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Kate Bosworth: Night Out with Michael Polish!

Kate Bosworth: Night Out with Michael Polish!

Kate Bosworth walks side by side with Michael Polish as the two leave the Chateau Marmont on Monday (August 8) in Hollywood, Calif.

The 28-year-old actress and her Big Sur director ate dinner together before heading out. Michael even opened the car door for Kate before driving off!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

Last week, Kate and Michael also spent some time together at a Coldplay concert in Los Angeles.

FYI: Kate is wearing an Equipment shirt with Mulberry jeans and a JewelMint necklace.

15+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish leaving Chateau Marmont in Hollywood…

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kate bosworth michael polish dinner 01
kate bosworth michael polish dinner 02
kate bosworth michael polish dinner 03
kate bosworth michael polish dinner 04
kate bosworth michael polish dinner 05
kate bosworth michael polish dinner 06
kate bosworth michael polish dinner 07
kate bosworth michael polish dinner 08
kate bosworth michael polish dinner 09
kate bosworth michael polish dinner 10
kate bosworth michael polish dinner 11
kate bosworth michael polish dinner 12
kate bosworth michael polish dinner 13
kate bosworth michael polish dinner 14
kate bosworth michael polish dinner 15
kate bosworth michael polish dinner 16
kate bosworth michael polish dinner 17

Credit: epa; Photos: AKM Images
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  • Raven

    Well, that’s more attention then she ever got out of Skars in a year and a half. What’s with the old lady blouses?

  • Kate

    She looks super skinny.

  • DailyNightly

    What happened to the “wedding rings”?

  • good

    she looks good..i like the jeans and the shoes…now she dress better than when she dated skarsgard…and she doesn’t look skinny!

  • commonsense

    Laying low would’ve been a better strategy.

  • okay

    okay they both looked like they need to go back in and eat some more. This is why so many women give her a hard time. After a breakup show how you can stand on your own for once! Consumate serial dater (smh)

  • It look

    @Raven: The buttoned up blouse and flare jeans are apparently the look of the season.

  • True

    This guy makes askars look bad with the door opening.

  • Alexbeard

    really think the rumors are true now.

  • Bored


    It would seem that yes, in all her pics with MP she’s changed up her style yet again to a bit classier/more professional adult look . Gone is the bo-ho, hippy stuff that she favored with Skarsgard. I wonder if she also morphs her personality to what she thinks her man of the day would prefer along with her clothes? It would explain why her relationships end in failure. Not even a great actress could stay in character that long, and as we all know, she’s no great actress.

    PS You must live in Hollywood, the land of body distortions to think that she doesn’t look thin.

  • good

    @Bored: i mean she looks more skinny when she dated skarsgard…now i think she looks less thin and her style is better

  • Eresyn

    my grandmother called and she wants her blouse back LOL ;)

  • Lauren

    He must be hobbit-sized. He’s barely tall enough to see over that car.

  • k

    She seems to lose some weight every time she gets separated from a bf.

    I’m just glad she’s out of Alex’s sphere coz she seems to suck out of the life of her partners. Let her seek her paparazzi fame w/ someone else.

  • Nice

    Good for Kate! She looks happier than she ever did with askars! He always walked ahead of her and left her to fend for herself with the media and never opened her door. I understand that he didn’t want the attention on thier relationship but if your going to be seen out with her at least act like you want to be with her and be a gentlemen. This guy is a very intelligent and really nice guy.

  • Original

    @Lauren: seriously, you’re taking comments from a blogger and using them here. everybody reads the same crap so take your unoriginal self away

  • JM

    Wow! Only 2 weeks of papping and already the new guy looks over it.

  • Cute

    She looks good, thin, but good. Alex on the other hand looks very worn out, and much older. Since Alex has become such a pap lover, he should try just a bit.

  • Polished

    I like him and he was well known for quality films before KB.

  • Hannah2

    are you crazy? he looks happy and great. she looks haggard and way to thin. Her pants are to big for her. Check the side view.

  • Lauren

    @Original: I’m not “stealing” comments from anywhere, you jackass. Get a life.

  • Eww

    DOWNGRADE!!! Sorry Kate but this guy doesn’t hold a candle to Alex

  • acting

    haha Askar in jeans, she is in jeans Askar wore plaid now she has this one in jeans and plaid. LAMEO KB. She is trying really hard to make Askar see her. LOL but he doesn’t care though.

    @22 Totally agree this dude is a downgrade sorry but he ain’t no Askar or better. But what do you want she had to rope one in on short notice. She looks very skinny but thank the heavens that she has it all cover up. She looks like death when she let her bones shows.

  • Dani

    @It look:

    Look of the season? no thanks, cannot stand those blouses lol

    Also he is not wearing the ring anymore, I was thinking they were married for a while there lol

  • Dani


    What rumours?

  • Shannon

    Those jeans look like they were bought from the child section of a store

  • YouBetYa

    Hmm, Alex needs to find a new girl, cant troll the crazies with this one anymore.

  • jules

    her vanessa bruno commercial is magical

  • chelle

    She is notorious for not only changing herself to suit whomever she is with but also for screwing around on people. Maybe this is what she was up to filming Big Sur? As for Alex ….I don’t think he liked the media ho she is /was /always will be and that’s why he was always so far away from her or maybe he just doesn’t do PDA in public like everyone wants. Some guys just don’t roll like that.

  • Doubtful

    @chelle: I think it is pretty obvious that Alex has become a mega pap lover. He rolls with the Swedes because he loves feeling like a famous superstar in front of them. Even if he did have a problem with PDA in front of the paps (although he was doing it in Sweden, so who knows), but what about the rude behavior? Asnarls needs to get over himself.

  • Dani


    Why does he need to do that? He just got out of a 2 year relationship, let him be single & happy for a while lol makes me lol when I read this stuff.

    Why would he jump right back into another exclusive relationship this soon lol

  • @Dani

    @Dani: “single” alex leads to the gay rumors which is why they need him to “be” with someone. his crazies are already worried about why he hangs out with that keith guy so much.

  • @Polished

    @Polished: yeah most blogs have been commenting on his cuteness

  • chelle

    @@Dani: because it’s a really good friend??? I hang out with my girlfriend ALL the time (when I have it ) does that mean I’m gay???
    @Doubtful: sorry but I wouldn’t want to be within 10 feet of that pod person either …there were very little to no pap pics in Sweden only twitter …and the PDA pictures in Sweden was very very early in the dating thing and he said being followed by paps there is not normal ….maybe it was because the famewho*re was there???? Just saying ……

  • Dani


    I dont think he is gay but I very honestly will say he imo has that vibe that he could go either way, still think he is insanely hot & it does nothing to taint my view of him lol

  • Billie

    Michael Polish may be talented, smart and whatever, but he sure has awful taste in women. What can he possibly see in KB?

  • sunbears1

    This is embarrassing.

  • S.

    Kate looks smug and anorectic as always. Do you guys think she was with this hobit before she and AS broke up?

  • lisa

    How tall is this guy? He looks really small.

  • Molly

    sh*t, Kate Bosworth is bad for everybody! DANGER DANGER

  • Mona

    @Molly: Yes, poor guy. He seems like such a low key person. Why mess around with KB? He will totally ruin his career. She destroys all her boyfriends.

  • Lilly

    Kate is the most hated girl in Hollywood. Google it and get 10000000000000000000000000 hits.

  • Livia

    I feel sorry for this guy. Hasn’t he seen her ‘record”? I wonder what she needs out of him. or is it just another one of her fame w. ho. re tricks.

  • Mamabear

    I thin it is great that she has a new boyfriend. Mr. Polish is never in the tabloids or gossip blogs so maybe she will go away too.

  • Mina

    Mr. Polish has a child from a privious relationship. Rumour has it the daughter really loves KB.

  • Alex is a gentleman

    Alex held the door for her too. He did it at Broken Bells and all the way to their last dinner sighting at the sushi place. Alex’s problem is that he didn’t let go of the door and let it hit her in the ass.

  • Lilly

    Five years ago Kate Bosworth had Hollywood at her feet – she was dating Brit heartthrob Orlando Bloom and her movie career was about to go stellar, thanks to her promising box office debut playing a surfer girl in teen hit Blue Crush. Fast forward to 2010 and the 27-year-old is now regarded as one of the most unpopular actresses in Hollywood amongst her peers, and her career has plateaued, thanks to a series of hook-ups with attached men and reports of her bad attitude

  • Alex lover

    Mr. Polish, you are my hero. I am so grateful. Please marry Ms. Bosworth and take her away.

  • Hanna

    I wonder how long this “relationship” will last. Michael Polish looks hot. (Not so hot as her former boyfriends though), She will probably suck the hotness out of him. She alwasy does.

  • PoorGuy

    Is it me or does this guy have the biggest FML look on his face? The same look Skars had for the past 2 years.