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Daniel Craig & Rooney Mara: 'Dragon Tattoo' Character Portraits!

Daniel Craig & Rooney Mara: 'Dragon Tattoo' Character Portraits!

Check out these portraits of Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara in character for their highly anticipated film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!

Daniel, 43, plays Mikael Blomkvist and Rooney, 26, plays Lisbeth Salander, an unlikely duo who team up to search for a woman who has been missing for forty years.

Also pictured inside: Christopher Plummer as Henrik Vanger, Stellan Skarsgard as Martin Vanger, and Robin Wright as Erika Berger.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which is based on the worldwide bestselling book of the same name, hits theaters on December 21!

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daniel craig rooney mara dragon tattoo character portraits 01
daniel craig rooney mara dragon tattoo character portraits 02
daniel craig rooney mara dragon tattoo character portraits 03
daniel craig rooney mara dragon tattoo character portraits 04
daniel craig rooney mara dragon tattoo character portraits 05

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  • Aubrey Righetti

    It would be good if they cast Hollywood’s most famous Swedish stars in the sequels such as Malin Åkerman, Dolph Lundgren, Lena Olin and Max von Sydow.

  • Lord Hoffmann

    Rooney Mara looks so ugly and hideous. There is absolutely nothing sexy about her in this.

  • Annie

    Daniel and Rooney look related in these pics – wierd. Anyway, Rooney is NOT ugly. To me she’s a gothic beauty.

  • Oprah

    @Lord Hoffmann:

    …That’s kind of the point. Salander is supposed to look, as described in the books, like a 13 year-old boy, not like Scarlett Johansson.

    Then again, why do I doubt you’ve actually read them? XP

  • oho

    @Lord Hoffmann:

    Surprise, surprise, she isn’t supposed to look sexy

  • Oprah

    I just have to say: I’m pretty excited for this, despite the mediocre first poster that was released. Excited to see if they can top the original film adapation, especially if Rooney’s performance is on the same level as Noomi’s.

    @Aubrey Righetti:
    I’m personally hoping for Dolph to play Neidermann (I probably spelled that wrong) if they Americanize the other two books. I love Malin Akerman, too, so I hope she ends up in there somewhere. :]

  • Oprah


  • renren

    I like Malin Ackerman and always thought she and ASKARS would have alot in common and make a cute couple.

    But she got married and he was dating KBos at the time. I love his dad ..great actor. Hope his son Askars meets someone cool real soon.

  • NYC

    For those of you who actually read:

  • Amy

    The Swedish title of the first book translates to literally say ‘Men Who Hate Women’. As pointed out above, Salander is supposed to be really ugly.

    This film looks really gritty. Bets are that Christopher Plummer steals the show.

  • harley

    Rooney looks perfect.

  • oho

    Dolph Lundgren is way too old to play Lisbeth halfbrother. He will be 55+ when they are going to make the second movie

  • caro

    why look the guys dirty and the women clean?

  • sore eyes

    get your eyes checked LOL

  • Z

    Why so the guys look tan while the women are pale?

  • Z

    Why do the guys look tan while the women are pale?

  • K


  • Kate

    Rooney is not like a honor student. I am excited at that!!

  • T

    I hate to say it, but I really not feeling Rooney as Lisbeth. I’m glad that here they’re not trying to make her look sexy like they did with the poster and the other publicity photos, but the facial expression she’s making and all the other stuff it’s like she’s trying way too hard and she just doesn’t get it. I think the whole movie’s trying way too hard and I’m starting to think it’s not gonna live up to its hype as much as Sony and it’s publicity team hopes. Also, seriously why are all the men so tan?

  • Reader

    There are a lot more character profiles at the official site for those interested.

  • Hot

    I love the way she looks. Amazing cast.

  • TEliza

    I wish Noomi was in this though.

  • H.

    @T: No, you love to say it. And publicity shots like this and the W magazine ARE suppose to grab your attention, or in your words, “try too hard”, ike you say. So, hold your breath until the movie is actually out to make an informed judgement.

  • Diana

    I can see her retaliate against a man in a frightening way. Her looks is great! IMO.

  • Julia

    Looks AWESOME!!

  • H.

    @TEliza: They asked her to reprise her role but she declined. I don’t blame her at all. She said she wanted to move on. I suggest you also move on by not seeing this movie, since you can’t get past that Lisbeth isn’t Noomi, and Noomi isn’t Lisbeth. There can be another interpretation of a character, you know? No one is going to force you to see this version.

  • to TEliza

    Noomi didn’t want to do the American version for one simple reason; she did not want to be typecast. Noomi is more than the sum of Lisbeth.

  • Mendel

    I like these pics, and also the pics on the official website (link by ‘Reader’ on previous page), which are arranged a bit like a ‘whodunnit’. Lisbeth’s pic really looks like a mugshot, and I like it a lot. Robin Wright looks great as Erika Berger, while Dan looks rather rugged (very nice!!! *grin*).

    This looks all very promising!

  • longchamp

    who says sun damage can’t be sexy?! meeeow @ daniel.

  • Anon

    Craig looks a lot like I imagined Blomkvist. Mara seems a little too mature and sexy for the part imo, but that’s Hollywood.

  • Kate

    Noomi Rapace was never actually offered the role, there was a small internet campaign but Fincher and the producers didn’t speak to her about it or really consider her.

  • to 1

    Dolph Lungren was offered in the Swedish version, but he kicked out it.

  • Biel

    To Kate
    Noomi Rapace was never actually offered the role
    A lot of presses asked her, ”IF Fincher has offered you the role, did you take a task?”
    Noomi said, ”No, my Lisbeth is done”
    If she was actually offered the role, presses should have asked so, ”Why did you refuse the offer?”

  • Biel

    Not that i posted my big size name on purpose to draw your attention!! Lol.

  • to 1

    I do not know why you always post the same thing to every “Tatto” thread.
    Hollywood did not ignore Swedish actors. Max von sydow in talked for TGWTDT, but Christopher Plummer joined the film instead of him. Therefore, as for your “the dream casting”, only MalinÅkerman, Lena Olin has a chance.

  • http://none Hannahlightfoot

    Very scary looking chick

  • to Hannahlightfoot

    If you think so, Rooney is the winner.
    Lisbeth is a psycho, suffers from Asperger syndrome.

  • version

    Fincher too much listens to heavy metal and rock because book Lisbeth Salander is not that hardcore like Rooney does. Mikael is supposed to be attractive seducer, smart and easygoing man.
    Moreover, Lisbeth has dark eyes, Rooney has blue eyes. Using brown contact lenses would make her more real Salander.
    Lisbeth wear a real punk stuff as Larson described well while Rooney wears rock stuff.
    Where is canonicity? Hollywood filmmakers, as usually, change original sources. Rooney’s earrings – a bad joke for Lisbeth Salander. I am very disappointed of this version and I think I stay with the swedish one and other who read books will probably do the same.

  • to version

    I loved the books and I must say Rooney looks way more like I imagined Salander. Noomi was too much badass looking, she was toomuch hardcore punk, I missed the vulnerability. But I guess anyone who read the books has a different picture of the characters.

  • Fio

    OMG, Daniel looks…YUMMY!!!!!
    Daniel Craig: ‘Married life is great’
    Cowboys and Aliens star Daniel Craig has opened up about his relationship with Rachel Weisz saying married life is great.

  • Fio

    Daniel – GQ Germany Magazine Cover (September 2011)

  • Fio

    So hart, so weich, so Craig
    (Google Translation)
    So hard, so soft, so Craig
    “Hardener” is invitingly on our cover. “What’s going on?” Ask some. Is the slogan of several consulting books again or continue to “be soft”? More feeling, more go to more yoga?

    The beauty of today’s time so that some ideological battles are fought, as did those from the 80s, when the Macho was sent against the softie in the ring. One or the other, nothing in between gabs. So if we in our great men are demanding more masculine psychology special hardship, then we certainly do not mean that the old type of man to rise out of the box. The man with little sense, but lots of horsepower, the man who controls an entire company, but not even in a position to buy a tasteful suit.
    The man we think is the one where 40 years of emancipation are not unscathed: may be an understanding father, shows of emotion and yet, if need be, says wos to go. However, the hardness shows, where it is just necessary. A man who has the feeling to be without feelings. A man who knows himself. In short, I’m talking about Daniel Craig.
    The James Bond actor, we have collected and interviews of his new film “Cowboys & Aliens” is precisely this man in conversation came over to our author, David Baum a thoughtful star, who still – we use again our cover line on – on the right places in his life is hard. The works diligently to be, who knows well, has to look like a good body, and yet has enough empathy to put yourself in others. Without this ability, he could not exercise his profession.
    What do you call such a modern man like Craig? On the one hand, he laments the sexism in the television and says that 30 years ago we lived in a free society, because gender stereotypes were less powerful than today. That would be almost the program that you would previously have been attributed to a softie – now they say Frauenversteher. The next moment Craig but still someone who is gentlemanly virtues defended. And what about the notion of the hero who uses his life for an idea? An example for him are the resistance fighters against Gaddafi. Is it a macho attitude? Modernity has – among others – a great advantage: We are looking for us together to attitudes, which suits us. We have men over female virtues such as compassion, without losing male characteristics. Softie is over. Macho is over. Just be yourself Just as Daniel Craig. Some call it arbitrary, I call it freedom.
    Find more themes here, the September issue – after the jump:

  • Fio

    Jon Favreau and Daniel Craig at Cowboys & Aliens press conference

  • wise cracked’

    <3 <3 <3 this photo of Dan…it looks like he just stayed on the beach -nice looking tan, beach hair- all day and looked like this when he got home :9

    ……I envy Rachel

  • Fio

    Olivia Wilde: Daniel Craig was a wonderful kisser in Cowboys & Aliens

    Olivia Wilde has been gushing about her smooch with Daniel Craig in forthcoming blockbuster Cowboys & Aliens calling him a ‘wonderful kisser’.

    Craig plays cowboys Jake Lonergan who has to deal with an alien invasion in 1873 America while Wilde stars as his mysterious love interest Ella Swenson.
    The actress, who also starred in Tron, said she had a great time shooting the romantic scene in the sci-fi epic.
    She told in an exclusive chat: ‘We don’t have a bunch of sex scenes or anything but we did have this lovely kiss which was not a terrible day of shooting.
    ‘He was a wonderful kisser. Lovely. He’s got great lips and he’s certainly not hard to fall in love with.’
    The star, who will be attending the red carpet premiere of the film tonight at London’s O2 Arena, said that Bond actor Craig was great to work with.
    She raved: ‘Daniel is so kind, humble and gracious and such a great actor. I just tried to watch him very closely when we were acting because I wanted to learn from him.
    ‘I’d always admired him. He’s so good at communicating so much by doing so little. His eyes are very expressive. He has so much power and so much presence so I really loved working with him because I felt inspired by him.
    ‘He doesn’t have any delusions of grandeur. He’s very humble and sweet and very happy to be acting.’
    Cowboys & Aliens, which is directed by Jon Favreau and also stars Harrison Ford, is released on August 11.

  • Fio
  • TRAX 3