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Brad Pitt: 'World War Z' Official Synopsis Revealed!

Brad Pitt: 'World War Z' Official Synopsis Revealed!

The official synopsis for Brad Pitt‘s upcoming zombie flick World War Z has been revealed!

The story “revolves around United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Pitt), who traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments and threatening to decimate humanity itself.”

The Killing‘s Mireille Enos plays Gerry’s wife Karen Lane.

PHOTOS: Brad Pitt on the World War Z set.

It was also just announced that World War Z will hit theaters on December 21, 2012!

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94 Responses to “Brad Pitt: 'World War Z' Official Synopsis Revealed!”

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  1. 26
    groundcontrol Says:

    Really, Jared? That’s not what the book is about. There are still some zombies about when Lane goes around the world interviewing survivors of the war (WWZ) but it is supposed to take place 10 years after WWZ and tells the story of the epidemic through flashbacks.
    The book is a really great read – easy to pick up and read one the survivor stories and come back to later. Good reading for a commute.
    Shout out to Bijoux from the Pottery Cafe thread. Good to see you posting. I hope things worked out for your family.
    In any event I am very excited about a number of the JP’s upcoming projects – Moneyball for the end of baseball season and In the Land of Blood and Honey which just got an R rating from the MPAA.

  2. 27
    The Real Deal Says:

    @**OLD & TIRED**:

    But yet you’re on a thread reading about the movie and looking at his pictures and posting at least twice on the first page no less. Admit it honey, you’re licking the screen and beating yourself off. You’re just mad because Brad Pitt kicked the gargoyle to the curb and now she has to buy a hobbit, a stolen, balding one at that. Sucks to be a saggy a$$ed bitter hen these days, huh?

  3. 28
    groundcontrol Says:

    And here you are as well. LOL! My pleasure, Bijoux.

  4. 29
    Slig o lambert ^___^cute Says:

    No good

  5. 30
    punching bag face Says:

    looks pretty beat up

  6. 31
    Susan Says:

    OT about stumpy.
    On his thread someone said he was getting legs for his birthday, while another called his legs, baby legs. LOL ok lets get the regular name(s) of the poster(s).

  7. 32
    Bijoux Says:

    Greetings GC!
    Thank you for your acknowlegement. I used the “x” in Bijoux because
    Mad, Pax, and Knox have an “X” in their names.


  8. 33
    Himbo Hit The Wall Says:

    Brad’s a total wreck, thanks to the insane Angelina.

  9. 34
    Jory Says:

    Can’t wait to see it

  10. 35
    yep Says:

    “zombie pandemic”
    a good description of JP fans

  11. 36
    dag Says:

    You know you’re getting old when you grow skin curtains over your eyes.

  12. 37
    WoofWoofGoesAniston Says:

    who wears a newsboy cap in the middle of summer in hawaii? answer: someone that is trying to cover their bald spot cuz he, huvane and spinster jen read the blogs. lol.

  13. 38
    WoofWoofGoesAniston Says:

    why are so many people falling for ticky’s fake pr moves? she is now stalking the JP kids. justin was just photographed wearing the same necklace as maddox wore in 2007 for brad’s bday in new orleans. so pathetic and desperate.

  14. 39
    gracie Says:

    Hi Neleh, thank you for the shout outs and the links. I hope all is well with you. My love as always.
    Another JP news, that’s great. We have a lot to look forward to this year. Brad and Angie have really worked their butts off this year and I hope their efforts will be acknowledged come the award season. I am looking forward to seeing their movies when they come out.

  15. 40
    turth be told Says:

    It is so funny how thw tabloids and the entertainment media which is controlled bu so many PR firms try to convince us thatwe care about Aniston and this stumpy little guy and do we really care about the Kardashian wedding. No one and I do mean no one in my school, church, work or home care about any of these people. What we care about is the economy and our health and people helping people

    I will say that I love Angelina Jolie but I don’t need the media to remind me how great she is. She does it by her good works,

  16. 41
    annon Says:

    Hollywood star Brad Pitt has been spotted in Falmouth again as filming continues for his latest movie World War Z.

    The dramatic new zombie film, starring Pitt, 47, is currently being shot in Falmouth harbour aboard the SD Salmoore, as well as on a Royal Navy vessel.

    For the past couple of days film crews have been covering the vessel in fake snow to create a convincing backdrop for the zombie thriller, which has also had scenes filmed in Malta.

    A local radio station in the area has started offering cash incentives to anyone able to get the American heart-throb to speak to the station over the phone if they happen to bump into him.

    Pitt’s latest offering is based on Max Brooks’ 2006 novel World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, set in Philadelphia. It is directed by Marc Forster, whose previous credits include the 2008 James Bond film Quantum of Solace.

  17. 42
    dianad1968 Says:

    IF (and this is a BIG IF) Ticky is pregnant, I bet she and Huvsy will wait until Brad is promoting Moneyball to do the big reveal. We have to be ready guys.

  18. 43
    gracie Says:

    Trolls, if Brad is all the things you all said he is, why are you the 1st to post on his threads and why are you stalking him? Don’t you all have better things to do with your time? or better still, go stalk homewrecker and mr stumpy, they need your support.

  19. 44
    gracie Says:

    dag hon, everybody gets old incluing you. By tomorrow you and I and everyone who gets to live will be a day older. It is inevitable – God’s gift to the lucky ones. There is nothing you and I or anyone else can do to change that. Getting old is not something to be ashamed of but to celebrate coz not everyone is fortunate to live thru it.

  20. 45
    bizzy bee Says:

    An old but true saying: behind every successful man is a good woman and Angelina Jolie is that woman! The choices Brad is making proves it.

    Moron trolls, please allow Brad to age like any other human. I think he looks damn good for 47 (better than most of you hiding in your basement bunker) and has the body of a greek god.

    I’m most happy he has back to back successful movies coming out – Cogan’s Trade, Moneyball, and World War Z!

  21. 46
    Manny's Irrelevant Says:

    Sure, leathery old cougar manny could make all kinds of “reveals” at any time, but she is completely irrelevant to the JPs and has been for seven years. It will irritate those of us who see through her nasty, desperate coat-tailing, but, of course, the JPs will continue to shine and ignore/be completely unaware of her loser antics. Manny is so needy for limelight, she will continue to humiliate herself as she has year after year. Try & laugh- manny is paying MILLIONS to get even a tiny scrap of attention- THAT’S karma, baby!

  22. 47
    Sean Says:

    He could do so much better than that hag

  23. 48
    laura Says:

    where beauty angie

  24. 49
    Frozoid Says:

    He’s lookin’ old. And a bad dye job to boot.

  25. 50
    WoofWoofGoesAniston Says:

    how can we make ticky go away foreverrrrr? she needs to get her karma for her bitter smear campaign and disappear. thoughts?

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