to Leo, still not getting a major campaign job. That is how small model she is FYI. The only campaign she has right now is her twitter like coco she twit everything in her life. Even coco is making more money than her. lol That is too bad.

  • @stole

    She got dumped twice in 4 months? After she dated her ex for 5+years and then it didn`t work out with her rebound. Clearly she `can`t keep a boyfriend`! LOL!

  • FoXy

    She’s not what I would call a “super” model, but she is a pretty gal with a killer body.