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Suri Cruise: Gymnastics Class with Dad!

Suri Cruise: Gymnastics Class with Dad!

Suri Cruise wears a ruffled leotard as she takes a gymnastics class on Monday (August 8) in New York City.

Papa Tom Cruise watched as Suri, 5, ran around the gym and walked across a balance beam!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Suri Cruise

Also pictured inside is mama Katie Holmes looking effortlessly chic as she headed out of her apartment in downtown NYC on Tuesday (August 9).

On Monday night, Katie premiered her latest film, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, at the Walter Reade Theater.

FYI: Katie is wearing an H&M skirt.

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Credit: Thornton/Swarbrick/Pena/Hall; Photos: INFdaily
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  • LadyCaca

    Her nutcase dad already taught her how to jump on a couch.

  • M

    why she’s so popular? She’s not the cuttest kid and her parents are not like able

  • Lucky Charm

    Of course Katie looks “effortlessly” chic – she couldn’t put any less effort in dressing than she already does!

  • sara


    I think she’s adorable. Just because she has crazy parents doesn’t mean she’s not cute.

  • KC

    “Effortlessly chic”….more like fashion disaster!

  • :/

    Suri creeps me out. She gives off that “children of the corn” vibe.

  • carrie

    it’s scary to follow and post about a 5 years old kid

  • minnie

    you are so mean Jared, why do you make fun of Katie calling her “effortlessly chic”?
    you are mean!!!

  • minnie

    @To Jared:
    they may have paid him for all her promo tour of her latest movie, so it is like this more or less, suri can be included in most of them to make it more interesting:
    1 post of them going to airport
    2 post of tthem arriving
    3 post of them arriving to apartment
    4 post of them going to dinner
    5 generic post of them leaving sepratedly
    6 post of her premiere whatever
    7 post of the after party or them leaving
    8 post of them the next day, suri dancein, at the park etc.
    9 post of them going to late dinner
    10 post of them leaving the apartment if it was a shortstay
    11 post of them arriving to the airport
    and it goes on. Good business anyway. I do not see any other site that does this.

  • Hollyweird

    Suri is so tiny !!! I’m sure Crazy Katy puts her on Dukan already.

  • Bandolino

    Effortlessly chic? You mean effortlessly awful.

    Those boots have to go. They are unattractive to the max. She must have a dozen pairs since they look better than they should for all the constant wearing she does. And any of us who have purchased suede boots know they don’t hold up.

    Katie just doesn’t get fashion. The expensive blouse looks like it is tucked into a Wal-Mart skirt. Paired with those boots–well the whole look is off. Blouse would look far better with a pencil skirt and an interesting pair of heels.

  • Rocky



  • Alexis

    Honestly, I’m going to stop coming to this site. How many Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes or Miranda Kerr posts do we need?! Sooo boring.

  • Rocky

    Why wiould you want photographers inside your child’s ‘private’ time? You don’t see Jennifer & Ben getting someone to take pictures of their daughter in ballet class. What’s wrong with this man? Katie needs to give Nichole Kidman a call and ask her how to dress. Nicole always looked cool when she was with Tom. Guess Tom doesn’t mind the ‘outfits’ Katie wears, he’s no stylish genius either.

  • Rocky


    Bye! You take care now, OK?

  • Addy


    It’s hot as hell in New York and humid to boot. Why is this woman wearing long sleeves?

  • Designer outfit Hey right

    That skirt ismher own design. How do the paps get into the gym. She is
    Just like Violet. She is into ballet, but we never get to see her inside the
    School the paps were called. As for her boots they go with the the shoes that Tom was wearing at her premiere!

  • toria

    What is ironic to me is that the haters on the JP threads complain about how the JP’s pimp their kids out, how JJ posts constantly about them, etc. etc. etc. Yet the JP’s for the most part keep their kids out of the spotlight. Unlike TomKat.

    I read a lot of entertainment blogs and JJ has cornered the market on the TomKat postings. Most blogs ignore them. If there is anything out there on Katie, Jared is among the first to post it. Even if she is doing nothing but sitting in her car. He obviously thinks she is the epitome of something. Acting? Singing? Dancing? Fashion? Parenting? Or does he just like the hits his postings on her aimless life generates??? Although without Suri in the pictures, neither Tom nor Katie generate very much interest.

    And I see the few reviews out there of her new movie–most are luke warm about the movie and her performance.

  • marq

    You haters have absolutely no clue that you are zombies. This comment should be a clue, but you will not get it, because, well, you are zombies.

  • cara

    Katie Holmes has the worst taste in clothes of all celebs,especially her casual clothes, YUCK! Both Katie and Jennifer Garner dress like they get their clothes from Goodwill or like they have dug them up out of a trunk from the 80s and they dressed in teh dark, and their choice of footwear is always just awful!!

    But the difference is that Katie tries SO HARD and thinks she’s fashionable and wants to be known as a fashionista, whereas Jennifer G’s problem is she does not try enough yet still thinks she’s fashionable. Money is wasted on both these women.

  • marq

    Haters, your contagion of hate and the loss of your humanity is not personally your fault, or because of anything you consciously did. You were deliberately targeted and infected, beyond your control, by the likes of GE, News Corp. and CNN.

  • toria


    Better that than being infected by the invasive alien bots of the cult of Xenu.

  • santa barbara dentist

    Fashion Atrocity!

  • help that girl

    Suri has a very sensitive look to her always… you feel sorry for her b/c all this Hollywood stuff is not something kids care about… thats why I believe she still has these items like bottle and blankie… security in a big frightning over-the top world.MEANWHILE, Katie likes to think she is beyond her yrs and living the life… I was once in a conversation w/ a well-to- do couple w/ young kids.. They went on to say that they have stayed in many 5 star hotels in exotic locations, but one time they stayed a not- so -great hotel, and they rolled in a cot for there 5 yr old and he jumped up and down w/ excitement… saying “is that for me?!” … POINT IS kids aren’t impressed w/ all the the finer things in life… you can tell Suri would do better in some field running around flaying w/ frogs and doing cart-wheels… soooo sad.

  • Roxy

    @:/: hahahaha!!!LMBOOO. That’s funny. Thanks for the laugh

  • marq


    I learned a lot from L. Ron Hubbard. I’m not sure that any religion’s mythos is meant to be taken entirely literally and beyond its poetic usefulness as metaphor.

    Otherwise, society ends up with destructive cults like Jim Jones’.

    Scientology isn’t alone in its program to target celebrities, in particular, to attract to its fold.

  • Roxy

    @Hollyweird: I was thinking the same thing. It’s all probably all that Barley Scientology diet she on. Not to compare kids, but since all these haters love to bash Angie & Brad’s kids, they all seems to be clean, healthy, happy and well fed. Shiloh and Suri are the same age, but what a big difference. Anyways Suri does not look healthy at all.

  • gross

    i think its wrong to photograph this little girl in bathing suits and leotards.

  • ck

    JJ: I don’t think you should reward the paps who photograph (thru a window) 5 yr olds in leotards.

  • marq

    @gross: You “think” it’s wrong, because that’s what MSNBC, Fox News and CNN spent billions of dollars of constant programming you to “think”. You were spoon-fed that belief through deep scientifically developed mind-control programming. You stood virtually zero chance of resisting that massive mind-control programming nor its ancillary echo-chamber effect, (such as comments here, as a result of that programming). It is not your fault you now help marginalize children.

  • ‘ellie’

    Suri is a little doll face..coming on here and once again making fun of this little girl and family…There photographed b/c whether you like it or not…Tom is a superstar..most of all his movies are great and still a great actor..and so what he jumped on a couch..I thought it was cute he was so happy to be with Katie…As far as Katie she is a stylish woman..and also beautiful…I enjoy seeing there pictures and seeing Suri growing up up into a beauty..
    Thanks Jared keep them coming.. Its been along time…Jared see nothing has changed…take care…

  • Frida

    Who took that picture of Suri inside a gym?! That is a serious invasion of privacy, she’s just a child!

  • marq

    I seriously doubt any of you zombies could even name the 10-year-old (girl) who delivered her mobile hacking findings at Defcon 19 hacking conference, in Las Vegas, without having to look it up, first.

  • WTF

    WTF is going on with this family, i saw lots of pics were taken inside the gym how can any paps go inside unless someone invite them .thanks to Tom

  • Frozoid

    @marq: Are you a Scientologist, perchance?

  • Roxy

    @Ellie…I’m calling it like I see it. That child look seriously underweight, and she’s probably even smaller in person. “Tom is a superstar”…Ok whatever, his best acting days are behind him. I’m not saying he’s not a good actor, he’s made some great movies in the past, “A Few Good Men” is one of my favs, and I actually liked Valkrie. The movies he makes now are not GREAT, but full of fluff. That jumping on the crouch thing was very over the top. The timing of there get together seems very suspicious, and trying to force feed their “love” down our throats. Katie, Stylish…huummm!!! you’re joking right, did you see that hedious outfit she wore on Jay Leno?

  • Kathleen

    I do like Katie’s outfit but those shoes do not go with that dress. She needs another pair of more suitable shoes but I forget that Suri is her stylist now a days. right.

  • marq

    @Frozoid: No, I am not a bona fide Scientologist. But I am a huge fan of Tom Cruise.

    My interest in L. Ron Hubbard’s contributions to understanding, come from my interest in Ethology, which is the study of animal and human behavior, and in Cybernetics, which is the study of animal and human behavior, but in addition, includes computers too.

    Hubbard explained that Dianetics* “forms a bridge between” Cybernetics and General Semantics. As far as General Semantics goes, I have read and reread Alfred Korzybski’s “Science and Sanity: An Introduction to Non-Aristotelian Systems and General Semantics”, many times.

    * “Dianetics” derives from the Greek “dia”, meaning through, and nous, meaning mind. I am enthralled by “nous”, and in particular the Noospere, ie., the “sphere of human thought”, the “Global mind”.

  • toria

    As a fan of Tom Cruise’s does that mean you are okay with all of the atrocities that Scientology perpetuates? Are you aware that L.Ron Hubbard was a homophobe that either drove his gay son to suicide or had him murdered? He was also a wife beater and a bigamist. He was abusive to his children. Scientology has tried to rewrite his biography, but unfortunately for them the facts were already out there before they tried to do a rewrite.
    Are you aware that he once said if you want to be rich form a cult and then in his lifetime proceeded to brag about how rich all the suckers who joined the cult were making him?
    Are you aware of the abuses that Scientology knowingly perpetuates on members, on ex-members, and on those that oppose it? Are you aware the only reason they enjoy tax exempt status as a religion is that they filed over 2000 lawsuits against the IRS and the IRS unfortunately finally caved?
    Are you aware that former members, current members who have tried to leave and those that have tried to find out the “truth” behind scientology have told stories of bribery, physical punishment, battery, blackmail, and murder?
    Do you think Cruise as one of the top members and many think he is #2 to David Miscavage is ignorant of all that goes on within this so called “religion” that he pushes?
    You can study dianetics all you want to, but it was written by a science fiction writer who was a homophobe, misogynist, abuser, and who laughed at those that made him rich.
    As our resident critic, Romeo has pointed out, all religions have their “problems” but the very fact that Scientology is allowed to get away with what they do and remain known as a religion is a travesty. And while I think Cruise is an okay actor who has a lot of charisma–if he does indeed condone what this cult does and knows about it, then he is definitely not to be admired on any level.

  • gross

    NO HEY MARQ … I don’t know what sort of stuff your copying from where…but, I live in REALITY and there ARE pedos out there and Suri is not making the choice to be photographed that way… its a DECISION that adult celebs make when they hit the beach with a bathing suit, they know, perhaps, that they could end up in the press… Suri doesn’t have that discretion.

  • @marq


    Is knowing CyFi’s name your measure of intelligence and social awareness?

    I think the world has a lot more issues that need addressed with wisdom and knowledge than knowing the name of a precocious ten year old.

  • hahaha

    MARQ = COPY and PASTE fanatic

  • WTF

    Crazy and Cankle pig girl invite the paps into the gym where their kid is just trying to have some fun? Sick.

  • WTF

    And cankle looks like crap, yet again. NICE BOOTS! And she is soooo frickin high. What a drugged up twit…boots or sandels, hmmmm,,,,,,

  • marq

    I would expect zombies to hurl “precocious” as an epithet.

  • marq

    @toria: I don’t pretend to align myself with misogyny, homophobia, or ageism. I offer no defense against those ugly charges you allege against Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard.

    I don’t ascribe to transhumanism, either. But I do believe that transhumanists are right, that there will be a singularity in the future, where mankind merges with technology, so completely, that mankind will cease to be what it is now and an event horizon looms ahead.

  • sam

    Katie’s outfit is hilarious!

    She has potty fashion sense!

    Holmes Potty Fashions

  • marq

    @hahaha: Either my ideas are loopy or I am citing a bad source. No, wait, if you accuse me of copy and paste then I can be a deemed plagiarist as well.

  • toria


    Well marq. why don’t you take some of that H+ that you so admire and google Scientology. You will see that my alleged allegations are true. Furthermore what does this philosophical H+ have to do with Tom Cruise.

  • marq

    @gross: You apparently take comfort that you “live” in reality. That is a construct.:

    from the noun Res. [L.] A thing; a matter; a point.

    + the suffix “al”, meaning: pertaining to

    + the suffix “ity”, the suffix of abstract nouns

    Reality, itself, is an abstraction. Science, interesting enough, attempts to map reality. I suspect you mistake memes for facts, as even science itself, is constantly evolving.