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Blake Lively & Leighton Meester: Gossip Gals in NYC!

Blake Lively & Leighton Meester: Gossip Gals in NYC!

Blake Lively and Leighton Meester share a moment together on the set of Gossip Girl on Wednesday (August 10) on the Upper West Side of New York City.

Later in the day, Blake put on her costume to film some scenes for the hit CW series. Ed Westwick also joined the gals on set.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Blake Lively

It was recently revealed where Blake falls on the list of television’s highest paid actors and actresses. She makes $60,000 for each episode of Gossip Girl.

Blake recently returned from the west coast where she spent time with her rumored boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio at a grocery store and on a romantic stroll.

FYI: Blake is wearing an orange Yigal Azrouël dress from the Spring 2011 collection. She also rocked a Greylin striped dress and an Autumn Cashmere white cardigan.

10+ pictures inside of Blake Lively and Leighton Meester on the set…

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  • Molly

    Leighton has the perfect body. In my opinion anyway.

  • Stephanie

    Both are beautiful girls!

  • Yo-Landi

    I love the brunette’s hair :) These two girls seem…. nice.? … Then again, I don’t know them personally so I won’t be judging.

  • mike

    Blake is so hot love the show

  • roro

    60,000 talk about overpaid i like blake and all but her character is blah

  • xoxo

    cant’ wait for the new season, specially if there is a wedding with louis because leighton would be beatiful in a wedding dress, but I don’t think they will marry anyway

  • French

    It’s creepy my cousin looks like Leighton completely

  • Isabel

    They’re looking at pics of Leo’s peen. I love em both, sick of the haters.

  • robyn

    leighton looks so much better like 100x better with much darker hair.
    it’s much more flattering on her, even if it’s not her natural color (a la emma stone’s red hair).

  • Beverly

    she makes equal money as chace. its because she was asked to join the cast because fans of sisterhood of traveling pants helped her out. leighton has to go through auditions like ed, taylor and dan. it makes sense and happens with most projects.

  • tod

    ~ leightons not wearing a bra lol

  • French

    Agree ,she looks so ugly in blonde,I was shocked she’s a natural Blonde

  • L

    Ugh, Jared don’t you know by now that no one cares about pics of Blake unless it’s when she’s with Leo, being his beard!

  • http://twitter nicole

    l hate blake she’s ugly

  • KateyCooper

    I used to be a HUGE Serena fan, but WTF is going on with Serena’s hair???

  • genie

    I used to find leighton stunning in the first season of gg but she’s been looking so homely and average lately.

    I’ve never found Blake attractive though. I’m still confused by her ascension in hollywood.

  • genie

    oh and I’m kind of disturbed that Chuck has so many fangirls. He’s one of the worst “romantic leads” on television (damon from vampire diaries is second). It’s sad that these shows targeted at teens romanticize these abusive relationships.

  • Ugly

    lol,Leighton has a huge forehead

  • Lara

    leighton’s hair is looking much better.. i think they got lazy at the end of season 4.. but ed and leighton are sorta matching.. how cute is that?

  • felicia

    @genie: that’s exactly what they did on Sex in the City with Carrie and Big. It’s ridiculous that she was supposed to be some sort of model for female empowerment when they made it okay for Carrie to take Big’s crap every single time.

  • Sara

    Team Bleighton

  • Zoe

    @genie: bad boys are hot okay? its not like ppl want guys like that in real life.. but if a guy has a dark side in a tv show, it will ALWAYS attract females.. there is no question about that.. plus all these shows also show that bad guys also have a vulnerable side which makes everyone fall in love with them.. its not like chuck and damon have no feelings watsoever.. its just harder for them to express those feelings and show that trust since they’ve been through sh-it.. and anyways, there is no such thing as a perfect guy and even if there was, they get kind of boring

  • lold

    @Zoe: Being a bad boy doesn’t mean being abuse. Sawyer from Lost is the epitome of a bad boy, not an abusive prick like Chuck Bass. I find it frightening that he’s arguably the most popular character on the show that’s targeted at young, impressionable girls.

  • Zoe

    @lold: i dont wanna discuss a serious topic like abuse on a silly show like gossip girl.. nobody really knows wat abuse is until they’ve been through it themselves.. to me abuse is when someone physically and intentionally hurts someone.. chuck didnt intentionally hurt her nor did he physically slap or punch her.. u can say watever u like but pushing someone down on a sofa and hugging them isnt considered abuse to me

  • anon

    she sux

  • marinés

    both are beautiful, love this SERIE!

  • lold

    @Zoe: It seems you’re one of those girls I was talking about. First, abuse can be both physical and emotional. Chuck fits the bill on both counts. Second, if you honestly interpreted that scene as “pushing and hugging”, then I pity you. It looked like he was about to force himself on her. He then proceeded to punch glass instead which cut her cheek. That action alone is extremely volatile, not to mention someone was standing in front of it, thereby injuring that person. It’s sad and alarming that girls such as yourself can’t recognize abusive behavior when they see it.

  • Really?!

    Romantic stroll? That’s a joke right? Maybe they should take a look at the pictures one more time. They look bored with eachother. This relationship is so fake! Its sad that she needs Leo to get all this attention. Before becoming Leo’s beard nobody really cared about her. And no one is going to care when they are through

  • Lisa

    ok guys, what ever.. its like we’re watching 2 different shows.. so wat if chuck is an abuser? u already knew chuck was bad from the beginning.. i mean he tried to rape jenny in the first episode but no one had a problem with that before.. the thing is, he was bad from the beginning, he didnt change so stop trying to act like he did something so out of character.. he punched glass, he stopped when she said no.. if he was gonna force himself on blair, he wouldnt have stopped.. no one on this show is a saint.. i mean come on, blair used to be a bully which is almost as serious an issue as abuse..
    its kinda funny how ppl are so scandalized now that chuck would do something like that.. he has loyal fans who dont care wat he does and u know why? because he isnt a real person.. its not real ppl, its just a drama.. just a tv show.. so, hate on chuck all u want.. even hate the chuck and blair relationship but stop accusing and looking down on ppl who still love and ship chair.. its kinda getting old.. if u dont like the pairing or the show, then dont watch it.. if u have a problem with it, go take it somewhere else.. its as simple as that :) can we all move on now?

  • Strawberry Jam

    Blake’s entire family is in show-business so she has many contacts and connections in Hollywood. That’s why she receives so much attention even though she is a very average actress compared to Leighton for example. Blake’s acting gets better as time goes by but you can see Leighton’s acting was excellent from the very beginning of Gossip Girl. She should’ve been the one asked by Ben Affleck for The Town. But I suppose she doesn’t attend all the glittery events and parties like Blake to ask for roles and favours.

  • nina

    stop saying leighton is a good actress cause she’s not. her acting is so boring! as to blake, I can’t say as serena’s story line can’t afford her to express I think. She just has to stand and be beautiful in gorgeous clothes to me. I used to like leighton in season 1 with her extensions, but now I think she’s really average. I like blake though, I saw her filming in paris last year and I thought she was really beautiful. as for the bad boys, yeah the tv shows bad boys are never representing real life, I mean secretly dying for the love of a girl…. no that’s fantasy girls!

  • lauren

    who ya texxxxxxtin blake…..think we all know who…caught smiling at ur phone too SHARE THEJOKE haha

  • Tammy

    Why does Ed Westwick always look mad, or pissed off in set pics, can’t the dude smile.

  • Just sayin’

    @# 33
    He probably feels embarrassed by the silliness of the plots in GG.

  • youknowwho

    i love Blake Lively!! she’s a good girl who doesnt act like a party girl. but u know there’a so much haters out there who wants sabotage her and make her name bad…. but she doesnt has a sex tape like leighton

  • towanda

    @youknowwho yeah she has just nude pictures!!!! are you kidding me she is like serena

  • blake fan

    I love blake, shes really pretty, and her fashion choices are gorgeous, but her choice of that black and white stripped dress was not so good. not that the dress isn’t pretty, it just doesn’t flatter her that well. It makes her look pregnant.