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Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise: After Party Pair!

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise: After Party Pair!

Katie Holmes and her husband Tom Cruise hold hands as they head out of Lincoln Center on Monday (August 8) in New York City.

The 32-year-old actress and her 49-year-old husband spent the night at the after premiere party her latest film, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Earlier that day, Tom and Katie arrived in the Big Apple with their daughter Suri, 5. Tom enjoyed an afternoon with Suri at Chelsea Piers while mama Katie attended the premiere for the film.

20+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes leaving the Lincoln Center after premiere party…

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katie holmes tom after premiere 01
katie holmes tom after premiere 02
katie holmes tom after premiere 03
katie holmes tom after premiere 04
katie holmes tom after premiere 05
katie holmes tom after premiere 06
katie holmes tom after premiere 07
katie holmes tom after premiere 08
katie holmes tom after premiere 09
katie holmes tom after premiere 10
katie holmes tom after premiere 11
katie holmes tom after premiere 12
katie holmes tom after premiere 13
katie holmes tom after premiere 14
katie holmes tom after premiere 15
katie holmes tom after premiere 16
katie holmes tom after premiere 17
katie holmes tom after premiere 18
katie holmes tom after premiere 19
katie holmes tom after premiere 20
katie holmes tom after premiere 21
katie holmes tom after premiere 22
katie holmes tom after premiere 23
katie holmes tom after premiere 24

Credit: Toddy; Photos: AKM Images
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  • Debex

    LOVE her EXtensions!!!


    Most irritating couple in the world !!!!!

  • ck

    About time you posted some pics of these two!!

  • Bandolino

    How many more premieres of this movie will they have? I want to prepare myself for JJ’s constant assault on our senses of this awesome, magical no talent A list by association’s presence. Saw these pics on another site and thought “gee JJ must be slipping–he isn’t first to post them!”

  • KingOfPotatoePeople

    She finally looks nice, not fabulous, but nice. But I’m surprised that her her husband does not have enough respect to her and all who worked on that film to come on a premiere in suit or more elegant clothes – instead he came just in jeans and shirt. And of course, sunglasses – in the middle of night!

  • linda

    So basically the age difference between them is 17.. which means that he can totally be her father ( teen father), isn’t that werid!?!!

  • Elina


    then just don’t do it to yourself, don’t click on their photos

  • Kylie

    He looks awful. Has anyone else noticed that when they “hold hands” it looks like he’s got a death grip on her hand (and usually leading her like a dog)? There is nothing natural or nice about their hand holding. It always looks so darn uncomfortable for both of them.

  • cara

    If they are going to keep up the act of a loving couple, they should get one of their PR people to teach them how to hold hands properly, like a real couple does. So odd, it’s like he is presenting her and it does not look loving at all but like they are tolerating the hand-holding in public but can’t wait to let go. And what’s up with Tom dressing like he is going to clean out the garage for a movie premiere. His clothes lately are weird, like he is going through a mid-life crisis and determined to look young.

  • MangerBouger

    Why do they always hold hands?? In fact, why does she let him hold her hands??? GOD he is being paternising her every single time I saw her in public. How embarrassing and annoying it must for the women of her entourage …

  • helen

    what happened to her chest? yuck

  • katie’s premiere
  • emiley

    i think he’s in love with vanessa hudgens

  • hmmm

    You know what? Not too bad. They look kind of interesting in these pictures. They look good.

  • PH

    WTF kind of hand-holding is that? I rarely comment on TomKat threads (mainly because I don’t want to be singled out by resident moron poster Romeo) but it looks so awkward, like he is presenting her to the public. Not like a loving husband and his adored wife. Check other married couples holding each other, and THIS IS NOT it. To me it gives credence to the allegations that theirs is a marriage of contract/convenience or whatever. Like they don’t know what to do with each other in public because they have not had normal interactions in so long.

  • @ Katie’s premiere

    Ouch – that photo says it all. How sad for her, but she knew what she was getting when she married him.

  • rmv

    @kylie, did you ever consider it could just be a safety issue and he is protecting her. It is the same reason they carry their kid around, because of the lunatics out there. @cara and @PH, by all means, they are not a “real couple”, they have been faking it for over five years-lol. I have been holding hands ike that for all 25 years of my marriage. If you don’t like them, simply go somewhere else and make productive use of your time!

  • kizbit

    I just love how all her movies “premiere” over and over and then go straight to video! LOL!

  • Frozoid

    See? There’s that weird handholding thing they have going again. She never puts her hand all the way in his. Sometimes she just grazes her hand. Now he’s grabbing on to her fingers. Close couples lace their fingers together.

    He repulses me.

  • really jj?

    SIX posts in less than 24 hours??? are they paying you?

  • PH

    @rmv: Why should I go somewhere else? This is not a fan board, is it? I didn’t read Jared’s memo where only those who like them can comment on them, and those of us who think something’s funny with the way they (and apparently you and your husband) hold hands can’t post here.

  • After her premiere

    Why did she bother to get dresses in a nice black dress. When he is in a
    Untucked shirt and Jeans not a suit. They are not a happy couple any


    SHE IS COPYING KATE MIDDLETON! HAIR-SHOES- EXPRESSIONS! This woman has been copying the shit out of other people from the second she married Tom … She even was dressing Suri like the Gossip Girl BLAIR Wardorf character… ITS SO OBVIOUS… hahahahahaha The magazines are even making note of this copy- cat behavior… as always LAME

  • KC

    They both look so stiff and uncomfortable holding hands. Just a few short years ago they were slobbering all over each other. Obviously their relationship is in a much different place now.

  • gross

    The other day I caught Tom’s movie “Knight and Day” on Cable.. Right away I was going to switch the channel but I kept it on for some reason… I actually forgot about Tom Cruise the CRAZY b/c he’s great actor… so I respect him for that… (only that) BUT then I see photos like this with that DING BAT pretentious WANNA BE and respect goes back out the door… They are in two different leagues and she keeps thinking she’ll get the respect the deserves.. NO WAY… she sucks and there is no way around it… Katie cannot roll w/ the big boys so she should stay home,

  • LadyCaca

    Did she ever work since Dawson’s Creek?

  • omeeo


    baloney crap.

    you need to make productive use of your own time by shutting up!

  • Pooter

    aha….there goes the bimbo again!

    she copied the victoria beckham smirk….and now she is trying to copy Kate Middelton. LOL

    her problem is she still has a lot of growing up to do. That is why she has a brat. Should not have kids until she “finds herself” and not copy others. ugh….she’s annoying!

  • couldn’t say it better
  • Kylie

    @rmv – No, it didn’t occur to me that he’s trying to protect her, because he almost always walks in front of her and holding a few fingers is hardly protective. Protective would be an arm around her. Besides, they have a lot of security. I don’t think many people would disagree that they look terribly awkward with each other. Other celeb couples may be faking it, too, but these two seem like they aren’t even putting in the effort anymore. And as for the poster who thinks they are real because they have been married for 5 years? They were lots of Hollywood couples who remained married for a lot longer and later admitted that the entire marriage was a sham (often because one was gay).

  • ClearPerspective

    Pitchforks! Pitchforks! Pitchforks!
    The anti-Cruise villagers are out in full force!

  • gross

    You can tell she plays up on the “hollywood royalty” like no other woman in hollywood…She is LOVING the attention… so unflattering! I have always respected ladies who keep to themselves and are trying to suck us for attention… Carolyn Bessette Kennedy… PERFECT example of CLASS and being mysterious . Katie Holmes has been a one-woman circus since getting together w/ Tom… always doing something a little ODD, OFF or stand-out to get our attention, She often uses PROPS and other attention grabbing details.(staying out late, Bottles, heels, blankets, Pacifiers, cold weather clothes in heat, stange ostentatious outfit/get-ups and the list goes on and on… then there are the interviews where she boasts and brags like NO OTHER person in Hollywood. Whether its the way she handles Suri in public or the way she dresses… She is THE HOLLYWOOD FAME WHORE..

  • rena

    he didn’t dress up because he is a young rock star. in other words, he’s crazy.

  • hey clear perpective

    how bout NO… Anti- fame whore haters are out in full force. Like Tom, Hate the loser dumbo he’s with..

  • Jones

    Is it humanly possible for them to walk side by side WITHOUT holding hands?!

  • alexis

    These two make me want to puke. Last time i looked tommygurl and katie both had the unveiling of their tummytucks. Poor Katie had a fcuked up outie which is new for her bellybutton and her stomach is all hard/ bumpy on the one side looking really grose similar to Tara Reids.
    Tommygurl had his plugs removed to show the new hair with scabs on the roots so for the third pic he put a cowboy hat on , i suppose he has to wait for the scabbing to go away before the true unveiling. His belly was not screwy so he walked around like an 18 yr. old kid sucking it in, smiling at Katie who was diapointed in her new same surgury.
    Suri was running the show on a billion dollar yatch so she gave the paps a few winks and smiles and then decided to dislike them and told Katie what to do as K smiled and agreed with her little woman daughter.
    They both need some kind of drugs to calm them down.
    Seriously they both expect major wh0re attention all the while tommygurl
    who is the sec. highest idiot from the top of the Sci Fi Cult pretends to be a 20 yr old wannabe.. They all make me sick.

  • Danielle

    wow Katie is so pretty

  • Bandolino

    What is amazing to me–the Holmes Yang line is way over priced and Katie brags about the attention to detail, the care that is put into the garments, how each has hand touches. If this is so, why do they always look so cheaply made? You can see the hem stitching. The material looks cheap and poorly made. If you are going to pay over a $1000 for this dress, than one has to question just what you are getting. Answer: A poorly made, over priced dress.

  • boston61

    I wonder if he will stick around when her beauty grows hard and sinewy.

  • boston61


    Her hair is real. Believe it or not. JMHO

  • Sonia

    @katie’s premiere:

    Thanks for the picture, it’s hilarious!

    Is there any distribution or release date set for this bomber?
    Think about why Guy Pearce stays half a planet away from this clueless, not funny clown?

  • toria

    Poor Katie. There is a Scientology story on Huffington Post about who turned out for the Gala and who you think personifies Scientology. I was sure Tom Cruise would be number 1. NO Katie is Number 1. Guess she really did sell her soul when she married him.

    If you want to google it, the story is: John Travolta, Kelly Preston, Erika Christensen And More Turn Out For Scientology Gala

    I can’t post the link since JJ puts me in moderation every time I attempt one!

  • Martio

    I don’t usually spend my time posting comments about celebrity, but these two are very annoying and piss me off terribly. First of all, does TC still think we’re in 1986 or something? I mean, sun glasses in the middle of night??? Come on! This is so irrating and ineducated. Secondly, how does he hold her hand? A granpa holds hands in this way not a husband. They don’t look so much in love, they look like they hae to proove their love but seem so unatural. Keith and Nicole, Brad and Angie, Ben and Jennifer, all these couples look more natural and happy, like they don’t need to proove they’re always happy, shining, funny…They’re normal. Tom and Kat try so hard but fail to impress. I don’t know them, their life, but I have this feeling they’re somehow…fake! Probably they really love eachother and have a beautiful family but I still can’t belive their version. Maybe because they’re both scientologists…I trust more a talking dog than a scientologist.

  • Romeo

    It’s closer to sixteen years, #6.

    Get a life, #19.

    How do you copy someone’s expressions, #23?

    Critics were actually saying the same idiocy from the beginning, #24.

    But there is nothing to suggest this is any one of them, #30.

    You’re imagining things, #32. Since day one she has never done anything to anyone.

    Sure you don’t, #43. Sure you don’t…


  • annie

    that is her hair- she always had long hair like that, in those sort of styles- actually she was voted the best hair , amazing how you judge her constantly without knowing anything about her.

  • Martio

    And do you? I mean, do you know them? Personally? Proove it. Because if you don’t it means you know things exactly like everyone else on this earth does so you don’t have the right to tell people what they can or can’t right about them. Telling people what to think, what to say, what do is very UNEDUCATED…Do you understand? VERY VERY UNEDUCATED!

  • Martio

    @Romeo: And do you? I mean, do you know them? Personally? Proove it. Because if you don’t it means you know things exactly like everyone else on this earth does so you don’t have the right to tell people what they can or can’t write about them, what is wrong or right. Telling people what to think, what to say, what do is very UNEDUCATED…Do you understand? VERY VERY UNEDUCATED!

  • annie

    linda……u r such a sick…….how could u think such like a cheap…… hvsno age. they both love eachother so much…u r…filthy animal kahi ki……..

  • annie

    katie look so gorgeous…..nd tom look g8………


    Katie looks good here but Tom looks ridiculous!