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Bar Refaeli: Muddy Bikini Babe at the Dead Sea!

Bar Refaeli: Muddy Bikini Babe at the Dead Sea!

Bar Refaeli shows off her muddy bikini body while posing at the Dead Sea in these photos that she posted on her Twitter account.

“*muddy* but feels good!! DEAD SEA- if you haven’t been… well, sucks for you!” the 26-year-old Israeli model wrote.

The Dead Sea borders Israel and is one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world. The mud from the Dead Sea is known for its skin-enhancing properties.

Earlier in the week, Bar posted a series of photos on her Twitter account of a recent workout session.

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bar refaeli muddy bikini babe at the dead sea 01
bar refaeli muddy bikini babe at the dead sea 02

Photos: Twitter
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  • redO


  • boston61

    Does she ever do anything besides vacation with her breast implants?

  • Chicka

    Does she not work anymore what’s going on with this chicka.

  • Jack

    This is the first time I think she looks good cause we cant see her ugly face

  • L

    Since she quit being Leo’s beard her personality is really coming out & I think she’s adorable.

  • Nicki Minaj Ass

    Leo is an idiot…

  • SashaT

    Jared……. THANKS!

  • Mike

    Dead Sea, here I come.

  • Naomi

    I’ve never seen her smiling as much as these past months. Gorgeous girl. Whether she’s in the mud or in a Cavalli dress, she’s one of the most beautiful woman on the planet.

    And again, it’s good to be reminded that Leo once dated for a serious period, a woman who didn’t have plastic surgeries.

  • Sean

    I’d love to splurge all over her face

  • Yo-Landi

    Yeah, yeah, yeah she has a fantastic body, I’ll give her that. BUT COULD WE PLEASE CUT THE BAR CRAZE??? Jared? Do you hear me? I’m sick of her ass.

  • Creed

    yes we all nkow about the Dead Sea but no one GIVES A CRAP ABOUT BAR.

  • Creed

    AND BTW that “If you havent been, suck for you” is sucha snobby thing to say. wth. learn some manners. she is even worse the Gwyneth Paltrow.

  • Mr. TinkerWinkle

    BAR REFAELI…. Even in MUD – you still Most HOTTEST Gal in the World… ;)

  • Duh

    Where is the David dude? I thought she got herself a neat boyfriend from Israel, is he the one taking the pictures?

  • @Naomi

    I think she is so relieved she got rid of that 36 year-old teenager… who is now dating an idiot who takes pictures of herself naked. That’s why she’s been smiling so much lately.

  • Dani

    Love how she spends so much time in her country of Israel, I wonder how long before Leo comes knocking again lol….

  • sourpatch575

    One word: EW!
    I always knew she was a dutty girl!

  • @Dani

    …when he’ll bored of Miss Plastic Surgery and her fake personality.

  • 44

    @Dani: The Dead Sea is not IN Israel. She may love her country, but she ran away to avoid service.

  • Gisel

    LOL@people knocking Blake for have cosmetic doesn’t make someone a bad person to improve their looks. BTW you idiots Bar has had plastic surgery herself – she has the most fake breasts I have ever seen on a “super” model

  • Tre

    @Gisel: I don’t get all the hate for people who’ve had plastic surgery. Chances are your fave celeb has had work done too.

  • dan

    @Duh:@Dani: No, they are not together with her current boyfriend anymore. The reason is on Israeli site point out that they decided the relationship is not developing as the expected so they call it quit. But, my feeling is that he dumped her because he felt that he is playing second field compare to her last boyfriend so he wanted out soon as possible. He is billionaire, he doesn’t want to play second field with all his money that he inherited from his father. The girl is looking to get pregnant as soon as she can but she also want to tied down with super rich person. That is why they call her a gold digger in israel. lol

  • bs

    She is ugly as hell.

  • L

    @Naomi: I can’t believe he isn’t with Bar, who’s such a natural beauty, and instead he’s with Fake Lively who’s had every surgery under the sun. I’ve lost all respect for him!

  • the UNHCR-

    Where is Angelina?

    Why is she not in Somalia, Kenya, ….
    Why she is not with the hungry people?

    It is not to promote a new movie – Angelina, please
    go to Africa now!

  • ghh

    @L: Your opinion doesn’t affect him. lol

  • marinĂ©s

    I think her face is awesome, a great model!

  • Rose

    she’s so pretty…

  • Marjolein

    The Dead Sea doesn’t border Israel- it borders Palestine. She is covered in stolen mud and it doesn’t look pretty. She should know that she is profiting from an illegal occupation.

  • Dude

    If you want to visit the dead sea, make sure to visit The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan’s side, it’s much better than Israel’s, it has better quality of food, service, and luxury hotels, and it’s much cheaper as well…

  • Marjolein

    And no human rights are violated on that side.

  • Where’s David?

    What? I can’t believe they have already broke-up. They looked so cute together, David is so hot. What happened? I was sooooo happy for her.

  • @L

    I guess many people lost respect for him since he’s linked to Miss Plastic Surgery who takes pictures of herself in the nude. He might havae been the richest 2010 actor according to Forbes, but unfortunately, it doesn’t give him the best judgment when it comes to his private life. YUCK.

  • nina

    I can’t believe leo stayed so long with such a dumb girl! She’s an idiot! ‘well sucks for you’??? everybody doesn’t have the money to go there, it’s very expensive and yeah it’s way better in Jordan! bar, you’re the one who sucks! does she even watch the news? I doubt it! she’s lame to me

  • lafamepoma

    We’re gonna see it if she’s a good model now she is not dating Leo.

  • huh?

    @Naomi: you must be pretty darn ugly if you think Bar is gorgeous lol

  • growup

    Bar’s personality is immature attention seeking ho who uses foul language whenever she writes something. I’m sure Leo got fed up with her unlady like behavior, and her ugly face. At least Blake seems more mature.

  • tal



    Desperate much? The only way she gets on JJ’s page now is personally taking pictures of herself. Not even paps take pics of her anymore. JJ enough of nobodies. You post more nobodies than any other celeb blog.

  • natc

    She really is as dumb as a bag of rocks.

  • love her


  • Abbie

    ADORABLE! Do you know many people who would look as good covered with mud? Her figure is to die for….


  • Sarah

    I love her! she’s so beautiful…

  • Jasmine

    @Nicki Minaj Ass: Yeah, for not dumping this POS sooner. She’s disgusting.

  • ali


    He broke up with her about a week ago .

  • ali

    she is a really ugly person in the inside .

    her mother manages her and plaster her photos every day all
    over the gossip sites and pays alot of money
    she is trying to find her a rich husband

    if you listen to her beeing interviewed – you will see
    an air head stuck up bitc** who is such an attention seaker
    she is addicted to the cameras , very insecure and childish spoiled brat .

    she is the most hated woman in Israel for saying really bad things
    on interviews and not to mention dodging the army

    she is a SNOB / Arrogant and very self centered
    her mother used to be a mediocare model
    so she (Zipi -her mother ) is living her old glammed up life through her
    daughter .

    she is a Gold Digger . she is not as sweet and as nice as Brooklyn Deker . this one is just one big hype .
    when she was with Leo she was camera shy – now she publish her photos every day . who does that ? only desperate ppl only .

    again , without Leo she is NOBODY . thats why you see her now
    all over the place desperate for publicity and attention .
    no major campaign , she hardly works , always on vacation
    always in bikini . no school no college .

  • Barfwho

    Dead sea …to match her dead a$$ career lol!…David discovered there was nothing there but a shell…..Leo finally woke up and smelled her desperation….Barf is a NOBODY!!!! this idiot is pathetic yep….thats why she on twitter…to promote her irrelevance!!! lmaof @ALI …..exactly lol

  • Olga

    She is beautiful!
    And she is totally right about the Dead sea – everyone should visit it at least once in a lifetime!
    Did you know that the Dead sea has been chosen as one of the 28 finalists in the new7wonders of nature campaign (you can vote here )