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Justin Theroux: Happy 40th Birthday!

Justin Theroux: Happy 40th Birthday!

Justin Theroux picks up vanilla maple ice cream as well as some other snacks at a convenience mart on Wednesday (August 10) in Kauai, Hawaii.

The actor celebrated his 40th birthday that day. Happy birthday Justin!

Justin and his girlfriend Jennifer Aniston are thinking about starting a family soon, according to Us Weekly.

“They have talked at length about getting married and starting a family,” a source told the magazine. “She is anxious for the next phase of her life and feels like this is the time.”

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  • Great!

    Omg I am so happy for Jen! He seems like a great guy I hope they do get married and have a baby!
    He’s really hot

  • Beck

    Urgh, I hate how he has suddenly become gossip fodder ever since he started banging Jennifer. He is a very talented actor. I bet you and most of these sites never knew who he was before that

  • Annie

    Gawd, Aniston is so pathetic and desperate! I’m sorry but her desperate spinster status can’t be all made up by the tabs – where there’s smoke there’s fire (esp after 6 years). She just seems so clingy and annoying, and like a person who can’t move on from the past.

  • Not Beavis

    LMAO, He looks just like Butthead.

  • clamity

    Happy Birthday ! people need to lighten up stop spreading the world with bitterness

  • Fake

    ew, he was hot until he fashioned skinny jeans, thongs and toenail polish….metrosexuals turn me off…this guy is a tool. ick. as gnarly as Brad looks, he’s at least all man.

  • Yo-Landi

    @Beck: I did not know who he was before that XD …. Hope she gets pregnant. So people will stop bringing back the whole Brangelina drama. It’s been 6 years for Gods sake. MOVE ON PEOPLE. Angelina and Brad certainly moved on right afterwards. Shiloh was on the way right after Pitt dumped her :D It’s time for Jennifer to have her mommy moment. Hope this is true though!

  • .

    I do not understand the appeal of this man and his baby legs.

  • evie


  • evie


  • K.Leigh

    Happy Birthday Justin!

    you and Jen are a nice couple!

  • lely

    happy birthday justin ,,
    , ppl plz can you just wish him a happy birthday and leave the legas alone plz ;p


    LOL! What a loser. So NOW he wants to get married and have kids when just a few months ago he was playing at being an overaged hipster. Yea, right. Guess the money was right.
    Please. Well, good luck with that high maintenance neurotic.

  • Amy.

    Maybe he can get some Jeans from the men’s section on his birthday.

  • Amy.

    Hat too small, jeans too small, brand new shirt made to look vintage, a ironic-chic gun necklace?? Even Rihanna doesnt wear hers anymore!! He needs to stop shopping from the 2004 urbanoutfitters catalog.

  • Kylie

    I find it hard to believe that she could give up the booze, cigs and self-centered life to have a baby…

  • nassa

    He’s only 40?

  • Oh Great!

    So “mini me” dates Aniston and now he’s a celeb??

  • single gal having fun

    She does not
    Want CHILDREN! That is why she broke up their 10 year marriage!
    Ok everyone she does not want kids ! Nor marriage she has said that
    So many times in interviews, so please just givemit up.

  • Ange

    Don’t believe Us magazine’s fake stories about Jen.
    The magazine always lies about Jen’s life for making profits.
    Leave Jen and Justin alone. Their life is no one’s business.

  • haha

    good luck trying to have a kid at 42. or she can copy angelina and start adopting.

  • Ange


    I guess you are talking about you self.

  • WoofWoofGoesAniston

    who wears a newsboy cap in the middle of summer in hawaii? answer: someone that is trying to cover their bald spot cuz he, huvane and spinster jen read the blogs. lol.

  • Ange

    Haters are very ill and crazy here.. Of course, evil people cannot accept a such good person like Jennifer.

  • turth be told

    This thread is a joke right? This guy is who? Oh famous for banging Jennifer Aniston. Right. Hope that he sticks with the bargain at least until the movie comes out. I think these two are a joke on all of us . JJ what is the deal with giving this guy a thread. Come on I know Huvane pays well but where is your integrity.

  • boston61

    Looks like 50. Just saying.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …Jared, did you ever post on him before man!ston? LOL

  • effy

    pathetic are you guys that complaine about all the hate in brad/angelina posts but come here and do the exactly same thing with jennifer!
    i like all of them, i loove the jolie-pitt family and Jennifer Aniston, i wish her all the happiness and that she finds a nice guy that truly likes her – it not about how he would look, god, stop being so ridiculously surficial

  • felicia

    sorry but that’s a real fruit outfit. he and shia must shop together. except this guy just like’s the same stuff but all in black.

  • baylor

    people are so cruel about this guy, but the comments are sooo funnyyy LOL JJ has the best hatersss, hollaaa.

  • d

    She is not neurotic. And she can certainly afford her own high maintenance. Just because she loves herself does not mean she cannot love her child. Looking at how secured she is, she will give security to her child not just financially but emotionally as well. She loved Brad, but she had pride and loved herself more.

  • glow

    Oh i am so glad Jen loved herself so much more b/c actually now Brad is where he should have been 13 yrs ago But no matter all is well and as for Brad and Angie’s relationship all i ever see is them being happy together and doing a heck of allot of good for others.
    That family of the JP’s are so cute and Shyloh is a blast , she is a sweet one and could be a big star when she grows up as looks like it comes naturally.

    Jen and whatever this guys name is ..Good luck , please go on your merry way and leave the JP’s alone . They never bother you so try to be more ladylike and move on ,..thankya very much.

  • heather

    So this probably does mean she’s pregnant because he’s picking up the mid-day food cravings! I mean, has anyone ever seen Jen eat this crap before? DUN DUN DUN

  • #32

    Would you like a violin with that whine!?? Hahahaha, pathetic!

  • A new Fcuc

    Who is this guy? Is he important now just b/c he is a supposed boyfriend of the desperate one’s boring life?

    She will bore the living shitttt out of him onless he is a girl dressed to be half girl/half guy? Looks like it. Give me a break Toenail polish on hahahahahahahaha

    Spend her moolah little mr.t and she will get angry no matter how bad she wants a new guy . So how much was Heidi worth that you left her
    for the desperate one? is it going to be worth it financially hahaha wait till u get into the emotional part. Make sure u give Jenny her meds.

  • laura

    where beauty angie

  • A new Fcuc

    Heidi Bivens , the ex who was thrown under the bus by Mcgreedy wasn’t hurting for money. Baldy with those skinny girls jeans on is supposed to be worth 4 mil and as the world knows Jen is worth 110 mil but i belive half of that money has gone to her PR agent the last couple of yrs.

    The only one who really wanted children was Heidi and Mc/Greedy talked about it too , was to be their next move.

    But according to Jenny’s Fans it’s perfectly fine that Jen can hurt another woman and laugh as she watched her going down down down with a broken heart.. I want him and that’s that !!!!!said the desperate one. Jen is selfish and cruel . It’s all about Jen as in me me me.

    It will look good on her when this thing or Mc Baldy with the winter hat on his shiny head cleans her out of her millions for putting Heidi Bivens thru living helllllllll.

  • ?

    Beside Jennifer Aniston’s newst b/f who is this guy? it’s his Birthday…like i mean who cares..

    Did Jennifer Aniston promise him she would make him famous in 30 days or what? hahahahahaha

  • ‘ellie’

    Happy Birthday Justin…doesn’t matter who you long as you & Jen are in love.,happy..and you both look great together…

  • anon2

    Ok, they have not been dating long and he just got out of a serious relationship so I hope they don’t rush in too fast, but they seem like a good match so hopefully it will work out.

  • whos this goof

    ellie you pathetic piece of turd they are not together in this pic are they?
    This azzzzhole just grabbed Jen the hens handbag with her charge cards and is on a long ride to the airport , gotta spend that loot sometime.

    Jenny got him a 500 thousand dollar gift certificate for the best hair plugs in town. That’s why he has that silly hat on his SHINEY CHROMEDOME head.

    I don’t know what poor jen is going to do about the skinny jeans or wifebeater shirts. Possibly that outfit goes well with his toenail polish..MAYBE. hahaha


  • pic me..

    Please help make this man a star. Please write a post so he may have many hits and it will make him look like he\s a somebody PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

    Ms. Anuston promised him she would make him a star in 30 days
    or was it 3 mos. Either or..

    Please post something telling him what a handsome feller he is okay pls .

    Thank Folks MAUUH xoxoxoxo

  • Whatdheck

    That would be awesome, I want him and Maniston to have a baby, can hardly wait to see the short, balding, big nose, midget baby hahaha.

  • funny

    Which mature man goes on vacation with his “new” girlfriend and brings along his buddies too. She is willing to do anything to keep this one.

  • heather

    @funny: they probably wanted a threesome?


    Hey, ir’s my aunt Judy’s birthday, where is her thread?

  • Nina

    I really like to see Jen & Justin get married & have babies so people would not associate her with Brad & Angelina anymore, but there are many indications that this relationship won’t go the long distance as her fans hope:
    1) “he’s the one”, “he makes her happy”, etc. – didn’t we all hear this before ? at least a few times w/ Vince Vaugh, John Mayer, etc.
    eventually all this newness will wear out, either he’ll be bored with her, she with him, or both
    2) he just got off a 14 yrs relationship with no children in tow, now suddenly, he want to get married & have kids just a few months in a new relationship ?? sounds highly unlikely
    3) based on his past interviews, he wouldn’t be able to stand someone as superficial & high maintenance & self center like her for too long – must be mid-life crisis for him. Plus he hates the spotlight and prefers to be in the background of the entertainment business, quite the opposite of his current fling.
    4) so far his ex-girlfriend’s behavior is admirable: she kept her dignified silence, didn’t run to the nearest reporter to play the victim card, get the spotlight on herself, and make subtle dig at her ex and his new girlfriend (like you know whom has done so many times in the past and is still continuing to do so whenever she has a movie to promote). Due to her classy behavior, Justin may rethink who’s the better woman in this situation, and it may not be a big surprise if he ends up going back to his ex. Plus 14 years together is a long time, cannot just erase it in a few months.

    If I’m a betting person, I’d bet that this relationship would not last longer than a year (same length as Mayer) or max of 1.5 yrs (same length as Vaugh).

  • Poor Heidi

    sumfin wrong wit his bod, what is so odd about Jason?

    Does he halfta wear gurls pance?

    i am sawwy i cant lie and say u r pretty but if u need moeny i am sure Jennifer Anirton can share her millions with u cuz she never shared it wit anyone else.

    and they say she is more desperate now than ever so your chances of getting rich quick is looking good pal.

    give it a shot and do the public a favor take her away from acting b /c she keeps making a fool of herself.

    BTW if Jen is in the spending mood she does owe the country of Haiti a large sum of money she promised them while in mexico when she bragged to mexico how her and her clan were bringing Mexeco lots of loot by going there and spending their money. Ya know nobody has heard hide nor hare from her about the money promised to haiti and that’s so wrong! She keeps avoiding and evading that topic like a going cancer. We don’t forget that she is a lying kunt we just call her Liar Liar Pants on fire!
    Jen. DANM IT!!! .Pay Haiti i their money you big fat Liar. Stop bullshiitting when you are drinking about you being generous. That is one thing you are not.


    arrgg there is something off about this ones shape. Short legged long belly cheap looking tata on da leggs The pluglets will improve the bald area. But auk can someone wash the grease outta his hair???????.

    Heidi is suppose to be in Hawi for the second half of the trip. She was all excited telling everyone how her and little baldy were going back in July and all of the amazing things they had planned. But instead Baldy took the ticket back and took Jennifer with him instead..telling Heidi i am sorry but you have to take a hike afterall this old bag has allot of money honey and if we play our cards right i can make you rich for a change..just give me some time.
    Heidi wants nothing to do with the scam. She wants a baby and will have it her way Heidi is not one to hurt another , she has a sweet heart.

    Heres that hit you wanted bud. You don’t deserve it tho.. that was really dirty taking the ticket that belonged to Heidi and giving it to Jennifer.
    Heidi thought this was your and her chance to get things straighted out. You did tell her there was nothing to the tabloids when they said you were dating Jen .
    why did you both lie to her. She can take the truth without doing an Oprah headliner. Geeeessh!

  • heather

    I have this odd feeling that Jen probably reads this site.