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Brad Pitt: Filming 'World War Z'

Brad Pitt: Filming 'World War Z'

Brad Pitt gets into character on set for his latest film World War Z on Tuesday (August 9) in Falmouth, Cornwall, England.

The 47-year-old filmed group scenes on the ground with many other actors, as well as scenes in a helicopter!

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The day before, Brad was spotted on the same set getting his bearings for his day of filming.

Earlier in the week, Brad and his partner Angelina Jolie took their children Pax, 7, Zahara, 6, Shiloh, 5, and oldest son Maddox, 10 to the London production of the musical Wicked!

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    like angie she is best

  • andu

    like angie she is best
    Im fan

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    where is angie ?miss u :)

  • Big Ang Fan

    i’ve tried repeatedly to reposition my TV antenna on my trailer with a broomstick soin i could get Entertainment Tonight and catch a glimpse of the beautiful JP’s but i believe there’s a rabid Jen fan in my park who purposely screws with my reception and keeps me in the dark.
    I also suspect huvane flunkees at my Git’N Go market of deelibrately loading up whatever groshrey isle i’m in with tabloids with nasty lies about my beloved Angie.

  • from JJB

    Power lessons from Bill Gates, Barack Obama and Brangelina

    By Terry R. Bacon on August 5, 2011 | Comments (2)

    For the past 20 years, I have been studying power and influence among leaders worldwide. What makes some leaders more powerful than others? How do they derive their power? And how do they sustain it?

    I discovered that leaders have 11 sources of power available, some stemming from their position and others from personal attributes and capabilities. Three of those sources — knowledge, eloquence and attraction — are particularly potent. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, President Barack Obama and actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie — or “Brangelina,” in pop-culture speak — arguably demonstrate such voltage. Lessons for leaders:
    Attraction power: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

    Your attraction power reflects your ability to draw people to you, to cause them to like you and prefer you to others. The attraction might be physical, but it can also come from warmth, wisdom, personality, shared experiences or common values. Globally, attraction power is a strong source, and a high rating can more than triple a leader’s power, influence and success.

    Here’s what you can learn from Pitt and Jolie.

    There is a high premium for attractiveness. Pitt and Jolie are lauded as one of the most beautiful couples in the world. Both have reaped the benefits of their attractiveness in their careers as actors and in their wide-ranging humanitarian work, including Jolie’s role as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations and Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward, an area decimated by Hurricane Katrina. The lesson for leaders? If you’ve got it, use it — yes, for business success but also for good works.

    Likeability and attractiveness are a powerful combination. Pitt and Jolie are not only beautiful but also likeable. That can — and does — open doors for them, particularly when they’re working to build awareness or support for their worthy causes. The lesson for leaders? Regardless of your physical attractiveness, it’s important to build attraction power through your values, personality and work ethic. Likeability, in essence, makes you a more desirable leader.
    Character plays an important role in attraction. Pitt and Jolie are attractive, in part, because of their commitment to helping people who are far less fortunate than they are. The lesson for leaders? The content of your character is as important as your likeability and attractiveness. In fact, attraction without character is more likely to be a power drain than a power source.

  • LOVE Moneyball

    …just lent my copy of Moneyball to a friend who wants to read it before the movie- it IS a great book & I am SO EXCITED for the movie to come out…Brad, Angie & their sweet kids are so cute!! Anyhow, here is a great (short) clip that one of the wonderful posters at jjb shared- it has one of the Moneyball actors talking about the film & he mentions that the world premiere in 9/8…I heard it may be in Oakland, but not sure:

  • fyi

    @LOVE Moneyball:
    Moneyball world premiere will be in TIFF in 9/8. Oakland might be US premiere.

  • LOVE Moneyball

    #57- Thanks for the info- that’s less than a month from now!! Another great book is WWZ- I was VERY pleased when I heard that Brad was making the movie. You could have a super cool book club just based on books that have been source material for JP movies- they have great taste!!
    @LOVE Moneyball:
    Moneyball world premiere will be in TIFF in 9/8. Oakland might be US premiere.

  • LoriLori

    I don’t like zombie movies but Brad looks so good and it seems interesting guess I will have to go. Thanks to the fans for posting links, vids,etc and thanks JJ

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    from previous thread,
    re: 127 dianad1968 @ 08/08/2011 at 10:03 pm
    ” I don’t think these are college kids, because I doubt very much college kids will admire anything about Ticky, enough to pay attention to her, and wanting to “defend” her honour.”
    you may correct in that “college kids admire anything…” re: JA, however every college individual is programmed and indoctrinated differently as well as is the college they go to which reaps it’s students mainly from it’s specific tuition target and geographic area, low income, middle, high, each income level and lifestyle has it’s own marriage, divorce rate and subsequent traumas. I have met surprisingly many college “girls” who are bitter because their fathers left their mothers for another woman…and of course men leave unhappy marriages right about the time their children are eighteen or so.
    Furthermore community colleges are a very different lot than a major university. Having taught electives at two geographically located community colleges and at UCB, the high school mentality does linger, and freshman even at a major university are juvenile but they “grow up” somewhat faster. However freshman are freshman, hubris and all, experimenting their independence and new found freedom to be annoying aka frat/sorority/dormie group foolery. Aside from being intentionally crass and falsely confident in their conclusions, many younger haters/trolls post from boredom, for groupie frat/sorority/dorm fun, to test out their limits on the internet…it’s not serious for them but enough to provoke those who take it seriously but bottomline, they are testing their control and power limits because they likely didn‘t have it under their parents.
    More importantly re: JA, most hater/trolls comments are not even directed at JA…e.g. 0/10 page 1, 1/9 on page 2 of this thread are directed at JA (one was so incoherent, I couldn’t figure it out LOL. I only counted the hidden comments as a base for what readers consider to be “hater/troll” criteria and this count is in flux because new readers will thumb down borderline posts making them hidden after my count.). Logic and fact indicate one does not have to be a JA fan to post negative comments; you just have to have obnoxious fleeting thought patterns and the hubris against all odds on a known pro-JP thread to put it out there. My point being, the actual number of hater/troll comments in addressing JA is very few in numbers.
    Re: “The only times the fans should respond is when there is blatant misinformation, slander, and a desperate need to rewrite history. When that happens, then all gloves should be off. Other than that, we should all just ignore, ignore, ignore. ”
    Now this is an excellent point and I wholeheartedly agree.
    Re: “Vulgarity is their stock in trade.”
    Agree again, “vulgarity” is their insulin; it revitalizes them from their normal stupor. Facts can unconditionally be disputed as well as the path to logic and reasoning even if it’s from a “hateful” origin, again as I’ve stated many times before, we all have our biases…however most of these hater/troll comments are just rebounding off their foolish and infantile mind-set including IMO college aged inanity and quasi-closet bullying at targets who are untouchable.

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    She doesn’t need to defend TomKat here since no one really gives a shiit about him, LOL.

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