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Dianna Agron Covers 'Cosmopolitan' September 2011

Dianna Agron Covers 'Cosmopolitan' September 2011

Dianna Agron covers Cosmopolitan‘s September 2011 issue, on newsstands Tuesday (August 16).

The 25-year-old Glee actress and singer chatted about why she keeps her personal life private.

“It’s really sad looking at people like Lindsay Lohan. She’s an amazing actress, but you see what happens when people know too much about your personal life,” Dianna said. “They start not being able to look at you the same way professionally. I don’t want that to happen to me.”

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Bigger cover pic inside…

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  • Merson

    Dianna Agron is lovely, gorgeous, sexy and beautiful.

  • Reid

    Hahaha everyone always brings Lindsay Lohan up! She’s going to become a Hollywood legend hahahhaha

  • Mason

    She’s the best thing about that pretentious, overhyped and overrated godawful television series and the only reason I’ve watched it.
    There are so many z-lister prima donnas on that show who will be doing straight to DVD and television movies when Glee is cancelled but she isn’t one of them.

  • clamity

    feel sorry for lindsay i know she is a wreck and its her own fault but dianna didnt really need to bring her name up

  • Zhanez

    she’s really pretty!

    but OMG! look at that waist – photoshop much??! + elbows/arms too (its sooo obvious!)

    magazine editors should really, really stop doing this!!!

  • Idril


    I can’t agree more! Her face is lovely but her body is way too much photoshoped!!

  • lol

    i hate cosmo but i’m going to buy the mag just for dianna.

    and she’s very gorgeous she doesn’t need all those photoshops cosmo.

  • Denise

    Who is this woman to criticize Lindsay Lohan. Concentrate on your own life and career, whatever that is. Lindsay may be a mess now, but it is not for you to comment on. Who the he’ll is this anyway?

  • Oprah

    I know there’s photoshop involved, but Dianna looks kind of…off here. I can’t put my finger on it really, but she doesn’t look as well as used to.

  • flor

    @Denise: Totally! All these nobodies bring up Lindsay’s name just because they think Lindsay will never come back and they will never fall but this Dianna gal is not a good actress and need to feel lucky to be on a magazine cover. She shouldn’t have brought Lindsay’s name to make her article relevant.

  • cartoonish

    this chick is flat as a board in real life

  • clamity

    @Mason: lol really you are aware her movie flopped? and there are people who are way more talented than her on the show and actually can act she is beautiful theres no denying that but i cant watch her act without cringing

  • emily

    it’s sad that cosmo felt like they needed to make her breasts bigger, waist smaller, and arms thinner. she’s such a gorgeous girl, she doesn’t need to look fake to sell magazines.

  • Scarrr

    She is soo pretty!!
    But why dose she have to namedrop?
    Lindsay Lohan isn’t the only one who went downhill. Gosh, everyone already knows that she is a messed. Why bring her name up? I don’t get it. What other celebs that have gone downhill? Why everyone only bring up Lindsay Lohan? I hate when people do that. Celeb or not. :/

  • Lianne

    In pictures, she always comes of looking like a bitch. She’s pretty, but she looks mean here.

  • vrag

    OMG – photoshoped much?!

  • Celine

    Oh come on! Her proportions are SO wrong here! Why did they have to do that? She has a really nice body, a NORMAL body, that was really not necessary. That’s ridiculous. Do they really think nobody can see it?

  • mrkonja fra brne

    @Mason: You watched Glee because of HER? Her acting is PAINFUL to watch, man. Get a grip – or better yet, do yourself a favor and watch something else.

  • Glorian

    She is right not to follow Lindsay Lohan path…

  • Me

    Jesus the photoshop smh her actual pictures from the photo shoot were GORGEOUS all this was unnecessary ugh i hate Cosmo but ill buy it just for her

  • Me

    If cosmo is generally a womans magazine.. WHY did they make her boobs so much bigger?? I challenge Cosmo to put non-airbruched woman on the cover!!!

    We all see pictures of celebrities going to the grocery store, gas station, etc. looking normal, so seeing these pictures and how much they photoshop just doesnt make any sence..

  • katie999

    i think the person who photoshopped this picture has never seen a woman before!!!

  • tara

    It’s ridiculous how they’ve photoshopped her into looking like she has HUGE boobs, even though in real life she doesn’t have any boobs. AND IT’S OK because she’s beautiful anyway!
    Way to send a good message to girls Cosmo!

  • SadieA

    I lmao at this flat chested girl’s photoshopped picture

  • SadieA

    oh and how can she talk about keeping her personal life private when she had that fake PR relationship with that pettyfer guy? i guess she changed her ways because nobody cared about who she was dating

  • nikky

    her face seems a little bit different to me, did she have a nosejob or is her face photoshopped somehow too??

  • Allons – y Allonso

    she’s pretty, but very boring. Fair enough if Agron doesn’t want to follow down the same path as others, but she has no place in mentioning names and just adding to the ‘bad image’ that she was just talking about.

  • Denise

    @SadieA: Thanks for reminding about that; there was a lot of drama about how she was scared of him or he beat her… what the heck is she going on about.

  • boring

    she is painful to watch, worst actress on glee, but hey i gave her a chance and watched I’m number 4, guess what she sucks big time.
    talking in a pause is not acting.
    and how about her fake showmance (just check blind gossip, they actually gave her name and called her on the PR showmance), or let’s talk how she missed 4 glee shows because she was “sick” (but she was ok to party but not for work).

  • Mikey

    I love Dianna Agron, she’s awesome… I don’t think she meant what she said in a bad way… probably just worded wrong.. She’s such a sweet girl ;)

  • Hawk

    Lindsay Lohan is an amazing actress? Is she serious?

  • Jason

    Very happy to see Dianna getting so much attention in the media lately, but seriously Cosmo, was the digital boobjob necessary here? I mean you guys are primarily a women’s magazine, so I presume that you shouldn’t have to have lots of cleavage on your cover to sell it. And any men who are big enough fans of Ms. Agron to actually purchase your magazine would certainly be equally happy with her real body on the cover. I know I certainly have enough photos of her on my tumblr to attest to this fact.